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Steel Bite Pro Reviews – Is Dr. S.T and Thomas Dental Hygiene Supplement The Real Deal?


Here we are again with a review of a dental hygiene supplement called the Steel Bite Pro.

Let’s find out if this supplement is the real deal or another scam of 2020…

Everybody wants a bright white smile today, don’t they?

It makes you look younger than you are and it certainly makes you look healthy, and you have a brighter smile!

Medically speaking, dentistry today goes way beyond just putting in fillings and scraping plaque off your choppers.

When it comes to oral health, most people will say their huge concern is how much dentistry work costs.

Millions wish they had dental insurance.

Even when they do, often they are not fully covered.

If you don’t maintain your teeth properly (like a car!), your overall health is affected – research has proven that [1].

Fortunately, someone who experienced huge problems and huge bills with his teeth has come up with a product that will rescue your teeth and cut down dramatically on trips to the dentist.

The Comprehensive Steel Bite Pro Review – All You Need to Know

Steel bite pro

What is this Steel Bite Pro?

It’s a much talked about oral and dental hygiene supplement that has all-natural ingredients in it and which promotes healthy gums and teeth.

To have found something that makes your teeth healthier and keeps dental costs down must surely be the most exciting news for 2020, particularly with all the doom and gloom around Covid19.

Here is some good news – cutting dental costs!

Can you believe that a whopping $203 billion is projected to be spent on dental care by 2027 – it climbs every year!

No wonder Steel Bite Pro is currently a top trending natural supplement for oral health.

The thing is; it’s difficult to maintain teeth these days when processed fast foods are the rage – sugary sweets, pastries, and drinks, albeit delicious, are affecting our teeth, big time.

Brushing isn’t just the quick solution to dental cavities anymore.

Who has time to brush three times a day?

We know that simply a dental checkup can set us back financially, and when it goes beyond that; the x-rays, the much-needed after-procedures…

…it can literally take months to pay the costs off.

Is Steel Bite Pro the Ultimate Solution?

Isn’t it a relief to know that your dental expenses need no longer be a major problem?

Manufacturers and researchers have come up with a supplement, made from natural ingredients, to protect and advance your dental health.

And it’s such an easy solution too – all you do is take it at night before you go to sleep.

What can be easier than that?

A bit more about Steel Bite Pro

Steel Bite Pro is plant-based, oozing with minerals and vitamins to improve your oral health, keeping your teeth free of disease and plaque.

All the natural ingredients come from plants.

In the labs, the herbs are tested to ensure their effectiveness before being bottled.

Guess what?

There are no toxins and additives in this product, so it is 100% safe to use and consume. No nasty side effects.

As you go about your daily hectic life, isn’t is satisfying to know that at the same time, Steel Bite Pro is just as busy, actively working to protect your teeth and gums from plaque and other harmful diseases.

Who made Steel Bite Pro?

Two guys, Thomas Spear and Dr. S.T.

Thomas explains what happened to him…

Thomas, a chemistry teacher of 52, says that when he was sleeping once, he almost choked to death on a tooth that had fallen out.

It was extremely traumatic for him, trying to cough up the tooth, and seeing how much blood he coughed up in the process.

It was this very occasion that sent him on a journey to discover more about the dental industry, to discover the reasons behind why gums bleed and become diseased, and why teeth fall out.

Eventually, he came up with the product that he believes regenerates the gums; even helping teeth that are in advanced stages of decay.

He discovered that no cleaning treatments around today can reach bad bacteria in the mouth, even though you appear to have healthy-looking teeth.

Thomas says you won’t need a dentist much anymore

Using the supplement, you might certainly be able to avoid some of those nasty and painful procedures that come with dental work.

Thomas says that even dentists have been amazed at their patients’ teeth and gum rejuvenation.

Patients report no more pain, no more bleeding and inflammation, and best of all, no foul breath.

Why did Thomas create the product?

Thomas lives in Francisco, California, with his wife, Hannah.

He was forced to retire as a chemistry teacher when he and his wife were in an accident.

Thomas remembers that teachers in the past as well as students kept a distance when talking to him because of his bad breath.

He was so embarrassed at his yellow teeth and swollen gums and more so when he heard students calling him Beetlejuice.

Know that movie?

Even his wife was avoiding him and his own granddaughter didn’t want to come to him without crying.

He then started working as a taxi driver, fueling up on coffee and sweets to keep awake.

And when he cleaned his teeth, they bled, and he had pain and felt tired all the time.

He knew he had to finally see a dentist

The dentist, after x-rays, gave Thomas the news.

He had periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease with inflammation, offering the ideal environment for harmful bacteria to live in and thrive?

Then the dentist announced the price!

And worse, Thomas needed surgery. 

Thomas says it took him a full month to recover and to regain sensations in his numb face.

During this time, he did plenty of research to see who else had gone through such torment.

