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Skinception Line of Products – Reviews, Testimonials & Side Effects

by Jane Summerfield

BIG Thanks to Sarah, An active subscriber of The Well, for sharing her first-hand experience of Skinception beauty products especially the stretch mark cream.

So, I and David have joined forces to flesh-out her draft and come up with the most comprehensive review of Skinception.

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So let’s get started with today’s review, but before you continue, please make sure to read our review disclaimer (very important!).

I was on the lookout for a product to delay the inevitable wrinkles and stretch marks, something that would blend science with nature to create the perfect panacea for ageing skin problems.

Skincare products can be tricky to use given instances of things going terribly wrong, resulting in blotchy appearances.

I went to great lengths and extensive research before I zeroed in on Skinception.

Their range of products, especially their all-natural Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy seemed the perfect fit for my requirements.

The Beauty Industry 

Beauty has always attracted people from times immemorial.

There are stories of men dying for a battle fought only for the sake of the Greek beauty, Helen of Troy.

The legendary Egyptian beauty Cleopatra has many stories associated with her.

It is said that she used to bathe in a huge bathtub filled with sour donkey milk to preserve her famous beauty and to keep skin blemish and wrinkle free.

These women seemed to be very much aware of the degeneration that age can cause and made efforts to prevent ageing.

Down the years, women have instinctively known to reach out for peels and juices available in their kitchens and around their herb gardens to apply on their skin.

They have taken recourse to freshly made packs from natural products available around their homes to preserve their youthfulness.


In this pursuit, they usually went with their instinct and this could work both ways – either it could work miraculously or truly mess things up.

There have been many such accidents, recorded or otherwise, through ages.

When it was realized that promoting beauty was becoming a multi-million-dollar industry, science and medical professionals stepped into the picture.

There was an image of the perfect body and an idea of beautiful being held up for the world to aspire to.

This coming together of nature and science helped to bring out the best in producing path-breaking formulations.

And the beauty industry rolled on from there.

There was no more scope for things going wrong.

Investigating the properties of different ingredients and using them to boost skin health and overall looks became one of the biggest areas of discovery

Many well-known brands have joined the skincare bandwagon since, and Skinception is one of the frontrunners in delivering targeted skincare products.

About Skinception

Skinception is a range of skincare products that have been formulated by the renowned Dr. Dave David to address a variety of skin problems related to ageing and other associated issues.

Constant innovations in dermatological science are integrated into the products with extensive trials and testing.

Skinception brings the promise of skin rejuvenation with its innovative range of products.

All its products are manufactured under strict quality control at cGMP-compliant premises in USA.

Who made Skinception?

Dr. Dave David is the moving force behind Skinception.

Founder of Medical Face and Body Aesthetics in Boston, he is a well-known and highly regarded professional for his work in the field of anti-ageing procedures.

Over the course of his journey in treating wrinkles, scars and stretch marks to name a few, Dr. David realized that not all patients are candidates for surgery.

Some are unwilling to go under the scalpel (like I was) while some others cannot do so because of their age, pre-existing medical conditions or other reasons.

It was for this rather large segment of people that he came up with his own line of skincare products that he named Skinception.

These are manufactured by Leading Edge Health Inc., which has set high standards for itself in the healthcare supplement industry.          

Why was the product created?        

‘You look so young!’ is a compliment everyone craves for, secretly or otherwise.

While the wish to retain youthful looks was exclusively the domain of women earlier, men have since caught up in this domain.

By some statistics, they seem to be ahead of women when it comes to means of preserving their looks.

Having said that, surgical means towards aesthetics is not for everyone. 

Even the best surgeons have been known to get undesirable results, which are devastating for the patient.

Imagine a botched up face that looks terribly ghastly after a painful and costly procedure!

Many others do not have the right physical fitness to undergo surgery.

This called for skincare products that could be applied instead of needing to be injected or otherwise interventional.

Dr. David came up with Skinception to address different skin needs with a product grounded in science.  

Understanding the science behind Skinception 

As I mentioned earlier, Skinception was conceived and created to cater to the anti-ageing product seekers and provide them with a safe and non-invasive means to do so.

The question is – What is ageing and how does it affect the skin and physical appearance?

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and the most exposed to natural elements and man-made ones too.

With all of this going on, the human skin gradually begins to lose elasticity and texture.

