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My Thryve Gut Health Review | Going With My Gut Feeling – What I Learned

Written by The Well Team

Before I even begin with this Thryve review, let me tell you that an upset tummy can ruin so many things.

Besides dropping energy levels and weight loss I had to contend with a strange listlessness about everything.

Looking back, I could trace this decline to being on antibiotics for some other condition. Try as I might, I could not pull myself out of this.

When I read about microbiome research, I was interested in knowing more about it because it seemed a plausible answer to my problems.

Gut health and gut microbiome were alien terms to me until then.

I had no idea about the health benefits of helpful bacteria present in my gut.

I mean, good bacteria?

I know about pathogenic bacteria but good was something folks do not associate with bacteria.

The premise of the microbiome study was that each person had a different gut composition that needed to be identified.

This is exactly what a Thryve microbiome test promised to look into.

All that I needed was to send them a stool sample and depending upon test results I would be assigned customized probiotics as treatment.

While normally occurring probiotics were good but might not be sufficient to handle the condition of my gut.

I was interested enough to order a starter home kit from Thryve and try and sort myself out.

After undergoing the Thryve gut health test I am now on a customized probiotic blend.

I cannot say I suddenly have endless energy but I do have better control over my blood sugar and blood pressure.

What I definitely have is wonderful peace of mind with friendly bacterial cells working for me. With a better mental state and parameters under control, I am one satisfied customer.

Following is my Thryve review and how it has helped me regain control of my life.

Thryve Gut Health & Probiotics – It’s All About Biome Testing

Thryve Inside

What is Thryve?

Thryve is a dietary supplement aimed at improving gut health, digestive health and providing ultimate immunity to the user.

Thryve is an established wellness company based in the US that creates gut health testing kits along with many other wellness products.

This particular product, Thryve, recognizes the fact that both physical and mental wellness stems from a healthy tummy.

Thryve claims they have the wherewithal to test and recommend personalized probiotics to each person after analyzing their gut wellness score.

Who made it?

Thryve is the brainchild of Richard Lin who created this gut health supplement after his own unpleasant experience with gastrointestinal issues.

His focus is on providing means to users to get a healthy gut and to promote beneficial bacteria.

The product is manufactured at GMP facilities in San Francisco, California.

There is constant monitoring to ensure quality control of the highest order, one of the main reasons behind many a positive Thryve review.

Why Was Thryve Gut Health Created?

Thryve has been created with the best possible intent from personal experience by Richard Lin, in close assistance with his team of highly qualified scientists.

Stemming from the personal experience of Robert Lin about how the whole gut system gets affected by antibiotics, the importance of the gut microbiome test got into focus.

He found that the damage could be reversed by microbiome testing followed by food recommendations based on a personalized food plan.

Such a plan of treatment was bound to be more effective than standard methods of using more medicines to cover the damage.

So much so that Thryve has been vetted by the American Gut Project for its efficacy in rectifying gut health. All of this centers around improving the gut microbiome.

What are the Gut microbiome and Healthy Gut Bacteria?

Go with your gut feeling is a clichéd saying, but many of us do not realize how important our gut health is.

The human gut is made of millions of bacterial cells, fungi, and different microbes.

A balance of all these organisms is what makes up the gut microbiome.

There are ongoing studies and a whole lot of raw data going around on the effect of thriving gut on human health.

The presence of healthy gut bacteria has been established for a long time now.

Different useful bacteria like lactobacillus Plantarum and Lactobacillus casei are vital for gut health.

Along with such good bacteria, there are many microbes and fungi that help keep the gut microbiome in perfect working order.

This includes good digestion and regular evacuation of bowel movements, something that is essential for overall well-being.

To keep this delicate balance in good working condition as well as to make it thrive, there are different ways that one may try out, like:

  • Eat more fermented foods that are full of probiotics.
  • Incorporate more fiber into your diet.
  • Cut down on your sugar consumption.
  • Work to reduce stress.
  • Remain physically active.
  • Get a regular quota of sleep which is important in regaining good health.
  • Unnecessary use of antibiotics to be avoided.

