Moving Beyond Tinnitus – An Honest Take on Sonus Complete

I will be reviewing one of the most debated supplements in the market – Sonus Complete.

It is a supplement that promises to cure tinnitus.

Tinnitus is almost always incurable – that’s common knowledge.

Hence, readers, especially sufferers of tinnitus can understandably feel skeptical about this product.

I request you to consider my personal experience with Sonus Complete while making your assessment of the product.

Sinus Complete Review – All You Need to Know

My Struggle with Tinnitus

When I first heard that there’s a potent supplement in the market that can potentially cure my tinnitus, I was very skeptical.

But, after looking into this supplement called, ‘Sonus Complete,’ I learned that it was made of completely organic ingredients.

So, I decided to make another attempt at curing this disease that has plagued me since my childhood.

Tinnitus, in many ways, is a subjective condition.

Each patient experiences different types of symptoms.

My experiences were fairly similar to what most tinnitus patients suffer – the constant high-pitched whine playing in my ears consistently throughout the day.

That’s the only sound I’ve heard for the past ten years.

When I first got tinnitus, I was in pre-school.

The noises then sounded much like muffled explosions. Thankfully, they’ve decreased in intensity as I’ve aged.

But, before using Sonus Complete, I had never experienced total silence for 75% of my life.

I taught myself to stop noticing these noises when I was a teenager.

My adult life has pretty much been as normal as it can be for tinnitus patients (except for the few occasions when I go deaf because of water entering my ears).

On such days when the struggle was intense, I used to become restless and paranoid. It didn’t take long for these symptoms to convert into full-blown insomnia.

Some nights, I used to go to bed full of frustration. I had tried all possible pharmaceutical procedures.

All synthetic pills for tinnitus are completely useless.

Physical therapy was more efficient than pills. Some exercises helped me lower the decibel levels.

Thankfully, most of the 50 million adults who suffer from tinnitus (in the USA) don’t have it as badly as I do.

What Led Me to Using a Natural Supplement

Every time my tinnitus interfered with my work or my private relationships, I acted out.

I tried visiting every highly-rated otolaryngologist in my state.

They all told me ways to prevent my tinnitus from becoming too serious. So, when I discovered Sonus Complete, I was under a lot of psychological distress.

No, I did not shy away from my responsibilities at work or at home.

But, I knew that I was becoming acutely sensitive to sound, to the point where I thought I was surely going to go deaf.

The sound-sensitive cells inside my ear (the medical term for this region is the cochlea, an inner ear organ) were already pretty damaged.

I don’t even clearly remember the instance that triggered my tinnitus.

It was perhaps an immediate exposure to a cement slab breaking in one of the construction sites next to my home.

This extremely loud noise has permanently damaged my auditory nerves.

On top of that, I had tried every anti-inflammatory and loop diuretic in the market.

I still keep my quinine medications, just for old time’s sake.

So, this mixture of prescription drugs, my natural aging process, and the constant deterioration of my cochlea led me to try out an alternative solution – Sonus Complete.

If you’re as skeptical as I was at the time about using a non-prescription supplement, I have some good news.

Trying out Sonus Complete is completely safe because:

  • Over 47,000 people have reported trying out this supplement. All of them were tinnitus patients. None of them have ever registered a grievance with the supplement.
  • The organic ingredients in Sonus Complete include the likes of hawthorn leaves, olive leaf extracts, juniper berry powder, green tea leaves, etc. These ingredients have long been used in ancient cultures to treat irritations in the nose, throat, and ears.
  • All of these ingredients share a common theme – they either contain folic acid, ascorbic acid, or niacin. These acids are known for boosting memory and brainpower. When added with vitamins, their proprieties become stronger.
  • Numerous laboratories across the world have tested Sonus Complete, and up till now, there have been zero demonstrable side effects.

As a long-suffering tinnitus patient, I understand the importance of being on the safe side.

