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Relief Factor Reviews 2021, Results, Ingredients, Benefits & Side Effects

by David Kessler, MD

Last updated on March 8th, 2021 at 09:39 pm

Welcome to my honest comprehensive review of Relief Factor…

“What will today be like? Will I have less pain?”

If these are your first waking thoughts, this is certainly a review you should read.

Arthritic joint pain has the power to reduce active individuals into hobbling folks and make life miserable.

Most older people are resigned to deal with this condition.

They know that as they age, their joints will creak and they will have to become less active and maybe depend upon others for simple duties.

The solution is about taking pain medications constantly and suffer the consequences.

These medications are not only temporary in effect but also can cause long-lasting problems for the user.

What else was there for me then?

Natural cures tend to attract me always.

I decided to look for something that was not the conventional pain medication pill.

Something that would take a more natural course and provide relief to me.

There was a bit of skepticism about the degree of relief I would get through.

However, chancing upon Relief Factor and reading through the ingredient list gave me some sort of confidence about what I was going into.

Read on to know more about my experience with this supplement and how I found it in the long run.

An In-Depth Look into Relief Factor

relief factor

What is Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is an organic plant-derived and fish oil-based natural supplement to provide respite from aches and pains related to advancing age.

It is created out of ingredients that tap into the goodness of natural elements.

The target is to try and reduce inflammation from different body parts.

Who made Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is the creation of Seth Talbott, who is an entrepreneur credited with many ventures and startups.

Along with his son Pete, they have created this wonderful pain relief supplement in 2015.

The best thing about Relief Factor is that it only uses natural products to help with the pain.

This is where its USP lies and this is how Relief Factor stands apart from any competitor.

Relief Factor is produced in the USA and their office contact address is located in Kirkland, Washington.

It is manufactured by a company called Promedev LLC. based in Kirkland.

Why was Relief Factor created?

Relief Factor is being used by millions of people worldwide who find themselves waking up to aching joints and pains every day.

That is something that can cause immense discomfort to anyone.

For relief, people tend to reach out for instant solutions.

By that, I mean ingesting chemical-based pills and products that are harmful to the body in the long run.

Steroid-based pills can control inflammation and show results immediately; however, the implications of using such medications over a long period of time are not so good.

Providing relief to people suffering from different kinds of pains that come with aging has been the mission of Relief Factor.

The aim was to do this using natural ingredients that are known for their anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties.

Seth Talbott has created this amazing product answering these very requirements built into Relief Factor.

There are many people worldwide who wish to get relief without having to compromise on harmful side effects.

This is the driving principle leading to the making of the Relief Factor.

Arthritis – the bane of aging?

Classically arthritis is defined as ‘swelling and tenderness of one or more of your joints’.

Believe me, after a certain age, it feels like every joint in the body is swollen and tender.

Jokes apart, this is a condition that almost no one can escape once they start getting older.

Arthritis manifests itself when the connective tissue between joints gets reduced.

This tissue is known as cartilage and it is vital for smooth movements of our joints.

Cartilage absorbs the shock and pressure of movement when we use any joint.

Reduction in cartilage robs the joints of the cushioning needed for smooth function.

The bones in the joints then end up rubbing against each other, causing more wear and tear and terrible pain.

Arthritis can happen due to a number of reasons, although aging remains the primary cause for this.

There are two types of arthritis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Each of these is caused by a different reason.

1) Osteoarthritis or OA:

This is one of the commonest forms of arthritis that affects large populations.

In fact, it is believed that more than 7% of the world population has this problem.

This translates into a massive 500 million people all over the world.

Normal degenerative wear and tear is the main reason behind this type of arthritis.

It affects men and women both and gets more pronounced as they age.

Those with a family history might be more predisposed to have this condition.

Also, any previous infection of the cartilage or injury to joints due to some accident or otherwise might further become a cause for developing OA; these conditions might not necessarily be due to age.

2) Rheumatoid arthritis or RA:

This kind of arthritis is an autoimmune condition.

This happens when the body’s defense system, its immunity turns against the body and begins attacking tissues.

In this type of arthritis, the body attacks the synovial fluid in the joints.

