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The 80/20 Percent Rule on Nutrition and Exercise

by Jane Summerfield

It’s correct that nutrition should be given more attention in weight loss programs.

You may also find it interesting how the Pareto law has been applied to the two variables of nutrition and exercise.

I’ve also read many Floraspring reviews that attest to the efficacy of this law.

This may be fun but what does this mean for you and how can applying some rules affect your weight loss program?

Now, let’s explore how prioritizing your weight loss efforts can help you have a better result. Shall we?

You could have many restatements of the Pareto laws that will make sense in your weight management.

20 percent of your effort at losing weight through exercise will prevent 80 percent of health-related consequences of lack of exercise

The Pareto rule has been applied to optimization in the sciences and engineering and very common in management.

The Pareto rule, also known as the 80/20 percent rule applies to almost anything and highlights an imbalance in efforts and outcomes.

A useful motivation for this is the law of compounding interests.

So, you should not give up because your little effort will pay off as a multiple of the efforts you put in.

Maybe you have to think about having the baby steps first and soon you may run.

You should focus 80 percent of your efforts on dieting and 20 percent on workout

You couldn’t have had a simpler and specific way of being told that dieting is the more important factor when trying to lose weight with exercising.

The point here is a slight variation in the application of the rule that introduces levels of priority to be given to exercising and how you eat.

By all means, you should be active as much as possible to keep yourself, fitter.

However, exercise for weight loss has been disappointing to many people.

Thomas DM, Bouchard C, Church T, et al (2012) study gives the reasons why dieting counts more.

Moreover, exercise may even boost your calorie intake which you should be cutting.

You cannot Optimize your workout plan alone and ignore dieting

Your goal while you exercise should not be to the process alone.

You should instead plan ahead of time if you want to grow bigger muscles or you want to gain some weight or lose weight.

You should design your weight loss plan alongside food intake if you want to successfully lose weight.

If you want to lose weight faster you should reward yourself with healthier food and lesser calories after a workout session and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

When you Diet properly, smaller exercise efforts will pay off better rewards

As applied to the Pareto rule, a shorter period of workout should be yielding a better result in toning your shape to the ideal you desire.

On the other hand, if you address 20 percent of your eating problem by cutting calories adequately, your exercise routine is more likely to work than if you do nothing about intakes.


Many factors are important for you to address if you must lose weight. Whether you think of your body weight as an engineering project, or a business, the same rules that apply to prioritizing will work for you.

As always, stay well and stay safe as you properly manage how to be fitter and healthier while exercising and eating right.

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