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Ways Avocado Nutrients Contributes to Weight Loss

by Jane Summerfield

Losing weight is no easy struggle.

The journey can prove to be a whole lot overwhelming for many. And that’s why the weight loss supplement industry is growing in leaps and bounds.

I recently read an article about Okinawa weight loss tonic reviews and there were thousands upon thousands of real customer reviews.

Boy, you can’t help but wonder the number of sales these guys have made in just a short couple of months.

So back to the topic…

The reason is that most times we expect that quick magic result to happen.

The truth is weight loss is a time-consuming process if especially you are aiming for a sustainable weight loss plan.

So, if you are looking to lose weight do not rush the process by taking just any weight loss pill that may be harmful to your health.

Instead, have a healthy diet plan that will help you achieve sustainable weight loss.

Let’s take a look at Avocado.

What is avocado?

Avocado is a dark or sometimes green leather skin fruit that has a green inner body and a large hole covered with a stone-like shape inside.

This fruit is high in fiber and has good fat, the good fat found in avocado helps lower bad cholesterol.

The vitamins, minerals, and healthy fat you get from eating avocado are very nutritional.

How then does avocado help in weight loss?

Avocados are high in fiber.

High fiber foods help to reduce appetite which serves to lower your cholesterol.

When you eat an avocado it makes you feel fuller for a longer time and causes you to go longer between meals potentially eating fewer calories.

A study conducted shows how eating avocado affected appetite and overweight individuals.

During the study, it was found that individuals who had half avocados during lunch stayed up to five hours without the desire to eat anything compared to those who ate just any other meals without avocados.

The properties found in avocado serve as a valuable tool when it comes to appetite regulation and weight loss because of its ability to lower cholesterol and quell the hunger.

It is therefore arguably one of the few perfect foods to help in the process of losing weight.

The survey results published in Nutritional Journal found that eating half a medium-sized avocado on a daily basis was highly associated with improved overall diet quality and reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome by 50%.

The avocado eaters did not only report a lower body mass index but a smaller waistline.

Researchers have shown now that an avocado a day also helps in keeping the doctor away.

And also in keeping your cholesterol at bay.

Another study found in the Journal of The America Heart Association shows that 45 overweight people were tried on three different cholesterol-lowering diets for five weeks, one of that diet was lower in fat and 24% of total calories coming from mostly fat that is saturated which didn’t include avocado.

The second was a non -avocado diet that was more moderate in fat with 34% of total calories coming from mostly saturated fats.

Then the third was equally moderate as well in 34%  but the saturated fat was replaced with one whole avocado per day.

What were the results?

There happens to be a low-density lipoprotein(LDL).

The bad cholesterol 13.5 mg/dL lowered among the avocados eaters than the other groups, it significantly reduced the risk of heart diseases.

The researchers further noted that the avocado monounsaturated fat molecule content played a role in lowering elevated cholesterol.

From this, we have seen how avocado helps in weight loss while keeping healthy dieting.

Note. It is important to consult your doctor before starting dieting or a weight loss supplement plan.

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