This is actually the fluid present between joints that helps to keep cartilage and joints in good working order.

Symptoms of arthritis and treatment modalities

Joint pain, redness, swelling, and stiffness are the commonest and most troublesome symptoms of arthritis.

There is no way one would not know he or she has arthritis.

The pain will be an indicator enough.

These pains are generally worse first thing upon waking up in the morning.

Those with RA might also experience weakness and lack of appetite due to their immune system malfunction.

It is a good idea to get tests done to ensure the diagnosis of arthritis is on spot before beginning treatment.

A correct diagnosis goes a long way in effective treatment.

Visiting a rheumatologist for this purpose is the best way forward.

Treatment for arthritis focuses on pain relief and infusing the joints with artificial synovial fluid that would help with smoother movement.

Inflamed joints are responsible for all the issues related to arthritis and the objective of treatment is generally to help the inflammation settle down.

Here are some standard methods for the treatment of arthritis used in conventional medicine.

  • Pain medications are prescribed by physicians in order to provide short-term relief to patients. These include analgesics, NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), block therapy to stop pain signals from the affected site to the brain, and immunosuppressants or steroids in order to control the pain.
  • Those suffering too much from arthritis and turning immobile from pain can seek relief from surgery. There are obviously risks involved in this method. The most common surgery is the replacement of hip and knee joints. There is also fusion surgery in fingers and wrists.
  • Physical therapy. A non-invasive method of seeking arthritis relief is physical therapy. Sufferers are taught specific exercises to help strengthen muscles around the inflamed joints and help ease movement.
  • Lifestyle changes. Despite everything that modern medicine can achieve, it is lifestyle modification that can provide lasting relief for those suffering from arthritic pains. One must try not to put on weight, eat a healthy diet that is high in fiber and antioxidants, and remain physically active and perform targeted exercises.

The Ingredients

A lot of thought and research has gone into making this product by Seth Talbott.

It uses four natural ingredients and other supporting components in a measured proportion to provide pain relief.

There are science and nature working for the user, all encapsulated in pill form, a great testimony to the will and passion of humans to provide the best solutions to any problem.

Let us take a look at the primary ingredients that make up Relief Factor.

1) Epimedium

Epimedium Sagittatum

Also known as horny goat weed, Epimedium is very effective to fight osteoporosis.

Now, osteoporosis is also a condition associated commonly with aging.

An ingredient that helps fight osteoporosis will also help alleviate pain in those afflicted.

Epimedium also has anti-aging, anti-depressant, and anti-atherosclerosis properties.

This ingredient might also be responsible for maintaining nitric oxide levels in the body that helps in blood flow to all parts of the body, thus promoting the growth of healthy tissue.

While studies are not very conclusive in regard to specific advantages, epimedium does play a role in controlling inflammation effectively.

A byproduct of this, Icariin is a known agent used to treat erectile dysfunction.

This too is a problem in advancing age when libido takes a hit along with other body functions.

The inclusion of epimedium in the formula provides support for this aspect too.

It is present at 200 mg.

2) Japanese Fleeceflower

Japanese Fleeceflower

Known popularly as resveratrol, it finds a place in the Relief Factor formula for its blood flow improvement capabilities.

It is good for promoting blood vessel health and helping in the healthy flow of blood to all parts of the body.

Resveratrol helps to fight joint pain at its very source.

The anti-inflammatory effect of resveratrol is very important in the overall agenda of Relief Factor.

Free radicals build up in the body from oxidants and cause a lot of damage.

Resveratrol at 70 mg present in each dose of Relief Factor addresses this problem.

3) Turmeric


Known for its antiseptic properties, turmeric is also an integral part of pain relief formulations.

This is also good for joint health.

Regular intake of turmeric helps to address aches and inflammation.

It also helps in diabetes control, heart disease, and lung function.

Because of its antiseptic properties, turmeric builds up the body’s immunity and helps to fight all kinds of diseases.

Turmeric is also a good antioxidant and it is present in Relief Factor at 667 mg to cleanse the body of all free radical damage on a daily basis.

3) Omega-3


Extracted from fish oil, omega-3 adds a completely new dimension to Relief Factor.

