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Rebel Wilson Weight Loss – Before and After – From Chubby to Chiseled

by Jane Summerfield

Last updated on March 14th, 2021 at 06:24 pm

  • Did Rebel Wilson lose a lot of weight?
  • What does Rebel Wilson Look Like?
  • Did fat Amy lose weight?

This article will give a detailed answer to these questions…

2020 is nearly done, and lockdown during the Coronavirus has ended for many; people are crying out for things to change…

…they want to make 2021 their year of looking gorgeous again, putting away the slump and the blues and getting out there…

…back to cutting edge living again which means owning a lean, mean, healthy, and toned body.

Are you getting ready?

Rebel Wilson, the much-loved Australian comedian, and actress can tell you that if she was able to lose so much weight and look incredulous, so can you!

Just look at her amazing transformation and eat only your heart out, but not the fridge!

Learning more about who Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson is

Rebel wilson

Early years

Her full name is Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson.

She was born on the 2nd March 1980 in Sydney, Australia.

Apparently her mother initially called her Rebel, but due to family pressure, Rebel was given the legal name of Melanie.

Her great aunt, Lilian Bounds, was the wife of the famous Walt Disney! Rebel is also a member of the Ultra Exclusive Club 33 at Disneyland.

Her mother is a professional dog handler, and her parents used to breed Beagle dogs, showing them at dog shows all over the country.

Rebel, too, was a junior handler in her childhood, showing dogs professionally as well.

When Rebel was 22, she made her name, Rebel, her official name.
Rebel has two other sisters, also with rather unique names.

One is Liberty and the other is Annachi.

She also has a brother, Ryot.

Rebel was very shy growing up, always getting red in the face when asked questions.

She was also very studious and used to spend a lot of her lunchtime at school in the library, not having many friends.

But in Grade 12 all that hard work paid off and she scored an almost perfect result, showing 99.3% on her Higher School Certificate (HSC).

From her late teens to her early acting days in Australia, she worked at a local cinema in Sydney.

She starred in her first movie called “Fat Pizza” in 2003 and people would recognize her and say “Hey weren’t you in that film?”.

Adult years

Rebel wanted to study mathematics as her career choice as she had been very academic at high school and good with numbers.

In 2009, she graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Performance Studies, as well as a Bachelor of Law degree.

Clever girl!

Even though she had studied law, Rebel decided that the corporate life was not for her…

…and her mother cried about that on hearing the news and also that Rebel was heading off to the States.

Before heading to the States, though, she first left for South Africa and was the Australian youth ambassador on an exchange program for a year.

She also visited Mozambique just off South Africa, but unfortunately, contracted malaria.

She claims that she had fever-driven hallucinations and at one time…

…she saw herself winning an Academy Award. She took that later as a sign to pursue acting.

She went on to study at the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP), becoming known for starring in her own comedy theater productions.

In 2004, the ATYP gave her an international scholarship, which was funded by the actress Nicole Kidman.

This allowed Rebel to travel to the USA where she would develop her writing and acting skills further.

After getting established in her career, Wilson created her Rebel Wilson Theatremaker Scholarship for emerging artists.

Today Rebel owns a magnificent harbor side home in Birchgrove, Sydney.

She also owns homes in Los Angeles and New York. Way to go Rebel!

Is Rebel dating or is she married?

Around 2018, Rebel said she was putting herself out there, like almost as if she was ‘The Bachelorette’.

She had been really career-focused and now she reckoned it was time to focus more on her relationships.

And she claimed to be having plenty of fun.

“But I’ve been dating everyone from billionaires to the very regular person next door.

It’s been fun meeting different people.”

She also dated Jacob Busch around this time.

He is the heir to the Anheuser-Busch brewing empire. Mutual friends had introduced the two of them together.

Then around May 2019, she met and was dating an entrepreneur and Hollywood insider, Jeff Beacher.

In fact, Rebel made her relationship official with Beacher on Instagram last year.

Fast forward to 2020, and Rebel Wilson has removed the pictures of her and Jeff Beacher’s trip off her Instagram page and the two don’t follow each other on Instagram any longer.

