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Semenax Pills Review – List of Ingredients, Testimonials, Costs & Side Effects

by David Kessler, MD
  • Does Semenax work?
  • What is Semenax used for?
  • How much does Semenax cost?
  • What are the side effects of Semenax?

These questions and many more will be thoroughly answered in this comprehensive...

When it comes to men and semen, bet you didn’t know that scientists from Harvard University have discovered that men who eat fruit and veggies that have been sprayed with pesticides have less healthy and even fewer sperm than those guys who don’t.

OK, the authors of this do warn guys not to go into panic mode...

...but it is true that the study was on men who attended a fertility clinic and who could be representative of the general population.

There again, the young bloods don’t really think about infertility when they are busy sowing their wild oats...

...they only might start thinking about the wild oats when they realize that there might be a crop to harvest 9 months later! 

And then when the guy gets older, he starts stressing about his sexual performance; he might be worrying more about erectile dysfunction staring him in the face, or the middle-age spread around his middle.

Semen etc. is something that men don’t think as much about as the other top word in their vocabulary – sex. 


It’s only later on when their mates tell them they are struggling to conceive with their partners, that they might begin to realize that hey, there’s a sexual problem there...

...the picture is not looking quite so rosy anymore.

Lots of guys don’t want to identify themselves as being the infertile one

Most guys view themselves as “normal” fertile men.

Sometimes there might be a problem here or there.

In order to preserve their sense of masculinity, men don’t want to go to the emotional and psychological spin-offs.

Women, generally, when it comes to infertility, will tend to internalize their problem, feeling personally responsible.

But inadequate men externalize their problems in the same way a car packs up by its mechanical problems – they are out of his control.

 In the US, it’s estimated that there are equal numbers of men and women who suffer from fertility problems, and yet for every five doctors specializing in female infertility, there is only one specializing for men.

Humans the world over think of reproduction and fertility as women’s stuff, so that when it comes to infertility, that too, belongs to women.

It shows in the pharmaceutical and medical industries too.

We all know how IVF is so expensive and also invasive for women, let alone unreliable, but when it comes to alternative drug treatments it is usually assumed that it is the woman who takes the medication.

Remember the fertility enhancer drug clomifene citrate in the 1960s.

Today, it is estimated that average sperm counts are less than half of what they were back in the 1940s

Today, every generation of young men has less healthy sperm than his father before him.

And one study [1] of sperm donors in France shows that sperm levels are dropping by 2% each year!

Scientists are trying to establish why this is happening.

It is not only the pesticides in the food like we mentioned above, but what about estrogen in the water, pollutants in the air, and what about those mobile phones in your pocket?

One company has come up with a solution to address poor sperm count - SEMENAX

Semenax has been clinically proven to increase your semen volume and intensity, and improve your sperm count. 

Apart from that, there are many other sexual benefits which men will find very exciting. 

They have figured that when there is a decrease in the sperm count, it’s a sign that there is developing pathology.

And for a man that is sad news – it means a loss of interest in sex and also a decrease in orgasm quality.

Poor diet, lack of sleep, ecology, age – all these things have proven to be causes of disorders of spermatogenesis [2].

What IS Semenax, briefly?

Semenax is a daily supplement that is 100% safe.

The supplement comprises a combination of amino acids and some pretty potent herbal concentrates; all proven over decades to stimulate sexual activity and increase sperm and semen production.

 In fact, it’s a multi-component formula, with effects on the male body that are complex.

It helps to increase sperm count by up to 500%.

But as we mentioned above, there are other exciting benefits for men such as;

  • activating the libido
  • dilating the blood vessels
  • saturating the blood with excellent zinc oxide
  • improving sexual stamina and erection stability

Semenax makes larger volumes of fluid and sperm available with more pleasurable orgasms.

Who makes Semenax?

Leading Edge Health is a leader in the natural health sector, dedicated to sourcing, formulating, and testing its high-quality natural products.

All Leading Edge Health’s products are manufactured in the USA in cGMP certified facilities.

Semenax is the flagship performance enhancement supplement that has been around for around 10 years already, always producing top of the range products with top results for men of all ages.

Semenax is their new supplement, designed to improve sperm count and also up their grade in the bedroom.

The name is suggestive of the potent aphrodisiacs in the supplement that have been designed to maximize the production of semen to above-average levels, providing not only sensual benefits but physical ones as well.

The ingredients in Semenax have been clinically proven and have passed the Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations, ensuring the highest manufacturing standards.

Every ingredient has been pre-tested to do what it was created for and that is to increase the male body’s semen production and give a man the best sex of his life.

You can jump-start your libido again with Semenax, in as little a time as 2 weeks after starting it.

Semenax makes orgasms more pleasurable

People ask how it is possible that more semen can make orgasms more pleasurable.

Most adult guys know about the mind-blowing experiences felt during an orgasm – it’s the semen passing through the penis.