Sonus Complete never meddled with my other prescription drugs.

My doctor told me it’s completely safe to consume.

However, patients suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes mustn’t consume this supplement without their doctor’s permission.

The same applies to pregnant women.

Given my condition, I’ve never had the liberty to consume alcohol, smoke tobacco, or even coffee.

My only ‘addiction’ is with nutrients or supplements.

I’m an avid exerciser and here’s how Sonus Complete helped me overcome stress, fatigue, mental unclarity, and most importantly – my tinnitus!

What is Sonus Complete?

Sonus complete

Sonus Complete is a relatively new supplement.

It is targeted towards tinnitus patients.

In the product’s advertising, the creator claims that the supplement helps beat tinnitus by calming down our nervous system, especially our auditory nerves.

The supplement comes in the form of capsule pills.

They contain a plethora of natural ingredients that are carefully selected for their soothing effects on the brain.

According to the creator of Sonus Complete, chronic tinnitus can never be cured if we focus only on the ears.

Tinnitus is a disease that affects our neural networks.  Only a supplement that combats this ‘root cause’ can cure this.

Tinnitus is not like other diseases.

It’s not caused by viruses, bacteria, or other external problems. It’s the result of a ‘glitch’ in our nervous system.

Sonus Complete uses natural ingredients to pacify these aggravated nerves to the point where all ‘glitches’ untangle and the brain stops creating inadvertent noises.

Who Created Sonus Complete?

The creator of Sonus Complete is Gregory Peters.

Late into adulthood, Peters suddenly started experiencing tinnitus symptoms.

Thankfully, he had access to highly-experienced medical professionals.

One of his associates, Dr. Steven Campbell (a former member of the MENSA society) quickly pointed out that he had tinnitus.

The doctor also introduced Peters to the latest research articles on tinnitus.

Although the official creator of Sonus Complete is Peters, Campbell was the brain behind the operation.

He created a supplement in his lab with some easy to find ingredients.

This raw supplement helped Peters cure his tinnitus.

Peters then dedicated over ten years of his life to these ingredients.

He became obsessed with creating a safe, organic, viable, and permanent solution to tinnitus.

Sonus Complete is the result of ten years of testing numerous organic ingredients.

What Ingredients Did Gregory Peters Use?

The framework of this supplement is based on simple concepts.

For instance, Vitamin B12 and Zinc deficiency has always been linked with memory loss and hearing issues.

So, Peters added these two ingredients to the supplement, not chemically, but via herbs that contained these nutrients.

The complete recipe of Sonus Complete is still a mystery as the creator isn’t willing to share exact details.

However, he does clarify that Sonus Complete is not designed to provide instant results.

It is meant for regular consumption.

After a few weeks, tinnitus symptoms slowly fade away.

The ingredients are chosen for their cell damage repairing qualities.

These ingredients boost our nerve cells.

So, common symptoms such as nausea or sleeplessness slowly diminish with regular consumption.

According to the creator’s website, the supplement is made of twelve ‘active’ ingredients.

The key ingredients of Sonus Complete include:

1) Garlic


The fact that garlic is not just a spice is not well known to the western world.  In eastern cultures, Garlic has always been used as a medical plant.

Garlic contains multiple compounds that offer health advantages.

Being anti-oxidant in nature, garlic is ideal for reducing inflammations and fighting bacterial microorganisms.

It is also used by people who aim to lose weight.

Recent studies also suggest that garlic can be used to treat cancer.

Garlic is used in Sonus Complete because the supplement aims to curb tinnitus by improving our nervous systems, our cardiovascular health, and our immune systems.

2) Hibiscus


Hibiscus is a flower.

The hibiscus plant is commonly found in tropical regions.

It is easily accessible around the world. Hibiscus extract has been used by numerous cultures to soothe irregular digestive processes.

The ingredient also helps to lower blood pressure and reduce cardiovascular risks.

3) Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn berries are extracted from hawthorn shrubs. Similar to hibiscus, these berries are potent at boosting cardiovascular health.

It is also used to treat certain digestive complications.

4) Olive Leaf Extract

Olive oil extracts are used in Sonus Complete because they contain polyphenols.

Our bodies create polyphenols, but not enough.

A decrease in polyphenols can stop numerous bodily functions and cause inflammation.

Consuming olive leaf extracts (in the form of Sonus Complete, the supplement) reduces numerous inflammations in our nerves.

Polyphenols are antioxidants.

When introduced to the body, they act as antiviral agents, cooling down inflammations, and beating bacterial growths.

4) Buchu Leaf

Buchu Leaf

This South African plant is a natural antibiotic.

It is used by tribes to treat wounds.

Medical professionals use buchu leaf extracts to treat infections in the private areas.

5) Green Tea

Did you know that this popular drink is one of the best sources of antioxidants?

Antioxidants act as natural mood improvers.

They alleviate mental stress and boost the overall health of our brains.

6) Juniper Berries

Juniper berries

These commonly found berries have long been used to treat a variety of ailments ranging from arthritis, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, and even damaged immunity systems.

7) UvaUrsi

This Native American medicine can be found all across Northern America in shrubs.

Its English name is ‘bearberry.’

Uvaursi extracts help cure urinary tract infections.

8) Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is an extremely important mineral.

It maintains numerous bodily functions.

People who have high amounts of Vitamin B3 in their bloodstreams are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

That’s because Vitamin B3 promotes the growth of HDL cholesterol.

HDL cholesterol is good for your body as it acts as an energy source. Vitamin B3 also cuts down the production of LDL cholesterol in the body.

An increase in LDL cholesterol levels is the key cause of heart diseases.

Vitamin B3 is commonly known as niacin. Niacin is a key ingredient in Sonus Complete.

9) Vitamin B6

Doctors recommend tinnitus patients to consume poultry and fish because they are rich in Vitamin B6.

Commonly known as ‘pyridoxine’, Vitamin B6 boosts brain cell growth.

This mineral operates in our central nervous system.  It makes our immune system stronger.

10) Vitamin B12

Similar to Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 is also found in poultry and fish products.

This vitamin too is vital for our nervous system as it encourages the growth of red blood cells (RBCs).

Vitamin B12 consumption leads to a boost in cell metabolism.

With improved cell metabolism, nerve functionality, and the growth of RNAs also increases.

11) Vitamin C

Most health supplements feature Vitamin C as it’s a neuroprotective agent and an antioxidant.

These two qualities combine to cure brain degeneration.

People with diseases like Parkinson’s or short-term memory loss are given Vitamin C pills in the hopes that this vitamin rearranges the brain’s damaged nerve system.

How Does Sonus Complete Work?

According to the creator, these ingredients combine to cure tinnitus patients’ damaged nerve networks.

The supplement is designed not to address direct tinnitus symptoms, but to cure the underlying neurodegenerative issues.

By calming our brains, the supplement is able to untangle our neural connections.

For instance, if you provide antioxidants such as Vitamin B6, vitamin C, or juniper berries to your brain, your neurological efficiency will increase in no time because of the reduction in nerve cell inflammation.

Sonus Complete aims to boost a tinnitus patient’s neurological and cardiovascular health.

Regular consumption of these edible capsules can only improve a patient’s mental capacity.

Why was the product created?

The product was created by Gregory Peters to, of course, help tinnitus patients.

He had witnessed the damaging effects of tinnitus and was determined to cure this disease.

After over 47,000 tinnitus patients who have benefited from this supplement, the aim of this product has also changed slightly.

Peters worked tirelessly for ten years not just to create the ultimate tinnitus solution.

He also wanted to prove that treatment focused on improving a patient’s neurological system can provide permanent solutions to tinnitus patients.