Rebel actually never confirmed they were a couple.

Right at this moment in time, she is not dating anyone.

She will be 41 in March 2021.

What is her claim to fame?

She appeared alongside Matt Lucas in the film Bridesmaids, where she really stole the show!

She and Matt got on so well, they went on even to share a house in California.

Also, a more recent role as the loveable Australian ex-pat Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect series…

…has turned her into one of Hollywood’s favorite comedians.

Rebel Wilson’s incredible weight loss

Rebel Wilson weight loss 2020
Rebel Wilson before and after weight loss

This gorgeous gal, Rebel, started a fantastic weight loss journey back in April 2016.

In just eight months on her diet, she already managed to lose 35 pounds.

She worked hard to get where she was, and her trainer got her working out for seven days a week!

She initially lost weight while filming Cats.

She reported that at this time, she lost 8 pounds in just four days while filming.

She said the set was heated up to almost 100 Fahrenheit, and it was difficult to cool down.

Some of the best dancers in the world were there for the movie and they couldn’t allow their muscles to cool down, otherwise, they could get a serious injury and be out of the movie.

Rebel said the set was like being in a sauna!

She reported that 2020 was going to be her year of sheer health

So she started in 2019 with her new weight loss program and wanted to continue the journey into 2020…

…letting her fans that she was going to make some lifestyle changes for 2020.

One would be that she was going to load up on much more water and cut out sugar and junk food.

Many of her fans said she already looked fantastic.

And Rebel has been truly sticking to her goals.

At the start of 2020, Rebel set her goal weight to 75 kgs. or 165 pounds – she wants to get there by the end of the year.

She’s also trying to get one of her movies into production by the end of the year, and she says that both these activities have required a huge daily effort…

…in both of them, she has experienced setbacks.

But nevertheless, she’s “working hard”, she says.

This is what her fitness and nutrition routine look like in 2020…

In January 2020, she started by simply walking more and making some smart food swaps.

She had an interview with Hollywood Life, with her coach, Jono. He said that Rebel had been very committed to her workout routine.

Lately, she has included a new workout and that was flipping tires.

Her routine is tough and it includes stair sprints as well and working with battle ropes.

She enjoys high-intensity interval training. Rebel also enjoys boxing in the ring.

Her daily routine includes cardio, whether it’s running or walking.

She aims for 10,000 steps a day, says Jono.

Rebel loves walking outdoors and even shares some photos of her taken on a hike high up on a hill in Palm Springs, FL.

When Rebel hits the gym, her routine is centered on building strength, conditioning, improving coordination and balance, and toning the core.

Jono told Hollywood Life that Rebel’s typical circuit in the gym will involve the assault bike, TRX squats, battle rope slaps.

Rebel uses the TRX because it focuses on using body weight and gravity as resistance to building balance, strength, coordination, core, and joint stability, and flexibility.

She’s reportedly following the Mayr Method diet

What diet does Rebel Wilson follow, or has her weight loss been all following her own methods?

Well, Wilson follows the Mayr Method.

This is a restrictive program and aims that people lose weight when they improve their gut health.

Rebel apparently has achieved amazing results with the Mayr Method.

She took this up after visiting the Austrian Luxury Medical Detox and Wellness Center known as VivaMayr.

This diet was created by the Austrian physician, Franz Xaver Mayr, M.D. Mayr believed that most people are poisoning their digestive systems with the foods they eat and how they eat them.

So the goal is to improve health through digestion.

The whole diet starts off with a caffeine and sugar detox and then suggests certain eating habits like chewing food at least 40-60 times before swallowing, for example.

The Mayr Method also reduces gluten and dairy, and no snacking allowed.

Apparently, it is an approach where food intolerances are eliminated, sugar is reduced, and eating whole food is encouraged.

It also boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation.

Snacking is reduced as well as dairy and gluten intake.

Followers are encouraged to follow mindful eating techniques like chewing food slowly and eating without distractions.

Meals are centered on foods with high alkaline content.