The more semen you have, the longer it will take to travel through the penis, meaning you will have an increased sensation.

There are literally many ways for you to increase semen and your sperm count, but often they are not always natural ways.

Prescription medications can be harsh and even dangerous and cost a penny too, particularly if you have certain medical conditions.

Who doesn’t want to go the natural route for natural solutions? 

That means taking Semenax.

But we want to go another step further and say that for Semenax to give you the best results possible...

...there are some other beneficial lifestyle habits that you can do alongside taking Semenax:

1) Get plenty of relaxation

Because stress can cause many unwanted medical conditions and low sperm count as well [3].

2) Drink enough water

Research shows that men who drink plenty of water are likely to have higher semen levels.

3) Don’t sit with your computer on your lap

Sure, it might be called a laptop, but you might not know it but it the heat of it on your lap can negatively impact your sperm production and fertility.

Avoid very hot baths and tubs too.

4) Consume plenty of antioxidant-rich foods

Antioxidants do more than just decrease your risk of heart disease or cancer.

They’re also known to boost a man’s fertility.

5) Get your exercise in

Because studies show that around 6 months of intensive exercises can boost semen quality, although broader research is still required.

6) Cut out bad habits or reduce them such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol: 

Evidence shows that sperm production can improve over time when smoking and alcohol are cut out.

7) Watch your weight

If you’re overweight, it could be that your hormones are imbalanced.

That can negatively affect your ability to have a high enough sperm count.

Healthy weight comes from good nutrition and proper exercising.

8) Considering adding CBD into your daily routine

Studies have shown that CBD reduces stress and anxiety.

Dr. Hans Hatt at Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, says there a direct link between CBD and fertility in men.

More research needs to be done, but it’s very promising.

9) There are certain minerals that benefit the sex glands

Chemical analyses of a healthy prostate gland and of spermatozoa which is the male “living seed” showed up in men with high concentrations of zinc.

This was compared to a sick prostate where zinc was found to be very low.

It appears that zinc is an extremely important mineral for the health of the reproductive system.

In certain lands where there is a widespread deficiency of zinc, the sex organs were found to not develop properly.


One doctor, Dr. Mayer, in describing a group of men from Egypt wrote that their external genitals were remarkably small with small penises.

Seminax has pumpkin seed in it which is about the richest natural source of zinc that you will ever find.

Magnesium is another mineral known to increase semen production and that contributes to sexual wellness.

Let’s look at the 17 unique ingredients that make Semenax so potent

For the record, the FDA, (Food and Drugs Administration) has approved all the above ingredients that are found in Semenax capsules. It is literally a case here of what you put is what you get out, and you will soon notice that in your semen quality!

Who is Semenax for? 

Before you decide to try Semenax, you need to know what it is all about; whether it is what you are looking for or not.

It is for men who really want to boost their seminal volume and increase their sperm count.


It is also for men who find they are failing to give pleasure to their partners, they have reduced sex drive, low erections, dissatisfying and unsatisfied sex, and depression, and more.

Guys who want to keep their partners happy with more orgasms; who want to last longer – Semenax is exactly for you too.

Benefits you will you see by using Semenax

Semenax benefits all its users in several ways, and one way is an increase in the volume of semen ejaculation.

Semenax produces high volumes of sperm which are of better quality – making them have a higher chance of survival.

With stable volumes of semen ejaculation, a man’s sperm production becomes more efficient.

Another benefit of using Semenax is that guys say they have experienced more intense orgasms.

With the continual use of Semanx, the quality of the erection is harder, but a man’s psychological standing is also improved.

Other excellent benefits are:

  • It’s a natural, clinically tested product.
  • Increase in semen ejaculation, power, and volume - by as much as 500%.
  • Strong, intense, lasting orgasms
  • Helps to promote sperm health and fertility
  • Improves sexual confidence

Want proof that it works?

Semenax was actually put to the test to prove that it works – in a 2-month study of Semenax, 63 men aged between 30 and 60 were split into 2 groups, a Semenax group, and a non-Semenax group.

The guys who got the Semenax noted an increase in semen ejaculation of 20% or more while the non-Semenax guys did not.

The Semenex guys also reported greater orgasm intensity in the study. 

Semenax works as long as you use it, correcting semen deficiency so you can enjoy long-lasting results that don’t diminish for a long time.

 Most Semenax users reported increased satisfaction for themselves and their partners; that they would continue to use Semenax indefinitely.

And there are quite young guys who have opted to take Semenax simply as a natural climax-enhancer.

It’s not a magic pill – its pure science

Many a guy has wondered how this little pill can perform such wonderful things and do such wonderful things for them.

But it’s only because Semenax has been designed using a technologically-advanced formula.

In fact, if it weren’t for the formula, there wouldn’t be such amazing medical experts reviewing it in the world. 

These medical experts have understood that the male orgasm needs a few muscular tissues to work together to make the climax strong and rewarding.

