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STDCheck.com Reviews – All You Need to Know

Written by Charmaine Canlas, RPh

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or infections (STI) are the most common transmissible diseases globally. STD can be asymptomatic or have similar symptoms to other diseases.

Rapid diagnosis and early treatment of infections will improve the prevention and control of STDs. However, STDs are controversial.

Many people find themselves anxious about people learning their condition.

Because STDs are usually contracted, they are afraid to be judged for taking an STD test.

Healthcare has evolved to accommodate everyone. Online services such as STDcheck.com prioritize anonymity and promote sexual health.

It promises quick and convenient testing and results.

If you are looking for an online service that assures the privacy of your information while getting accurate results from testing centers, STDcheck.com is the service for you.

ThisSTDcheck.com review will look into how their testing process works and what you need to know to avail of their service.

STDcheck.com Review – Is it Really Worth It?

STDcheck.com test

What is STDcheck.com

Anyone can be infected with an STD, but it can be prevented with proper education and safe sex.

However, most STDs are asymptomatic, especially in young adults.

Studies suggest that sexually active adolescents should be screened every 6 months.

Moreover, in an analysis on screening women for chlamydia, it is concluded that testing both symptomatic and asymptomatic people is a more cost-effective method.

These ages are sexually active and may be reluctant to get tested routinely because of the stigma on STD testing.

The burden STD imposes on the mental health and anxiety of not knowing their health status can add to the delay and non-compliance of getting treatment.

A patient having control over their sexual health is essential. STDcheck.com tackles this problem by giving patients anonymity.

They have the strict and most secure methods of protecting the privacy of patient information.

With STDcheck.com, patients can come in for STD testing without feeling ashamed.

Additionally, high-quality testing is done nationwide at their partner testing centers without needing an appointment.

STDcheck.com is an online testing service for patients who want to get tested for sexually transmitted infections.

It is founded by Fiyyaz Pirani, who has been offering testing services all over the country. Testing is done with confidentiality and quickly.

Results are also received within a few days.

Furthermore, they offer online counseling, and if patients test positive, a doctor is available for consultation to start treatment.

They have a wide range of STD tests, and packages patients can customize.

Since most STDs do not show symptoms, a patient can have multiple STDs.

STDcheck.com offers a 10 test STD Panel to detect all the possible bacterial and viral STDs a patient may have.

Comprehensive testing is recommended for a thorough and immediate treatment for STDs.

STDcheck.com claims to be different from other online STD testing services because they are:

  • 100% Confidential
  • Rapid testing with results in 1 to 2 days
  • FDA-approved testing and CLIA-certified labs
  • Same day testing
  • Over 4,500 testing centers nationwide in the US
  • BBB accreditation

What Does STDcheck.com Offer?

STDcheck.com promises confidential testing. They must abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Results will not be reported to an insurance company and placed on a patient’s permanent medical records. HIPAA privacy laws guide the ordering process, testing, and results laws.

The billing information will also remain anonymous.

4,500 testing centers are located conveniently and offer testing for different conditions. Patients can get an STD test without knowing what they are testing for.

They offer STD testing approved and cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

STDcheck is the only service that offers an FDA-approved HIV RNA early detection test.

The HIV RNA test provided by STDcheck is based on RNA methodology is a new and faster way to screen HIV in the blood.

HIV RNA early detection test is recommended for patients concerned about recent exposure to HIV infection.

HIV RNA early detection test by STDcheck can detect HIV infection in the blood as early as 6 days after exposure and conclusive if taken at 9-11 days after.

It is a 4th generation HIV 1 & 2 antibody test which provides early detection.

Testing facilities partnered with STDcheck are certified by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) standards. This ensures that all lab tests provide correct results.

STDcheck offers reliable STD testing for numerous diseases. A 10 test panel can be chosen, which includes STD testing for :

  • HIV Type 1
  • HIV Type 2
  • Herpes 1
  • Herpes 2
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis

STDcheck.com Testing Procedure

1) Ordering STD tests

From the website, after creating an online account at STDcheck.com, a patient can select from several FDA-approved tests or a test panel.

They may also do this by phone call.

There is an option to pay before or after the testing, but if they choose the latter, they would only get their results after paying for their test.

Test panels or individual tests can be chosen with the help of the company’s clinicians-approved STD test recommender.

It is a questionnaire a patient will answer that will evaluate their risk factors for STD.

Anyone exposed to one STD can be at risk for multiple infections.

A 10 test panel is commonly trusted for STDs since it is more comprehensive in testing a wider range of conditions.

