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The Lost Book of Remedies by Dr. Apelian & Dr. Claude Davis – Customer Reviews & My Own Opinion

by Jane Summerfield

Welcome to my comprehensive review of the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.

It is no secret that God created the heavens and the earth and on this planet, He planted trees, flowers, and plants for the benefit of humans and other animals.

Look at what God said...

“See, I give you every seed-bearing plant that is upon all the earth and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit; they shall be yours for food. These will be food for you” – Genesis 1 v 29.

Isn’t that just amazing that over these thousands of years, animals and humans are still benefiting from these wonderful creations for our food and for our good?

Modern technology has made us humans become detached from nature…

Nature for many humans is almost some old fashioned solution that helped us get where we are today.

With our ultra-modern technologies and very clever doctors, we have become used to dealing with the illnesses and maladies of the world.

And many of us believe emphatically in that.

These modern technologies are taking what nature has provided and they are adding growth hormones and antibiotics to our food today.

They are even saying it is not necessary for farm animals like hens and cows to eat natural organic free-range foods and grasses.

These days these old-fashioned farm animals must also be managed by ultra-modern technologies and humans and forced to produce milk and eggs in sterile environments where they are desperately unhappy…

…forced to eat ‘medical’ foods to fatten them up.

Then we are meant to eat and drink the eggs, milk, and meat, and believe we are becoming healthier and cleverer!

Read up about GMO products if you will and see what you think.

It is just very fortunate that there are some people who believe fully in what nature does for the world…

Most of us have heard the sad news of how many fantastic plant species and animal species have become extinct – it means that they have disappeared forever.

That’s terrible news!

Animals and plants are vital for the sanity and stability of our world…

…and as they disappear, one by one, as we burn down forests and chop down trees and deprive our animals of their natural habitats today…

…we are destroying our own health and well-being and safety on this planet, there is no doubt about that.

It is this wonderful biodiversity that… ;

  • Provides us with our food
  • Keeping our water clean
  • Providing us with medicines for curing illnesses and
  • It even creates the oxygen we breathe!

Once it starts becoming reduced, like it is, we cannot expect that nature will always be there to keep providing for us when we are not looking after it.

As mentioned above, we are fortunate to have people in this world who are very concerned about our natural biodiversity…

…The very reason they decided to write about how important our plant life is.

There are even plant-based diets that are known to cure people of many diseases, keeping them slim, healthy, and happy [1].

Agriculture pushed plants onto the back-burners

Before agriculture was developed hundreds of years ago, humans got their food from fishing, hunting, and gathering.

Then as farming started to develop, the plant eaters and hunter-gathers were pushed off what was considered prime farmlands.

They disappeared to the forests of the Amazon, the grasslands of Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Arctic Tundra.

Thousands of years later, we have only a handful of a few scattered tribes of these hunter-gatherers that still remain on the planet.

Scientists are intensifying their efforts to try and learn about these ancient people and their diets and their way of life before they too disappear forever.

These scientists say we are running out of time; it is time to capture what those few nomadic foraging people of ancient descents are still eating today…

we need to capture their diet and medical secrets now.

The Lost Book of Remedies – All You Need to Know

Dr.Nicole holding the lost book of remedies

Two people created a comprehensive program that contains a long list of natural remedies that the Native American folks relied on years and years ago.

One old man who was adopted and raised by a Native American woman wrote down many remedies in an old notebook…

…sketching pictures of the herbs and plants he encountered and two modern doctors took that and their own expert experience and created The Lost Book of Remedies

…everyone has a chance once again to capture secret remedies from the plant world as noted in this valuable book.

The two people who created this book

Dr. Nicole Apelian is an herbalist as well as being a certified doctor. She is also a survival expert.

So it makes perfect sense that she would want to share all her knowledge and her expertise in the book.

All that knowledge of plants and their natural healing was literally what kept her alive and going – and she knows about survival!

In 2015 she actually participated in the TV show called “Alone”.

She had to survive for 57 days on her own in the world, using all her survival skills and her knowledge of plants to the test.

