Medical Director

Jonadab Ichegbo, M.D

Dr. Jonadab is currently the Medical Director at Ichegbo Jonadab Hospital and currently doing Post Graduate Clinical Specialization in Endocrinology at the Texilla American University.


He graduated from Igbinedion University Okada, Benin City, Nigeria with Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Certificate in 2013 and in October 2013, he was Registered as Medical Doctor in the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council.


He has his practicing licence as a Medical Doctor issued by the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council and has been practicing with the Licence for the past 7 Years. His goal is to be the best he could be as a Medical Doctor for the service of humanity.


He is currently doing his Post Graduate Clinical  Specialisation in Endocrinology at Texilla American University and his hobby is reading and doing Medical research.


He has good General Medical Skills, good General Surgical skills, good basic life support skills, good patient assessment skills, good emergency response skills, good diagnostic testing and interpretation skills. He also offers medical services to individuals, families, companies, health facilities, etc.



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