Rebel says her weight loss wasn’t just a walk in the park and her trainer says weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint

rebel wilson skinny pictures

According to Rebel’s trainer, Jono Castano Acero, Rebel has the right idea with her “year of health”.

He says that often people just don’t realize how long it can take to transform their health and their body and make changes that will last the rest of their lives.

To start off, anybody has to know what their weight is, their body fat, and their muscle mass.

Often what happens is that a lot of people weigh themselves.

They can’t figure out why they aren’t losing weight and they don’t realize that they are putting on muscle.

Rebel’s trainer is a great fan of taking photos each week to watch the transformation progress.

He says two months just isn’t enough time to change your body.

It’s actually putting a lot of stress on yourself to try and change your body in so short a space of time…

…it can actually cause a lot of mental problems.

The best advice is that you need to keep your goals realistic and short and then achieve them and progress from there.

It’s easier to make lasting changes to your life with the right mindset, giving yourself the right time, which should be long-term.

When you transform yourself, it doesn’t end there – the journey actually goes on.

You can’t achieve permanent dramatic weight loss and body change in 12 weeks

  • If 12 weeks is your goal and you achieve your goals, then what are you going to do?
  • Then are you going to stop your diet?

Thing is, you can’t ever stop.

Eating healthily, exercising – this all becomes your lifestyle forever!

Only then can you really become the best version of yourself, like a butterfly emerging in the end.

There are many people that use food for their emotional crutch, they kind of turn to food to see them through the good times and the bad times.

And for many people, like Rebel, It can become like a vice and even become addictive.

Others turn to alcohol and drugs or they self-medicate.

Some people, after a very successful and busy day, want to celebrate that and reward themselves with food.

Or if the day was lousy and stressful, they want to comfort themselves with all kinds of comfort foods which are usually fast foods and takeaways, etc. Sometimes it’s called stress eating.

Kick start the coming new year looking fabulous

As we mentioned earlier, Rebel did lose a bit of weight when she was filming the movie, Cats, back in 2018.

After all, the dance sequences were pretty demanding and rigorous and the temperatures on the set were very hot to keep the muscles of the dancers warmed all the time.

All of those things led to Rebel losing eight pounds in just four days.

Our society today is becoming very body-conscious and body positive.

Instead of size or shape, it’s more about health and wellness, looking healthy and happy and fit, both mentally and physically.

Health and beauty go hand in hand and Rebel’s weight loss journey and her attitude towards being healthy make her a role model for the body-positive movement.

Just small changes to your daily and outlook can have a huge impact on your body from the inside out.

Some fantastic health tips that Rebel passes on to you to start your new healthy life

  • Don’t eat dessert every night, but also, don’t deny yourself dessert every now and again.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy the things you love to eat and drink, but do so in moderation.
  • Always try and be more active like taking the stairs, parking a little further away, etc.
  • Get a reusable water bottle and carry it with you (with water in it to drink!) everywhere. Hydration is linked to hunger, energy, and overall health.

What to eat!

Consume a high fiber diet

That’s what Rebel did. She aimed at consuming at 35 grams of fiber a day.

Fiber is so important – known also as complex carbohydrates, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream at a much slower rate…

It helps to stabilize your blood sugar and prevent cravings, keeping you fuller for longer.

Fiber offers other health benefits too, such as improved cholesterol levels, promoting regular bowel movements.

Here are examples of really high fiber foods:

  • Beans
  • Artichokes
  • Peas
  • Broccoli
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Avocado
  • Pears
  • Oatmeal

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) suggest that your daily fiber intake should be at least 14 grams for every 1000 calories consumed.

To ensure a product is 100% whole-grain, look for the word “whole” in front of each grain that is listed under the ingredients list.

You can also look for the “100% Whole Grain” stamp on your package.

This will mean the product has been verified by the Whole Grains Council.

Eat healthy fats

That’s in addition to the fiber.

Rebel is a fan of incorporating healthy fats into her diet.

These include avocados, fatty fish, seeds, nuts.

Fat slows down digestion, causing carbohydrates that are present to be absorbed in a slower rate.