She took all her past experiences in the wild with plants as well as her remedies into this book, along with the other author, whom we will introduce now to you.

She discovered which plants were anti-inflammatory, which plants would cure skin infections, and which ones would cure some common diseases.

In the book, you will also find guidance on how you can protect yourself from viral infections such as the Covid-19 virus and other cases of flu, hepatitis, and herpes.

Dr. Apelian also lived with the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert to study plants and to learn from them their powerful remedies on how to survive the harsh climate of the desert.

In 2000 she suffered from multiple sclerosis

You can imagine what a blow that was to her health.

But it was during this time that the idea came to her to apply her research skills and bring healing to herself through what she had learned through nature.

Then in 2015, she became the first woman to be elected to feature in History Channel’s top TV show “Alone” and despite her MS…

…she took on 57 days of surviving alone on Vancouver Island with just her hunting knife with her.

Her medicine and her food were the plants she found in the wild.

It was from this experience that she came across Dr. Claude Davis’ Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.

And started applying the remedies and solutions into her life, eventually co-authoring with him to bring a more advanced book to the world.

The old Lost Book of Herbal Remedies by Dr. Claude Davis became more advanced with contributions from Dr. Apelian

The lost book of herbal remedies

The original book was written by Dr. Claude Davis, who is also a survival expert.

Claude spent a lot of his time studying the medicinal properties of plants.

His grandfather’s journal passed down to Claude, described how soldiers were given herbal aid during WW2.

Nicole and Claude decided to re-create the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies to give people all the old traditions and practices they had collected and learned over the years…

…they realized that modern technologies and modern pharmaceuticals were fast replacing the age-old remedies used in the past.

Claude had learned a lot about natural alternatives to conventional medicines years back from his grandfather who had also been a doctor.

Claude also published some survivalist guides online…

…he had begun to realize how we have become more and more disconnected from life, from the world, from trees, from the soil, and even from our own souls.

He says we are the last generation that can truly do something about our plant life

It was for this reason he wrote another book, The Lost Ways – in this one he writes out the survival skills of his forefathers.

He says there are very few people today who know how to do necessary things like our forefathers did, like:

  • Making pemmican
  • Which is the ultimate survival food
  • or the powerful wild lettuce painkiller
  • a self-feeding fire
  • or the 7-day log cabin

He says his goal with the Lost Book of Remedies was to save the most powerful remedies that have become lost to history.

He wanted to separate the true cures from the bogus ones that offered no healing.

He sifted through all the mountains of information and was so grateful for the notes he had retained from his late grandfather whom Claude considers as one of the most gifted natural healers in North America.

So how does nature impact our wellbeing today?

Research does reveal that the environments that we find ourselves in can create great stress in our lives [2]…

they can have a huge impact on our bodies.

What you see, hear, and experience around you not only can impact your mood and your mental status, but also how the endocrine, nervous, and immune system function as well.

Imagine if you are in an environment where you are anxious and stressed; where your blood pressure gets elevated, as well as your heart rate.

You are in an ugly place, witnessing ugly, terrible things.

Around you, it is dark and frightening.

Then someone releases you into a beautiful green garden with flowers, singing birds, sunshine, quietness, and tranquility.

Can you see how your racing heart would subside, your tensed up muscles would relax and your eyes would fill with joy and delight?

Would you not feel as if you had received a healing touch?

Of course!

And the healing plants of Claude’s book can bring your body a healing touch as well.

Regardless of our age or culture, all humans usually find nature pleasing

In one study quoted from the book Healing Gardens, researchers found that over two-thirds of people would rather choose a natural place to go to when they are looking for solace and to escape stress.

Nature and plants are healing, period.

When we are in nature or we even are just viewing scenes from nature, we find our anger, stress, and fear subsiding.

Being in nature we feel better emotionally.

According to some scientists, Stamatakis and Mitchell, nature and its plants might even reduce mortality [3].

Research completed in schools, offices, and hospitals, has discovered that just a plant in a room can have a significant impact on stress and anxiety.

