ProVen Review – Does This Weight Loss Supplement Really Work?

Ever since I shared my little experience with ProVen on The Well forum, my inbox have been buzzing with a lot of questions...

  • What in the world is ProVen weight loss supplement?
  • Does ProVen really work?
  • How safe is ProVen? I’ve decided to compile the answers into a comprehensive review.

Let’s get started…

ProVen - My Honest Comprehensive Review

As you already know, I have always struggled with my weight for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, I tip the scale on the heavier side.

I have spent a large part of my life hearing unsavory comments and snide remarks until I told myself, ‘enough is enough’.

I woke up to the weight loss challenge with a ‘diet-cum-exercise-cum-lifestyle change-cum-weight loss pills’ approach to work towards a healthy weight.

Following is my personal review of ProVen to help with weight loss.

Is obesity a real problem worldwide?

In some shocking statistics released by the World Heath Organization (WHO), it is estimated that the obese population has tripled in almost 40 years.

That is an astounding number and reflects poorly on global health.

There are different studies underway, at any given time, which speak of causes for increased obesity.

There are also new diets and fads and miracle cures being discovered constantly to counter this scourge.

There is increasing awareness about the ill effects of obesity too.

Most of us know that increased mass and fat accumulation in the body can lead to different types of physical health issues. 

Not only that, it can lead to societal problems, inferiority issues, isolation, self-harm and other psychological problems.


In a world that is increasingly focused on external beauty, it is often a challenge for obese people to avoid being body shamed.

BMI is a very good parameter by which one can determine what weight category they fall in.

It is very easy to calculate one’s own BMI.

In mathematical formula terms, BMI is calculated as a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of their height in meters. 

There are clearly defined sections for age groups and gender and BMI is easily calculable on a simple phone.

I have always maintained that it is not appearance or cosmetics that made me opt for a weight loss pill...

...rather it was the fact that my weight was pushing me into an unhealthy zone. 

I came to know this not only from the discomfort I was beginning to feel in my daily activities but also from calculating my BMI. 

Checking my BMI was a real wake-up call for me.

It set alarm bells ringing and was the push I needed to get motivated to lose weight to an acceptable range.

How I started on my journey of weight loss...

Let me share with you at the very outset that this is not an easy journey, but it CAN be done.

How do I know that? 

Because I have done it successfully, as simple as that! 

For a long time, I could convince myself to ‘love who I am’ and stuff like that. 

However, there came a time when I started feeling breathless on walking a few steps, and stairs became a real challenge.

I realized it was time to think otherwise.

As was to be expected, once I decided to get on with my weight loss journey, there was advice aplenty.

People recommended diets of staggering variety, none of which really worked for me.

There were also doubters and naysayers.

 I refused to pay heed or get discouraged by any of it. 

I remained steadfastly focused on my goal, through good days and not so good ones.

In addition, I searched for a safe weight loss pill to ensure success in my mission.

I was on the lookout for something which would help me shed excess weight healthily.

Protecting my health was of primary importance to me in this journey.

I have heard of several weight loss pills that show dramatic results immediately, only to cause irreversible damage to the body.

This is too heavy a price to pay, and I was definitely NOT doing it.

Searching for healthier alternatives with natural components finally led me to ProVen. 

Believe me; I am so glad I found this

Using this product, along with lifestyle changes has transformed me into a whole new person.

Not only am I close to my desired weight but also feel healthier and more energetic.

What is ProVen?

ProVen is an effective and proven formula that promotes healthy weight loss.

It is a formula that is high on antioxidant-rich components.

These help to detoxify the body and hasten weight loss.

ProVen’s all natural ingredients not only help in weight loss but also ups the energy quotient.

It helps users by charging up their metabolism and creates a heart-healthy body.

Who made it?

This revolutionary weight loss product is sold under the name NutraVesta ProVen.

NutraVesta came up with this unique formula based on natural ingredients that target the body’s metabolism. 

They invested in harnessing each body’s own mechanism to benefit the body rather than bombarding it with harmful chemicals and agents.

It is made under strict GMP guidelines in FDA approved facility. 

NutraVesta also handles managing and shipping of their products via online orders.

Why was the product created?

The desire to look good and yearn for a healthy body is only natural.

 This quest may just be for cosmetic requirements of looking a ‘certain way’. 

However, in most cases, shedding excess weight is a medical and health necessity

To be able to do that safely with good results, many people rely on pills or formulas to help them out.

In the course of this weight loss journey, many fall prey to illegal and/or unhealthy options at times.

These can cause more harm than good. 

This is where the need for a responsible product was felt. It was to cater to this requirement that ProVen was formulated and marketed.

Obesity has become a leading cause for concern world over.

The causes could be manifold, ranging from lifestyle reasons to heredity or due to some underlying medical condition or treatment regimen

Whatever be the reason, fact remains that carrying excess weight is harmful for everyone.

