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The Wellness Chronicle: 5 Tree Care Tips & Techniques Because a New Tree is a New Life

The moment you decide on a tree for your garden and plant it in the chosen place, you need to start caring for it. How you care for it will affect its strength, its health, and its lifespan.

There are some good caring tips to learn that will ensure a beautiful tree, whether it is a small ornamental tree or a mighty oak. Good care; nurturing and molding the tree will give you years of pleasure.

Trees can feel pain, fear, and emotions and that’s according to a German researcher, Peter Wohlleben – he devoted his time and work to studying trees. He says trees form bonds with each other and look out for each because they have feelings.

  1. Choose the right tree in the right soil

Choose the right tree for the right place. Like you can’t plant a huge oak on the side of your home where your neighbor’s house and the fence is, right? You also need to find out if the tree needs sun or shade.

Here’s a bit of a tree guide for you – this one too. It’s important to realize that the roots of your new tree and other trees and plants will all intermingle, competing for nutrients and water.

So whatever treatments you apply to your lawn for instance, such as fertilizers and herbicides, will impact the appearance and vitality of your tree as well.

  • Pruning them properly

Pruning is imperative because this keeps trees strong and healthy.

If you don’t prune a tree properly, you can actually damage the greenery, and this can lead to the spread of disease and destabilization of the tree.

According to Stratton Landscaping – good tree pruning company, signs of bad pruning are trees that look top-heavy or bottom-heavy, nasty jagged cuts in the trees, a tree that leans over or doesn’t look balanced for instance.

If you’re looking for a ,

  • Effective watering

Water is like food for your trees and therefore, effective watering is an important way to maintain the greenery of your trees and lawns. Particularly in summer, you will want to make sure your trees are watered deeply.

An occasional soak is much more effective than just a quick squirt of watering over the tree.

Trees generally do not need watering in winter unless they have been planted recently.

  • Don’t forget to mulch

Mulching protects the trees from stress, but it should not be done haphazardly. When done incorrectly it can damage the tree roots and actually do more harm than good.

Start mulching about 6 inches from the tree base, and extend the mulching all the way to the end of the tree’s drip line, ending underneath the tree canopy.

  • Prop up young and fragile trees

Sometimes trees need some help so don’t give up if your young sapling is hanging down and looking a bit limp. Use some support stakes to help it grow up strong and sturdy.

Take a stake and dig it in the ground, tying the upper part of the tree to the stake, then when it’s strong, you can remove the stake.

Identifying the correct care and techniques to care for your trees such as those above will ensure luscious healthy greenery – you will realize that all that you put in is what you are reaping now; luscious greenery, perhaps beautiful flowers and fruit too – rich rewards, summer after summer.

Jane Summerfield

Jane is a wellness specialist with a degree in community health. She has been a health educator for over 13 years.