Remember the wonderful true story of little Aidan Schwalbe, the 3-year old heart transplant recipient, seriously ill, reveling in the hospital gardens( See it here).

The gardens, the meandering paths, the sun shining through the trees and leaving dappled sunlight on the lawns, gnarled roots and branches just like from old storybooks of old was Aidan’s lifesaver.

He adored the animal sculptures and gardens, full of natural wonder for a child and adult.

Today the hospital is one of the most successful hospital gardens in the country.

That is because nature soothes, helping us to cope with pain – it restores.

Can you see why nature is such a remedy for the soul and for the body?

Time spent in nature increases our ability to pay attention.

And nature helps people recover from depression and stress and to get a new perspective on their lives.

It is for the benefit of our health that The Lost Book of Remedies has been made available to us…

During the First World War, the soldiers were lying on the battlefield with rotting wounds – nobody knew how to deal with dying soldiers with rotting wounds.

In 1914, doctors of the Royal College of Surgeons of England knew all about the terrible prevalence of sepsis.

The doctors were desperate for something sterile that would keep the wounds of soldiers clean of infection.

What were they to do?

And then a Scottish surgeon-and-botanist came up with the idea – to stuff the rotting wounds full of moss! [4]

For the wounded soldiers, the sphagnum moss bandages produced sterile environments by keeping the pH levels around the wounds low and inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Isn’t that fantastic!

Back to the Lost Book of Remedies 

Even though we are now in modern times, there are thousands of people who still want to be treated with natural remedies.

This book by Claude Davis and Nicole Apelian shows you the remedies of old, enabling you to identify all the medical plants that are still around today.

One thing that makes the Lost Book of Remedies unique is that it doesn’t criticize modern health care treatments of today.

That is because the authors realize that the pharmaceutical companies of today aren’t charities.

Their drugs, research, and recommendations have saved millions of lives, probably including you who are reading this. 

But Mother Nature in herself is not the supplier of old fuddy-duddy ideas and remedies that have lost their power over the years.


What is apparent is that Mother Nature knows the way of managing virtually all kinds of chronic ailments.

The only problem with the big pharmaceutical giants is that they don’t want you to really know the power of plants.

They would much prefer it if you joined the endless drug buying cycle even though they know that Mother Nature really knows best!

Everything to know about Lost Book of Remedies…

The Lost Book of Remedies is primarily an e-book, which contains all the tools, techniques, and natural remedies that you will need during a crisis.

It’s available on the internet and is filled to the brim with unlimited knowledgeable information about medicinal plants.

The book offers you in-depth discussions of plants that people who have no knowledge about plants at all will easily understand.

It has different categories too, such as types of plants and where they grow at their best.

And of course, with all the photos alongside the plant, you can never get confused.

There is a section where you learn about the preparation of plants to serve as remedies, like making poultices…

…which plants need to be cooked or boiled to bring out their amazing healing properties.

A quick peek inside…

Lost book of remedies

1) Over 800 Medicinal Plants

Just some samples of what you can expect to find inside. It’s just a glimpse because there are actually over 800 medicinal plants listed in this book and their remedies.

2) Help With All Kinds of Pains and Discomfort

On page 145, you learn how to make a powerful “relieving” extract using a common backyard weed. This plant acts directly on the central nervous system to help with all kinds of pain and discomfort.

3) Natural antibiotic

Can you believe there is a natural antibiotic and you might be surprised to realize when you get the book that it could well be growing in your backyard!

Read about it on page 150.

4) Auto-immune conditions

Then have a look on page 43; there’s a natural remedy there for a whole host of auto-immune conditions.

Dr. Apelian herself had MS when she was just 29.

Just three herbal tinctures sorted that out – one was an adaptogen and the other two had immunomodulatory effects, bringing her body back to balance.

5) Slippery Elm

What about the miracle worker called Slippery Elm?

The forefathers used this in their intestinal tracts to soothe inflammation and also to take away the pain.

It gave rest to the bowels so that the body could heal itself.