For those who have failed to achieve their desired body weight goals by conservative means like altered diet and exercise...

...the next best option is a weight loss formula.

Of course there is a double-edged sword in the matter of weight loss.


Some people, many times youngsters aspiring to look like someone they idolize, go overboard and take weight loss pills when that is the last thing they need.

This can have devastating consequences.

Thankfully almost all users are those for whom weight loss is a must and conservative methods have not yielded desired results.

I am one of the latter categories who gave my everything to conservative methods and then...

...had to seek assistance for a better and more assured solution. 

It may sound a bit cheesy but effectiveness of ProVen was proven for me.

How Does ProVen Work to Help Weight Loss?

ProVen weight loss pills are designed around the principle of using our body’s own mechanism to help shed weight.

It targets the metabolism rate and seeks to up it so that burning of fat is done readily by the body itself.

The formula is loaded with antioxidants that help deal with the daily build-up of harmful toxins in the body.


The vital internal organs, especially the liver, feels healthier by this process, functions better, and aids overall health and better metabolism.

Our liver is one of the most affected internal vital organs when we are overweight.

A poorly functioning or suboptimal functioning liver can cause myriad problems to an individual.

This is bound to create problems, sooner rather than later.

In addition to the liver, there is undue pressure on the heart too, when there is excess weight to carry around.

ProVen’s healthy ingredients not only help bring down weight but also keep the vital organs in good shape.

Who should stay away from ProVen?

Although made of all natural components, ProVen is not to be used by:

  • Pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • Those with allergy to any of the components.
  • For people with pre-existing health issues.
  • Not recommended for people below 18.

What are the cons of ProVen?

  • It is only available online.
  • It needs to be supplemented with physical exercise and healthy lifestyle for best results.
  • There are shipping charges for countries outside US.

Reviews/Testimonials From Satisfied Custermers

Laura Kelly of FitLivings,

NutraVesta ProVen is a potent and natural supplement that assists with optimizing your metabolism and detoxifying to lift your energy levels and encourage natural weight loss.”

Anne from Sarasota

Anne from Sarasota says on the ProVen website itself that she lost about 45 pounds while on these pills and would keep striving for better results

A very satisfied clientele is the legacy of ProVen

I am one of the many users who have experienced a remarkable transformation with the product.

What makes me happier is that there is no immediate or drastic change in my vital statistics that would be potentially harmful for me.

It is a gradual but steady process.

Carrying an optimal and healthy body weight is one of the essentials of life.

As is evident, so many users have benefited in this regard after regular use of ProVen

With its all natural composition, this is a must try for anyone wishing to lose weight.

What are the pros of ProVen?

  • ProVen is totally legal and safe to use.
  • This product is FDA registered and antibiotic and gluten free.
  • It uses all natural components to help achieve weight loss goals.
  • ProVen is full of antioxidants that provide strength.
  • It has no harmful side effects.
  • ProVen is not a laxative, which is what many other weight loss pills actually are.
  • It comes in easy to use pill form.
  • ProVen does not work by suppressing appetite.
  • It is available online and is delivered to every part of the world.
  • ProVen comes with 100% money back guarantee, T&C apply.
  • Only two pills every evening with meals is the daily dosage.
  • There is strict quality control during manufacture with freshest ingredients.
  • It is a heart-healthy product.

What ingredients go into the making of ProVen?

I was thrilled to read the list of ingredients that go on to make ProVen.

Each of these is natural and has zero side effects (barring allergy to any ingredient of course).

In addition, there are many superfoods that go on to compose the pills.

All of the ingredients are high power antioxidants. 

Many of them are immunity boosters and help in charging up the body’s metabolism. 

There is a balanced effort to address all possible causes of obesity, not merely over consumption.

Obesity resulting from hormonal imbalance is also dealt with.

Here is a list of the ingredients that make up this tested natural weight loss formula:

  • Green Tea. Antioxidant powerhouse that caters to mind and body health together.
  • Grape seeds. This helps maintain insulin levels in the body, imbalance of which can be a cause of unmanageable weight gain.
  • Turmeric. This golden ingredient is worth its weight in gold. It is a powerful antioxidant that gets rid of free radicals in the body.
  • Panax Ginseng. Renowned for its properties of enhanced performance, it also helps reduce stress and supports the body’s metabolism.
  • Garlic Bulb. Boosting immunity is the main impact of this superfood. It protects the body against illnesses and infections.
  • Asian Mushroom Complex. A concoction of three different mushrooms, namely shiitake, reishi and maitake, this is a wondrous ingredient that promotes white blood cell production.
  • Bioflavinoids. This plant derived component is a powerhouse of pluses – it helps flush out toxins, is an antioxidant, boosts the immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Selenium. Another ingredient known for its powerful antioxidant properties as well as for boosting immunity and metabolism.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Both these vitamins are rich sources of antioxidants and help fight disease as well as get the body into top gear.
  • Lycopene. Again a powerhouse antioxidant, it is known to be heart healthy and has anti-cancer properties.
  • Beta Glucan. This ingredient provides the fiber component to the ProVen formula. This helps regulate bowel movements as well as suppress the urge to eat.
  • Essiac Tea Complex. Rich in antioxidants as well as anti-carcinogenic properties, this is a mixture of different natural ingredients that also helps boost immunity.
  • Arabinogalactan. This helps provide protection against common cold and flu like symptoms, thus helping promote good health.
  • Cat’s Claw. This component of ProVen helps to increase immunity. Obese people generally tend to have lower immunity which makes them more susceptible to infections. It is also an effective detoxifier.

