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Synapse XT Review – Ingredients, Side Effects, Testimonials, & Customer Reviews


Welcome to my comprehensive review of Synapse XT…

There are multiple supplements in the market that claim to provide the perfect relief for tinnitus.

The condition is so bothersome and persistent that sufferers yearn for relief in whatever manner they can.

It is but natural that glowing reviews and exaggerated claims of relief and cure will have many takers.

How effective these products will be in the long run is for users to find out.


This is exactly why I took the time to learn more about this product, Synapse XT…

…what it is about, how does it plan to tackle the problem of tinnitus, what ingredients it uses in the process, how effective it is, how true is the science behind it, and more such things.

Having been a sufferer, I know how tough it is to deal with this problem, day in and day out, without a feasible cure in place.

Synapse XT happened to me at a time of utter despair, and the turnaround towards normalcy has been steady and continuous.

It would be pointless to keep this to myself when I can actually help others turn their story around like mine.

Do read on to know everything about Synapse XT that I found out during my journey to silence.

Synapse XT Review – All You Need to Know

Synapse XT

What is Synapse XT?

Synapse XT is an all-natural supplement that helps those suffering from tinnitus.

It aims to provide relief from ringing sounds and other ear problems that can make life very difficult for people.

Tinnitus is a common enough ailment that bothers large numbers of people worldwide.

Unfortunately pinning a definite cause and hence, finding a viable solution has eluded people for a long time.

A supplement like Synapse XT aims to address the root cause to provide lasting relief using natural ingredients.

Who created Synapse XT?

Synapse XT is the brainchild of Bryan Jones, a resident of Omaha, Nebraska, and a former sufferer of tinnitus.

He came up with this revolutionary new product using extracts from natural ingredients.

Having benefited from his own formula, he has since patented it with the name Synapse XT and markets it the world over for fellow sufferers.

Why was Synapse XT created?

Synapse XT has been created to provide an alternative and safe means to those suffering from tinnitus towards a lasting solution.

This was much needed since sufferers are many and conservative medicine does not have the answers for a sustainable solution.

People afflicted with tinnitus find the buzzing and whooshing and ringing in their ears too persistent and troublesome to bear and are often desperate for a solution.

Synapse XT goes to the root of the issue and works on rejuvenating and reconnecting synapses in the brain to ensure proper signaling and improved hearing for people.

It does this with natural products in the best possible way.

Tinnitus – What is this condition all about?

Tinnitus is a condition that affects one or both ears and creates the perception of sounds either intermittently or constantly, causing a huge amount of distress for the affected person.

These sounds may be in the form of ringing, whooshing, or buzzing in the ears.

All of these sounds and sensations are perceptible only to the afflicted person, and someone outside cannot hear them.

This makes it difficult for an outsider to truly understand how difficult or bothersome it is for the person suffering from this condition.

According to statistics, it is believed that 15-20% of the world population suffers from this condition.

Considering that in numbers makes it a formidable headcount of people who experience discomfort on a daily basis.

There is some comfort to be drawn from this, that I am not alone who is going through this condition.

What are the reasons for tinnitus?

There are different reasons for developing tinnitus in different people. Some of the most common reasons are listed below:

1) Degenerative changes due to age

It is believed that with age, there are inevitable degenerative changes in different parts of the body, including the brain.

Neural connections are mainly responsible for carrying auditory signals to and from the ears to the brain and vice versa.

With damage to nerve cells or lack of new cell formation, this function gets affected.

This results in the incomplete propagation of information between the ears and brain.

This gap in audio sensory communication results in the person perceiving sounds and noises that might actually not be present at all.

2) Change in inner ear fluid balance

The human ear is a very delicate organ that consists of the inner, middle, and outer ears.

There are very fine sensory hair cells in the inner ear that respond to sounds.

In addition, there is a very fine fluid balance that can get easily disturbed due to any injury or sudden change in the environment.

This can easily trigger tinnitus.

3) Infection or wax buildup in the ears

Ear canals are susceptible to foreign particles all the time. This can potentially cause infection or wax buildup in one or both ears. If left untreated for a period of time, they can affect ears to the point of getting tinnitus.

4) Injuries to the head and neck region

These areas are interlinked and involve the ears.

Any insult or injury to them can manifest as tinnitus later on.

This might not be immediately apparent and the injury might heal externally but these injuries can create problems in the future in the form of tinnitus, among others.

5) Side effect of medications

Certain medications can make tinnitus symptoms worse, while not being responsible directly for causing this problem.

These might include certain antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, anti-malarial drugs as well as antidepressants.

6) Reduction of blood circulation

Due to different medical conditions or simply due to slowing down of the body due to old age, blood circulation may get adversely affected.

This can lead to the buildup of dead cells and a break in communication between nerve synapses.

This also can lead to tinnitus especially in the elderly.

