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Sugar Balance Review – Ingredients, Side Effects & Customer Reviews

Written by Jane Summerfield

You know how we take certain things for granted?

I am sure it is not only me.

A whole lot of people are going around and not even thinking twice about their way of a healthy life, and how precarious life itself is, and how it takes a small incident to upend everything!

My name is Joshua and I turned 46 last year.

I have been working at a so-called cushy job over the past 10+ years with a great degree of success, financially as well as career-wise.

The only thing that was taking a backseat was my health.

I was sitting at a desk the whole day, reaching out for junk food and working a high-stress job.

Being fatigued had become common to me and I always ascribed it to working too hard.

The pounds were piling up and I was soon tipping the scales at way more than healthy.

I was also beginning to experience dizziness and trouble with my eyesight when I went for a medical checkup.

To my disbelief, I had diabetes!

Who even imagined that!

I tried to tell the doctor that no one in the family has and I do not even like sweets that much.

You see, that is how most of us think about diabetes.

And we always think we will not get anything like that until some of us unfortunately do!

How did I deal with a bombshell situation like this?

I went into a shell, climbed out, sought advice, got bombarded with information, most of it scary, and went back into my shell once again.

I was eventually coaxed to come out of there by my wife who promised to find the best way to deal with this together with me.

Consultations with doctors and friends later, both of us were a bit concerned about starting on conventional pills.

The rigorous diets and seeming ban on everything I liked was an additional dampener.

Wasn’t there any option to achieve a degree of control over my blood sugar levels with lifestyle changes and supplements?

To my relief, my wife was with me all the time as we began searching for some alternate methods of healthy blood sugar balance.

I know this is not the route most people take, mainly because we are attuned to the idea of popping pills as a solution.

Thankfully our diligence paid off when we came upon some options for natural-based supplements to control high blood sugar levels.

Reading up extensively on these, I chose Get Sugar Balance as my fix.

Not only did the natural composition appeal to me but also the premise on which treatment was based.

I had nothing to lose anyway!

Did I gain anything though?

Read on…..

Sugar Balance – Does This Supplement Really Work?

Sugar balance herbal supplement

What is Sugar Balance?

Sugar Balance is an all-natural supplement designed to help the user maintain acceptable blood sugar levels.

The ingredients are chosen to help control sugar cravings.

Flushing of antioxidants and effective detoxification of the liver is also achieved by this supplement, thereby helping to improve blood glucose levels to efficient levels.

In effect, this supplement aims to improve blood sugar metabolism in the body.

Who created It?

Dr. David Pearson

The formula for Sugar Balance has been researched and approved by a team of doctors and experts led by Dr. David Pearson.

He is a leading epidemiologist who has since championed a new approach to keeping blood sugar levels controlled in individuals suffering from diabetes.

Harnessing the goodness of natural herbs, his method is what might be called the synergistic method where all the ingredients come together in a predetermined formula to complement each other to maximum effect.

This supplement is manufactured exclusively by Nature’s Formula, a wellness medical company known for different dietary supplements.

Why was it created?


They came up with a formula that was composed of all-natural ingredients and acted as an effective supplement to balance blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Because of the essential nature of their composition, they are totally free of side effects.

The Ingredients

The following are ingredients in Sugar Balance…

1) Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema sylvestre

Native to India and Africa, this plant has been used in ancient Indian medicine for over 2000 years.

It is known to help control sugar craving which is very essential for diabetics.

It also boosts insulin production in the pancreas.

Most importantly, it revitalizes the pancreas itself by helping in the production of islet cells there.

This is an essential ingredient in Sugar Balance…

2) Balloon Flower Root Extract

Balloon flower

Known by different names like Korean bellflower or Chinese bellflower, this plant is native to these countries as well as Japan and Siberia.

  • Flower extract has multiple health benefits including
  • Improving heart health
  • Liver protection to improve metabolism
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Analgesic pain-relieving properties
  • Immune-boosting properties and
  • Lowering blood pressure

All of these make Sugar Balance safe?

3) Licorice Root Extract

licorice root extract

Like other diabetes supplements, sugar balance contains Licorice root extract.

It has been found that this product is very useful in relieving healthy blood glucose levels.

It is also found effective in weight loss.

