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Trenbolone: A Top-Notch Appetite and Muscle Growth Promoter?

Written by Decyry Jhoy Serrano, RPh

Have you ever experienced that inability to lift the usual things you use?

Or, have you ever been to the gym and all of a sudden, boom! You can’t do your favorite exercise anymore.

If you think this happens because of gray, don’t worry, it happens to all.

According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), muscle weakness is associated with aging, and around 5% of adults who are 60 years old and over may feel significantly reduced muscle strength.

Moreover, this muscle weakness, also caused by reduced natural hormones, does not differ by sex.

Whether you are a female or male, your normal muscle strength will eventually be decreased by age.

Fortunately, several formulated anabolic agents can help you address this issue, and one of these is the Trenbolone, and in this article, you will be able to find out if Trenbolone is suitable for you.

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Trenbolone: A Detailed Review

What is Trenbolone?

Trenbolone, chemically named 17β-Hydroxyestra-4,9,11-trien-3-one, is an organic steroid compound that was discovered in 1963 by Dr. L. Velluz and her colleagues.

It is one of the potent steroids that can cause reduced androgenic and estrogenic activity in humans. 

According to the John Wiley publishing company, in the twentieth century (the early 1970s), this compound was introduced as a veterinary medication used as one of the growth promoters for muscle mass and lean tissue of farm animals such as beef cattle before being processed into meat products.

Moreover, the first two brand names of this drug under a registered trademark were called Finajet and Finaject, and as of today, there are more brand names for this steroid including the following:

  • Tren A & Tren E
  • SP Trenbolone 75
  • Finaplix
  • Tren 100

Generally, this small molecule compound is formulated for weight gain purposes, and aside from this, it offers other benefits which will be discussed along.


Trenbolone, being one of the synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids, is formulated for patients with the following health conditions:

  • Significantly reduced appetite
  • Androgen steroid hormones deficiency
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Certain types of anemia
  • Wasting syndrome

Moreover, this anabolic steroid is also used to burn the excess fat on the body, thereby providing the patients a normal and healthy weight.

Types of Trenbolone

There are 3 types of Trenbolone steroid drugs and they have different mechanisms and duration of action:

1) Trenbolone acetate

The most common injectable form of Trenbolone, this Trenbolone acetate is usually used in veterinary medicine.

2) Trenbolone enanthate

This is the form of Trenbolone that can be used for medical purposes and is comparable with the Testosterone propionate supplement.

3) Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

Considered as the long-lasting prodrug of Trenbolone, this is also an injectable synthetic steroid form.

The most common ones are the Trenbolone acetate and enanthate type.

However, according to a report by medical doctors from Iran, the former causes more severe adverse effects compared to the former.

Moreover, take note that when the anabolic steroid is administered orally, fewer ADRs will be observed compared to when the patient had used the injectable form.

Contraindications: Who Can’t Use This Performance Enhancement Drug?

As a product that can enhance your muscle mass range and appetite, there are some restrictions for Trenbolone acetate.

1) Patients With Intra-articular Fracture

According to a peer-reviewed study published in the Acta Clinica Croatica, Trenbolone may cause delayed bone healing.

Therefore, those with bone problems such as intra-articular fractures must avoid using this substance.

2) Persons Below 18 Years Old

In the first place, Trenbolone acetate has only been studied using animals.

Eventually, medical doctors who invented this anabolic steroid decided to study the product on adult humans, those above 18 years old.

This means that this substance has not been tested on people below 18 years old.

3) Pregnant and Lactating Women

According to a present study published in the Journal of Endocrine Society, being exposed to Trenbolone acetate during pregnancy may cause in-vivo effects such as developmental abnormalities to the reproductive system of the unborn.

In this study, sexual differentiation or external genital malformation such as ambiguous genitalia to the baby patients. 

Also, in the same study, Trenbolone acetate may cause mild acne build-up and facial hair in pregnant mothers.

4) Those with Hypersensitivity to the Substance

Allergic reactions may also be experienced if the user is hypersensitive to the substance Trenbolone and its main metabolites.

There are two main metabolites of Trenbolone: 17α- and 17β-trenbolone.

According to the company Sigma Aldrich, since Trenbolone is a small molecule, its derivatives are hard to identify.