He read, too, that many times, dental procedures and surgeries can actually leave you disfigured – no wonder you always have to sign consent forms!

He vowed there and then he was never going back to a dentist ever again.

He tried eating softer foods and using special toothpaste.

Nothing helped – then one day, he noticed that his front tooth was loose. He knew it was time that he had to do something!

He took time off from his teaching, spending many days at the huge library in San Francisco, searching for solutions, eventually discovering things that changed everything for him.

Thomas’ discoveries

He discovered, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, that there are 20 billion bacteria in your mouth.

He also discovered that there are no medical or dental methods that can destroy gum-eating bacteria…

…that no matter how well you clean your teeth; at least 10% of the bacteria remain hidden in the “gum pockets”.

There is nothing that gets down really deep and cleans out your mouth thoroughly – no electronic toothbrushes, no dental floss, and no mouthwash.

Thomas met Dr. S.T. at the library

Dr. S.T. would come into the library every morning.

Thomas noticed his fine, perfect-looking teeth, actually commenting on them.

The doctor said that he had had no work done on them, but that he had discovered that plants were superior to drugs when it came to teeth health.

Dr. S.T. listened to Thomas’ story about his teeth and told him that there was only one thing that could reach every corner of the mouth; that could go under the gums.

That thing was saliva.

Thomas realized that if saliva was so important, he needed to create something that would turn saliva into the most powerful disinfectant that would kill bacteria in the mouth, like a powerful weapon.

After more than 79 trials later

  • S.T. and Thomas came up with their amazing supplement consisting of 23 powerful herbal plants!
  • There’s not enough space to tell you, but eventually, Thomas had no more blood after brushing his teeth, and his plaque had disappeared. And wonder of wonders, his front tooth wasn’t moving anymore.
  • He asked 20 contacts who he knew suffered from gum disease to test the product and only fantastic results came back.

Who is Steel Bite Pro Not for?

  • Unfortunately, this product is only available online which means if you are not in possession of a computer, it makes it difficult for you to get hold of the product.
  • You have to order it online and if they are out of stock, you might not be able to get hold of it quickly, and then you won’t find it at your local drugstore.
  • Being a 100% plant-based herbal product, it is possible that you could be allergic reactions to some of the ingredients, although no side effects have been reported as yet.

The CONS OF Steel Bite Pro 

  • There are actually no cons about this product. There is just one that people have mentioned and that is that there is no offline availability. That means you need an internet connection to buy it.
  • It has been said that to see results from the product, it takes quite a bit of time.
  • Some say the guarantee period is too short, i.e. 60 days.
  • Even though the product is affordable, using the product to get the desired results could be quite heavy on the pocket, considering that one bottle contains just 60 capsules.

Testimonials/Reviews – what people say about Steel Bite Pro

Gabriel Backer, Baltimore, Maryland
“No more bleeding gums and I still can’t believe I got rid of cavities! And to think about how easy it was. I’ve been using Steel Bite Pro for three weeks now and I’ll share it with everyone.”
Nicolas C.J. of Glendale, Arizona
“Didn’t really believe in your method but tried it anyway because I was desperate. It’s like my gums have grown back. My teeth seem whiter too. Thank you for this.”

The PROS of Steel Bite Pro

  • The supplement helps to whiten your teeth – that’s a boost in confidence!
  • Periodontal disease and gingivitis are prevented.
  • As you can only get this product on the manufacturer’s website, there are no counterfeit products to worry about.
  • It is much cheaper to buy Steel Bite Pro than what future dentist visits will cost.
  • Cavities and toothache are reduced.
  • Imagine the relief Thomas experienced when he saw his bad breath cleared up and yours can too. We all know if you want relationships to work out, then you betta have clean, fresh breath!
  • Root infections can be prevented and with it the pain as well. No more will you hear those dreaded words from the dentist, “we need to do a root canal”. It’s a dreaded procedure and it’s costly too.
  • Decreases plaque which also can cause discomfort and pain.

What to watch out for

Naturally, you want to know what is in Steel Bite Pro, right

Before we tell you what’s in Steel Bite Pro, you also need to know that there was major research undertaken to arrive at this product.

The active ingredients, combined with your saliva, infiltrate your entire mouth and bring about the necessary changes.

1) Berberine

This is an antioxidant herb, known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

2) Artichoke, chanca piedra, and red raspberry

All three of these plants are incredibly full of minerals and vitamins, which are able to fight off infections, proving to be active against viruses and bacteria.

3) Turmeric

Turmeric simply has many health benefits and one major one is that it fights inflammation in the mouth and gums very effectively.

4) Beetroot

Beetroot actively minimizes and stops tooth decay from advancing.

5) Yarrow

Yarrow is one fantastic herb, well known for being able to increase cells in the body that are essential for healing.