This eradicates all potential STDs a patient may contract.

If the patient is aware of the partner’s infection, then individual STD tests are recommended for the specific STD.

2) Choosing a testing center

A patient can choose a testing center of their choice on the website.

The patient’s zip code is entered, or location is pinned through the site’s GPS tracking option.

Testing centers are open on regular business days (Monday-Friday) nationwide. It’s recommended to go for sites with higher ratings than others for better favorable experiences.

Patients may then choose to add their personal information and the preferred payment method and how they wish to receive their results.

They can claim the results by providing a personal test code.

These testing centers are not owned or operated by the company. They are partner labs, and their service will differ depending on the patient’s testing location.

3) Visit the testing center

The patient must bring a copy of the personal test code provided once they arrive at the nearest testing center they chose.

A local lab can be visited the same day the order is made to get tested immediately.

The test code will be required to distinguish which patient the results are. STDcheck.com will give the option of printing the test code or having their system fax it to the test center.

Depending on what STD they’re being tested for, either their blood or urine sample will be taken.

Blood tests are for HIV, Hepatitis, and Syphilis, while urine tests are for gonorrhea and chlamydia testing.

If the patient needs to take a urine test, it is advised they try not to urinate for at least an hour before the test.

Furthermore, the patient will need to fast for 12 hours before STD testing if they choose the wellness panel test package.

After getting tested, the patient can go home without disclosing unnecessary personal information to the testing center.

Payments are also only done online. No paperwork and uncomfortable questions will be asked of the patient.

4) Receive STD test results

Once the testing procedure is done, the patient can wait for results at home. STDcheck.com will send the test results in only a few days.

Patients can choose to have their testing results sent via email or text.

There is also an option to call STDcheck.com to receive the testing results in cases that the patient shares an email or phone with someone else.

STD tests will provide results that may indicate “reactive”, “not-detected”, “non-reactive”, or a reference range.

Results like not-detected or non-reactive mean the patient does not have the STD they have tested for.

STD testing results with a reference range indicate the value of an STD to be considered high enough for a patient to test positive. If a test result is below the scope of the STD’s value, then it comes out as negative.

5) Consultation

Patients can call the company’s care advisors at any time for queries about their results, whether they are positive for an STD or not.

However, if the patient has a positive result,t they will be offered a doctor consultation.

Remember that STDcheck.com doctors will charge for a consultation and prescription.

When a patient chooses to consult with the company’s doctors, the STD diagnosis is not recorded on the patient’s medical records.

They can prescribe treatment for bacterial STDs such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and herpes.

Patients that test positive can have appropriate prescription medicines sent to their local pharmacy for an additional charge.

6) Anonymous Notifications to partners if a patient test positive

Patients that test positive for an STD can choose to send an anonymous notification to a partner.

This service can help patients to warn their partners about the possibility of being infected with the same STD.

STDcheck.com will advise the person to take an STD test.

It is sent on behalf of the company and does not include any information about the patient.


What is STD and STD Testing

In 2020, the World Health Organization estimated 374 million infections with one of four STIs.

This includes chlamydia, with the highest number of infections.

Next to it is gonorrhea, syphilis, then trichomoniasis. These four bacterial infections are curable STIs. The other 4 most common STIs are viral infections.

These STIs are currently incurable which includes hepatitis B, herpes simplex virus (HSV or herpes), HIV, and human papillomavirus (HPV)

STDs are infectious diseases predominantly caught from physical contact between two people, specifically sexually physical contact.

These sexually transmitted diseases can affect almost anyone. Some can even inherit such conditions from their parents. Pregnant women can transfer some STIs to their children through childbirth and breastfeeding.

It affects childbirth and causes premature delivery or influences birth weight.

It is spread through bacteria or viruses transferred between two or more partners in various sexual encounters, whether it be, vaginal, oral, or anal sex.

Having an STD can either mildly or significantly compromise one’s general health depending on the severity or degree of the infection or even which disease one may have contracted, often causing lifelong afflictions as some have no known cure yet to this day.

Symptoms are similar to other diseases such as the flu.

Fever, sore throat, muscle aches, and swollen glands are just some of the more common signs of these diseases.

More often than not, these common symptoms are somewhat confusingly deceptive when it comes to diagnosing sexually transmitted diseases, especially if left unattended due to underestimation of the symptoms. Some STDs can even be asymptomatic.

In which case, it is all the more dangerous because the disease can further progress without even knowing it until it is too late.

This also increases the probability of one spreading the infection to their partner or other people, depending on how sexually active and frequent they are.