Sugar Balance contains this ingredient in calculated amounts to help in amplifying the overall impact for the user.

4) Astragalus Root Extract

Used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, it is believed to have many health benefits.

One of the main reasons to include this component in the formula for Sugar Balance is that it helps in diabetes management.

This has been the ancient belief about this root.

5) Wild Yam Root Extract

yam root

This is another natural ingredient that has been used widely since ancient times.

It is famed for being a natural DHEA and estrogen booster.

Its inclusion in the formula of Sugar Balance is for its supposed effect on blood sugar control.

6) Schisandra Extract

Another very important ingredient in Sugar Balance supplements…

This is a plant that bears berries in five flavors and is famous for having sweet, sour, salty, pungent, and bitter tastes, all packed into one berry.

It is native to China but is also found in other Asian countries and Russia.

These berries have been used for medicinal purposes for ages.

7) Solomon’s Seal Extract

Solomon's Seal Extract

This is another herb very common in Chinese medicine.

It has been in use since ancient times.

There are multiple uses of this among healers there.

8) Lycium Chinese Fruit Extract

Lyceum Chinese Fruit Extract

Also known as boxthorn, this plant extract has been added for its ability to lower blood sugar in diabetics.

An important item in ancient Chinese medicine, it is the hypoglycemic activity that is most important in this context here.

The herb also helps bring down blood pressure and also body aches and fevers.

9) Chromium Picolinate


Sugar Balance chooses all its ingredients to the point.

Chromium picolinate is another such which is known to lower blood sugar levels.

It is also good with insulin sensitivity level control as well as fat management in people.

It is also heart-healthy and helps in reducing insulin resistance in Type II diabetes.

10) Juniper Berry

Juniper berries

These berries are native to North America.

They are known for their anti-inflammatory properties as well as in lowering blood sugar.

The downside is that these berries might actually lower blood sugar a bit too much.

This is something that is aptly addressed by Sugar Balance in the formulation of their product.

11) Mulberry Leaf


Powdered mulberry leaf has been found effective in lowering blood sugar levels in people with Type II diabetes.

This is the reason for its inclusion in the Sugar Balance formula.

Fasting blood sugar levels have shown a significant decrease with mulberry leaf over weeks compared to conventional medication.

This is very common usage in many parts of Asia.

How does it work?

Sugar Balance finds its place on store shelves in the dietary supplements section.

It is neither a cure nor medicine for any condition.

How then does it work to help its numerous users?

What benefits do users stand to gain with continued consumption of Sugar Balance?

1) Sugar Balance controls sugar cravings

Every diabetic is aware of this characteristic feature.

They have sugar cravings. I will discuss why this happens.

However, more important is to know the effect this has in the long run.

Impulsive consumption of sugar to satisfy cravings leads to an increase in blood sugar levels, thus defeating the purpose of level control.

This is where ingredients in Sugar Balance step in to control cravings and help gain better control over blood sugar levels.

2) Effective liver detoxification

Unknown to many of us, the liver plays a very important role in keeping blood sugar levels under control.

Since antioxidants are an integral part of our diet and lifestyle these days, it goes without saying that there is a buildup of these in the body.

This phenomenon affects the fatty liver and prevents it from effective functioning.

Again, targeted components of Sugar Balance work to provide detoxification of the liver in their aim to provide better control of blood sugar levels.

3) Sugar Balance helps improve pancreatic function

The pancreas is the all-important organ in the blood sugar scenario.

This is the site in the body that controls the production and regulation of insulin.

Insulin and blood sugar control go hand in hand.

A well-functioning pancreas is essential for maintaining blood sugar levels.

Ingredients in Sugar Balance do exactly that by boosting pancreas function to its best possible state.

Thus, we see how Sugar Balance utilizes a three-pronged strategy to keep control over blood sugar levels in diabetics and offer them lasting relief from the many hazards of this condition.

At this point, I would like to mention that it was after reading about their approach towards blood sugar that I actually joined in the fray.

It was my own choosing and I put heart and soul into this fight.

I did not wish to suffer any of the problems that one normally associates with diabetes.