Imagine then how it helps with damaged gums in the mouth.

6) Milk Thistle

This herb has an active ingredient in it called Silymarin; it reduces inflammation and treats inflamed gums.

It is also noted to slow down the degeneration of bones.

7) Dandelion

It has heaps of minerals in it to fight harmful bacteria and infection in your mouth.  In fact, the Cherokee Indians believed the dandelion root calmed their nerves.

They believed that if they chewed the root, it would allay tooth pain.

8) Alfalfa

Another treasure-house of health, bursting with vitamins and minerals, able to reduce the sensitivity of the tooth.

There is also zinc found in alfalfa which helps to fight the growth of plaque and bacteria.

9) Zinc

We all know fantastic zinc; world-famous for being the ideal immunity booster, also boosts an ailing immune system.

10) Jujube seeds

Like zinc, jujube seeds are known to boost the immunity system and are packed with Vitamin C.

11) Chicory root, burdock root, celery seed, and yellow dock

These herbs help detoxify the gut.

Gut health is so important when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy [2].

12) Grape seed extract

Bet you didn’t know that grape seed extra helps to strengthen the tissue that is behind the tooth enamel.

Yip, that’s what experts report from the University of Illinois’ Chicago College of Dentistry, USA.

These scientists say that their research and discovery will help patients in the future from needing fillings, boosting the strength of the fillings already there [3].

They also say grape seed extract prevents bacteria from growing in the mouth after consuming food.

13) Feverfew

The name speaks for itself – the ingredients in feverfew works as a natural pain reliever.

14) Ginger

Ginger is another amazing herb; excellent for reducing nausea and dizziness, as well as reducing inflammation.

15) L-cysteine and methionine

These amino acids assist the body to detoxify itself.

Steel Bite Pro CPA

Buying advice

57,000 people have already tried the product and you can see reviews about what these customers think of it.

A top priority, if you want to get this product online, is to go to the official supplier on the website.

You won’t find this product on Amazon or at any shop. It’s an exclusive product only available at

By buying it online, you are ensured of the quality of this product.

You get a full money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

But we know you will be!

Because many people try it and then want to order again, sometimes the stock has run out, so always get in early.

It’s your cheapest option for looking after your teeth

Right now, you can get Steel Bite Pro at a very good price – often it is topped with special discounts and even bundle offers.

As you can see, the bundle offers can give you great value for your money.

Buying larger stocks means you also save on delivery and shipping charges.

As mentioned above, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee with your purchase – return the product within 60 days of purchase if you are not satisfied and you will get your money back.

This full refund policy cancels doubts you might have about the product.

According to the producers, the website might not be around forever…

Why so?

It no doubt poses a threat to big pharmaceutical companies and dental conglomerates, so order before that happens.

All you do is click on the button that says “buy” after choosing the package best suited to you.

Next, you enter your payment details, place your order, and in 7 days from filling out your details, your Steel Bite Pro should be delivered to your home.


Even though this unique supplement supports oral hygiene and helps to maintain it, it doesn’t mean that you mustn’t continue following dental hygiene practices and eating healthily.

This will always be recommended by dentists no matter what.

You know that you have to regularly brush your teeth; you are taught this from a toddler already, as well as flossing.

Then you can expect the supplement to bring its side to healthy teeth.

They all go hand in hand.

After brushing and flossing, you might believe that your mouth is fresh and clean, but lurking behind is still plenty of germs and bacteria, getting ready to attack the gums.

Steel Bite Pro has been designed to go to war against all these unhealthy threats to your teeth and mouth, ensuring your whole mouth is free of harmful bacteria.

Once plaque gets to your gums, it can cause major damage, to the point that the gums can’t protect themselves anymore.

They become weak, and the teeth start falling out.

Saving your teeth means saving money

  • Delaying taking proper care of your teeth is going to no doubt result in multiple surgeries along the way – and imagine the cost.
  • Tooth implantation is considered as one of the most expensive dental treatments around.
  • It is far better to be better safe than sorry; that’s why this product was created by Thomas – he knows all about teeth decay!

Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Bite Pro

Why does Steel Bite Pro work the way it does?

No teeth cleaning methods are able to reach the places where dangerous bacteria lurk. The herbal supplement, combined with the saliva, becomes a powerful, potent disinfectant, reaching all places that only the saliva can.

Can everyone use Steel Bite Pro?

Yes, because it is non-invasive, and 100% natural, suitable for all ages and all medical conditions.

What results can I expect by taking Steel Bite Pro?

This will depend on how quickly your body responds to the ingredients used to make this supplement. For some, it will work faster, and for others, it might take longer. Wait for about 3 weeks to notice improvements.

If I want this product, what must I do?

Go to the website (above) and choose by clicking on your chosen option.

How do users get answers to any questions they have?

There is a customer service team. Send an email to





Steel Bite Pro CPA

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