ProVen sources its ingredients in their freshest states, and the final product is made under strict monitoring.

This helps in harvesting the best value from each component and maintains quality control.

How long does one need to take ProVen to see visible results?

Take the ProVen pills as per directions given on the bottle.

The recommended dose is two pills with evening meals with half a glass of water.

Everyone who is starting on a weight loss pill program has a goal weight in mind.


It has normally been seen that users generally lose 1-10 pounds on the first bottle, 11-30 pounds on the second bottle, and upwards of 30 pounds there on up to 6 bottles.

This is an average estimate based on numbers of studies.

Based on my target weight loss, I took two bottles of ProVen and was happy with the results.

It is to be noted here that every individual is different and the way their bodies react to pills and lifestyle changes also differs.

There is no set formula here. 

These are merely average data based on feedback from multiple users. 

It is normally seen that most people usually consume upwards of 3 bottles in order to gain the aspired body weight they set as target.

It is also important to keep in mind that these pills are not a magic solution.

I changed my lifestyle completely when I embarked upon this routine.

I was bent upon holistic approach to weight loss and stayed completely focused on my ultimate goal.

What I mean to say is that a regular routine needs to be chalked out in order to achieve best results with ProVen.

If needed one may consult a nutritionist and develop a diet plan

Backing up this routine with regular exercise and making sure to not miss doses will surely bring forth best results in the least possible time.

Insider information to watch out for...

The weight loss supplement industry is bursting with new products every day, each more attractive than the last.

My advice to all of you is to be astute in your judgment before subjecting your body to something that might have long-lasting adverse effects.

Keeping oneself abreast of new discoveries in this regard will help too.

I realized during my search that when I am clear about my goal as well as how I wish to treat my own body, it is impossible to fool me with tall claims.

It is important to steer clear of tall promises since they invariably involve unsafe means.

I used to regularly check out composition of different weight loss products and study their efficacy in detail.

It was this scrutiny that finally led me to choose a healthy alternative in the form of ProVen to take me to my desired body weight.

Respecting one’s own body is very important in order to stay healthy.

I found that ProVen can only be purchased online, directly from the website itself.

Do check out GetProVen for all your requirements.

It is a wise move to watch out for discounts offered on the website. Bulk purchases are further discounted for users. 

Updated products are released at times, which come with attractive discounts and offers.

Since there are shipping charges applicable for countries outside US, it is wise to order in bulk for such users.

This will eliminate incurring shipping costs again and again.

Of course this should be the case given the fact that the product agrees with you in the first place.

My Final Verdict on ProVen

Having used the product and benefited from it...

...I can safely say that ProVen is a tried and tested weight loss supplement that has absolutely no adverse side effects.

Not only have I lost considerable weight but also gained a healthier lifestyle and clearer perspective on where I stand vis-a-vis my goal body weight.

I would strongly recommend everyone out there who has been desperately trying to lose weight and has yet been unsuccessful to give ProVen a try.

No one will be disappointed with the results.

ProVen CTA

Frequently Asked Questions About ProVen

How safe is ProVen?

All-natural ingredients go onto make this FDA approved product. The greatest care is taken during manufacture under strict quality control.

How to take ProVen?

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules with evening meal until the duration of your cycle. Regular consumption will help show good results.

Is ProVen available offline?

ProVen can only be purchased online from their own website. This ensures quality products and price control.

Does ProVen ship to all countries?

This weight loss product is shipped from its manufacturing facility in USA to every corner of the globe.

What is the return/refund policy?

A detailed refund/return policy is found on the website. Any return within 60 days is valid for a 100% refund.

Is there free shipping?

Shipping of ProVen is NOT free for international orders outside of the US and there is no refund of shipping charges in case of return.


FitLivings is a reliable source for product review that engages with customers and helps their quest for different products and services.

Their recommendations are found to be of great value and reliability by customers.

Any new service or product launch has its pros and cons.

I found ProVen recommendation on their website which sealed the deal for me.

Their updated report on this weight loss supplement helped me move ahead with confidence.

ProVen CTA
Jane Summerfield

Jane is a wellness specialist with a degree in community health. She has been a health educator for over 13 years.



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