7 Important Things About Wellness Every Girl Should Know

Regardless of age, every girl desires to look better and have good overall health.

While it may not be easy to follow a strict nutritious regimen, it’s essential to find ways on how you can improve your well-being.

This means keeping fit and eating nutritious foods. You also need to avoid stress by ensuring you surround yourself with positive people.

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1. Drink alcohol responsibly

It is advisable to avoid drinking too much alcohol.

According to health experts, drinking a glass of wine or having one beer is recommended.

Drinking large amounts of alcohol has been known to cause cancer and liver disease.

2. Avoid drugs

While this advice may seem quite obvious, most girls often ignore it due to peer pressure.

Street drugs like heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine are not only addictive but can also cause many health problems.

On the other hand, when you use certain prescription drugs over a prolonged period, they can be dangerous to your health.

You also need to watch your intake of muscle relaxants as they are often addictive and potentially dangerous.

3. Meditate regularly

Meditation is a powerful exercise that will teach you the importance of appreciating the present moment.

Regular meditation can help you deal with stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Additionally, it can help with depression, pain, and many other health issues.

4. Spend less time on your phone

Instead of spending most of your time checking your email or browsing the internet, try switching off your phone once in a while.

By disconnecting from technology, you will learn how to make sound decisions.

Additionally, your energy levels will improve and you will start to appreciate the smallest things in life without having to compare yourself with others.

5. Try to keep a healthy weight

Although weight is a sensitive subject in our society, maintaining a healthy weight has become a great challenge for most girls.

Most girls today often struggle with body image issues and may forget the importance of maintaining a healthy weight.

Being overweight can significantly increase your risk of chronic diseases and even cancer, and can reduce your overall quality of life.

6. Ensure you get enough sleep

You should try and stick to a regular sleeping pattern of at least 6 hours a night.

Avoid drinking coffee or working out when you are just about to sleep.

If you find yourself turning and tossing around for more than 20 minutes, try to sleep in another room.

You can read a book or magazine until you start to doze off.

7. Keep a personal journal

Keeping a journal is the best way to process emotions and events.

It can help you get a more personal insight into your life.

When writing on your journal, remember how much power your words have on your overall well-being.

Always try and use more positive words when writing your journal to keep you feeling inspired.

For example, you can write a simple sentence of appreciation, thinking of someone who has been of help to you in one way or another.

Deborah Szekely

Deborah Szekely is an activist, entrepreneur, James Beard-nominated author, former diplomat, and the planter of North America’s first modern organic garden.