It contains fatty acids namely DHA and EPA.

Fish oil is a great source of omega-3.

Fatty acids used in Relief Factor have been shown in numerous studies to help inflammatory gene suppression.

This is of vital importance in the setting of joint aches and pains.

Most aches and pains arising from different forms of arthritis are caused because of inflammation of joints and erosion of lubricating factors.

This leads joints to rub against each other, thus causing unbearable pain.

Omega-3 helps to reduce inflammation of joints successfully thus providing a lot of relief to users.

At 3900 mg, Relief Factor provides a huge dose of fatty acids that helps in keeping tissues healthy and damage-free.

As one may note, each of these ingredients is sourced from nature.

They are not picked up from labs or off some chemicals.

They are extracted from such components as are known to provide a robust anti-inflammatory response to the body.

Titrating and finalizing the optimum amount of each of these in order to fuel the right anti-inflammatory response in the body is what Relief Factor looks for.

In what ways do users benefit from using Relief Factor?

Aches and pains due to arthritis and aging are a way of life for many people worldwide.

With an organic supplement like Relief Factor, such people can seek some alleviation of their problems in a safe and reliable manner.

Besides the obvious advantage of pain relief, Relief Factor benefits its users in different ways.

All in all, it helps to usher in holistic wellness which is an invaluable place to be in.

Following is a list of the many different ways in which people might expect to get relief with this supplement.

1) Inflammation under better control

Aging and joint pain and aches go hand in hand.

This has been accepted by people as they add on years.

However, this NEED NOT be so.

With a judicious mix of the right ingredients, Relief Factor aims to control inflammation effectively.

This in turn reduces joint pains significantly.

Not only that, reduction of inflammation in the body helps to keep the body in great shape and health.

2) No side effects due to natural ingredients

Relief Factor has proved to its users that it is possible to be highly effective without resorting to banned substances or steroids or NSAIDs for relief.

As stated prominently earlier, this supplement is completely natural and utilizes only organic ingredients.

It has absolutely no side effects for users while providing them with lasting relief.

3) Gout symptoms get better

Gout is an advanced form of arthritis that occurs due to severe inflammation of joint spaces.

This condition not only causes severe pain in the joints but also limits mobility as well as causes deformation in the extremities.

It is very difficult to live with.

With continuous use of Relief Factor, users afflicted with gout have reported significant relief.

4) Arthritis pains markedly improved

Arthritis is caused due to inflammation of joints.

This condition is also symbolic of getting old.

Because Relief Factor contains ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties, taking this supplement regularly will automatically help in reducing joint inflammation.

This in turn will lead to the lessening of joint pain with movement.

5) Better brain function

Declining cognitive abilities also define old age in most people.

In fact, forgetfulness and declining cognition are often labeled as age-related conditions.

Relief Factor contains omega-3 found in fish oil which addresses this aspect.

Not only is it helpful in boosting brain health, but it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory.

6) Enhances natural healing

With age, entire systems in the body slow down.

This is the natural order of things. In the same context, the natural ability of the body to heal itself from wounds and insults also declines.

Relief Factor has ingredients that provide essential nutrition to the body that can support and rejuvenate cells and muscles.

This helps to improve blood circulation and provides better healing.

7) Robust immune system

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic.

This multifunctional ingredient has been picked and included in the formula of Relief Factor for these very reasons.

Removal of toxins and free radicals from the body boosts the immune system immediately.

Any decline in immunity due to advancing age is taken care of with the supplement.

8) Heart health gets improved

The function of the human heart is to keep pumping blood to and from different organs.

This keeps all organs healthy and functional.

As the body ages, heart function no longer remains in topmost order.

To this end, the turmeric component in Relief Factor comes into play.

It helps to keep all organs healthy and free of infection.

It boosts blood flow to all parts of the body, in effect helping make the job of the heart easier.

This way, the heart remains in much better shape.

9) General wellness quotient upped

With so much going for the system, old age no longer needs to be feared.

People can embrace life as it comes and lives it fully and satisfactorily.

This will give them the peace of mind and more importantly, confidence, to do things they wish to do.

