Best MCT Oil, Powder & Capsules For Keto, Coffee & More…

best mct oil

Millions of people want to lose weight one way or another.

However, everyone knows that losing weight is not a piece of cake! Weight loss results from 70% dietary control and 30% physical activity.

Therefore, you need to make dietary choices, and adding MCT oil to your regular diet is the best way to go for healthy weight loss.

This oil usually exists in the form of palm oil or coconut oil.

In case you’re wondering what makes MCT oil so special, you should know that it contains medium-chain triglycerides, which are a healthier option than long-chain triglycerides, as they are more readily absorbed.

This oil is free from harmful saturated fat that promotes weight gain and increases the stored fat content in your body.

Furthermore, MCT oil is also highly effective in fat burning, ultimately leading to weight loss.

This oil is also popularly used in keto diets worldwide as it is quickly converted into ketones that boost energy in your body.

Therefore, MCT oil supplements and MCT oil are the recent rages for promoting healthy weight loss.

Keep reading to learn about the best MCT oils and organic powders for optimal weight management.

Quick Guide

Given the sudden surge in demand for MCT supplements in the market, there has been a boost in the production of MCT oils and organic powders.

Different companies and brands have launched many oils, so it can become difficult to choose the finest MCT oil that meets all your requirements.

Therefore, our summarized review of different products will save you time in picking the perfect high-quality MCT oil for yourself.

Best Overall

Performance Lab MCT oil

If you’re looking for a product that comes second to none in quality, quantity results, and price, then feel free to go for Performance Lab MCT Oil.

It is a gluten-free option that gives you a healthier digestive system and improves your brain health by increasing your brainpower and the function of brain cells.

Runner Up

Bulletproof brain octane oil

The second-best option on our list is Bullet Proof’s Brain Octane Oil.

Brain octane oil is 100% pure coconut oil made from organic coconuts, and as the name suggests, it helps improve cognitive performance and makes you burn fat.

Best Powder

Not everyone likes choosing MCT oils, as some prefer choosing MCT oil supplements that include powders. Therefore, the finest MCT supplement powder is the Key Nutrients Chocolate MCT Oil Powder.

Best Pills

Some people like the convenience of popping a pill and carrying on with their routine.

Kiss My Keto MCT Oil Capsules are the best solution for such people.

Best Plant-Based

People practicing the vegan lifestyle deserve to make the most of MCT supplement goodness, so they should opt for Nature’s Way Plant-Based MCT Oil.

Best Budget

You’ll be pleased to learn that you can use MCT oil supplements without breaking the bank, as Dr. Bronner’s Organic Coconut Oil is very easy on the pocket.

Powder Runner Up

If you prefer the powdered form of MCT oil and cannot get the first best option, then you could buy the Perfect Keto MCT Oil C8 Powder, as it is the second-best powdered MCT oil supplement.

Best Unflavored

Not everyone likes to have flavored supplements, and the Sports Research Unflavored MCT Oil is the best pick for such people as it doesn’t contain a strong coconut flavor or other flavors in many oils.

Best Organic

Everyone would agree that this is the age of organic products, and if you’re searching for the best organic MCT oil, then Viva Naturals Organic MCT Oil is your safest bet.

Best for Keto Diet

MCT oil is a popular product in the Keto diet. Therefore, the Left Coast Performance Pure MCT Oil is one of the finest pure MCT oils that is the best for keto.

Top 10 Highest Quality MCT Oil Reviews – Best Brands

1) Performance Lab MCT

Performance Lab MCT oil

Performance lab is a nutritional company specializing in ultramodern nutrition that provides maximum performance.

They have several product ranges.

The Core range includes supplements that improve cognition, boost energy, increase sleep, improve vision, enhance flexibility, and much more.

They also have a sports range that has products that improve fat loss, strength, muscle growth, endurance, and more.

The products that Performance Lab sells are all formulated using technology backed by research to create products with the best quality of nutrition.

They have vegan-friendly products such as soft gels, products that boost absorption, and many other innovative and revolutionary nutrition products.

Their MCT Oil is one of these amazing and nutritious products.

Key Benefits

  • The Performance lab MCT oil is vegan-friendly and GMP-certified.
  • The MCT oil is free of caffeine, free of synthetic additives, free of soy, free of gluten, and filler oils.
  • The supplement is also non-irradiated and non-GMO.
  • Unlike other MCT oils, this supplement uses C8 and C10 MCTs, which are more beneficial and easier on the stomach.
  • This MCT oil is distilled three times to ensure purity.
  • The performance lab MCT oil can increase energy quickly and efficiently.
  • This supplement has no flavor, making it easy to combine into a number of food and drinks.

This performance lab supplement can provide neuroprotective support for the brain’s health and mental energy.