7) Changes in ear architecture

This is definitely a rarer cause of tinnitus and often found to be hereditary.

A particular kind of bone condition called otosclerosis is thought to be responsible for tinnitus.

It affects hearing and causes sound perceptions and feelings.

8) Exposure to high decibel sounds

Many work environments are characterized by loud noise.

Those who work in factories or construction sites or soldiers or even as music DJs at clubs often suffer loud noise exposure day in and day out.

This constant assault on the ears is one of the reasons for developing tinnitus.

Managing tinnitus – different options

The first step towards tinnitus management is obviously diagnosis.

When one feels the typical symptoms, it is time to seek medical advice and get a diagnosis.

This can be done by undergoing an audiological examination and different lab tests and imaging.

Managing tinnitus conservatively involves methods to suppress and/or cut out the constant background noise in order to provide some relief.

Some of these methods are:

1) Wax removal

The buildup of wax in the ears is often the offender, and getting your ears cleaned out could provide relief.

This can be done with any professional physician in a couple of visits.

2) Use of hearing aids

Advancing age can bring on tinnitus and the use of hearing aids can help to provide relief for the sufferer.

3) Noise machines

Producing a masking noise in the background or using a device to produce white noise could help distract the afflicted person and take away the focus from the sound in their ears.

4) Tinnitus retraining therapy

Also known as TRT, this is a method that is largely individual and an expert can help to sort out how best a particular person can retrain to self-manage tinnitus symptoms.

5) Cognitive behavioral therapy

Known as CBT, this is another counseling method popular with those suffering from tinnitus.

This seeks the help of a psychologist to help the patient with tools to cope better with the situation.

6) Supplements

Using dietary supplements to help strengthen nerve cells and synapses in the brain in order to connect better and restore hearing.

This method helps the ear and brain to connect better and ease out symptoms of tinnitus.

What an individual can do to live with tinnitus

Those suffering from tinnitus know how difficult it is to cope with this condition.

Simple acts of daily living can become a challenge when one is hearing sounds inside their head all the time.

And when no one else can hear these, it becomes all the more frustrating for the person concerned.

Along with conservative and organic methods, there are certain things that each person can do to live with this condition.

These include:

  • Following a good diet and cutting out things that induce tinnitus.
  • Doing light exercise at a pace that suits each individual. Regular exercise is recommended and it is advisable to ramp up as the body keeps adjusting to each new routine.
  • Managing movements and avoiding those that can bring on a sudden vertigo episode associated with tinnitus.
  • Keeping oneself motivated and positive in difficult situations. Family and community support is extremely important in understanding and empathizing with sufferers.

Please read all you need to know about Tinnitus here.

Ingredients that go into making organic Synapse XT

One of the main attractions of Synapse XT has to be its all-natural composition.

For me at least, it was very important that I don’t get into the cycle of synthetic chemicals.

Synapse XT promised a natural cure and indeed it contains selected ingredients in measured proportions for best effect.

I am listing these ingredients for the reader, along with a short description of what value they add to the composition.

1) Juniper Berry

Juniper berries

A powerful natural antioxidant, juniper berry extract helps to stall the effects of free radicals in the body.

It contains the two flavonoids rulin and luteolin, which are known for their antioxidant qualities.

It is known that over time, we tend to build up a lot of oxidants in our bodies that slow down the natural working of the body and fast-track the aging process.

Juniper berry extract helps to keep the mind agile and cognition in top order even as the years go by.

2) Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berry

This is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps build up the body’s defenses against aging. It also protects nerves from damage.

This extract also builds up the body’s immunity against any kind of infection.

In the presence of this extract, the positive effects of hibiscus extract get more pronounced.

3) Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract

A famous antioxidant that is found naturally, green tea finds a pride of place in many a natural supplement.

It provides a calming effect and helps nourish the brain.

Keeping the brain agile and healthy helps to keep neural connections in proper shape.

Green tea extract also keeps cholesterol levels and blood pressure under control.

4) Hibiscus extract


This extract helps to protect nerve health, which is of prime importance in Synapse XT.

Better nerve health will mean more authentic communication between the brain and organs, in turn helping auditory perceptions.

In addition to its role in promoting nerve health, hibiscus extract also keeps the liver in good shape.

It can keep blood pressure under control and might even help in cancer treatment.

5) Garlic


Blood circulation also plays a big role in tinnitus.

It has been noticed that inadequate blood circulation might cause perceptions of different sounds.

Garlic is known to boost blood circulation markedly.

Additionally, it is also a good antioxidant that can also improve cognitive function.

Overall, it helps in all ways to manage tinnitus.

6) Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi

Another ingredient that helps in overall wellness is uva ursi.

It is used to detoxify the body.

It is also an anti-inflammatory that keeps the bladder and urinary tract in good working condition.