This causes skin to sag and lose its glow, leading to older appearance.  

Skinception products contain elements that help restore collagen and elasticity to the skin, making it more supple and radiant.

There are many ingredients that go into making this range of products.

Each of these are carefully chosen and clinically tested for their dermatological effects.

With Dr. David leading the team, there is always assured medical perspective and science behind each new formulation.

Dr. David has been at the forefront of anti-ageing procedures and products for a very long time now.

He channels his knowledge and experience into each new product that comes out under the Skinception range.


There are some ingredients like PRO-SVELTYL and PRO-COLL-ONE+ that have been patented by Skinception and continue to be raging successes.

What is human skin physiology and what are the ageing changes?

The skin consists of three different layers – the outermost epidermis, the middle layer dermis and the innermost subcutaneous fat.

Collagen and elastin are found naturally in the body, that helps keep our skin supple and young.

Both of these are common proteins that are present in our bodies.

They provide strength, resilience and suppleness to the skin. 

Over time and owing to different factors, these levels deplete in the human body. 

This causes immediate skin changes.

Since skin is the most visible organ, any changes to it attract attention.

  • It becomes rougher.
  • Skin slacks due to loss of elasticity from depleting elastin levels.
  • It becomes more transparent and thin.
  • Skin becomes more prone to bruising.
  • Fat loss causes skin to loosen and sag.
  • Bone loss causes puckering of skin.

Why does human skin age? 

Ageing is an inevitable part of human life.

It is a fact that each person who is born will age and pass on. 

The wear and tear of daily life takes a toll on our bodies that degenerate over time.

It is human nature to want to prolong lifespan and live better and improve quality of life.

This is the endeavor that propels them to constantly probe deeper, seeking answers from nature and science.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body.

It acts as an interface and shields the vital internal organs of the body from the harshness of the outside. 

Skin bears the brunt of everything that surrounds us at any given time.

Is it any wonder that skin is the first casualty as the ageing process goes on? 

Read on to know what the driving factors that affect skin health are:

1) Environmental factors 

The skin is exposed to harsh sun all the time.

Most of us do this without providing a minimum shield of sunscreen to the skin.

This is despite repeated warnings about harmful UV rays, the depleting ozone layer and what not.

Any amount of time spent outdoors in the open is healthy but protection is needed.

Human skin is delicate after all and there is only so much punishment it can take.

Then there are extreme climates and cold winds or very hot winds that the skin tolerates.

All of this leave it in bad shape and accelerates the ageing process.

2) Pollution

There are very few places remaining on our planet where sustainable life is possible without pollution.

Sadly pollution is now a part of everyone’s lives in a big and harmful way.

There are poisonous and toxic particles in the air around us that do untold harm.

We have ways to cover our mouths and noses with masks, which are anyway in vogue now with the raging pandemic.

But the rest of our exposed face and other parts of the body are facing the pollution effects regularly.

Skin is very sensitive and has its own mechanism to deal with this, including darkening, wrinkling and sun spots, none of which look appealing.

3) Stress 

Like pollution, stress has become an integral part of our lives.

There are deadlines to meet, bills to pay, errands to run and manage a household.

COVID is adding to stress in a big way. 

This is also a factor that affects our general health and reflects on the condition of our skin.

Premature ageing in terms of early graying of hair and skin sagging have become part of life.

4) Unhealthy food

A direct result of modern lifestyles, there is a tendency to be sedentary and reach out for unhealthy foods like fried snacks and sugar-rich foods to satiate cravings.

Such foods can cause pores to clog, giving unhealthy appearance to skin and encouraging acne outbreaks.

5) Indoor lifestyle

Too many of us are living life in the indoors, especially in the current times with a terrible pandemic raging outside.

A fair amount of exposure to the elements is needed, of course under protection, for our skin to remain supple and young.

6) Lifestyle issues

Smoking, drinking, lack of adequate sleep, fat deposition and wrong sleeping position are some factors that add to skin woes, making it age prematurely.


While it is possible to halt this process by making lifestyle changes and using natural moisturizers like aloe vera, ginseng and cilantro, it is near impossible to reverse the damage done.

This is where supplements come into the picture to provide a holistic balm by combining science and nature.

What are the Ingredients in Skinception Products?