This helps to prevent such extreme rises and falls in the blood sugar and also prevents cravings.

Fat also stimulates the release of cholecystokinin, which is a hormone that acts as an appetite suppressant, in the small intestine.

Healthy fat encourages absorptions of fat-soluble vitamins in your body, controlling your cholesterol levels.

If you consume omega 3 fatty acids, your cognitive function is improved, your visual and neurological development is improved, and inflammation and joint pain is relieved and reduced.

The great news is that it decreases the risk of dementia and depression.

Sources of healthy fat include heart-healthy oils such as olive, avocado, canola, etc., avocado, nuts, seeds, eggs, and fatty fish.

Some of Rebel’s favorite healthy fat sources are fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, anchovies.

The American Heart Association recommends that you consume 2-3 servings per week.

Get in plenty of protein

A lot of Rebel’s favorite high fiber foods and healthy fats are actually also great sources of protein.

Protein is what helps to slow the digestion and to keep the blood sugar levels managing hunger pangs.

Cholecystokinin, as mentioned above, is also triggered by the presence of protein in the small intestine.

Similar to fiber and healthy fats, protein also helps to slow digestion and stabilize blood sugars, keeping you fuller longer and aiding in weight loss.

Protein is absolutely necessary for building and repairing muscle after a workout.

In addition to making up muscle cells, protein is a key constituent of every other cell in the body and this includes bone, cartilage, skin, and blood cells.

Adequate protein is also essential for a healthy immune system.

Lean proteins are low in calories and fat.

This includes cholesterol-raising saturated fat which is packed with beneficial nutrients – ideal for weight loss.

Good examples of lean proteins include lean cuts of meat, lean cuts of fish, shellfish, tofu, non-fat and low-fat dairy, and soy products.

Beans are also considered a lean protein.

Unsweetened soy and pea milk products that have been fortified with calcium and vitamin D are the best high-protein alternatives to milk.

Get into action physically

Rebel tries to incorporate exercise at least 4 times per week.

She knows that diet has the greatest influence on her long-term weight loss success…

…but supplementing it with regular exercise is helping her to reach her goals faster.

Exercises are absolutely vital for weight maintenance.

As we lose weight, the metabolism slows, meaning we have to either eat fewer calories or we have to burn more calories through physical activity in order to carry on losing weight.

Drastically reducing our calorie intake is not very enjoyable or sustainable and adding in exercise is a great alternative.

Stay confident and on top of things.

Before her weight loss journey, Rebel Wilson had plenty of positivity and self-confidence already.

Recognizing that your self-worth is not dependent on your weight, you begin to realize what really is important…

…this boosting power enables yourself to pick yourself up when you face inevitable setbacks.

During the coronavirus pandemic, this is what Rebel has achieved…

While coronavirus has derailed many of our plans this year, it hasn’t stopped Rebel from achieving her health goals.

One dietitian, Kate Save, told Australian Daily Mail that Rebel had lost around 18 kilos so far, and the year is not done yet.

She had announced her decision to focus on her health in 2020 and make positive changes.

Since beginning her fitness journey at the end of 2019, Rebel’s progress has been a steady pace rather than focusing on fast results.

And it’s an approach that her trainer, Jono, favors as well.

In one interview, he said that diets and programs that promise results in just a few weeks aren’t realistic for the long term.

He recommends that people do five workout sessions every week and then focuses on recovery over the weekend.

You mustn’t overdo it, he says.

Rebel got “amazing results” following the Mayr Method diet plan of eating.

Rebel isn’t just getting fit in the gym.

She also does hiking and walks with her friends.

Rebel reflects on the past decade of her life…

Rebel says it was 10 years ago she took the huge risk of moving to Hollywood with just one suitcase in hand…

…and today she couldn’t be more proud of all the TV shows, movies, and live performances she’s done since then, and all the support she has had along the way.

Isn’t that inspirational for anyone wishing to transform themselves and get going like Rebel Wilson did, transforming your body?

We truly wish Rebel Wilson all the luck for her future endeavors, and may she achieve all the goals she set out to in 2020!


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