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Yoga Burn Renew & Total Body Challenge – Reviews, Customer Testimonials & Results

by Jane Summerfield

Welcome to my comprehensive review of Yoga Burn...

“I am always tired! 

I do not have appetite!

How is it that I am still putting on weight?”

Do these rants sound very familiar to you?

I can already see some readers nodding their heads in agreement.

Sadly, I am one of those for whom no diet worked.

Not that I would not follow protocols, but the pounds would inevitably catch up with me.

So, what am I telling my readers here?

Fear not, for this is not an account of another failed attempt at fitness.

In fact, it is an account of how the correct practice of Yoga combined with restful sleep helped me reach my goal.

Yoga Burn is an example of the successful coming together of ancient and modern in order to benefit people.

This originated in India and the name indicates a coming together of the mind, body and spirit in a confluence of wellness, held together by breathing techniques that help to rejuvenate and heal.

It is said to have derived from ancient Hindu texts and scriptures.

The past decade has seen resurgence of interest in this form of exercise routine.

In fact, there is now a day allocated to Yoga - 21st June is now celebrated as World Yoga Day.

Over time, there has also been constant evolution of yoga in various ways.


There is ongoing adaptation and blending of ancient yogic understanding and benefits with new ideas and techniques while keeping the original ideas intact.

New practices and interpretations of classic yoga are making their presence felt.

The question that many people have in their minds is about effectiveness of yoga.

This is the category I found myself in when I came across Yoga Burn.

By the sound of it, yoga itself comes across as benign, gentle and more of a lifestyle routine rather than something that can bring out persuasive and effective physical changes.

I have to admit that my doubts and those of many others are conclusively set to rest with Yoga Burn.

This combination of workout and good sleep effectively helped me burn fat in a healthy manner with its different exercise routines.

Along with the daytime routine, it also offered me a bedtime tiny workout ritual which has really helped my sleep pattern a lot.

But more of that as you read on! 

Let me take you on a journey of my experience with Yoga Burn.

Come with me on a discovery about Yoga Burn

Yoga burn

What is Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is an app that provides women with varied exercise routines and options based on Yoga postures to help them towards their fitness goals. 

It is a comprehensive program that is available to every phone at the convenience of a few clicks.

It also addresses a range of requirements for them – from losing weight to retaining shape to toning up to targeted sculpting.

What is more, the app package also comes with guidance on restful sleep, another vital and often ignored necessity for wellness, fitness and weight loss.

It is a product by a woman for women.

Who made Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is an online fitness and wellness program that is the brainchild of Zoe Bray-Cotton.

She is a Yoga practitioner who has 15 years of experience to back her up.


Incidentally these programs are in addition to other genres of fitness routines developed and promoted by Zoe in her quest to provide women a means to a fitter body and better all-round health.

She is also working towards making these available on different platforms in order to make access better.

Zoe and her brand of Yoga Burn has caught attention in a big way with corporate jumping onto the yoga bandwagon.

Offices have special interest in seeking ways and means to keep their employees healthy and more productive.

Why was Yoga Burn created?

The quest for fitness and attaining and retaining a certain body shape has always been something that people strive for.

Losing weight is a much sought-after lifestyle change that people embark upon.

Failure to achieve results may at times push such people to resort to drastic measures.


The problem with such methods is the lurking danger of banned substances or extreme physical exercise that might cause harm more than leading to benefits.

Mindsets have begun shifting towards alternative modes of achieving fitness goals, like plant-based methods or lifestyle changes.

This was the objective of setting up Yoga Burn. 

The aim is to provide users a healthy means of losing weight and aiming for physical and mental wellness in the process.

It is not without reason that Yoga Burn is right up there on users’ lists in its different platforms.

How does Yoga Burn work?

Zoe Bray-Cotton has devised the Yoga Burn routine around a two-pronged concept of Dynamic Sequencing and restful sleep.

This combined approach is the hallmark of the said program.

1) Dynamic Sequencing

This is another name for the way the body adapts to each new routine of workout.

Each workout program is designed to allow the body to slowly ease into a routine at its own pace before the difficulty level is ramped up.

It is easier for the body to seamlessly move into the next level without much effort, while improving visible results to the body.

This is what Dynamic Sequencing is all about.

Yoga Burn workout sessions are of 45 minutes each.

The 12-week routine is divided into three different phases that are designed to achieve Dynamic Sequencing.