It uses 40% C10 MCT and 60% C8 MCT to maximize effectiveness and reduce the chances of the product becoming rancid.

It boosts the body’s systems during exercise and enhances fat burning. It is an excellent Caprylic acid source and is free from Lauric acid.

This MCT oil protects the mitochondria in the brain cells and optimizes their functioning.

The MCT oil is filtered three times to ensure the highest quality of MCT oil is being produced.

This oil can be added to a range of drinks and even soups and sauces.

The recommended usage is one tablespoon daily; taking it with foods reduces any stomach issues that may arise.


  • It is vegan-friendly.
  • It is gentle on the stomach.


  • It only lasts for one month.
  • Needs to be mixed with drinks or food.

2) BulletProof’s Brain Octane Oil

Bulletproof brain octane oil

Bulletproof is a company focused on its consumers’ nutrition and health.

They believe that when you use the right nutrients for your body, you can unlock your full potential in your everyday life.

Therefore, their products are formulated to help you reach your full potential.

Bulletproof challenges the normal standard of nutrition in the health industry and exceeds them in creating the highest quality products for its consumers.

The ingredients used in the brain octane oil are selected via a rigorous process and are of the highest quality.

Their products are free of artificial fillers and soy and are non-GMO. Their MCT oil is one of these amazing products.

Key Benefits

  • The bulletproof brain octane oil is purely formulated from coconuts.
  • The brain octane oil, C8 MCT, is the best ketogenic oil.
  • The brain octane oil by Bulletproof uses caprylic acid extracted from coconuts.
  • The supplement contains a total of 130 calories in 1 serving.
  • The use of the brain octane oil supplement has been shown to reduce cravings during the day and minimizes the occurrence of sudden drops in energy.
  • This MCT oil comes in bottle form, making it easy to pour.
  • This supplement is flavorless, making it easy to add to various meals and drinks to ensure daily intake.
  • The brain octane oil uses C8 MCT oil, decreasing the chances of stomach disturbances.

The bulletproof MCT oil supplement has a variety of health benefits.

This premium MCT oil boosts energy to the brain and its functioning. It has been seen to improve the body’s ability to lose fat.

The MCT oil also helps with increased energy levels in the body, decreasing burnout during the day.

The Bulletproof brain octane oil supplement also reduces cravings during the day and burns the fatty acids stored in your body.

The brain octane oil supplement uses caprylic acid, which is an MCT oil that not only provides a boost of energy but is also easier to digest than other oils.

The ketones from this supplement provide instant energy to the brain as they can easily cross the blood-brain barrier.

This oil can be added to coffee, smoothies, soups, and salad dressing.


  • It uses C8 MCT oil.
  • It is gentle on the stomach.


  • It is expensive.
  • It needs to be added to drinks or meals.

3) Key Nutrients Multi Collagen Protein Powder

Multi Collagen

Key Nutrients, situated in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a natural supplement company owned by veterans and operated by families.

Their focus is on providing critical nutrients that are natural, effective, inexpensive, and of excellent quality to help people live healthier, happier lives.

The company’s goal is to make the keto lifestyle easier for its consumers.

They use clean, science-backed ingredients in their supplements to help their consumers feel better, brighter, and stronger as they progress through their health journey.

The key nutrients family is here for you, whether you’re low-carb, keto, or simply health-conscious.

Among their keto-friendly products is their Keto hot chocolate: MCT Oil powder.

Key Benefits

  • This MCT oil powder is keto-friendly and made using non-GMO ingredients.
  • Key nutrients supplement is formulated without added sugars or harmful ingredients.
  • The key nutrients company offers a 60-day risk-free guarantee.
  • Supplement undergoes tests for microbes and purity as well as testing for allergens.
  • This MCT oil supplement contains 70 calories in one serving, making it perfect for those looking to reduce their caloric intake.
  • Is created using pure cocoa so that it tastes chocolatey and easily satisfies any cravings for chocolate or something sweet.
  • This powder MCT oil supplement easily mixes into water or other drinks.

The key nutrients MCT oil supplement boosts ketone levels in the body.

These ketones easily cross the blood-brain barrier and provide the brain with an increase in energy.

This enhances overall brain health.

This supplement also provides the rest of the body with increased energy.

This MCT oil supplement is ideal for fat burning and reducing the concentration of fatty acids in your body by reducing cravings during the day.

It also satisfies cravings for chocolate or something sweet.

Additionally, the ketones from this MCT oil supplement oil boost mental and physical energy, reducing energy crashes.

The key nutrients MCT oil supplement can be added to coffee, smoothies, or water.


  • It tastes like chocolate.
  • It has a low-calorie content.


  • It is not flavorless.
  • It can only be added to some drinks.