I am listing below the active ingredients that go into Skinception:

1) Regestril 

Made of a combination of glycoside rutin, lima bean extract and peptides, it is designed to speed up skin repair and delay natural age-related skin degeneration.


Extracted from leaves of Indian lotus and combined with butylene and water, this component has marked slimming effect.

It is included in Skinception for its lipolytic properties in order to deal with cellulite, an inevitable companion of skin ageing.


Known more commonly as hydrolyzed soy fiber, it fights wrinkles because it contains type I collagen.

4) Darutoside 

Combination of St. Paul’s wort and centella extracts, this component is famous for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

In addition to these, other ingredients include;

  • Orange peel oil
  • West Indian lemon grass oil
  • Grapefruit peel oil
  • Stearyl alcohol
  • Isopropyl palmitate
  • Allantoin
  • Sodium lactate
  • Shea butter
  • Retinol
  • Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7
  • Panthenol
  • Palmitoyl
  • Oligopeptide
  • Caprylic capric triglycerides and
  • Beta glucan
Skinception CTA

Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy 

stretchmark theraphy cream

Of all the products that Dr. David and his team have come up with under the Skinception label, Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy seems to be their most popular product.

I am one of the users of this and it has left me totally satisfied with the progress I have made in a little over 2 months. 

My stubborn stretch marks have lightened considerably and I am more confident about certain types of outfits that I shunned earlier.

Stretch marks are a big problem to deal with.

They can happen with sudden weight gain followed by loss, and of course during pregnancy.

Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is the way out of this disfiguring skin issue because of the way it works. 

Most women earn their stretch marks after childbirth and so many of them wear these proudly as an insignia of motherhood.

There is nothing wrong about wanting to hide them either.

It is a personal choice and a matter beyond judgment.

However, there are solutions for those like me who wish to get rid of these stretch marks.

Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy by Skinception comes in a jar that has a month’s worth of application cream.

It helps by;

  • Fading red and purple skin discolorations.
  • Lightening complexion.
  • Restoring suppleness of skin.
  • Reducing striations and furrows.
Skinception stretch mark

Some other products in the Skinception range...

Along with their most popular Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy, Skinception has many other skincare products on its website.

There is detailed and extensive explanation as well as product studies along with each product.

Each of these is targeted to take care of some skin problem or other that people face constantly.

Here is a short summary of other Skinception products:

1) Microderm Facial Exfoliator

Everyone who wants to care for their facial skin knows that exfoliation is a vital step towards skin health.

Our epidermis is constantly shedding old cells and creating new ones.

These old cells can get lodged on the outer surface, giving dull appearance.

Regular exfoliation sloughs off these dead cells while also opening up clogged pores to give skin a radiant glow.

Skinception exfoliation comes in an orange scent that is naturally refreshing.

2) Phyto350

This is an all natural capsule formulated to rejuvenate skin by protecting from sun damage, filling in fine lines, providing facelift, and helping replace age-related lipid loss.

It contains vitamin C that helps improve skin tone.

3) Kollagen Intensiv

Collagen level depletion makes skin look dull and aged.

This product contains Skinception’s patented SYN-COLL that helps boost collagen synthesis in the body.

It has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by as much as a whopping 354%.

This gives a youthful appearance to the user.

4) Eyelasticity

Under-eye skin is the most sensitive in our face and the most easily affected.

This leads to wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and dark circles.

This immediately gives a tired ageing look to overall appearance.

 Eyelasticity injects new life into under-eye skin with its patented peptides.

5) Cold Pressed Argan Oil

This is a well-known product for hair, skin and nail health.

It works as a natural moisturizer with high content of vitamin E.

6) Rosacea Relief Serum

This product gives relief from pain and redness caused by rosacea. Till date no definite cause has been identified as trigger.

Anything can bring on an attack. 

This product works to reduce inflammation at the first step.

7) Illuminatural 6i

This helps lighten skin in as less as 4 weeks to create a blemish-free look, something that we normally see on fashion magazine covers.

It lightens freckles, sun spots, acne scars and much more.

8) Instant Wrinkle Reducer

wrinkle reducer

Need a quick fix wrinkle smoothening product?

Skinception brings this revolutionary product that promises to stay effective for up to 8 hours.

9) Dermefface FX7 


A revolutionary product from the Skinception brand that works magically to lighten and eventually fade away scars.

A lot of people get very bothered by scars and the comments that follow.