Here is a look at these phases and how they work out for the user:

i) Phase I

This is also known as Foundational Flow.

These 4 weeks of the program are aimed at initiating the user into yoga and developing correct technique and posture.

These are aimed at perfecting technique and strengthening the mind-body connection.

This will also teach the user vital muscle control in order to draw maximum purchase from the routine.

ii) Phase II

This phase is the Transitional Flow. 

This phase is designed to ramp up what you have learnt in the first one. 

It aims to smoothen out any issues in order to provide maximum purchase out of the exercise routines.

More challenging variations of poses help to exercise and tone up the upper body, core and lower body.

These 4 weeks also prepare to seamlessly move into a higher gear of workout.

iii) Phase III

This is called the Mastery Flow. 

These final 4 weeks are created to boost up metabolism like never before. 

The approach is different in this phase.

The focus is on more repetitions and times performances to work upper and lower body in combination.

This assures maximum burn possible.

The results are transformational, to say the least.

2) Restful Sleep 

A very important aspect of wellness and fitness is adequate amount of restful sleep.

This is often ignored by people and overlooked as something that will happen as and when.

Things could not be more far from truth.

Yoga Burn focuses on this essential aspect along with the physical workout.

They try to address this in two ways.

i) Before Bed Ritual 

There is a short video of 2 minutes that is part of the Yoga Burn package.

This is aimed at stretching the body that has been hard at work through the day.

These exercises are to be done on the bed, in order to loosen and relax muscles.

These will ensure better quality of sleep.

ii) Yoga Burn Renew

This is a revolutionary product that has been created to improve quality of sleep, prevent ageing and improve metabolism in women.

This comes in the form of easy-to-use tablets that are packed with ingredients for deep sleep and rejuvenation.

What is Yoga Burn Renew?

Yoga Burn Renew is a product that is formulated entirely from natural ingredients to improve sleep quality and to allow the body more time to rejuvenate and repair from its daily wear and tear. 

The best part is that these are sourced naturally and one need not worry about ingesting something synthetic or habit-forming at all.

These are in the form of tablets packaged in a bottle.

All one needs to do is to pop one daily with a glass of water before bedtime to get restful sleep.

Good night’s sleep will not only improve metabolism but also help in fat burn and slow down the natural ageing process of the body.

These tablets contain the following ingredients:

1) Melatonin

This is sourced in its purest form naturally in order to provide great sleep quality.

2) Ashwagandha

An ancient Indian herb, this is known to manage stress and anxiety.

It promotes a relaxed state in the user which helps to usher in good sleep.

3) Hydroxytryptophan

This is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps to enhance the effect of melatonin, thus providing better quality of sleep.

4) L-Theanine

It is used widely by the Japanese people to create a more restful and calming state.

This naturally helps to create the perfect setting for better quality of sleep.

5) Magnesium and Zinc

Used in conjunction with other nutrients, these minerals in optimum amounts help to get deep sleep.

They also help to improve the awakened state, thus providing a fresh start in the morning.

6) Arginine and Lysine

Both are natural amino acids that not only have phenomenal effect on sleep but also show increase in HGH (human growth hormone).

All you are doing by taking Yoga Burn Renew is helping your body reclaim its normal sleep cycle and ease into a pattern of great sleep, all the time using completely natural ingredients.

Why is sleep so important in rejuvenation?

Zoe understands the vital role that great sleep plays in wellness and internal healing.

Only workouts are not enough for a healthy lifestyle.

Modern lifestyle is taking a huge toll on the hours as well as quality of sleep that we are getting.

It has been seen on studies that the less hours we sleep, the more prone we are towards hunger pangs and binge eating as well.


I am sure many of you reading this is recollecting a trip in the middle of the night to grab a chocolate bar from the fridge, just because you are working late on some project or simply cannot sleep, thus feeling bored and hungry.

Ever thought where those unnecessary calories will launch themselves?

Another reason for less restful sleep is ageing.

This is a natural process that is more evident in women. 

They have to inevitably face the ravages of hormones.

These cause faster ageing, getting less sleep, and in turn ageing more.

This is a vicious cycle that needs to be addressed in them.

Technology is another huge factor that contributes to bad sleep habits and less restful sleep. 

Majority of us are into gadgets of some kind or another that accompany us to bed.

We are used to turn to them when we are restless or stressed or anxious, little realizing that blue light emissions from them are making matters worse sleep wise.