The Detailed working of the program

Like I mentioned just above, Relief Factor has quite a complicated billing system.

This is a bit of a put-off but that is how the system is designed.

Relief Factor Quickstart is a package comprising 49 packets with two soft gels and two pills each.

When starting the program, the user needs to take three pills for the first seven days.

After that, the routine is two pills for the next two weeks.

Relief Factor also has a discounted three-week patch.

However, this is followed by additional billing coupled with a continuous supply.

This is for 21 days after which there is a monthly supply of pills to the user, each being billed per month.

All of this just takes some getting used to on part of the user.

Once pain relief sets in, all of this takes a back seat.

The user is able to enjoy seamless movement and hassle-free life.

How I extracted the maximum from the purchase of the Relief Factor?

Even with all the positives that Relief Factor brings to the plate, the makers do state that results will vary from person to person.

Like every other healing product, the efficacy of anything depends on lots of factors:

  • Age of the user.
  • General health.
  • What kind of pain score the person is starting with.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Ability to assimilate the supplement.
  • Preexisting conditions.
  • Contraindicating factors.
  • Personal effort.

This last bit is very important and can reflect majorly on the overall outcome of the supplement.

As can be seen one does not have much control over most other factors stated above.

It is only in the last one, personal effort, that every individual can work more and ensure maximization of results.

I am listing for readers here some of the efforts I made to get the best out of Relief Factor:

1) I remained active throughout

Although it was the pain that was inhibiting my mobility and one of the reasons why I sought out Relief Factor, I braved through pain to stay as active as possible.

I have seen some of my friends and family who have the same affliction of a similar degree but who chose to become completely sedentary.

This is just NOT done.

The moment one closes down their bodies and stops challenging them, the pain and inflammation take over and rule over them.

However, much pain it may cause you, movement of some degree is essential in order for the supplement to be effective.

2) I chose my diet carefully

Although there is not much one may do to effectively control inflammation by oral intake, there are some right and wrong foods for this condition.

There are some food groups that are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Choosing such foods over others, I finalized a diet plan that would not only fight calories but also work towards alleviating joint pains.

3) I counted my calories

As stated in the point above, I created my diet chart and followed it religiously.

Carrying extra weight on the body is another common sight in those of advanced years.

This can happen for various reasons, from not having the energy to exercise, lack of mobility due to pains, slowing of body metabolism, or simply eating unwisely.

And extra weight is definitely bad news for a body already suffering joint pains.

I made sure I chose every food on my plate with care and also exercised control over portions.

4) I ensured regular intake of the supplement

Makers of Relief Factor insist on not missing out on doses while on the treatment.

This means one needs to keep enough stock so that there is no break in the schedule.

I took pains to order in my supply while enough pills remained.

Delivery times differ from locality to locality.

I kept that in mind while ordering, allowing for delays (if ever).

5) I got good sleep and rejuvenation

Healing is as much to do with the body as the mind.

Regular and restful sleep is vital to heal and help the body rejuvenate.

Relief Factor contains passionflower extract, which is known to induce a restful state.

With a regular routine and good sleep, my aching joints got a better chance at resting and getting healed.

As one may note, I did nothing out of the extraordinary for getting the best results.

These steps outlined by me above are very basic and can be done with ease.

Integrate these into your life and the results will be for you to see and experience.

Relief factor cta

Who should not use Relief Factor?

  • Relief Factor must not be used by anyone who has an allergy to any of the ingredients. (Relief Factor also contains soy, which is a common allergen)
  • This should be avoided by those people who are under the age of 18.
  • Relief Factor is not for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies.
  • Those who are under medications for pre-existing conditions must consult with their treating physician before beginning on Relief Factor.

Note: This product is just a dietary supplement created to address body aches and pains. It is not a cure or an alternative to medicines.