Mayflower settlers saw how the animals stripped bark from certain trees and they did it too, boiling the bark in water and applying the gruel on their sores, and watching them heal.

6) Tree of Peace

Then there is the “Tree of Peace” from which a powerful ointment was made for the back, neck, shoulders, and ankles – it sounds like a much-needed tree to help with stress.

Are you battling to walk with foot pain and you have no energy?

Put this plant in your shoes and see what happens!

7) How to make a syrup

And on one of the pages, you will discover how to make a syrup.

It might be able to help a man suffering from prostate problems or a woman suffering from an overactive bladder.

8) Marshmallow plant

Another plant that some might not even have heard of before is the marshmallow plant.

No, it doesn’t grow marshmallows on it! But it does have amazing antiviral properties.

9) Chamomile tea

Millions of people around the world, who suffer from insomnia, drink a cup of chamomile tea about 30 minutes before going to bed.

Chamomile is known for its calming properties, but did you know that it makes a fabulous rinse for blond hair as well!

10) Respiratory cure

Here is one even for Covid-19!

This one is a respiratory cure where the plant gets boiled in water.

It is able to clear the airwaves and clear out mucus in the chest and sinuses.

11) Unkown Plants

There is a plant that you will find growing probably in your own backyard, that most people weed out every time they do gardening.

What they might not realize that the milky substance found in the plant can work directly on the central nervous system and lessen feelings of pain.

12) Yarrow

And wonderful Yarrow – this amazing herb has many health benefits, you won’t be sorry to have this plant growing in your garden.

Bitter herbs such as yarrow are extremely important to the mountaineers of Switzerland; brewed as a stomach cordial or a tonic for the appetite.

Yarrow was well known to the American Indians who used it on their sores, cuts, and bruises, and for the frontier doctors of old, it was the answer to diarrhea, bleeding, and dyspepsia.

As you can see, we have given you quite a taste of this wonderful book and of all the wonderful properties found in their different components…

…that could benefit your health when you add them to your garden and into your life.

There might just be some niggling medical problem that has been nagging at you for several months – one which you would love to have cleared up.

Look it up in this book and you might be able to cure yourself of it before trying a doctor.

It does look kind of old and ‘magical’ inside doesn’t it – just a pic of the contents!

The book isn’t just limited to plant remedies though.

There is a special section about medicinal trees as well, and which trees you can actually eat from.

Many times it is not only the fruit that is edible.

With some trees, it is possible to eat the root, or the bark or the leaves.

All the different parts of the tree are there for a very special reason and purpose, and all of them are there for our healing and survival.

This book will also look at the common treatments used by our ancestors…

You will discover what our ancestors used to heal fevers, sore throats, and coughs for instance.

Most people know that when it comes to natural remedies, they don’t just start to work overnight – they take time to start to work and one needs patience.

Some people want to give up after a week or so because they are expecting to be cured immediately of what is ailing them.

This is not often the case with natural remedies.

You can’t rush nature!

Also with natural remedies, you must take them as per the dosage because if you think taking more will bring on a cure faster or double the cure, it’s not going to work.

The Lost Book of Remedies might sound to many as if it contains some kind of magic potions that will bring about an ancient cure discovered from years gone by but it’s not like that.

Plants are a cure for many a disease and remedy but, if you are a person currently on a doctor’s prescription, for instance, it won’t do just to quit your doctor’s medications and move over to plant medicine.

You would certainly have to discuss it with your doctor to see what is best for your particular medical condition.

The Lost Book of Remedies might well be the book that can contribute towards speeding up your recovery process and in some cases…

…it might be the very cure of some ailment you have been struggling with or be able to help to relieve some discomfort or pain you have.

What You Get Out of The Lost Book of Remedies

The world is infused with plants full of medicinal properties that have been used for thousands of years for the treatment of diseases.

Only recently people have steered away from natural medicine to prescription medications because they are instantly available and something like an antibiotic can start healing immediately.