4) Kiss My Keto Oil Capsules

Kiss My Keto MCT oil

Kiss My Keto is a health-based company focusing on products suitable for people on the keto diet.

The company has worked tirelessly to create products that are a healthy and keto-friendly alternative to your favorite foods.

They created these products so that you do not have to give up on your favorite things to eat.

Their products are of the highest quality and are free of preservatives and harmful ingredients.

They use products that have been sourced locally in the United States.

Kiss My Keto believes that the keto lifestyle should be easy and accessible.

Their MCT oil capsules are among one these products.

Key Benefits

  • The capsules of MCT oil make it easier to intake MCT oil daily.
  • The supplement comes in capsules, so it is easy to bring with you when traveling.
  • The supplement is formulated using caprylic acid C8 and capric acid C10.
  • The Kiss My Keto supplement contains 9 grams of fat per serving.
  • The supplement is created using fresh coconuts.
  • It is free of additives and preservatives.
  • The supplement works best when taken in the morning.
  • It provides the body with a boost of energy, especially for those who are on keto and are dealing with low energy levels.

These capsules help to provide the body with a boost of both mental and physical energy.

These capsules have no carbohydrates and therefore ensure that your body continues to burn fat.

The supplement provides energy to exercise and carry out your daily activities without crashing in energy.

The MCT oil supplements are easy to take along with you on travel.

They are also great at enhancing the brain’s cognition and maintaining the brain’s functioning.

These capsules can be taken anytime during the day. They also enhance the feeling of fulness, reducing cravings.


  • This supplement uses C8 and C10 MCT oil, free from Lauric acid.
  • It can be taken on travel.


  • Not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Shipping is not free for orders below $60.

5) Nature’s Way Plant-Based 100% Potency MCT

Nature's Way MCT oil

Nature’s Way is a corporation that focuses on providing healthcare. The company’s culture is based on care.

It’s about more than just goods for them; it’s about assisting others in embracing wellness from the inside out.

They are passionate about health for themselves and those who use their goods in their daily lives.

Nature’s way believes in providing quality to its consumers.

For them, this means that every ingredient, every test, and every manufacturing technique is of the highest quality.

This ensures that your journey to wellness is supported by the highest quality of products, making Nature’s way a forerunner in healthcare.

Among their many products is their MCT oil.

Key Benefits

  • This supplement is non-GMO verified, gluten-free, paleo certified and keto certified.
  • This supplement is entirely flavorless and free of any odor, making it easy to add to your drinks.
  • The supplement contains C8 (caprylic acid) and C10 (capric acid) MCT oils.
  • It is formulated using pure coconut.
  • Nature’s way MCT oil contains a total of 130 calories.
  • It is best to take this supplement with food to reduce the chances of stomach disturbances occurring.
  • The MCT oil is easily digested and converted into fuel for the body as it is fractionated.
  • It is perfect for those on keto as it boosts their energy levels.

MCT Oil (medium-chain triglycerides) is a high-quality dietary fat that can help your brain and body.

MCT Oil is a simple method to help fuel your day since it makes you feel full and is rapidly absorbed and turned into energy.

To launch your wellness regimen, add this flavorless, odorless oil to your morning coffee, smoothie, favorite dishes, and salad dressings.

MCT Oil is easily absorbed and turned into energy for your brain and body, energizing you.

It can be used any time in the day and is best taken with food to prevent stomach discomfort.


  • It uses C8 and C10 MCT oil.
  • It is tasteless, odorless, and free from filler oils.


  • It works best when used with food.
  • It can not be used in cooking.

6) Dr. Bronner’s Organic Fresh Pressed Unrefined Coconut Oil

Dr. Brooner organic coconut oil

Dr. Bronner’s company began with soap.

As the company succeeded, it expanded into different market areas.

Now the Dr. Bronner company sells soaps, hair care, lotions and balms, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, home and laundry products, and coconut oil.

They ensure that the ingredients used in their products are fair trade and purely organic.

Many of the products from this company are vegan-certified and equal to the organic standards of food items.

They do not use any synthetic preservatives in their products.

Not only are their products safe for humans, but they are also great for the planet.

Their regenerative coconut oil is one such product.

Key Benefits

  • The coconut oil is USDA organic and regenerative organic certified.
  • The supplement is also non-GMO verified, fair trade, and vegan friendly.
  • The coconut oil is rich and flavor and carries a nutty scent.
  • The unrefined coconut oil comes with brown outer skins left on the kernel.
  • Expeller-pressing dried, fresh coconut kernels create Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil.
  • This coconut oil can be used in several different ways, from cooking to hair care.
  • Not only is the product beneficial to its user, but because it is made using regenerative processes, it is also great for the environment.

The coconut oil is perfect to use as a moisturizer for the skin. It can also be used in cooking, baking, and hair care.