To do these, strict analytical methods or sensitive detection analyses are used such as thermo scientific, doping analysis, and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method (LC-MS/MS).

According to a doping analysis and LC-MS/MS study published in the Frontiers in Chemistry, via urine samples and gentle stream process, it was analyzed that Trenbolone comes with a metabolite called 17β-Trenbolone.

Moreover, take note that this metabolite may cause statistically significant endocrine disruption.

Therefore, if you are considering this anabolic steroid, asking for medical information from a professional would help you understand if this substance is suitable for you.

5) Patients with Cardiovascular Problems

Trenbolone acetate may cause a significant increase in your blood pressure.

Therefore, if you have cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, it is advised to avoid using this supplement.

The Cons of Lean Muscle Tissue Supplement

Although Trenbolone acetate offers many advantages, it also comes with side effects to human populations.

When taking note of the following adverse reactions, understand that depending on the genetics of a person, some people may experience them while others may not. 

1) Oily Skin and Acne

According to a scientist and a former steroid user, Trenbolone may cause oily skin.

Eventually, according to a study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, when you have an increased sebaceous gland activity induced by Trenbolone, this could lead to a type of acne called anabolic steroid acne. 

2) Seborrhea

Seborrheic dermatitis is often treated with anabolic androgenic steroids.

However, in terms of Trenbolone, treating this condition is not possible with the use of it.

Instead, this substance may produce seborrhea as a side effect.

3) Increased facial or body hair growth

According to previous studies of healthcare professionals from Georgia, aside from the facial area, the common parts of the body where hair growth is seen are on the pubic, limb, and chest.

4) Scalp baldness

Even though Trenbolone may increase the user’s hair growth, there is an exemption.

In terms of the scalp, Trenbolone may cause baldness, and men are more vulnerable to experiencing permanent hair loss compared to women.

5) Others 

Trenbolone is one of the endocrine disruptors.

Other side effects of this anabolic steroid that are not skin-related include virilization, voice-deepening, clitoral enlargement, insomnia, sexual differentiation, gene expression changes, and increased blood pressure.

What People Say About This Appetite Enhancer: Trenbolone Reviews

As said, there are many brand names available for this Trenbolone drug.

So, let us take a look at the comments of anabolic agents users to different Trenbolone brands.

“I am using the injectable Trenbolone acetate called Tren 100 and what I like most about it is that it causes me no fluid retention. It helps me increase my strength while keeping my body at my desired weight.

It is also fast-acting but what I noticed is that its anabolic effects do not last long so I have to administer it frequently.

When I asked my mentor about it, he said that this product may cause kidney toxicities and as a bodybuilder, he said that I may notice blood excretions after using it. To prevent this from occurring, I have to hydrate myself with 4 liters of water a day.”

“I was trying to look for a pure Trenbolone supplement but unfortunately, the websites are out of stock. Then, I came into this Trenbolone alternative called Trenorol. I have used it for about a month now and I am seeing defined muscle tones.

I think this is a potent one as it can increase muscle growth in no time. I use it before my athletic games and I find it effective. The only androgenic effects I have seen are that I got a lot of acne and sweating.”

The most common user Trenbolone review is that the substance is potent and fast-acting.

Although this product comes with androgenic effects, it is still effective especially for athletes before their game.

Moreover, in terms of the side effects, most of them are related to skin. The bleeding effect is not common for all and in case a user experiences it, hydrating oneself is the solution.

What We Like About this Anabolic Steroid: The Pros of Trenbolone

Now, let us move on to what you can gain when using this Trenbolone.

In this section, you will be able to see the human health benefits and other advantages of this supplement.

1) The Health Benefits 

Aside from increasing your appetite and being one of the muscle growth promoters, Trenbolone comes with other health benefits such as the following:

  • Promotes fat loss by accelerating the fat-burning process
  • Enhances sex drive
  • Increases Testosterone levels
  • Effective in building healthy lean muscle tissue
  • Provides muscle strength
  • Increases RBC levels
  • Enhances absorption of nutrients in the body
  • Improves protein synthesis in the body
  • Normalizes metabolism

Generally, most Trenbolone steroid drugs are administered via the injection route. Some people may consider this as an advantage while others may not.

