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ProstaGenix Reviews – Ingredients, Side Effects, Dosage, Complaints & Cost

by Charmaine Canlas, RPh

Welcome to our comprehensive ProstaGenix review…

  • Are you starting to experience discomfort with your bladder?
  • Are you losing sleep from having to visit the bathroom multiple times?

Problems with the prostate become a huge dilemma over time; this causes burdensome symptoms affecting urination.

It is common for men ages 51 years old and above to develop benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and other prostate problems.

Your quality of life can be drastically affected and may lead to serious health concerns.

There is no sure way to stop it, but there are methods to help ease BPH symptoms.

Manufacturers have developed various prostate products because of people who seek safer options other than prescription drugs.

They usually promote these prostate supplements with flashy claims.

So it becomes difficult to evaluate their benefits adequately.

In this review, we will ignore the exaggerated sales pitches.

Instead, we will look into the facts and scientific evidence backing up their statements.

One of the most well-known prostate supplements is ProstaGenix which claims to be the number one prostate supplement.

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ProstaGenix Review – Does it Really Work?


What is ProstaGenix?

ProstaGenix is one of the many prostate supplements found on the market.

It boasts many claims on its website.

This product helps improve symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate gland, such as frequent urination and difficult urine flow.

One of the reasons for its popularity is that Larry King advertised ProstaGenix in his shows.

But how does it differ from other prostate products?

ProstaGenix Ingredients

The primary active ingredient found in ProstaGenix is beta-sitosterol from the Landes Forest in France.

This prostate supplement contains over 1000 mg of mixed sterols, including over 800 mg of BetaRexin sterols.

It is essential to know what substances we ingest in a capsule of ProstaGenix.

The formulation comprises polyphenol blends as well as 11 vitamins and minerals, which are:

1) Vitamin D3

Vitamin D

Research shows an association between vitamin D deficiency and increased risk to many diseases, including prostate problems.

A study has observed lower serum vitamin D in patients with benign prostate hyperplasia.

Another study connects the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in the male urological population to represent its contribution to BPH.

The outcomes are not all positive.

A systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials on vitamin D supplementation assess its effect on patients.

It concluded that patients with prostate cancer do not benefit from high doses of vitamin D. A much recent 2020 study, however, found no association between vitamin D and developing prostate cancer in men.

2) Iodine

A study concluded that iodine affects thyroid health.

Thyroid function impacts many organs, including the prostate gland.

Therefore, the role of iodine in thyroid disease can contribute to the prevention of prostate cancer.

3) Zinc


Zinc is a micronutrient found in large concentrations in the prostate.

However, zinc is another ingredient that has mixed implications on its benefit.

A 2014 study states that despite the contradicting findings, the role of zinc as a tumor suppressor in the prostate gland is promising.

A systematic review done in 2016 highlights the functional and metabolic alterations of high zinc levels.

It states that zinc supplementation is a plausible approach by men to prevent developing prostate cancer.

Zinc deficiency is also associated with erectile dysfunction. Observed in a small study was an increase in testosterone levels for older men that took zinc supplements.

ProstaGenix claims to improve sexual function in men, which zinc attributes.

4) Selenium

A 2019 clinical trial analyzed the connection between selenium supplementation and reducing prostate cancer.

It found no significant correlation between prostate-specific antigen and selenium levels.

The result suggests that only particular individuals will benefit from selenium.

5) Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Molybdenum

The benefits of these minerals to the prostate lack evidence.

Some published reports indicate that patients with prostate cancer had elevated serum copper levels.

But a recent 2016 study evaluated the benefit of copper in the treatment of prostate cancer using in-vitro testing of mice.

Similarly, there are plausible benefits of manganese to prostate cancer therapy.

Although chromium has many benefits as a mineral, a 2019 study has labeled chromium as a new carcinogen in prostate cancer.

However, all these studies are very recent and need further speculation.

6) Grape Seed Extract, Pomegranate Extract, and Quercetin 


ProstaGenix includes these four ingredients in their polyphenol blend.

As polyphenols, they have several positive effects on your health.

These antioxidants have anti-inflammatory effects and may prevent diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

But the research for their benefit to the prostate offers insufficient evidence and will need more research.

An in vivo trial in mice has evaluated the possible benefits of grape seed extract.