Who should stay away

Although made of healthy ingredients, there are certain people who should stay away from this:

  • Pregnant or lactating women should not take Sugar Balance.
  • Those who might have allergies to any of the components.
  • People who are suffering from some other serious illnesses. They need to consult their physician first before taking Sugar Balance.
  • Those who are diabetic and on medications must essentially consult a medical professional before taking Sugar Balance. There are chances that Sugar Balance just might lower the effectiveness of conventional medications.

What are the cons?

  • Sugar Balance product is only available online. This is a bit of an issue for those who like to physically see a new product and then purchase it.
  • Sugar Balance is not right to overdose on the recommended amount.
  • For best results, continuity of usage is a must.
  • Results vary from person to person depending upon many factors.
  • It is not suitable for everyone.


There are many reviews of different users across the spectrum on the Sugar Balance site as well as generally.

There are some who have expressed dissatisfaction with the product.

This is understandable because each person reacts differently to a product.

However, overall, most reviews seem to echo what I had felt – relief from higher blood sugar levels.

“Really good, works well to lower your blood sugar”.

Another user, Megan RN, 69, is more articulate about his experience.

“I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after a cardiac arrest, and I wanted to avoid the prescribed medications because it is hard to afford and pay for the insurance. But, Sugar Balance by proven health reviews gave me a new perception of diabetes.”

“I was recommended to take Sugar Balance by my dietician. My experience with the supplement is that I could finally manage my blood sugar levels. I don’t know how to explain in words, but that’s all I ever wanted, and I am so thankful.” – Peters Gomez, 43

There are so many different Sugar Balance reviews on the website itself as well as on multiple other websites.

Being endorsed by actual users in their thousands is as good a testimonial to the product as one is likely to get.

As you readers already know, I was struggling with my blood sugar levels initially when I began using Sugar Balance supplement took a while to kick in though.

I did not give up faith and within a couple of months, things began turning around for me.

I have finally settled and my levels show wonderful control.

I do have to keep a close eye on my levels and get checked regularly.

I also keep a strict eye on my food intake and I am proud to say that my blood sugar levels are much better than where I started out from and more importantly, they are stable.

Sugar Balance has been an excellent choice for me, and I am very satisfied with where I find myself today.

What are the pros?

  • This is a non-GMO product.
  • Sugar Balance is prepared under strict quality control at FDA-approved facilities in the US.
  • Sugar Balance all-natural dietary supplement is a GMP-certified product.
  • Sugar Balance is completely safe to use.
  • This supplement has been created after careful research by an acclaimed epidemiologist, Dr. David Pearson.
  • The product is completely non-toxic and is made from natural ingredients.
  • There are no harmful side effects on the user even on long-term use.
  • It helps control blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Sugar Balance supplement helps control sugar cravings.
  • It promotes healthy blood sugar levels and glucose metabolism.
  • Sugar Balance comes in easy to consume form.
  • This is a vegetarian product and can be used without worries by anyone at all.
  • Sugar Balance pills are available directly on the website
  • Sugar Balance comes with a fabulous 180-day complete money-back guarantee.
  • All ingredients are listed clearly on the website and there is total transparency.
  • Sugar Balance is the third party tested to prove its authenticity.
  • Sugar Balance supplement is a product backed by thorough scientific research.

All of these show that Sugar Balance works!

Sugar Balance

Buying Advice

My only advice here – always buy directly from the website.

Remember that Sugar Balance is officially sold only on their website and is not available on Amazon or any store.

Go directly to the website and click on the link for buying.

You are assured of the genuine product that way.

Another advantage of buying from the website is that one may avail of discounts and offers available.

In fact, there is pop-up and on-the-spot discounts that sometimes come up as a bonus for the buyers, hence my insistence on buying from the site.

Last and definitely not least is the fact that their money-back policy and guarantee offers are valid on purchase here as part of the terms and conditions.

These might not be honored upon purchase elsewhere or there might be a delayed response in case someone wishes to return the product.

Final Verdict

For all of you out there who are looking for a reliable and safe product to keep your blood sugar level under adequate control, Sugar Balance is one of the best products you will get.

Considering the scientific research and extensive study on each ingredient that has gone into making this, Sugar Balance is the best bet right now.

Choose holistic healing and wellness over chemicals and side effects, and see for yourself the positive changes that are waiting for you.

Sugar Balance

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