Relief Factor Reviews 2021, Results, Ingredients, Benefits & Side Effects

  • Does Relief Factor Really Work?
  • How good is relief factor?
  • What is the main ingredient in Relief Factor?
  • What are the side effects of Relief Factor?
  • Are there Relief Factor Alternatives?

These questions and more will be addressed in this comprehensive review...


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When you get inflammation in your body, it is your body actually trying to protect you from stress.

This could result from your diet, your lifestyle, or the environment. 

Inflammation happens, for instance, when a wound will swell up and turn red and be painful – that could well be inflammation.

But generally speaking, it’s the body’s immune system’s response to an irritation to the system, like a germ.

But it could also be a foreign object, like a splinter in your finger.

Inflammation starts already when the body is trying to fight against the harmful irritant…

Cancer, heart disease, obesity, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and heaps of other conditions are linked to inflammation, and often are what causes these diseases.

Actually, if you have any disturbance in your life, it can lead to inflammation.

Just a simple cold or a bump to your knees, or the death of a loved one; all these can cause inflammation.

Every time you experience pain or swelling in your body, your body straight away kicks in and tries to heal it...

We all know about inflammation of the joints.


In fact, by the time you hit the 40s, you might have already started noticing damage to your cartilage, especially on your weight-bearing joints which are the hips, knees, spine, and ankles.

If you lead an unhealthy type lifestyle, you can even start experiencing painful joint pain in your 20s and 30s.

That’s the bad news.

But there is something that this one company has developed that targets inflammation, taking it away and giving you relief from pain. 

And the best thing about it, it’s natural.

Sure, there are prescription drugs on the markets that treat inflammation...

...but today, many people try to go the natural route because they want to avoid all those nasty chemicals found in drugs.

This supplement is called Relief Factor, and it claims to be one the best in the market but is actually not.

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Who made Relief Factor?

According to the manufacturers, it was a team of doctors that developed Relief Factor. 

Their intention was to offer people a natural solution to their aching joint problem instead of always having to deal with it with harmful anti-inflammatory drugs.

The company that manufactures the supplement is called Promedev from Kirkland Washington.

It was founded by a father and son team, Pete and Seth Talbott.

Let’s look at the science behind Relief Factor

Well, it’s noted to be excellent for alleviating joint pain because it reduces inflammation with the use of natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds.

Usually, muscle and joint pain is caused by inflammation in the body and it’s for those who want to reduce mild to moderate ongoing pain in their bodies.

Relief Factor does come as a relief to many people, young and old

It provides an alternative solution to harmful over the counter medication.

All the natural anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants in the supplement are capable of reducing swelling in the joints. 

Research [1] shows the benefits of antioxidant supplements for osteoarthritis in the knees.

Gets your blood flowing without any obstruction

There are other powerful ingredients in this supplement to initiate the body’s production of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is produced by practically every type of cell in your body and is actually one of the most important molecules to keep your blood vessels healthy.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator which means it relaxes the inner muscles of your blood vessels, causing the vessels to widen.

So you can see that it increases blood flow and lowers your blood pressure, improving the circulation of the blood, and supporting healthy joints.

A study in the British Journal of Rheumatology shows the benefits of nitric oxide in treating inflammatory joint diseases. [2]

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Getting to know Relief Factor

So we know now that it reduces inflammation which can cause really painful muscle and joint paint.

The supplement consists of a combo of top-quality ingredients that will reduce all your discomfort and pain.

Relief Factor is a drug-free, botanical made from fish oil.

We all know excellent omega 3 is to tackle inflammation.

Relief Factor was “clinically developed” to give you four top ingredients in this supplement.


These are turmeric, resveratrol, icariin, and omega-3. It will address the pain that you suffer from in your knees, neck, shoulders, and hips.

General muscle soreness disappears

You need to take it on a long-term basis, and they say that over time, inflammation starts to reduce.

There are literally millions of people who suffer from inflammation in their muscles and joints. 

Chronic pain which is caused by arthritis affects millions of people in the United States each year.  

Around one in four adults have arthritis, reporting to have severe joint pain.

What ingredients are found in Relief Factor?

1) Fish Oil Omega 3 (DHA and EPA)

Just taking around 3 grams of fish oil every day can help with the intense pain of joint inflammation and take away morning stiffness, swelling, and tenderness.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also capable of increasing blood flow when you exercise, and this is fantastic for reducing swelling and joint pain as well.

2) Turmeric 

Turmeric not only offers antioxidant properties; it is excellent for overall health too.

But its particular benefit is that it acts as a top anti-inflammatory agent.

Just a small amount included in your diet has proven to be beneficial to those who are eager to prevent discomfort from muscle soreness after exercises.

3) Icariin

Icariin is a flavonoid – derived from several plant species.

Its extracts are well-known in herbal medicine. 

Icariin has been reported to have quite a few pharmacological actions, but there are extensive studies which show that it has anti-inflammatory and estrogen-like effects.  

Studies show how it works for gouty arthritis [3].

It seems as if it is a great help in maintaining the nitric oxide levels which support blood flow and healing in the body.