The uses of this product are incredibly vast. As the kernels have the outer skins left on, it adds to the nutty taste of the coconut oil.

Not only is the coconut oil fair trade it is also created using organic regenerative processes.

This ensures that the consumers, the farmers, and the environment are all cared for.

The coconut oil is also vegan friendly and made of pure, fresh, and dried coconut.


  • It is vegan-friendly and hexane-free.
  • It is fair trade.


  • It is coconut oil rather than MCT oil.
  • It will be harder to digest the stomach.

7) Perfect Keto C8 Powder

Perfect Keto MCT oil

Perfect Keto is a nutritional company that specializes in keto products.

All of their products are created with the intention that everyone will be able to use these products.

Their formulations are completely based on science, ensuring they use the best ingredients.

The company ensures that its products are safe, easy to digest, and delicious.

They have a wide range of energy and performance supplements, snacks and nutrition, and essential keto products.

Their products are free of artificial ingredients, fillers, added sugars, soy, and corn.

The perfect Keto MCT oil is one of their products.

Key Benefits

  • Perfect Keto MCT oil powder is dairy-free and gluten-free.
  • The supplement is also keto-friendly and free of artificial ingredients and added sugars.
  • The supplement comes in 7 different flavors, peanut butter, matcha latte, chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel, cinnamon toast, and unflavoured.
  • It is formulated using MCT oil derived from coconuts.
  • The powder formula allows it to easily be added to meals and drinks.
  • It can be taken at any time of the day.
  • Perfect Keto uses acacia fiber, a known prebiotic, which is great for the health of the digestive system.
  • The supplement is great for anyone on a keto diet.

The MCT oil supplement is gentle on the stomach as it is always mixed with a meal or drink. The different flavors ensure you are never bored from eating the same thing.

The MCT oil is perfect for keeping the body full and reducing cravings during the day.

The supplement is perfect for providing a boost of energy. It is perfect for both mental and physical health.

The powder can be added to baking, coffee, or any drink. Moreover, acacia fiber gives the digestive system a boost.


  • It comes in many flavors.
  • Good for the digestive system.


  • It must be added to a meal or drink.
  • It is expensive.

8) Sports Research Unflavored MCT Oil

Sports Research MCT oil

Sports Research is a healthy living company.

They sell a variety of products, from supplements to waist trimmers.

They are dedicated to providing their consumers with high-quality products.

Key Benefits

  • It is formulated with fresh, organic coconuts.
  • The supplement uses C8, C10, and C12 MCT oil.
  • It is flavorless, making it easy to mix into drinks and shakes.

The MCT oil is free of dairy and gluten. It is keto and vegan-friendly and non-GMO verified.

The MCT oil provides a boost of energy for both the mind and the body. It can also be added to meals and drinks without fear of changing the taste.


  • It is vegan-friendly.
  • It is not expensive.


  • It has to be mixed with a meal or drink.
  • It can cause stomach issues.

9) Viva Naturals Organic Oil

Viva Naturels MCT oil

Viva natural is a health and wellness business, and they believe that the key to wellness is balance. Their goal is to make their products accessible to all.

Their products are sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical. One of their products is organic MCT oil.

Key Benefits

  • It is free of gluten, paleo, keto, and vegan-friendly.
  • It is made purely from coconuts.
  • Easier for the stomach to digest.
  • It can easily be mixed into meals and drinks.

The supplement provides a boost of energy for the mind and body.

It enhances stamina, works to maintain glucose levels in the blood, and boosts fatty acid loss.


  • It is vegan-friendly.
  • Formulated with coconuts.


  • It has to be mixed into a meal or drink to be used.
  • It can cause stomach issues.


10) Left Coast Performance Premium 100% Pure MCT

Left Coast MCT oil

Left Coast Performance is a brand that deals with products specifically for those on a keto or low-carb journey.

They use premium and clean ingredients.

They avoid the use of artificial colors, flavors, or fillers.

Additionally, the company has a 100% money-back guarantee. Among their many products is their MCT oil.

Key Benefits

  • It is derived from coconuts.
  • It helps in the loss of fatty acid concentration and weight maintenance.
  • The formulation uses C10 and C8 MCT oil.

The MCT oil boosts the brain’s cognitive function. It also provides energy to the body during the day and increases satiety.

It can be easily mixed into your meal and drink as it is entirely flavorless.


  • It uses C8 and C10 MCT oil.
  • It is not expensive.


  • It needs to be added to a meal or drink.


MCT oil is an oil containing medium-chain triglycerides, and it has various health benefits.

It’s highly effective for weight loss, optimal brain health, heart health, and excellent digestive system functioning.

It allows you to lose weight while sustaining high energy.

Incorporating this oil into your regular dietary regime will help curb your cravings and offer a healthy solution for weight loss.