Yoga burn renew CTA

Other Versions of Yoga Burn

Yoga renew is not the only popular version of Yoga Burn.

The following are links to other popular versions of the Yoga Burn System;

Who is Yoga Burn not for?

While Yoga is an ancient practice of physical and mental wellness, certain categories of people ought to stay away:

  • People with spinal cord issues.
  • Pregnant women can do but they need to follow routines like Beginner Flow and Tranquility Flow.
  • People who suffer from uncontrolled hypertension.
  • Anyone using Renew should check the ingredient list to ensure they are not allergic to any component.

What are the cons of Yoga Burn?

  • It is only available online.
  • The digital plus package charges extra for shipping and handling.
  • The digital plus package charges extra for shipping and handling.
  • Results will vary depending upon body type factors as well as regularity of following instructions.


Danielle H. from Toronto, Ontario, speaks ebulliently on the Yoga Burn website about how she managed to turn slim and fit for an upcoming holiday with the Yoga Burn routine. 

She sounds stoked with the results.

Anne M. from Eatonville, WA says she not only is moving better but has a whole lot of energy after being on Yoga Burn.

According to her, results began coming in from the second week onwards.

She had doubts about the efficacy of the program initially but became a convert pretty soon in the process.

Like these women, there are so many others who have shared their stories of safe and sustained weight loss using Yoga Burn.

I am sharing my journey with all my readers here because I have seen how radically different my life and lifestyle has become after being on Yoga Burn.

Being completely free of side effects, is it any wonder that more and more women are choosing this weight loss program?

What are the pros of Yoga Burn?

  • With the online presence of Yoga Burn, it is widely accessible to users across the globe.
  • There are detailed instructions and step by step tutorials in the app.
  • Fitness programs based on tenets of Yoga are structured to cater to varying degrees of difficulty.
  • One does not require any equipment whatsoever. A good quality yoga mat is all that is needed.
  • Following the routine leads to healthy weight loss and a toned body.
  • Yoga Burn is a great way to chug up metabolism and get the body going.
  • It is structured to allow for Dynamic Sequencing in sync with your body and response.
  • One may do the routines any place at any time of one’s choosing.
  • There is a physical collection of the digital version that is available for purchase for users.
  • The whole program is designed keeping in mind women, their bodies and challenges.
  • Renew tablets are easy to take and totally natural.
  • The tablets are vegetarian and non-GMO.
  • Manufacturing units are GMP certified and FDA-approved.
  • Renew comes in easy-to-use form and is not habit-forming at all.
  • This weight loss program comes with 100% guarantee.

With all these pluses going for Yoga Burn, there is no looking back.


What worked best for me, however, was the convenience of doing these routines from the comfort of my home without needing any equipment whatsoever.

Of course, the all-natural composition of Renew that has stood me in good stead with restful sleep ensured without dependency.

Insider Information about Yoga Burn

If you are wondering what makes Yoga Burn different from other routines, it is because the entire program is designed by a fitness expert and experienced yoga instructor.

Additionally, the fact that each program is targeted to tone up and cut down fat from a woman’s body is the USP of the brand.

Buying Advice

You want results and you want them in good time.

This is best done by choosing the package programs on the site. 

This ensures genuine products as well as best discounts that are on offer.

There are wonderful offers that are available on the direct website of Yoga Burn

These include discounts on purchase of digital plus physical packages, as well as on Yoga Burn Renew bottles.

I have made it a point to purchase from their website directly for this reason.

Another reason is the assurance of a secure purchase experience with Yoga Burn.

This is very important in light of possible misuse of information on unrelated websites.

There are higher discounts on bulk purchases on the website.

There is a meditation program called The Meditation Solution that is part of the Yoga Burn routine. 

Normally priced at $59.5, it is offered free for digital download at times along with their Renew package.

What all this means is one needs to keep an eye on the website for different offers that are featured from time to time in order to avail these.

My Verdict about Yoga Burn

I had heard of Yoga earlier but I had absolutely no idea about its remarkable and sustainable effects from a weight loss and fitness point of view.

Yoga Burn has managed to turn around my mindset completely.

The fact that I have achieved my body goals in a completely non-invasive manner in the comfort of my own space is what is best about this.

My verdict is a big YES to this.

Do not let this pass you by folks! 

Get fit the best way possible with Yoga Burn.

Yoga burn renew CTA

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