Resurge by John Barban – My Honest Review Plus Testimonials, Side Effects, and Ingredients

Hello, welcome to my honest review of the Resurge supplement.

I use health supplements and I buy a few regularly because I don’t want to leave my health to chance.

So you can imagine why I am keen on health products.

Also, maybe the little idea I have about how our body works and how its components are nurtured by nutrients fascinated me from my knowledge of elementary biochemistry.

Normally, many people are inactive because of the nature of jobs that require sitting long hours.

After working long hours, many don’t have enough time to exercise. These conditions go on to affect our hormonal balance and the normal biological processes in our bodies.

Sedentary lifestyle plus junk foods makes a very bad combination for our health.

Also, with the stay-at-home season in most countries of the world due to the coronavirus disease outbreak, it is wise for us to watch out for excess weight gain.

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I’m Going To Tell The FDA What “Natural” Really Means! Are you?

As I sit down to a fine dinner at Rancho La Puerta’s organic farm kitchen, I’m about to enjoy several varieties of kale sautéed in olive oil by chef Denise Roa (above).

I appreciate that the leaves were attached only minutes ago to complete, healthy plants growing in the soil near the kitchen.

Actually, this has been the case for thousands of dinners I’ve eaten at the fitness resort I co-founded in Baja California, Mexico.

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Hurry And Be Heard! It’s Time To Send Your Comments On Use Of The Term “Natural” To The FDA

Natural, to me, means “nature:” from nature, a part of nature.

However, you want to put it, natural means that it just came out of the ground or was picked from the tree.

It means you found your food by going to your kitchen garden or farmers market, taking your selections into your kitchen (preferably within hours or less), and making a meal.

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On Healthy Makeup, Gardening and Creatively “Accepting Inconvenience:” An Interview with Jane Iredale

Twenty-two years ago Jane Iredale left the entertainment industry to start a makeup line.

Upset with products that had potentially harmful ingredients and advertising centered on beauty fads, she envisioned a revolutionary product line, with simple ingredients and simple messaging.

Known as the first company to supply clean makeup products that also benefit the skin, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics became the “go to” line for pure, natural, and timeless cosmetics.

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“Carbon Farming” Will Surprise You…And Give You Hope For The Future

The debate centering on a climate agreement in Paris this week was a reminder of the difficulty of addressing climate change.

Greenhouse gasses (GHGs) released into our atmosphere are intrinsically connected to economic productivity.

We’ve devised a world in which getting ahead is synonymous with shoving carbon into our atmosphere, so, to a lot of people, attempts to reduce GHGs feels like a limitation on economic growth.

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Egg on Their Faces—Why Buying Local Eggs Is Even More Important

As avian flu and questionable farming practices plague our nation’s poultry industry, the best recourse may be to simply support your local farmer.

Recently Ryan Gosling, who is typically known for saving the human race from a lack of sex-appeal,  came to the rescue of another species—chickens.

The actor wrote a letter to Costco demanding that they use cage-free eggs, and stop falsely advertising with images of free-roaming chickens on their egg cartons.

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