Common symptoms that can be obvious are:

  • Vaginal discharge
  • Urethral discharge
  • Burning sensation on genitals
  • Genital ulcers
  • Bumps, sores, or warts on the genitals

STDs aren’t restricted to just the genitals either.

They can appear on the mouth, in the throat, and all around the limbs, all with varying coverage depending on the severity.

Consequently, STDs have become quite the burden on healthcare systems over the years since many people are either undiagnosed and untreated due to negligence or lack of awareness.

That is why it is essential to have scheduled testing, especially if a person is sexually active or has multiple sexual partners.

STD testing is crucial for sexually active people to know if they have positive test results for any diseases out there. It is even possible to contract more than one STD.

In addition to this, even asymptomatic cases, not showing obvious signs, are still just as dangerous if not more because, though one may not experience harsh side effects or symptoms, they would be very much more likely to spread it faster and unknowingly even.

Lifestyle changes can be done to prevent and lower the risk of acquiring STDs.

Public health is promoted by providing proper sex education to people, especially the youth.

Using condoms, practicing monogamy, and avoiding risky sexual behaviors are lifestyle changes preventing STDs.

The most crucial step to take is to get tested regularly.

STD tests are considered necessary to support a person’s general health.

The healthcare sector is striving to create a comfortable environment for people to get tested more frequently without worrying about its stigma.

If a patient tested positive for a particular STD, they should get retested again after some time.

After finishing treatment on the initial testing, STD tests are done to confirm treatment success.

CDC advises that even healthy individuals without symptoms should get routine testing.

The frequency of STD tests will differ for every individual.

  • Sexually active individuals- yearly.
  • Sexually active women with multiple partners – yearly
  • Pregnant women – during the early stages of their pregnancy & periodically throughout the pregnancy
  • Sexually active bisexual & gay men- yearly
  • Sexually active bisexual & gay men with several partners – every 3-6 months
  • Sexually active gay & bisexual men with several partners- after every 3-6 months.

However, if symptoms occur, it is crucial to get tested immediately.

Individuals who are more involved in sex should get tested as frequently as possible.

Who cannot order an STD test from STDcheck.com

STDs have a high incidence in most countries, primarily ages 15 to 50. Those who can get infected with STDs include children or even infants.

The typical transmission is through sexual contact, but it can be passed on through other ways.

Needles or the exchange of body fluids can spread the disease to another person.

A mother can infect her child at childbirth or with breastfeeding. This can cause serious infections and become fatal to a baby.

Hence, anyone exposed to STDs, regardless of age, gender, or status, has to get tested for STD.

If a person has not been exposed to STDs through sexual contact, needles, or childbirth, there is no need for them to take an STD test.

STD is not contagious through the air or just being around the person.

There is a need for proper education about STDs, so patients are not discriminated against.

The risk may be lower for some people, but the possibility of being infected is not eliminated despite being monogamous and using protection.

STDcheck.com is aware of the importance of giving access to their service to everyone. They are the only online STD testing service that offers STD tests for minors in all states of the US.

Any minor ages 16-17 can order STD tests without the consent of their parents.

Other children younger exposed to STDs can get an order through their parents or guardian.

The Cons

1) Health Insurance

STDcheck does not accept health insurance.

STDcheck states that this is for the privacy of the patient.

A health insurance company will be notified if a patient uses their insurance. This will go into the medical record of the patient.

This removes the anonymity of the testing process.

2) Limitation of services

STD tests the company provides are only available in the USA.

The 4500 test centers of STDcheck are only available in the USA.

Participating testing centers have varying quality of service. The nearest testing centers available to a patient will have different ratings for their service.

To find high-rated testing providers, a patient may have to look farther, especially for some locations that don’t have that many testing centers close to their home.

There is an additional fee for a doctor’s consultation, which is also expensive. If a patient tests positive, the talk will automatically be offered.

The service ensures the patient’s identity remains private.

However, compared to other competitors, STDcheck charges higher on their doctor consultations.

STDcheck.com Customer Testimonials

The overall patient rating of STDcheck is 9.8/10 based on more than 5,000 reviews.

The positive comments praised STDcheck for its affordable prices with accurate testing and quick delivery of results.

Most people who get tested with STDcheck had an excellent experience with the service.

They found the service more convenient than a conventional visit to the doctor’s office, from ordering online, going to the testing site, and receiving accurate results much quicker than other testing providers.

Negative comments on their service are only regarding their 80% refund policy. Nevertheless, the complaints are taken care of and marked as resolved.