For those who are not into injections, oral drug administration may also be considered.

However, this pure oral Trenbolone formulation is hard to find in the market.

In another study published in the European Respiratory Journal, it was reported that anabolic steroids such as Trenbolone are effective tuberculosis (TB) treatment drugs.

In this study, patient TB treated groups were able to experience a significant increase in their Body Mass Index (BMI).

In fact, in just 8 weeks, male and female participants who used trenbolone as their TB treatment medication were able to get a 2 kg increase in their BMI.

A study by Hayes et al. also reports that AAS such as Trenbolone may modulate the thyroid hormone activity of people with thyroid problems.

2) The Advantages

Trenbolone also comes with a lot of advantages aside from its benefits.

Most anabolic steroids may cause water retention, causing unhealthy weight gain.

In terms of Trenbolone, according to medical doctors from the USA, this substance does not produce fluid retention.

So, when you get some weight gain while using this anabolic steroid, you can get the assurance that the weight gain comes from pure muscle mass increase.

What to Watch Out For Buying this Appetite Inducer Supplement

Before deciding to buy a Trenbolone product, you have to weigh the pros and cons. 

Depending on your gender, Trenbolone causes different anabolic effects.

Comparing it with Testosterone propionate, the primary organ for sexual differentiation, Trenbolone is said to be more effective than it, especially for those users who don’t want the fluid retention side effects.

To understand more about Trenbolone, take a look at this published article number 180125 (2018)

Also, in an environmental risk assessment report, it was said that 17β-Trenbolone are present in the aquatic waters.

This means that this 17β-Trenbolone metabolite is a risky feedlot effluent contaminant which is risky for aquatic animals.

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Buying Guide

Trenbolone usually comes in injectable forms, and prices, shipping, and other discounts or freebies depend on the brand you opt for.

1) Usage Warnings

Although there are different brands for Trenbolone, and their half-life is the same, the injection and oral administration of the product are mostly the same.

For beginners, the max dose of Trenbolone is 50 mg per day, and 200 mg per week.

This dose is already enough to help you lose fat and prevent muscle and body mass loss

For intermediate users of Trenbolone, the max dose would be 75-100 mg per day, and the weekly dose must never be more than 400 mg.

Lastly, for the most experienced users of Trenbolone, the max daily dose is up to 150 mg and the weekly dose must not exceed 600 mg.

Top Safe & Legal Alternative

One alternative for Trenbolone is the brand Trenorol by CrazyBulk.

This is a natural supplement that mimics the action of the compound Trenbolone.  It does not come with any banned ingredients that is why it is considered a legal alternative

Moreover, it comes in a capsule form which is convenient to use and you can buy it on their official website.

The company provides free delivery worldwide and they also give a 2+1 deal.


Indeed, Trenbolone is a great organic substance that is perfect for those with muscle problems, especially muscle weakness.

After a general Trenbolone review, we have found out that this muscle growth and appetite enhancer offers a lot of benefits and some side effects as well.

Lastly, since a pure form of this product is mostly available in injections, you may want to consider oral alternative anabolic agents such as Trenorol.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the proper way to use the steroid?

The dose you can consume per day depends on your Trenbolone use experience. If you are a beginner, you can take up to 50 mg per day. If you are an intermediate user, you can take up to 100 mg per day. Lastly, if you are an experienced steroid user, you can take up to 150 mg per day.

Is Trenbolone the same as other anabolic androgenic steroids?

Compared to other organic compounds and anabolic steroid drugs, Trenbolone acetate is more potent. In comparison with Testosterone propionate, it is said that Trenbolone acetate is a more potent androgen. This means that even just low concentrations of Trenbolone can already help you improve your overall health.

How does Trenbolone increase muscle mass?

Trenbolone increases your cravings for foods that are healthy for your muscles. Eventually, this substance helps you burn the fat stored in your body. Therefore, what will only be left in your body is defined muscle mass with no fluid retention.

Can I use it if I have other medical health conditions?

The presence and absence of a medical condition affect your ability to use certain steroid drugs. There are certain medical conditions where Trenbolone is contraindicated. Some of these include patients with cardiovascular problems and bone fractures.

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