Peters is a master of tinnitus pathophysiology.

His motivation to create Sonus Complete was to explore how auditory and limbic systems link up inside the brain.

He firmly believes that tinnitus isn’t just a disease; it’s a broad symptom of much deep-rooted brain damage.

Brains that are unable to process loud noises often fail to recover from the shock.

This causes dysregulation of limbic systems in the brain, causing chronic tinnitus.

Peters has been adamant in saying that the ingredients used in Sonus Complete all strengthen our brain cells.

His receptive tests and experiments proved his assertions.

Now, there are scientific institutes around the world testing Sonus Complete for its efficiency.

I can say from my personal experience that Gregory Peters’ unwavering commitment to finding a natural and permanent solution for tinnitus patients has changed my life.

I’ve felt the effectiveness of this supplement grow by the day.

However, I’m not recommending this product to everyone.

People Who Won’t Benefit from Using Sonus Complete

1) People who are already on drugs

Sonus Complete is not for people who are already on medicines for diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and any cardiovascular disease.

Although it isn’t ‘deadly’ to have Sonus Complete along with these medicines, doctors don’t recommend it.

2) Pregnant Women

Pregnant women shouldn’t be having any supplements, let alone Sonus Complete!

3) Victims of Hearing Loss

Sonus Complete cannot help victims of hearing loss.

If your long-term tinnitus has already caused permanent hearing loss, no amount of Sonus Complete consumption will bring back your hearing.

But, patients can use hearing aids while consuming Sonus Complete to get optimal hearing experiences.

4) Other Forms of Ear Damages

The pills cannot curb the symptoms of other forms of ear damages and ailments such as Meniere’s disease, Hyperacusis, Misophonia, etc.

They only help in curing tinnitus.

What I Did Not Like About the Product

Spoiler alert!

My tinnitus is completely cured thanks to Sonus Complete.

The excitement with which I describe the supplement is enough to suggest that I like the product.

But, there are some aspects of Sonus Complete that I did not like:

Cons of Sonus Complete:

1) Only Available Online (I think)

Sonus Complete is only purchasable on the internet.

The creators don’t invest too much in marketing.

I am part of multiple chat forums full of tinnitus patients. To my surprise, most people aren’t even aware of this amazing product.

Some patients may have to wait a long time to get access to Sonus Complete as the product isn’t even available on top online retail stores such as Amazon.

Users have no other option but to depend on the product’s official website.

2) Not Children-Proof

Sonus Complete has not been tested on children.

So, they cannot be declared child-proof.

Hence, many children who suffer from tinnitus are kept away from this amazing solution.

3) Can’t Fight All Types of Tinnitus

It isn’t effective at fighting all types of tinnitus.

I gave a bottle of Sonus Complete to a friend who suffers from Pulsatile Tinnitus.

Sadly, he did not experience all the benefits of the pills as I did.

4) Transparency Issues

Transparency is a major issue with the creators of Sonus Complete.

Understandably, the company wants to protect its copyrighted recipes.

But, many people’s curiosity has remained unquenched due to the company’s strict no disclosure policy.

What Other Users Had to Say/Reviews of Sinus Complete

The official website of Sonus Complete is riddled with positive reviews.

Overall, the masses have accepted this supplement as a helpful medicine against tinnitus and it’s proven by statements such as:

Sean Odin, Sonus Complete user on the company’s official website
Sonus Complete cleared my head. The noises didn’t go away immediately. But, their intensity kept reducing every week. After two months of consuming this supplement, I finally feel ‘normal.’”

I recommended this supplement to one of my online friends. After three months of use, he said this:

Chad Neumann, Phoenix, Arizona
Sonus Complete is a blessing for me. I’m already on numerous prescription drugs. All of them make me feel muddled. But, Sonus Complete has improved my mind’s efficiency, making me a better thinker.”

As you can see from the public response – most users, including me, felt the same positive effects after regular consumption.