But many modern medications are potentially harmful, often coming with a long list of side effects that are often worse than what you’re using the medicine for in the first place.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies has done all of the research for you already…

…putting everything together into a comprehensive guide of natural remedies.

1) A Ton of Herbal Remedies

You get 300-pages worth of plants, herbs, trees, shrubs, and flowers from across the globe with natural remedies for each one.

You will be taught how to identify them, harvest them, and grow them on your own.

2) Well Arranged & Categorized…

The book is not confusing – it is divided into different categories to make it easier for you to navigate through.

Look at the categories – they make it easy to find out which plant you can harvest wherever you are.

  • Backyard weeds
  • Wild plants in great plains
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Coastal tropical and water-loving plants
  • Nationwide plants
  • Household remedies
  • Forests and woodlands

3) Index of Plants

The book also comes with an index showing you the uses of all the different plants.

If you were looking for a remedy for joint pain, for instance, you would refer to the index and it will tell you which pages to go to, to find the remedies for joint pain, just as an example.

4) Everything is Digital

Everything is also digitally provided for you, so you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase the book and download it to your smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or tablet.

So wherever you go, you can just call up the solutions from your herbalist doctor!

Being digital, it’s not necessary to pack this book in your luggage because it’s already stored on your device to use as needed.

5) Growing Herbs and Plants for Medical Use

Herbal medicine

It teaches you how to grow herbs and plants for medical use so you can improve your overall health.

It will also show you how to prepare them and apply them when you are ill.

6) Clearly Written Instructions

The eBook has concise, clear instructions that you will be able to follow easily and make your own medicines, poultices, salves, and whatnot.

And you will be so delighted if you can see how your family flourishes under the care of Nature.

7) You’ll Have the Ability to Identify Plants…

Imagine being able to identify plants as you walk around in your neighborhood or while you travel on holiday or you are even lost in the wild!

Some plants that you pass by each day, you might not recognize and many times you might just assume they are weeds.

But in the meantime, it could be the very plant that could save your life.

8) Very Easy to Understand Plain English

This book is written in plain English and easy for everyone to understand.

The authors have identified all the plants in the most common names.

They have also included pictures to help with identifying every plant.

You don’t need to be a guru to work this book out.

Buy the lost book of remedies today

Did you know that average Americans spend over $1,200 every year just on medicines?

The pharmaceutical industry has seen huge leaps and bounds in sales in the past few years.

It’s a multi-multi-million dollar business with millions of people being dependent on their various prescriptions and pills.

If some of them were lost in the wilderness, they would surely perish without their asthma pumps, their pills to keep them calm…

…or what to use should they be dehydrated and in pain in emergency situations.

The Lost Book of Remedies eBook is the answer to people who want to change their life; to be prepared and to put Nature back into their lives and their bodies.

It was Hippocrates who said let food by thy medicine and that’s just what plants are!

The Lost Book of Remedies is a book where anyone can find a collection of salves, tinctures, brews, and other remedies that come simply from Nature, from the entire different flora found across America.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Lost Book of Remedies?


  • Most common ailments and diseases are mentioned in the book along with a natural remedy to cure them.
  • The remedies in the book are all-natural so there is a meager chance of allergies or side effects.
  • As the remedies are mostly derived from plants, they will be economical to make.
  • Overall living style is improved.
  • The methods used in the program have all been tested and are clinically proven to solve problems at their root cause.
  • A fantastic way to detoxify the body – like starting all over, afresh again, naturally.
  • It’s truly an excellent investment in health. For millions of people, health is more important to them than happiness.
  • The authors are both experts, so they have delivered a complete system.

If you decide that you want to buy the Lost Book of Remedies eBook, for a limited time, then you will also get two additional books added.

These are very good supplementary reading material books.

One is called the “80 Square Foot Medicinal Garden in your Backyard” which is self-explanatory. a

And the other book is the “Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook” which is also self-explanatory and would be extremely useful to anyone facing a medical crisis.

Then, along with the two bonus books, you get a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee.