Customers rated STDcheck the testing process with the following:

  • Service 10/10
  • Speed 10/10
  • Convenience 10/10
  • Overall 10/10

“The process was quick and confidential which was of paramount importance to me. If you are a nervous wreck kind of person the upcharge for quicker results is worth it.”

“Very quick and easy. I went to the lab the same day and was in and out in 5 minutes. I received my results in 24 hours.”

“This is legit. Got the order, went to a lab of my choice on my time, and was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Results back two days later. Confidential, easy, and more affordable than doing it elsewhere.”

The Pros

1) Wide range of FDA-approved STD tests

STDcheck offers customized test packages and individual std tests.

The company highly recommends their 10 test panel. It includes the most common bacterial and viral STDs.

Moreover, STDcheck is the only platform that offers an FDA-approved HIV RNA early detection test. This test can detect HIV in the blood as early as 6 days after exposure.

2) Convenient and Confidential Services

Purchasing STD tests from the company is convenient and discreet.

There is no need for long lines, waiting for hours, or disclosing personal information.

It removes the uncomfortable atmosphere of waiting for a long time while being anxious about the stigma on STDs.

Getting tested through STDcheck would be like any regular health test.

The tests will only require either a blood or urine sample. A lab technician will collect the samples, which may take as little as five minutes.

The patient can go home after and wait for test results to be sent to their online account in just a few days.

3) Affordable testing with accurate test results

STDcheck offers low to mid-range pricing with high-quality services and testing.

The service does not have any hidden costs and provides multiple payment methods. Patients do not have to worry about the accuracy of their results.

All partner labs are CLIA-certified and provide health tests for multiple diseases.

STDcheck itself has been providing services for years as a legitimate online platform.

The company is rated by BBB (Better Business Bureau) with an A+.

This means they have been evaluated for their complaint history, business model, years in the business, and transparency.

Additionally, STDcheck has been featured by Vice, Forbes, and Men’s Fitness.

4) Offers supportive consultation and customer service

STDcheck offers other services after a patient receives their result.

Patients can send anonymous text messages to previous partners to inform them that they need to get tested for an STD. This message is absolutely confidential.

Patients can also ask STDcheck’s care advisors for any queries about their results.

If a patient has a positive test result, they are automatically offered an optional doctor’s consultation.

The consultation may have charges, but it protects the anonymity of the whole process. In any case, a patient can contact their own medical professional they trust.


Insider Info

STDcheck does not accept insurance to pay for STD testing. However, they do provide an itemized receipt for health insurance reimbursement purposes.

It is important to remember that all payments are made online. Even with a pay later option, no payments are made at the lab themselves.

Additionally, the patient must make their payment online with their account after the testing process for the results to be released.

When choosing a testing center, it is wise to call the facility before confirming a lab test.

Checking the rating of the lab will help the patient decide which offers the best services at a convenient distance.

After testing positive, patients can choose to consult with STDcheck’s MDs.

However, there is a consultation charge, and it is considered expensive.

Buying Guide

STDcheck prices and packages can be found on their website. After choosing a test or package, the option “Get Tested Now” is selected.

The website navigates to a page where the patient can enter the basic info needed and then make the payment.

A test code is provided, which is presented at the chosen testing site.

Payments can be made through multiple methods. This includes the following:

  • Credit cards and debit cards
  • Prepaid cards with the American Express, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover logo
  • Paypal
  • Money orders and cashiers
  • Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts
  • Over 50 kinds of cryptocurrency
  • Pay later

For refunds or cancellations, this must be made within 21 days of purchase.

80% of the payment will be refunded while 20% of the payment will be considered a cancellation fee.

If the cancellation request is made 21 days after the purchase, the company offers credit to order other tests at any time.


STDcheck’s testing service is quick and easy.

Their online website provides all the information patients need. They have excellent customer service and supportive care for patients that have a positive result.

Their services are made with the patient’s privacy and well-being in mind.

The company has a wide range of options for STD testing. Affordable test packages and individual testing are available.

Overall as an online platform, STDcheck offers convenient and confidential STD tests services with accurate results.

It resolves the conventional long waiting time and anxiety of visiting a doctor’s office or making an appointment at a clinic.

Moreover, compared to at-home test kits, STD check offers more accurate results. A patient only has to visit the nearest CLIA-certified testing center for FDA-approved STD tests.

STDs can compromise an individual’s general health.

The healthcare sector is promoting routine testing to promote public health.

STDcheck is an innovative company that strives to educate people in maintaining a healthy sex life.


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