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The Ugly Truth Behind Dirty Beauty Products and How to Get Clean

by Jane Summerfield

Last updated on April 27th, 2021 at 10:34 pm

Here at Wellness Warrior, we talk a lot about avoiding toxins, especially in the foods we eat.

However, there’s another equally prevalent way that toxins can and do enter our bodies.

Consider “beauty” products: with all the shampooing, spraying, slathering, and scrubbing we do, the average woman applies 515 synthetic chemicals on her body in a single day.

For example, the Belle Bella IPL hair removal device is one of the most recent ones and it is based on the premise that if you want to remove your hair permanently, Intense-Pulsed light can do it effectively.

Many are dangerous and … dare we say? … disgusting toxins.

A recent article in The Glamour Organic Goddess lists disturbing facts about the lack of controls over such everyday merchandise as toothpaste, shampoo, and even baby products:

  • Companies don’t have to list all ingredients on the label.
  • More than 1 in 5 beauty products contain chemicals linked to cancer.
  • Only 11% of 12,500 ingredients have ever been reviewed for safety.
  • 80% commonly contain hazardous impurities.
  • 56% contain skin penetration enhancers that allow some ingredients to enter your bloodstream.
  • U.S. manufacturers often make different, safer versions of their products to be sold overseas, where cosmetic regulations are much stricter.

While the extent of damage caused by such chemicals and carcinogens remains unclear, studies like this have already linked the common cosmetic preservative, parabens, to breast cancer.

With cancer, ADHD, and allergies on the rise in this country, other links will almost certainly be the next wake-up calls.

Where to turn nowadays for clean beauty products?

Label promises aren’t much help.

Big companies have caught on to our desire for organic, less toxic products and use false advertising to lure consumers in.

A recent article in GOOP, reiterates:

There is an utter lack of chemical policy in this country that is pretty terrifying, primarily because most people mistakenly believe that like many other things in the U.S., the personal care industry is highly-regulated. It’s not. At all. What’s worse, in our opinion, is the flagrant green-washing and marketing—“natural,” “organic,” “pure”—that lulls people into believing that they’re making great, health-centric choices. That’s just not ok. We all deserve to know what’s in our products so that we can choose whether to use them or not.”

 For an idea of what to avoid,BeautyCounter, a beauty company started by Gregg Renfrew (a wife and mother fed up with the bogus beauty standards provided by the government), offers the “Never List”, which you can easily print out.

 Another great source for finding safe, clean beauty products is to check your goods on the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.

 Several books help us all understand the dangers and seek solutions. Look for No More Dirty Looks and Not Just A Pretty Face- The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, if you want to go more than “skin deep!”


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