These are:

  • The PC muscle
  • The anal sphincter
  • The rectum
  • The perineum
  • Ejaculatory Ducts
  • The muscles surrounding the penis

All of these contracts together, giving the semen time to ejaculate what you have available.

So that when you run out of that fluid, well, your ejaculation is over.

It makes sense that if you want longer and more intense orgasms, the seminal fluid needs to be increased.

So we’ve given you ways here how to change your lifestyle and your diet if needs be.

Semenax does wrap a lot of these good things into the supplement, so it’s entirely up to you now.

If you want faster, harder, and longer muscle contractions for intense mind-blowing orgasms to keep you and your partner satisfied, then we have surely shown you what to do.


Once you start taking Semenax every day, within around 60-90 days, you are going to notice bigger, more explosive, and longer ejaculations - your sperm count will have risen...

...Sememax increases semen ejaculation volume up to 500%.

That’s a big wow!

The male reproductive system is quite complex. 

Therefore, improving sexual pleasure and function will require a tune-up of the entire system. 

You can truly trust Semenax, with those well-studied and approved ingredients, to promise what it says it will do and that is to enhance your entire male reproductive system.

How do I take Semenax?

There are 120 tablets in each bottle of Semenax. In order to get the maximum results from the tablets, take 4 a day, every day, with your meals.

It is advised that you take 2 tablets at lunch-time and the other 2 with your evening meal.

See why others love Semenax - Customer Testimonials/Reviews

review letter
Semenax review

A lot of people have tried out Semenax, and the vast majority of them have been very positive (as you can see from the above!). 

They read the required information and probably followed our lifestyle and diet changes as much as possible, using the product for one or two months before they were able to see the results.

After two or three weeks, customers start to notice all the amazing changes taking place...

...For those who were looking forward to increasing the amount of semen in their body; to increase their sperm count – they have not been disappointed. 

In the reviews, the overall score has been around 4.8 out of 5.

We look forward to hearing what your score will be after using this product.

I want Semenax – what must I do now to get hold of it?

You can buy Semenax from the manufacturers themselves, Leading Edge Health or directly from the Semenax official site.

You are welcome to try out the products for 60 days.

It is highly unlikely, but it might just be possible that someone is not 100% satisfied with the product and wants to return it.

You can. 

All you have to do is to return the empty containers in a matter of 67 days from the time it is delivered to you, and then you can expect a full refund (unfortunately, shipping charges are excluded).


It is better to buy from the manufacturers or Semenax themselves because then you can take advantage of the price discounts and order multiple containers.

Don’t ship back any products after the 67 das is up because returns need to be received back within the 67 days...

...then there are no exceptions – remember too, refunds are limited to one order for one customer. 

Below are more or less how the prices work, but always connect with the websites to get the latest prices and discounts.

Generally, the prices are like below:

  • 1-year Diamond-pack
  • 6-months Platinum-pack
  • 5-months Gold-pack
  • 4-months Silver-pack


Semenax is surely the most efficient semen volume and semen count booster on the market.

As mentioned previously, the ingredients in Semenax are all 100% beneficial for what you need it for.

There are no side-effects because this is a 100% natural solution.

You have got nothing to lose if you try it but a lot to lose if you don’t try it!

So, give it a try.

For men, having an intense orgasm is one of the ultimate sensations in the world, and some want it to last forever!

Fortunately for heaps of young men, they are living in the moment, blissfully unaware that as they get older, maybe from their bad eating habits and lifestyles, or due to some diseases...

...their sex performance starts to falter, to drop off...

For millions of men, it feels like the bottom of their world has fallen out; they become dejected, anxious, depressed, and their mood can even change.

Many doctors and manufacturers like Leading Edge Health have realized this predicament and have come to men’s rescue...

...they created Semenax, one of the top male enhancement pills that already have helped thousands of men from all over the world. 

If you are one reading this, it can help you too.


If you are finding that you are not getting that fountain of semen that you once had, you should try Semenax...

...it might be all you need to take your relationship levels even further, and at the same time, boost your confidence no-end!

Start the New Year off with a bang!

semenax CTA

Frequently Asked Questions about Semenax (FAQs)

Can I use Semenax over the long-term?

Without question! Actually, it’s encouraged to use it long-term. It takes time for the supplement to work itself up in your system.

You might see some improvements already though in as little as 2 weeks, but wait and see after 90 days – each person is different.

Is Semenax safe?

Yes, Semenax is safe and effective, being completely natural with no side effects. Staying with natural ingredients is always a wise, safe choice.

And you are rewarded too because the natural ingredients will rejuvenate your sexual vitality improving semen production and orgasm intensity.

Can I still take Semenax if I have had a vasectomy?

For sure! Even men who have had a vasectomy, your semen count can be increased and enhanced.

Men still enjoy the pleasures and advantages of raising their seminal and prostrate liquids, to enjoy longer, bigger, and more pleasurable orgasms.

semenax CTA

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