Have a look at the book and if you feel it does not meet your expectation, you have plenty of time to send it back.


  • Extra equipment might be needed to make the remedies.
  • You need to follow the steps provided very well.
  • You need an active internet connection to download the PDF book.
  • Sometimes natural medicines take much longer to be effective than modern medicines.
  • Some people might not be able to handle the strong effects of some remedies.
  • Some consider it as expensive.

How much does this book cost?

It comes at a very reasonable price in pdf format.

You can also decide to buy the hardcover book; they are at the same price.

The delivery charge is $8.99 for either the digital or hardcover book.

Click here to download the digital version or to buy the hardcover version.

Where to buy The Lost Book of Remedies

You can find this book on the official website.

See what some people think about this book – you might be one that ends up loving the contents of the book!

[thrive_testimonial name=”” company=”” image=””]

“I almost passed on buying this book due to the cost. I am so glad I have it on my shelf!! Haven’t you always wondered about those plants around the house?

Especially the ones we call weeds? Well, what a surprise to receive Mr. Davis’s book and open it up to see dozens of “weeds” in clear pictures with well-written explanations about them.

Healing is truly on the earth and all around us. Mr. Davis explains each common plant, what it’s medicinal uses can be, and then how to make them into safe and effective medicines.

I can’t wait to get out there and harvest some that grow around my house and used to fall prey to the weed wacker!!

Thank you grandfather Davis…. your grandson has done you proud. The book and pages are copy paper size and well-illustrated and very easy to read. I just love it!!”


Here’s one more:

[thrive_testimonial name=”William Moore ” company=”” image=””]

“Wow, this book has 2-4 color pictures for every plant, with in-depth identification notes. easy to use. lots of remedies, tinctures, syrups, ointments, poultices, etc.

Also, in the end, the book has an index with all the conditions you can think of…

…and the pages where you’ll find the remedies and plants for your particular needs.”



If you are someone who wants to return to nature…

forget about those costly medications and treatments and start treating you and your family naturally, you have to get this book.

It’s a book from Mother Nature herself, helping you use her precious gifts in the form of medicinal plants and herbs.

If you use the remedies regularly, you can bring some significant changes to your health.

What’s more?

This book will teach you that you don’t have to run to the doctor every time you feel sick; that there is another path to Mother Nature where she has the power to heal.

Unfortunately today, we have become a pill-popping society because we know that in a few moments, we can have a pill in our hands that might do the job almost immediately…

…without giving much thought to the long-term side effects – it’s no wonder opioid addiction today is at an all-time high. 

Sometimes we don’t even want to hear that plain fresh air has a major impact on our mental and physical health.

Back in the Middle Ages, monasteries had food gardens and natural places for spiritual, meditation, and healing practices.

It was Henry D. Thoreau who said that “Nature is but another name for health”

The Lost Book of Remedies takes you on a blast to the past journey of what our forefathers used and relied upon for thousands of years before modern-day medicine took over.

Now, when you are always searching online for natural remedies to deal with all your aches and pains, you will find The Lost Book of Remedies will give you a remedy for all of them

…it could give you your life back!

If you are looking for a good survival kit to take into 2021 – Get the Lost Book of Remedies.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Lost Book of Remedies (FAQs)

What is the Lost Book of Remedies about?

It’s a digital e-book consisting of around 300 pages. It’s a very helpful step-by-step guide showing you how to make your own natural remedies, and how to survive from the land. The authors are top experts.

Is it safe to use and make the remedies from the plants?

Yes. All have been 100% tested before and there are absolutely no side effects. All the ingredients are mostly natural plants.

Some people say it could be a scam – is it?

Definitely not!

It is all about natural remedies that the people from ancient times used to grow and forage for food.

There are still some indigenous people that eat similarly today. It even gives you some basic survival skills you might be so glad to know about in the future!

There are some who say it costs a lot of money?

It costs $37 and for what you get inside, it is very reasonable and you might save yourself a lot of money by being able to make these remedies for yourself and to use for your family.


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Buy the lost book of remedies today

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