Gut Health Test

Thryve provides a module to test the specific microbes and organisms in each person’s gut. This is done by RNA sampling and sequencing from the sample sent.

It then proceeds to provide solutions after going through an extensive database of every single microbiome research article.

For sampling, Thryve has a home gut test kit that is shipped to the customer.

Let us look at the process in steps:

1) Activation of the home kit

This is the first step where a 5-digit code is present in the kit one receives.

This needs to be used to link your profile to the Thryve website.

All further interactions, suggestions, analyses, and reports will then be provided to the user directly and in complete privacy, depending upon the results of the gut test.

2) Sample collection

This step might not be very pleasant for everyone but it is not complicated either. There are two parts to this step.

  • Wipe after the first bowel movement and run the dry swab overused toilet paper to collect the sample.
  • Put this swab inside the tube and stir well to the point when the collection liquid changes color. Close tube well and further shake well. This helps to preserve bacteria in feces until they reach the Thryve testing facility.

3) Sending sample

For those in the US, free sample shipping is provided by means of a prepaid box.

International users need to pay for shipping with clear instructions printed on the labels.

Gut Analysis

Thryve review of gut bacteria is accomplished with the Thryve gut health test kit.

I have explained the kit and the way of using it in the section above.

What Thryve does next after it receives samples and how it is analyzed is what we will learn about in this section.

Of note is that Thryve communicates with its users via their app which may be downloaded onto your phone.

They also have a video on their website explaining the details to customers in an attempt to explain what their system is all about.

Thryve uses a patented wellness score method to detect the overall health of the gut as well as qualitative analysis of microbial healthy population.

In this wellness score research confidence algorithm, they…

compare the amounts of probiotics, beneficial, commensal and pathogenic bacteria from our customer’s gut microbiome test to the American Gut Project results.  From this comparison, we can calculate their gut microbiome diversity, which is the richness of bacterial genus or species (amounts of different bacteria) that characterizes the gut microbiome in individuals. We also consider the abundance of gut bacteria, including the percentage of beneficial bacteria, proteobacteria, and more.”

Based on the result of this comparison and analysis by their expert team, a customized treatment plan is then formulated to cater to each customer.

Supplements are recommended based on what kinds of probiotic strains have been found in fecal matter.

This will differ from others and be specific to each person’s state of the gut.

Because of this targeted approach, results are much more viable and truer.

The Probiotic Supplements

Along with focusing on gut health, Thryve also makes products that are basically supplements to care for other aspects of health.

In its pursuit of holistic wellness, Thryve provides a supplement called Mood Enhancer.

This contains good bacteria that add value to gut health thus promoting overall wellness.

The challenge for science lies in creating a casing that can survive harsh stomach acids and reach where they are intended to.

Thryve has come up with a vegetarian casing that keeps good bacteria safe during their gut passage.

Thryve claims their method allows the good bacteria to stick to the gut longer and give better results compared to other probiotics.

Mood Enhancer is to be taken twice daily to help with anxiety and depression symptoms.

It also provides the necessary balance for the overall good health of the gastrointestinal tract as well as mental health.

Who should not use Thryve

Although Thryve review suggests it is a very good product, it would be good for certain people to avoid it.

  • Pregnant or lactating women should not use Thryve.
  • This is not for children below 18.
  • For those suffering from serious gastrointestinal disorders.
  • If someone is on a medication regimen, it is better to see a physician who can provide medical advice.

The Cons: What I did not like

  • All consultations are online and some people might find that a bit uncomfortable.
  • There might be stomach discomfort in some people as you can see in Thryve review.
  • Probiotic recommendations and treatment are still in the exploratory stage although there is no harm recorded.
  • There is some dissatisfaction over response to customer queries with many customers.
  • International orders involve shipping charges.