This can end up scarring them psychologically as well. Dermefface FX7 steps in to help in this regard.

10) A.H.A. Toner For Cell Renewal

aha toner

A multitasking product that acts as an all-rounder to boost natural collagen synthesis in the body.

It removes dead cells and makeup to make skin look more radiant and feel suppler.

Each of these 10 products displayed on the Skinception website is revolutionary in the advantages they bring to the user. 


I began with their Stretch Marks Therapy cream and eventually went on to try some other products that addressed problem areas of my appearance.

The immense confidence that Skinception has in its products is evident from the long 2+-month return policy that they have on their website.

Who Should Not Use Skinception Products?

There have been no reported side effects with any product under the Skinception range.

However, it’s good for the following people to avoid the products:

  • People who are allergic to soy. It is to be noted, however, that they contain hydrolyzed soy fiber which might cause allergies in some people. 
  • People with acne problems. It contains isopropyl palmitate which can clog pores and further exacerbate the condition in those with acne problems.

What I did not like about Skinception products?

  • It is yet to be evaluated by FDA.
  • Money back is minus shipping charges on returns.
  • Customer service has room for improvement.
  • It takes time to show results.


There is affirmation of the skin tightening effects of many of their products by means of detailed clinical studies.

Transparency of reported user results is for all to see on the website itself.

Each of their products comes with their own clinical study results.

Users have shared their ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos that show remarkable improvement in skin tone and quality.

For instance, Jade recounts how Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy helped her get rid of stubborn stretch marks that she had for a long time. 

Another user, Cindy, was satisfied with her experience and felt the product absorbs into skin very well.

It is obvious that a skincare product range designed by a physician who is an expert in anti-ageing procedures will be good. 

In fact the entire range of Skinception takes care of a variety of skin problems.

It is reassuring to know that in the pursuit of young healthy skin, I am not subjecting myself to invasive procedures or abrasive chemicals.

Regaining lost youth is like discovering the elixir of life.

It is time to give these products a try and see how healthy and happy your skin will feel. 

Along with lifestyle changes, these skincare supplements will unveil a new you that will make you feel good, inside and outside.

What I Liked About The Product?

  • Skinception products are a balanced blend of science and nature.
  • It is the brainchild of a physician who has years of experience in ageing problems and skincare.
  • There are positive reviews across the board helping new users to decide.
  • There is free shipping on its products.
  • There is a 90-day money back guarantee with T&C.
  • It is priced lower compared to similar products on the market.
  • There are no side effects.
  • It comes with a 2-month guarantee.
  • The more amounts I buy, the better discounts I get.

Seeing the ingredient list that goes into Skinception products, it was my informed decision to go ahead with trying them out.

The comparative lower prices were also a big draw for me.

The fact that it was conceptualized by a physician with years of experience also helped me make my mind up.

What to watch out for 

There is a window at the bottom right corner of the homepage of Skinception that is like a secret opening to a wonder world.

I only provided my e-mail address there and have since been receiving many offers and exclusive coupons from them.

This is an exclusive first-look preview kind of service.

Some offers are very lucrative and get taken up instantly.

Buying Advice

Skinception is in the form of a cream that is packaged in a jar and should last a month.

There are sizeable discounts on bulk buying or bundle package as they are called.

Shipping is free and there are regular discounts offered on the website, which is the best place to buy the products.


I have been using Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy to great and visible results and glowing compliments from friends and family. 

There are many other products that I have used from their range, especially Eyelasticity and Kollagen Intensiv.

These have not only helped me reclaim my youthful looks but also boosted my self-confidence many notches.

My friends and family are already impressed and some of them have begun on their Skinception skincare journey.

It is certainly worth a try. 


Given their array of products and the fact that they address chronic skin problems along with those related to ageing, you certainly will be able to find a product you'd love to try...

Skinception CTA

Frequently Asked Questions about Skinception (FAQs)

Are the products tested?

A private group has tested the four main ingredients of Skinception and found them to be effective. However, it awaits FDA testing till date.

What is the return/refund policy at Skinception?

There is a 67-day window to return products along with the original container if unhappy with the product.

Are there shipping charges?

Shipping is free worldwide for all orders above $150. There is deduction of shipping and handling charges for returns/refunds, however.

How to use Skinception?

The desired area has to be cleaned and the formulation applied twice a day, gently massaged in for best results.

Skinception CTA

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