Best Grounding Sheets & Their Potential Health Benefits

Grounding sheets have become increasingly popular due to the potential health benefits they offer.

They connect users with the earth’s natural energy, promoting wellness and balance.

If you’re considering trying one, this guide presents several options to help you make an informed decision.

Editor’s Choice: GroundLuxe Organic Fitted Grounding Sheet

Ideal for those wanting the best sheets to fit any mattress size. In our testing this was the sheet that had the best feel right out of the package. The brand also has a great reputation.

  • Sizes: Available from twin up to California King
  • Certified organic cotton and silver fiber construction
  • Comes with a 15-foot universal grounding cord designed for US outlets
  • Luxurious feel with a 400 thread count
  • Highly-rated with numerous positive customer reviews

Thinner Budget Option: BioEnergy Fitted Sheet

Perfect for beginners exploring the grounding concept. The sheet felt less durable but it’s a cheaper option than others on the list.

  • Made with silver wire on 100% cotton sheets
  • Only conductive on the top, not sides, optimizing cost
  • Comfortable but thinner fabric, more of a “summer weight” sheet

Best Blanket Option: Earthing Throw Kit by Earthing

Best for relaxation on the couch. There are only a few grounding blankets on the market and this is the best one. It felt the most substantial in our testing.

  • Conductive silver thread in a throw blanket
  • Has a durable feel, less plush than others but seems like it’s built to last
  • Can be plugged into a nearby outlet for anytime grounding

Best Sleep Mat: Earthing Elite Sleep Mat Kit by Earthing

Ideal for people who don’t want to mess with cords or want to keep their own sheets.

  • This sleep mat goes underneath your fitted sheet, offering grounding benefits no matter which sheet is used.
  • Allows you to change the sheet without plugging/unplugging cords
  • Durable conductive carbon surface
  • We did find this mat (or any mat really) to be less comfortable and they tended to make you feel hotter than grounding sheets

Best Flat Sheet Option: OKOHEY Flat Top Sheet

Perfect for those who absolutely must have a flat sheet. We found that using a fitted sheet was a better solution because it stays in place. But if you want to use a flat sheet as well, this is a good one.

  • Maximizes grounding potential with more skin contact than a fitted sheet alone
  • Very similar in color to the fitted sheets from other manufacturers so they seem to match (not exactly but close)
  • Soft, breathable, and made with 400 thread count fabric

Health Benefits of Earthing Products

Studies suggest numerous benefits from grounding, especially when done for extended periods. Using grounding sheets can offer:

  • Reduced inflammation and stress
  • Better sleep and increased energy
  • Improved immune response

Choosing the Right Earthing Product

Selecting the right earthing product can seem daunting given the myriad of options available. However, by focusing on a few key factors, you can find a product tailored to your needs. Here’s what to consider:


  • Silver: The most common conductor used in grounding sheets due to its excellent conductivity and relative affordability.
  • Carbon: Some grounding products (mostly mats) use carbon, which is hypoallergenic and can be a good choice for those with sensitivities.

Purpose & Placement:

  • Bedding: If your main aim is to experience grounding benefits while sleeping, opt for grounding sheets, mats, or fitted sheets.
  • Portable Use: If you want the flexibility to ground in various locations, consider throw blankets or portable grounding mats.
  • Specialized Use: For those specifically looking to ground while working or during leisure time on the couch, there are grounding desk mats and mouse pads.

Size & Design:

  • Consider the size of your bed or the area where you’ll be using the product. Whether it’s twin, queen, or king-sized, ensure the product is a fit.
  • Some might prefer a subtle design, while others may want a modern aesthetic. Consider your home’s decor and personal style.

Durability & Care:

  • Check if the product is machine-washable. Grounding sheets need regular cleaning like any sheet, and ease of care can be a significant factor.
  • Look for products that are resistant to wear and tear, especially if you plan to use them frequently.

Additional Features:

  • Thread Count: Higher thread count often means softer sheets, enhancing comfort, as well as greater durability
  • Connectivity Options: Some products come with both a grounding cord for outlets and a stake for direct earthing outside. This can offer flexibility in how you use the product.
  • Accessories: Some grounding sheets come with matching pillowcases, outlet testers or other accessories.

Reviews & Reputation:

  • It’s always a good idea to read user reviews to gauge the effectiveness and quality of a product.
  • Opt for reputable brands that have been in the market for a while and have a track record of quality and reliability.


  • Grounding products come in a range of prices. Determine your budget beforehand and look for products that offer the best value within that range.

All the products listed offer the benefits of grounding. Your choice depends on personal preferences, needs, and budget. Whether you’re drawn to the modern colors of GroundLuxe or the functionality of the Earthing Elite Sleep Mat, there’s a grounding product for everyone.