4) Resveratrol

Is a polyphenol compound, found in red wine and other plants, with plenty of antioxidant properties in it.

It is derived from the Japanese Fleece Flower and known to act as a natural anti-inflammatory.

It doesn’t repair damaged tissue as some believe, but it can help to prevent further damage.

Are there any side effects of Relief Factor?

The company, Relief Factor, has acknowledged on its official website that there are a couple of side effects to using the product.

These can be:

  • Dry mouth
  • Loose Stools
  • Nose bleeding
  • Dizziness

They do say though that the above side effects are not common – that they could potentially happen.

If you do have concerns speak to your doctor before you use Relief Factor.

What are the pros and cons of Relief Factor?


  • It is able to help to reduce aches and pains that you have in everyday life.
  • Inflammation is reduced in your joints and muscles, making them healthy.
  • There are 15 years of clinical studies done on the supplement by doctors
  • Some say that they like the individual servings which are great for traveling, not needing to keep a whole bottle of supplements around.
  • Suitable for seniors becoming older and for young people in their 20s and 30s who just want to have a healthy lifestyle.
  • Pure, natural ingredients.


  • There are traces of soy in the product, which is a common allergen for people.
  • People who use blood thinners should let their doctor know if they take Relief Factor. Some of the ingredients promote increased blood flow and can have negative results when interacting with other medications.
  • It can lower the blood pressure – people should discuss this with their doctor before taking it.
  • It’s expensive.
  • You can’t buy this product anywhere, only on the website.
  • Their “Quick Start” trial size and membership auto-ship program seemed to be the number one issue with most consumers.
  • The company states that their product follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), but there is no certification on their package.

Is Relief Factor safe?

This product is considered to be safe if you follow the directions on the package.

It might be a natural product but it also contains soy and omega 3 derived from fish oil.

Some people who are allergic to these ingredients should not take this product.

The benefits of Relief Factor

1) All-natural

Relief Factor only contains natural ingredients as opposed to many pharmaceutical equivalents.

Relief Factor has Icariin, Resveratrol, Turmeric, and Omega-3 in it; all aimed at reducing swelling and inflammation.

2) Gets straight down to treating inflammation

There are many supplements on the market that claim to treat pain.

 If you do take something that treats inflammation like Relief Factor, instead of just getting rid of the pain, it helps the body to heal.

It helps to naturally treat the inflammation first as well as the pain.

3) Can help with gout

If you already suffer from gout or arthritis, you will know all about experiencing inflammation. 

Gout happens when something in your diet offsets serious inflammation in the body which is extremely painful.

Relief Factor is superb when you add it to your diet every day – watch how it counteracts stuff like gout.

If you have eaten something you believe might trigger a gout attack, you can take Relief Factor and ward it off.

4) Helps with other conditions you might have

If you already have arthritis for instance and are taking treatment for it, your doctor might have told you to stay away from supplements and add other drugs to your treatment for arthritis.

But Relief Factor is literally one of the best supplements to take because not only does it deal with inflammation but it offers benefits for all-round health.

There aren’t many things that will clash with the ingredients in Relief Factor.

5) It’s drug-free 

Maybe you are already taking prescription medication for other health conditions.

Lots of people prefer adding natural supplements to their diet to help with their treatment.

Relief Factor contains no drugs, no chemicals, and no funny preservatives to spoil all the natural ingredients.

6) Helps natural brain function

Omega-3 which is a top ingredient in Relief Factor is what you will find in heaps upon heaps of supplements.

That’s why Relief Factor has it as a top ingredient because it goes straight to war against inflammation.

Not only does it help with inflammation, but it is known for boosting the brain as well.

7) Natural healing from Relief Factor

Getting older, the healing process in our bodies takes much longer than it did when we were young.

One good way to improve your overall diet is getting the right supplements.

Relief Factor has a Fabulous Four that you keep your body healthy, supplying all your aging muscles and cells with nutrients - like finding an oasis in a desert.

8) A better immune system

The job of Relief Factor is to help with pain and inflammation.

But the ingredients go far beyond that. They boost your immune system too.

As you get older, your immune system ages too; you seem to get more colds and have less energy.

If you start taking Relief Factor, see how you bounce back quicker after an illness.

9) Blood flows more easily

Blood flow is a very important thing to have to keep a healthy body.

And it also declines as you get older. 

Turmeric comes to the rescue here as a top ingredient in Relief Factor.

Turmeric boosts the blood flow, making you feel more energetic and vibrant.

10) Age slower and better

Getting older depends a lot on the kind of lifestyle you have, your diet, exercise, the environment, as well as family history.

Things like high blood pressure and high cholesterol can affect you big time in later life.

If you take Relief Factor on a regular basis, it will help you age better and more healthily, protecting you more from high blood pressure and cholesterol.

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Don’t forget what you eat counts big time when it comes to inflammation of the joints and muscles...

There are certainly at least 5 inflammatory type foods that you should avoid so that you can ease joint pain.

Smart food choices are vital for everybody, particularly for those who suffer from inflammation and joint pain.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration say a well-balanced diet should be full of plant-based foods. 