 Thryve Reviews from Customers

Have a look at the authentic Thryve review:

“Thryve has been life-changing. I’ve been suffering from digestive issues since I was a child. I later learned I had celiac disease and my gut was a mess. Even after going gluten-free I still had major issues. Thryve has been the only thing that has significantly helped. I no longer blindly buy probiotics and am armed with the knowledge of which strains my body really needs. I can’t say enough good things and I’m so fortunate and thankful to have found a product that truly heals me.” – Emily Naud, US

“My 12-year-old child had chronic diarrhea for 20 months after her Lyme treatment with 2 months of 3 types of antibiotics…….From the very first Thryve probiotic, her stool was perfect. She takes one a day, it’s been 3 weeks and every day she has had a perfect stool. She is a much happier child. I highly recommend Thryve. I am very grateful for your service. You rescued my poor child.” – Marica Petrovska Garvey, US

As the Thryve review reveals, there are many customers out there who are not too happy with the customer service, while others have had a great interaction.

Results also differ from person to person but overall Thryve probiotics created a good space for most users.

Why not get a gut test today and move towards better health with their personalized probiotic blends?

The Pros: What I Liked

  • Thryve tests in the home kit are very easy to do.
  • We get personalized diet recommendations based on the results of the analysis.
  • Thryve also sends in recommendations for probiotic supplements that would suit each person’s gut microbiome test results.
  • There are good subscription plans suggested that one may follow depending upon recommendations.
  • Shipping of samples from the home microbiome test kit is done with great attention to preservation.
  • Thryve has very transparent scientific evidence-based results.
  • There is a high level of privacy of your personal information and data.
  • Crucial testing is done in the best-equipped labs in the US.
  • Thryve is good for mental health with the betterment of stomach issues.

Insider Information

While Thryve is a great product with personalized probiotics that strengthen our immune system, there are other options as well for gut wellness and overall good health.

For those of you wanting a more thorough analysis of your gut microbiome compared to Thryve, it would be advisable to look for more specific products.

I chose Thryve because I got a fair analysis of microorganisms and more importantly customized dietary recommendations.

The point here is to choose depending upon what you want more.

Thryve gives a complete solution and is easy on the pocket too.

Buying Advice

To get the best deals and genuine products, visit the Thryve website.

This is where I bought my gut health test kit instead of checking elsewhere.

The subsequent gut health report I got has been the basis of my treatment protocol.

Needless to say, this analysis needs to be on point to identify pathogenic bacteria that might be responsible for the present situation of one’s gut and digestive health.

Buying from the original makers also makes available various offers and discounts that the company might be running at any given time.

Thryve ships internationally to most countries globally.

Delivery timings will of course vary depending upon location and restrictions in view of pandemics. One may track the order online to know when to expect the product.

The company offers free shipping on all orders above $50 within the US.

My Verdict

For those looking for a pocket-friendly solution to their gut issues and relief from digestive discomfort, I would certainly recommend the Thryve gut test and subsequent treatment as detailed above.

So far as my final Thryve review is concerned, I found this product quite useful in my journey towards better digestion and the diet recommendations have been really on point.

With suitable probiotic blends included in my daily diet, I am now leading a much healthier way of life.

I would certainly recommend Thryve to sort out digestive issues.

It provided me with the most comprehensive actionable insights into my problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Thryve gut supplement legit?

Yes, indeed! Thryve is completely legit and safe to use. It uses only natural components to get the gut health in shape. Thryve works to create a healthy gut microbiome without resorting to any questionable components. It uses ingredients that are approved by FDA.

How accurate is the gut test?

Thryve gut microbiome testing is fairly accurate but there are other probiotic supplements that might offer better testing, for example, Viome. Within budget, Thryve offers satisfactory rest results. 

Does Thryve check for parasites?

Thryve does not check for parasites specifically; however, their gut health test kit can identify parasites in stool and note them for future resolution of health concerns.

What is Thryve Premium?

Thryve Premium is part of the Thryve Gut Health Program that is responsible for vital human health factors like immune health, vitamin absorption, metabolism, and more.

How long does it take for the results of the home sampling kit to come in?

Thryve sends your gut score within 2-3 weeks as promised. This is when one may start on a customized diet plan to get the best gut results.

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