Here are all the things I loved about Sonus Complete.

Pros of Sonus Complete

1) Complete relief

After three to four months of using Sonus Complete, my severe tinnitus is completely cured.

Of course, I still experience some symptoms and triggers.  But the constant shrill noise in my ears is completely gone.

No ringing, no migraines!

2) Brain improvement

The numerous antioxidants in the ingredients had an extremely positive effect on my mental health.

I am now a much clearer thinker.

I have less anxiety or panic attacks because I’m confident in my brain’s ability to deal with such circumstances.

Overall, my brain hasn’t just fought against degeneration; some brain cells have also been regenerated.

I’m not a neurologist but I can confidently say that I feel these improvements every single day of my life.

3) Lower risks of heart diseases

It’s very clear from the ingredients that the main objective of Sonus Complete is to fortify our heart and brain health.

Consuming this supplement reduced my heart rate (it used to become unnaturally high during sleepless nights) and increased the production of RBCs in my bloodstream.

4) Lower cholesterol levels

5) Purge of toxins

Since Sonus Complete introduced my body to a host of antiviruses, antioxidants, and antibacterial agents, my body feels much cleaner!

6) Positive side effects

When people ask me whether Sonus Complete has any side effects, I tell them yes – it has positive side-effects such as brain cell regeneration.

7) Two-month warranty

Disgruntled customers will get their money back.

Getting Started with Sonus Complete

Here’s a brief overview of how I used Sonus Complete for three months.

I started off the first month by consuming one pill a day.

Here are the consequent results:

  • Stage 1 – My hearing started to feel clearer after a week of use.
  • Stage 2 – Brain networks are getting repaired at a fast rate. This caused my nervous system to calm down, reducing the severity of my panic attacks.
  • Stage 3 – At the end of the second week of consumption, I felt that my memory retention skills were improving.
  • Stage 4 – Into the third week, I started feeling super-energetic (that’s rare for me). I understood that the cell regeneration process was at its peak!
  • Stage 5 – After one month of use, I felt much better. My tinnitus wasn’t as excruciating. I repeated this cycle the next month. By the end of the second cycle, I can confirm that my tinnitus was almost non-detectable!

Buying Sonus Complete

I recommend buyers to get Sonus Complete from the company’s official website.

Don’t trust middlemen.

This all-natural remedy comes in three packages:

1) Basic Package

Starters need to first get a basic package that contains just one bottle of digestible pills.

2) Standard Package

I ordered this package immediately after going through my first. It contains three bottles.

3) Premium

Is Sonus Complete Worth the Money?

Sonus Complete doesn’t cure all types of tinnitus.

Hence, users should first try the basic package to get a feel for this supplement. Tinnitus patients are extremely sensitive.

They can immediately realize whether a supplement is working for them or against them.

Moreover, the success rate of Sonus Complete is over 90%.  There are no health risks, as the pills are completely organic.

As a regular user, I can say that Sonus Complete is worth my money.

But, users shouldn’t jump into premium purchases.  Trying out this all-natural solution is definitely worth it!

After all, where else can you find such an exciting assortment of natural ingredients!


Sonus Complete is one of the most revolutionary products in the field of tinnitus medicine.

In the past, a number of medical ‘experts’ had claimed to cure tinnitus by using synthetic medicines.

All such previous claims have been proven to be false.

But, this time, it looks like we have the real deal. Who would’ve thought that natural ingredients would outperform expensive synthetic ingredients!

I am very happy I got introduced to Sonus Complete.

There are still some doubters of this supplement. But these ‘noise makers’ have no scientific evidence to back their claims.

Sonus Complete is all-natural and totally risk-free.

For a pocket change, you get sixty pills.

Have twice a day and feel the symptoms of tinnitus fade away!

Sonus complete cta

Jane Summerfield

Jane is a wellness specialist with a degree in community health. She has been a health educator for over 13 years.