What I did not like about the program

  • Relief Factor is only available online. While some people might argue that this is the best solution in current times, and one does not need to venture out, there are still some folks who prefer to physically see a product before deciding on it. I definitely belong to this category. I found it slightly irritating that the only manner I could get using this product was by going online.
  • Shipping is not free for everyone and this again can be a bit irksome.
  • Delivery times may get stretched more for certain locations than for others, and this needs to be kept in mind when ordering a fresh batch.
  • Lapses in intake reduce the effectiveness of the supplement. Makers very specifically mention the need to be regular in taking Relief Factor and to not miss out on doses. This places a lot of onus on the user and one needs to be very careful in setting up a routine.
  • While the purchase is totally online, the billing and operations are not very easy. It is in fact quite complicated and one needs to get one’s head around the system. I am taking this up in the next segment.
  • Relief Factor contains fish oil and soy which means people allergic to these cannot use the product. It might also not be an option for vegetarian and vegan users.



“I heard about Relief Factor from my wife…I took it every day, three times a day. I woke up, rolled over, and told her ’The pain is gone!”


“Relief Factor, I feel…has improved my quality of life…It’s like the best thing in the world.”


“If your knees hurt bad enough – which mine were – you’ll try just about anything…After four days, I thought ‘My knees aren’t hurting!’ I’ve been taking it ever since.”

Pamela Lobaugh

“I can’t take a lot of prescribed medicines because I get side effects, none of the pain relievers I’ve been prescribed for my shoulders has done a thing.

So, I saw that commercial for Relief Factor and I thought I would get it but then I found out after the three-week trial it was $99 a month.

I started looking around and I came across this on Amazon and decided what can I lose 29 bucks.

Since I started taking this, I can actually sleep I had not been able to sleep on my sides or my stomach for over a year because of the pain in my shoulders radiating down my arms.

I can now sleep on any side, my right arm which is the one that’s the worst still gives me a little problem but nothing like it was.

Love this product, if you’re thinking about it give it a try.”

As can be seen from the above and many other such reviews on the internet from different websites, Relief Factor has been a big bonus for those suffering from arthritic and joint pains.

Of course, there will be a different effect on different people and there are some not-so-good reviews also.

I speak for myself here when I say this product has brought in a lot of relief for me.

My creaking joints are thanking me every day for choosing this supplement.

I am no longer scared of moving around for fear of pain.

That all of this relief comes without any effects on the body is one of the biggest pluses.

The best part is that seeing me move that much better, some of my family and close friends have also opted for this supplement.

That has made a happy bunch of people who have discovered a more comfortable way of life.

I still find the purchasing complication a bit trying but in the long run, it is okay.

What did I like about Relief Factor?

  • Relief Factor is made entirely from natural ingredients. All of these are sourced fresh and their extracts used to create the formula for the supplement.
  • This supplement provides pain relief that goes to the root of the problem and helps to eliminate it.
  • Relief Factor can be used from the comfort of home without needing doctors’ prescriptions, having to travel to physicians’ offices, or getting physical therapy.
  • Pain relief is just one facet of this wonderful product. Along with that, users get relief from other conditions that might be troubling them.
  • This product is heart-healthy and helps in improving heart function.
  • Users have experienced much-improved blood flow after being on Relief Factor.
  • Better immunity is also obtained from using this supplement over a period of time.
  • Each purchase is protected with a 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • There are no artificial drugs or illegal substances used in the composition.
  • Relief Factor is 100% safe and legal to use.
  • Combination of ingredients creates pathways for pain and inflammation to be cured.
  • The supplement begins to show results in three weeks.
  • Relief Factor has received an A+ rating on the BBB platform from users.
  • Cancellation of an order is easy. One needs to write ‘refused’ on the un-tampered package and send it back to the address provided.

It is easy to add pluses to a product one has used and has found beneficial.

That is the case with me too.

The fact that this product has an A+ rating on BBB certainly helped me decide in its favor.

After all, BBB is a platform that rates products based on actual user feedback, so their rating reflects the most genuine picture.

Relief factor cta

Insider Information

As discussed earlier, Relief Factor does have a rather complicated system of payment and delivery.

Many users have commented upon this aspect and it continues to be a problematic area for many buyers.

One can only hope that the makers will take note of this and work out a more user-friendly system in the future.

Meanwhile, I would ask users not to get too worked up about something they have no control over and simply get started on Relief Factor.

The aching joints and pains demand more immediate attention than anything else, so it is better to do just that.