They recommend two-thirds of your diet should be fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, leaving only one-third for lean protein and low-fat dairy.

There are foods that are hyper-inflammatory that you should avoid eating...

Studies show that certain foods can really exacerbate inflammation.

This causes pain in your back, knees, and other parts of the body.

Compounds in these foods trigger the body to produce chemicals that cause inflammation and other health issues.

Try and eliminate these foods from your diet:

  • Sugar
  • Omega-6 fatty acids such as safflower, grapeseed, corn, soy, peanut, and vegetable oil.
  • Gluten, which is proven to be pro-inflammatory.
  • Excessive alcohol contributes to inflammation in the entire body because it disrupts normal gut function. [4]
  • Saturated fats.

Foods that are a big plus in helping to reduce inflammation...

The Mediterranean diet is an excellent diet to follow when it comes to fighting inflammation and offering a way of life consisting of high anti-oxidant foods.

Look at this fantastic guide about foods that will help fight inflammation: 10 Foods That Help Reduce Joint Pain.

What is the recommended dosage of Relief Factor?

The company says the recommended dosage is three packets of four pills, two tablets, and two soft gels, which equal one serving, three times per day for the first two weeks, two packets per day for the next week, and then as needed going forward.

For one month there are 60 packets.

The company states that their product will be able to either “lower or totally eliminate pain associated with exercise and everyday living.”

Where to buy Relief Factor

The company website appears to be the only place where you can buy Relief Factor.

Price of Relief Factor

Relief Factor costs $39.95 for a month’s supply.

That includes shipping and handling.

However, the introductory price for new customers is $19.95 – go to their website now at and order immediately.

You sign up for a three-week Quick Start membership. 

Soon after that, probably 2 weeks later, your credit card gets processed again for $79.95 plus $6.95 shipping so you get your full month’s supply of 60 packets, and thereafter, every month you will receive your packets.

You can only order on the website, nowhere else.

Are there any reviews/testimonials about Relief Factor?

The product does perform to varying degrees for different individuals because everybody is unique and responds differently to the ingredients.

Scroll down on the website to see what customers are saying about how Relief Factor has helped them.

Read on Twitter too, about what they say.

The bottom line on Relief Factor

There are not a whole lot of reviews about this product to be honest, although there are some few positive ones and that's why we highly recommend you check out Mindbody Matrix

MindBody Matrix is without doubts the world's first and only pain relief cream that actually WORKS. 

Plenty of people notice their joint pain, inflammation, flexibility, and mobility are improved. 

You still need to take care of your joints in other ways...

If you feel you want to try the product, here are a few tips to help you in conjunction with taking Relief Factor:

  • Be as mobile as you possibly can, because movement reduce joint stiffness
  • Be sure to maintain a healthy weight because that will reduce stress on your joints
  • Stretch as often as you can, at least a few times each week. This will help to keep your joints, ligaments, and muscles healthy, also helping with mobility and flexibility.

The manufacturers of this product have managed to make a unique treatment...

Relief Factor is considered a treatment to help to relieve mild to moderate joint pain.

All the ingredients are noted for their anti-inflammatory properties that will benefit healthy individuals.

Healthy joints allow us to move with ease and any joint damage can prevent you from doing the things you once loved.

A quality joint product can certainly help to reduce inflammation, repair your existing tissue damage, and promote stronger joints.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Relief Factor?

How to Use Relief Factor?

Each dose is individually packaged and contains 2 capsules and 2 soft gels. The manufacturer suggests beginning with 3 packets a day and then adjusting your dose accordingly.

Why did I receive another package hot on the heels of the first one?

15 Days after receiving your ‘Quick Start’ pack, your credit card gets processed for a full month’s supply of 60 packets – apparently, so you do not run out of your full month supply.

Then every month, you get another 60 packets. If you prefer not to have your packages arrive on a monthly schedule, you are welcome to call their customer service team to schedule regular shipments that work for you such as bi-monthly or quarterly-monthly.

Is Relief Factor safe?

The fact that Relief Factor contains fish oil and soy means that people who are allergic to these ingredients should not consume this supplement. Icariin, too, could have hypotensive effects and might increase bleeding in those individuals diagnosed with blood clotting disorders.

Naturally, it is advisable to first consult your medical practitioner, especially if you take other medications or have a pre-existing medical condition.

Does Relief Factor contain soy?

Yes, there are traces of soy in the product.

Does Relief Factor contain wheat or gluten?

This supplement has not been certified as gluten-free, but apparently, there is no reported gluten or wheat in the product.

Is this a vegan-friendly product?

The dry capsules are botanical – they contain no animal products. On the other hand, the Omega-3 acids, extracted from fish oil, are placed inside a soft gel made of beef gelatin.

Is Relief Factor kosher?

No. Beef gelatin is used for the soft gels to contain the fish oil.

Is there caffeine in Relief Factor?

No, there is no caffeine at all in Relief Factor.

Are there Relief Factor Alternatives?

Yes, there are, but the only strong contender is Wake Up Lean.

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David Kessler, MD

David is a certified personal trainer, a licensed clinical pharmacist, and a practicing rheumatologist and immunologist for 7 years.