Similarly, pomegranate extract showed promising results in preclinical studies for its potential as a prostate cancer treatment.

These studies led scientists to perform multiple clinical trials.

They concluded that pomegranate extract is safe but did not exhibit significant improvement in a large placebo-controlled trial.

However, a randomized controlled trial of a food supplement found improvements in protein-specific antigen levels.

Quercetin has exhibited better results in most research.

A double-blind clinical trial showed a significant improvement of prostate-related symptoms.

Recently, a 2018 study demonstrated quercetin as a chemopreventive and its possible use as a combination therapy with other drugs.

What is Beta-sitosterol

Beta sitosterol

The use of plants and herbs or dietary supplements to treat prostate-related symptoms has been steadily growing in most countries.

As its main ingredient, the beta-sitosterol found in ProstaGenix is a part of a proprietary sterol blend called BetaRexin.

The exact mg of beta-sitosterol found in ProstaGenix is 825 mg in 3 capsules.

It has many benefits for your health, supported by numerous studies and clinical trials.

It can lower cholesterol, improve BPH symptoms, and has anti-cancer effects.

Beta-sitosterol is found in many plants and works as an alpha-reductase inhibitor. It improves urinary symptoms and the flow measures of the bladder, with little potential harm.

It has also shown anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory activities in the prostate and other cancers.

Scientists in Germany conducted a placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial of a beta-sitosterol study group to treat BPH.

The results showed improved urinary symptoms such as urinary flow and volume.

In 2000, another study determined beta-sitosterol as an effective treatment against an enlarged prostate in human clinical trials.

After 18 months, the patients had maintained the benefits acquired from the treatment.

A systematic review on randomized, placebo-controlled trials aimed to assess the effects of beta-sitosterol.

Reviewers concluded beta-sitosterol improved urinary symptoms.

However, the size of the prostate gland did not appear to shrink or change in size.

The dose used in these studies is significantly lower than the mg of beta-sitosterol found in ProstaGenix. It is well tolerated and can have other benefits.

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Prostate Health

A man’s prostate increase in size as they age.

It is found below the bladder, in front of the rectum, and creates semen. Urinary symptoms occur because of an enlarged prostate.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is the most common result of an enlarged prostate.

Usually, men experience discomfort and disruption in urinary flow, frequency, and volume.

Men with BPH have a higher risk for lower urinary tract symptoms or kidney issues.

The majority of men over 60 years of age experiencing urinary issues are at an increased risk of acquiring BPH.

Obesity, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome are possible causes of a man’s prostate enlargement.

They also cause systematic inflammation, which correlates with BPH.

Cholesterol is associated with both BPH and prostate cancer.

Beta-sitosterol is proven to decrease bad cholesterol. This effect demonstrates its benefit for the prostate.

Male pattern baldness was also studied to determine its association with prostate cancer. Scientists have concluded this to be a risk factor.

Erectile dysfunction occurs in men with an enlarged prostate, as its normal function is to create semen.

However, sexual dysfunction in BPH and prostate cancer usually results from the treatment.

Medical treatment and procedures can lead to this condition.

A common BPH drug used is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. Combined therapy with an alpha-blocker is also more potent.

However, these treatments cause more side effects.

Prostate Cancer

If you experience symptoms related to these conditions, consult your doctor for a diagnosis.

As BPH can raise levels of protein-specific antigen, this may indicate prostate cancer.

The American Urological Association recommends PSA screening for men ages 55 to 69 years.

However, men younger than 55 years at risk of cancer may consider this decision.

Men at higher risk are those with a family history of pancreatic, prostate, or bladder cancer.

The American Cancer Society also advises prostate cancer testing if urinary symptoms occur.

PSA blood test and digital rectal exam are the two possible procedures to be done by your doctor.

If you decide to undergo testing, you must discuss its risks with a health care provider.

The prospects of prostate cancer in men are a crucial concern.

This dilemma has led to the hopes of preventing it with dietary supplements and a healthy lifestyle.

Who ProstaGenix is not for

1) Women and ages under 18 years old

ProstaGenix is for men with urinary issues caused by prostate problems.

Women will not need this specific formula for their health. It is especially not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

Likewise, anyone under 18 years old will not benefit from this formulation.