The payment mode and other niggles get sorted in no time at all.

Buying Advice

It is a belief many people hold that the internet is a place for lucrative offers and bargains.

Trawling through the internet for the best price for a product is something many people do.

I would ask such folks to desist.

This is because I know from experience that the best deals are on the direct website itself.

Relief Factor provides its users the most genuine product with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Another reason that I specifically buy Relief Factor from the direct website only is that the product has quite a complicated billing system and delivery protocol in place.

When I am buying from them directly, I know my purchase is in safe hands and I will keep receiving my monthly supply without any hassles or breaks.

Additionally, there is a crystal-clear policy stated by the makers about privacy protection.

In these times of hacking and stealing of data, one always has a nagging fear at the back of the mind about their own data being compromised.

This is very clearly taken care of by Relief Factor and one need not worry.

As for bonus offers, there is one complete DNA sequencing in order to get to the root cause of a particular person’s pain.

Nebula Genomics will enable weekly reports for the user.

It is time to go ahead, click the button, and get your bottle mailed to you today.

My Final Verdict

I have used many different products before I joined the Relief Factor bandwagon.

My aches and pains that I had decided I would have to live with have almost resolved.

I never realized how powerful natural ingredients can be.

I am delighted with where I am with regard to this supplement.

Joint aches and pains have a way of limiting our activities and putting a pain barrier in the path of enjoyment and happiness.

This need not be the way, is what Relief Factor has shown me.

Any reader who finds themselves in my position and identifies with all that I shared, must consider this organic supplement instead of resorting to synthetic and harmful chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Relief Factor (FAQs)

How to Use Relief Factor?

Each dose is individually packaged and contains 2 capsules and 2 soft gels. The manufacturer suggests beginning with 3 packets a day and then adjusting your dose accordingly.

Why did I receive another package hot on the heels of the first one?

15 Days after receiving your ‘Quick Start’ pack, your credit card gets processed for a full month’s supply of 60 packets – apparently, so you do not run out of your full month supply.

Then every month, you get another 60 packets. If you prefer not to have your packages arrive on a monthly schedule, you are welcome to call their customer service team to schedule regular shipments that work for you such as bi-monthly or quarterly-monthly.

Is Relief Factor safe?

The fact that Relief Factor contains fish oil and soy means that people who are allergic to these ingredients should not consume this supplement. Icariin, too, could have hypotensive effects and might increase bleeding in those individuals diagnosed with blood clotting disorders.

Naturally, it is advisable to first consult your medical practitioner, especially if you take other medications or have a pre-existing medical condition.

Does Relief Factor contain soy?

Yes, there are traces of soy in the product.

Does Relief Factor contain wheat or gluten?

This supplement has not been certified as gluten-free, but apparently, there is no reported gluten or wheat in the product.

Is this a vegan-friendly product?

The dry capsules are botanical – they contain no animal products. On the other hand, the Omega-3 acids, extracted from fish oil, are placed inside a soft gel made of beef gelatin.

Is Relief Factor kosher?

No. Beef gelatin is used for the soft gels to contain the fish oil.

Is there caffeine in Relief Factor?

No, there is no caffeine at all in Relief Factor.

Are there Relief Factor Alternatives?

Yes, there are, but the only strong contender is Wake Up Lean.

Where can one purchase Relief Factor?

My experience and those of many other buyers reinstate the need to buy only from the website. This is more so because of the complicated supply system involved.

Buying from the parent website ensures the user does not get involved in any scam and continues to receive their supply regularly.

Is there free shipping with program?

This supplement does not ship free to all locations. There are conditions that apply and the user would do well to make a note of the same.

Does Relief Factor respect user privacy?

Does Relief Factor respect user privacy? Transacting on the website of Relief Factor is very safe.

There are definite measures to protect privacy. Relief Factor does not share user data with any other platform.

What is the refund policy?

Relief Factor provides a 90-day window to every user to try and check out their product.

Within this time period, if anyone is dissatisfied with the product in any way, they have the option of returning it in the original package and asking for a refund.

The money will be refunded minus shipping and handling charges.

Relief factor cta


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