7) Buchu Leaves

Buchu Leaf

It is an effective diuretic and also helps in fighting urinary tract infections.

This too is an effective anti-inflammatory that is added to Synapse XT for overall health.

8) Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Elixir for rejuvenation, vitamin C helps rejuvenate cells in the body.

It helps heal damaged cells, thus paving the way for tinnitus cure.

Vitamin C also boosts the immune system.

It helps optimum iron absorption and also promotes collagen formation.

In the context of tinnitus, repair and reconnection of nerve cells are very important, and vitamin C plays this role in Synapse XT.

9) Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin b12

Many different vitamins make up the vitamin B complex used in this dietary supplement.

The benefits of vitamin B are many, and this is the reason for including it in Synapse XT.

Degeneration of brain cells and nerve end connections is part of the aging process, and also a leading reason for tinnitus occurring primarily in the elderly.

Vitamin B complex addresses this while helping keep energy levels up and reducing stress.

To be specific, Synapse XT contains riboflavin or vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and folate or vitamin B9 in its B complex combination.

All of these are powerful B vitamins that help the brain function.

In fact, folate is critical to improve blood-brain barrier dysfunction and provide the brain with essential nutrients.

Vitamin B6 has been found to help counter memory loss associated with the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease as well as lessen the symptoms of tinnitus.

Riboflavin is extremely helpful in relieving oxidative stress and boost neurological function.

10) Magnesium


This mineral is very important for humans in many ways.

It helps keep brain function in good order.

This helps brain cells to receive and transmit signals authentically and in full measure.

This leads to better communication and interpretation of outside stimuli than ever before.

Magnesium is also a good anti-inflammatory and also helps in insulin management.

11) Potassium


A vital electrolyte and mineral that is essential for healthy body functions, this finds a place in the formula for Synapse XT.

Studies have shown a connection between low potassium levels and the occurrence of tinnitus.

There is scope for in-depth research on this connection.

Meanwhile, it has been added to the supplement @200 mg to ensure bases are covered.

So, how does Synapse XT work?

To answer this question, I must first share with you what the manufacturers of this tinnitus supplement think to be the root cause of the problem.

Like I stated earlier, tinnitus is a medical problem that has many causations thought possible.

Primary among these is believed to be a slowing down of blood circulation as well as natural degeneration of the brain synapses due to old age.

It is towards this end that Synapse XT works, to regenerate damaged and old nerve cells and nourish and replenish neural pathways in the brain.

This helps to charge up existing connections as well as promote new nerve connections in the brain, resulting in much-improved signaling between the brain and organs.

Ingredients like juniper berry and garlic help in this matter as well as improve aural functioning.

They also work in improving cognitive abilities, thus helping to lessen the noises and sensations heard in the ear.

Other natural ingredients do their bit by boosting immunity.

Listed below are some of the prominent ways Synapse XT works:

  1. Repairs damaged neural connections.
  2. Revives brain cell activity.
  3. Improving cognitive abilities.
  4. Boosting blood circulation.
  5. Improving the immunity of the user.
  6. Clearing the body of toxins and effects of free radicals.
  7. Controlling inflammation.
  8. Providing stress relief.
  9. Boosting confidence and positivity.
  10. Stabilizing insulin control.
  11. Keeps blood pressure and cholesterol in check.

Who should not use the product?

  • Those with any allergies to ingredients should not take this supplement.
  • Those on medications for existing medical conditions should seek doctor approval before starting on Synapse XT.
  • This supplement is not for those below 18 years of age.
  • Pregnant or lactating women should stay away from this.

What I did not like about Synapse XT?

  • Synapse XT is not available at any physical store, which matters especially for those who like to handle a product before buying it.
  • It needs to be taken regularly for the best results.
  • Synapse XT ships free within the US only.
  • Results might take anywhere from two to three months. It is necessary to remain compliant and ensure a regular supply of the supplement.


Clifford M., Delaware.

“I was at a precipice……. did not where to find the cure for the constant buzzing in my ears!

Was I going crazy? How come no one else could hear these sounds?

It was after trying different regimens that I finally found Synapse XT!

What blessed relief!! I am finding my peace again and am on my third month of Synapse XT”

Jeanne Wilford, San Jose.

“Ageing had become scary for me with noises in my ear.

They followed me all the time. Now with Synapse XT, I am at a much better place!

I must say it takes some time to begin showing effect, but I guess I was desperate for a resolution” 

There are many others like the ones above who are now in a much more peaceful place with the sounds in their ear finally quieted.

It is not easy for normal people to really understand how distracting this condition can be.

The fact that all of this was achieved without having to venture out of home or to keep visiting physicians and clinics is a huge plus for me!

Why not give this a try instead of despairing about all the unquiet in your ears and head?

Synapse XT really works.

I must say here that results will vary from person to person and each will respond in a different manner, but overall results are great, not only for the tinnitus but also for general health and sharpness of the brain and better focus.