Instead, older men commonly use this supplement.

2) If you have pre-existing conditions

Patients with sitosterolemia must avoid any plant sterols.

The ingestion of high doses of beta-sitosterol can lead to diseases like hemolytic anemia.

It causes excessive beta-sitosterol and related fats in their blood and tissues.

Remember to inform your doctor before starting any supplements.

3) Unrealistic expectations

Supplements do not act quickly and will need commitment to experience results.

No matter what the product claims, the effects of ProstaGenix may vary from person to person. It is not a magic pill that will erase all your symptoms.

Taking prostate supplements should be paired with a healthy lifestyle.

The Cons of ProstaGenix

1) Support for claims

It promotes the product with a one-sided perspective.

It fails to point out its shortcomings.

For example, ProstaGenix does not mention safety precautions for patients and claims no downside to its product.

Many of its other components have contradicting research and lack evidence to assure its benefit.

ProstaGenix also fails to link any research or scientific sources to support their claims.

It states vague and exaggerated descriptions without any references to back it up. Some of these are “verified nutrition laboratory tested,” “#1 rated by the national health federation,” and “awards from consumerlab.com.” 

Their website instead highlights statements from celebrities supporting their product.

Larry King is particularly mentioned by the website repeatedly.

But below the website page, you will find disclaimers like “Larry King is a paid endorser” and “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.”

Yet, they scrutinize other products for fraud and having paid actors.

The errors in advertising the product may give doubts to a consumer.

This problem may not reflect the product itself.

However, it is the company’s responsibility to prioritize safety and provide only helpful information.

2) Rare side effects may occur

ProstaGenix fails to mention a fact about beta-sitosterol.

This company advertises its product to help with sexual function in men.

However, one rare side effect that may occur is erectile dysfunction. Information like this is vital to a patient.

3) Expensive

With its high dosage of beta-sitosterol and combination of many vitamins and minerals, ProstaGenix is more expensive than other supplements.

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ProstaGenix Reviews

ProstaGenix is one of the most famous prostate products.

This fame is attributed to its feature in Larry King’s show. ProstaGenix is often given a 4-star rating in reviews.

We can’t deny that majority of its customers have experienced good outcomes.

However, some people have shared negative feedback, which shows that it may not work for all.

Testimonials from ProstaGenix website

Here are some of the staff-picked ProstaGenix reviews found on their website.

“Prostagenix has proven to be a dream come true for me. Prior to using these pills, I suffered from frequent and urgent needs to go to the bathroom.

Within a few weeks of taking Prostagenix pills, this urgent and frequent use was halted, and now I am able to sit through long meetings and sleep all night without having to seek urinary relief.

Thanks to an article by Larry King, I stumbled upon, and to Prostagenix, my life has returned to normal. Warm regards.”

“Over the years, I have taken several different types of prostate supplements. I have been taking Prostagenix for about six months.

I find this product to be far superior over all the other prostate supplements that I have taken. It’s not even close.

I am thoroughly impressed with Prostagenix – no more getting up late at night or early morning. I feel as though my bladder has been completely empty and, as a result, will continue to re-order Prostagenix.”

Amazon reviews

For the customer reviews found in Amazon, a mix of positive and negative experiences are shared.

The overall rating has a good outcome, with a 4 out of 5 average rating from 3,581 reviews.

More than half have given satisfactory ratings.

Some of the most recent positive ratings are as follows:

“Honestly, I thought the product was a scam made perfectly to snare chuckleheads like myself who were sick and tired of getting up six or more times a night just to go to the bathroom.

But being desperate for relief, you’ll try almost anything.

Before the week was out, I noticed my bathroom trips were more productive, and I was getting up less and less at night. Now I’m one or none. I’ve never been happier to be so wrong about a product.”

“Took 2-3 weeks to begin showing results(I’m 84) which continued improving in succeeding weeks so would recommend patience.

Results include reducing getting up at night from 3 times to 1-2 times, reduced frequency during the day from nearly every hour to normal frequency, all this including reduced urgency signaling/pain( many times no pain), and greatly improved steam strength.

ProstaGenix has thus helped me avoid possible Flomax side effects and UroLift which works but am pleased to not now need it.”

The Benefits of ProstaGenix

1) Benefits of Ingredients

ProstaGenix contains good ingredients that contribute to prostate health.

