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Getting Closer to a Fix for Neonics

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the sudden death of bee colonies, has huge implications for the growers of our food and public health in general.

The cause, until recently has been a deep mystery.

Now CCD researchers are finding more and more evidence pointing towards a class of pesticides—neonicotinoids or “neonics”—as at least part of the problem.

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The Ugly Truth Behind Dirty Beauty Products and How to Get Clean

Here at Wellness Warrior, we talk a lot about avoiding toxins, especially in the foods we eat.

However, there’s another equally prevalent way that toxins can and do enter our bodies.

Consider “beauty” products: with all the shampooing, spraying, slathering, and scrubbing we do, the average woman applies 515 synthetic chemicals on her body in a single day.

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