What did I like about Synapse XT?

  • Synapse XT is a natural formulation made from powerful ingredients.
  • It has been made by a person who has been there and suffered from the same, hence a thorough understanding and feeling have gone behind the product.
  • Nerve degeneration and damage due to age and other factors are successfully treated with this supplement.
  • In addition to helping tinnitus patients, Synapse XT also provides necessary nourishment and support to the body to carry on its functions of daily living.
  • This is a non-invasive method of getting lasting relief from tinnitus that can be pursued from the comfort of home without needing to travel to the doctor’s clinic or repeated checkups.
  • Synapse XT is very easy to take and does not entail any restrictions on food or activity.
  • It improves cognition tremendously while boosting memory and brain function.
  • Regular use of Synapse XT keeps the brain protected against the onset of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.
  • There is marked improvement in focus among users over the long run.
  • Synapse XT is available for purchase directly from the website at the click of a button and is delivered by the company.
  • It is completely free of any side effects.
  • Synapse XT is manufactured in FDA-approved facilities in the USA.
  • Users report a decrease in anxiety and stress with using this supplement.
  • There is a 60-day window to return the product in case desired results are not evident. The manufacturer ensures a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Synapse XT ships free within the United States; however, shipping costs apply to international customers.

As you can see, there are multiple aspects that I really liked about this supplement.

However, the most attractive aspect for me definitely was that I could get a significant and lasting resolution of tinnitus problems from the comfort of my home, with a safe and legal supplement.

Synapse XT CTA

Insider Information

There are a lot of supposed organic supplements that have made their way into the market.

As more and more people are turning towards a healthier life choice and opting to go chemical-free, so are different products coming up.

This makes it more important to read up thoroughly before beginning on something new.

Not only are you going to invest your health but also your time and trust into this.

Supplements that offer transparency in their ingredient list, as well as manufacturing practices, are the most trusted.

This is where Synapse XT scores heavily.

It is manufactured under GMP in FDA-approved facilities and all ingredients are sourced fresh.

Buying Advice

Synapse XT is only available for purchase directly on its own website.

There are no physical stores that one may visit and pick one of these off the shelves.

It does not market on Walmart and is not available on Amazon.

The best and most assured place to get one’s supply of this tinnitus supplement is from the website itself.

Besides being assured of authenticity, one may also avail of attractive offers and discounts that appear regularly on the website.

The website also provides a secure payment gateway for online transactions with no fear of information being poached or pried in any way.

Guarantees are in place for all purchases from the direct website.

There is no reason to venture anywhere else. Visit their website directly and get your bottle right now.

My Final Verdict

I have finally begun to enjoy the tranquility of silence after suffering humming, ringing, buzzing, and more for over a year.

From a point of utter despair where I was close to giving up on what I knew as normal life, to near normal at this point in time, it has been a remarkable turnaround.

An organic formulation containing natural extracts, Synapse XT has helped me not only reconnect my brain signaling but also reconnect with normal life once more.

Each one of you out there reading this review, do give this a try.

There is nothing better you can gift yourself to silence those damning sounds in your ears, for good.

Frequently Asked Questions about Synapse XT (FAQs)

Is Synapse XT safe to use?

All ingredients used in Synapse XT are sourced from naturally occurring substances. They have been chosen and proportioned after a lot of study and research.

There are no synthetic chemicals used in the formula. It is totally safe for use.

How to take Synapse XT?

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the user needs to take two capsules with water daily for best results. It is recommended not to miss doses and never to overdose on the recommendation.

What may one do to get the best results with it?

A healthy diet is always good for anyone. Moderate exercise as tolerated is also recommended along with taking the supplement regularly.

The amount of exercise one should do varies from person to person. This is dependent upon the intensity of the problem and which positions or motions affect a particular person more.

This is very individual and the person concerned has to figure it out over time. There is no ‘one size fits all’ here.

What is the dosage of Synapse XT?

The recommended dose of Synapse XT is two capsules with water daily and regularly. It is important to ensure one has enough stock in place to cover for themselves. It is advised to never overdose.

How long does Synapse XT take to deliver?

Within the US and Canada, the product delivers within 6 business days. International users might have to wait as long as 10 to 15 business days depending upon their location as well as local conditions.

The global pandemic has slowed down delivery in some countries but the manufacturers are committed to honoring their delivery commitments.

Is this product approved by the FDA?

Synapse XT is a dietary supplement and that puts it in a category that does not demand FDA approval or regulation.

However, it is manufactured in facilities that are approved by FDA and GMP followed.

Does Synapse XT use nootropics?

Synapse XT does not use as many nootropics as other similar products. Having said that, it does use multiple other natural components that help support brain health, boost neural activity, and help keep the user alert and focused.

Synapse XT CTA

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