The possible downsides of some of the ingredients do not pose any harm.

Most of its components are beneficial to your overall health.

Beta-sitosterol, as its primary active ingredient, is backed by many clinical trials for its promising results.

Research on beta-sitosterol and ProstaGenix customer reviews have matched outcomes.

It has demonstrated improved urinary symptoms, and men have reported changes in urine flow and frequent nighttime urination.

Many customer reviews have also stated an improved sexual function, as claimed by the product.

2) 90-day money-back guarantee

ProstaGenix offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

It states that if their product does not provide any benefit to you, you may contact them for a refund in the first 90 days after your purchase.

A toll-free customer service hotline is found on the website.

3) Safe and risk-free

ProstaGenix is generally safe and risk-free with minimal adverse effects.

But it fails to inform patients about its mild side effects.

Beta-sitosterol may cause mild gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, nausea, and indigestion.

However, these adverse effects seldom occur.

ProstaGenix is a safe choice of treatment. There are no grave consequences in trying herbal supplements for urinary issues.

What to watch out for

1) It does not shrink the prostate

As many prostate supplements claim, including ProstaGenix, beta-sitosterol will not force your prostate to shrink.

The proven benefits are an improvement in prostate-related symptoms.

2) Flashy claims

Do not be pulled by the loud claims plastered on dietary supplements.

This type of marketing will set your expectations unrealistically high.

It may interfere with your commitment to experience results.

Like other supplements, to benefit from these products, you must be patient and pair it with exercise and a healthy diet.

3) Monitor symptoms

Taking supplements can mask an underlying health issue.

While an enlarged prostate or BPH is the common cause of urinary problems, other diseases have similar symptoms.

Note the symptoms you experience and talk with your health care provider for a proper diagnosis.

If you have pre-existing conditions, inform your doctor first before taking ProstaGenix.

How to Buy ProstaGenix

Always buy ProstaGenix from either ProstaGenix.com or its store on Amazon.

You can purchase it as a single bottle (90 capsules), three bottles, or five bottles.

If you find sellers from eBay or other sites, there is no assurance of its authenticity.

My Verdict

ProstaGenix can be considered a good option for men who are experiencing urinary issues without a diagnosed disease.

Not only because of advertisements from Larry King but there are substantial benefits from ProstaGenix ingredients.

However, not all of its claims are proven to be true.

It may also not work for everyone, but its 90-day money-back guarantee may help with this concern.

Compared to other treatments, ProstaGenix offers benefits without harm.

Its price can be higher compared to other products on the market.

Although, ProstaGenix does contain higher mg of beta-sitosterol and a mix of other beneficial ingredients.

The need for a high dose of beta-sitosterol and a blend of various ingredients is not justified.

However, beta-sitosterol as its main ingredient does make it a good product.

It would be best to remember that a dietary supplement cannot replace medicines. It can only aid in the treatment of symptoms or discomfort.

ProstaGenix can be taken as an early precaution for prostate problems but not as a cure for diseases.

Talk to your doctor to provide medical advice on the actions you need to take for your prostate health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Prosta Genix

What is in ProstaGenix?

It mainly contains Beta-Sitosterol and is sourced from plants. Other ingredients include polyphenol blends, vitamins, and minerals.

How many capsules does a bottle contain?

A bottle of ProstaGenix contains 90 capsules, and the daily suggested serving is three capsules per day. Each bottle can last a month.

How do you take ProstaGenix?

A capsule of ProstaGenix can be taken anytime, with or without food.

Are there any contraindications and side effects?

ProstaGenix is considered generally safe. Side effects include mild digestive issues. It is also not recommended for people with sitosterolemia.

How long before I start seeing results?

The website states that most customers have noticed a change in the first ten days and 3-4 weeks for optimal results.

However, the effect of any treatment is not the same for every individual.

How does ProstaGenix compare with other prostate supplements?

Many supplements include plant sources like beta-sitosterol, saw palmetto, or pumpkin seed oil.

Beta-sitosterol, which is the main ingredient of ProstaGenix, is the most beneficial and backed by many studies.

Is ProstaGenix FDA approved?

As a dietary supplement, the production of ProstaGenix is regulated by the FDA. However, its claims and benefits are not tested and approved by the FDA.

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