OstaBulk Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, & More…

ostabulk review

I had been looking for a good dietary supplement that would act as a natural SARM alternative.

SARM, for the uninitiated, stands for selective androgen receptor modulators.

In my quest for the copybook body with lean muscle mass and increased vascularity, I have been drawn to the Brutal Force range of products.

Following is my review of OstaBulk and its comparison with the SARM Ostarine MK 28660 it claims to mimic.

The product has helped me register marked muscle growth leading to a better definition.

Please read on to learn more about my experience.

My OstaBulk Review


What is OstaBulk?

OstaBulk is a natural alternative to the well-known but now banned SARM, Ostarine MK28660.

It provides the same effects without harmful side effects. It works as an anabolic steroid and helps gain muscle mass.

Who made the product?

OstaBulk is manufactured by Muscles Club Limited in the USA and is sold under the Brutal Force umbrella.

In the United Kingdom, Brutal Force is owned by Health Nutrition Limited.

It has multiple products that address different requirements of bodybuilders, professional or amateur. OstaBulk is completely natural and safe to use.

It is formulated by putting together various ingredients. It aids in lean muscle growth.

It is manufactured and marketed by well-known brands in the health supplements industry.

Why Was it Created?

OstaBulk caters to the growing demand for a legal alternative to steroids and SARMs, which have been banned for use.

Those looking for explosive muscle growth and increased testosterone levels faced the crunch.

Following a steroid ban for such purposes created a demand for something closely replicating steroid effects.

OstaBulk is a dietary supplement created to mimic the effects of the SARM, Ostarine.

It is formulated with all-natural ingredients mixed in proportions that are well-researched and trialed. To say it amply fills in this space is to state the obvious.

How Does The Product Work to Give Muscle Growth and Lean Muscle Mass?

1) Increase muscle mass

OstaBulk mimics the action of standard steroids with raw anabolic potential. It gives a boost to natural testosterone production in the body.

This leads to more endurance, stamina, muscle growth, better athletic performance, improved muscle recovery, and sex drive.

3) Accelerated fat loss.

OstaBulk has the perfect formula for the second phase of bodybuilding which is about cutting.

Having gained bigger muscles during the bulking phase, athletes also tend to add on some fat due to increased caloric intake.

OstaBulk works to give ripped muscles with efficient removal of extra body fat.

3) Arrest muscle wasting

In the quest for a muscled body, an athlete goes through two phases – bulking and cutting. Most of them are fearful of losing lean muscle mass during this process.

OstaBulk helps in this regard with its formulation of natural ingredients. I, for one, was wary of this same thing when I began on OstaBulk.

My fears have been more than assuaged since then.

To do all this, OstaBulk makers have gone to great lengths and chosen natural ingredients that are known to have particular benefits.

I will elaborate on these ingredients in the following section.

OstaBulk Ingredients

OstaBulk mentions all its ingredients along with the quantity in a move towards transparency. Following is a list of all ingredients used to formulate OstaBulk:

1) Vitamin B6 15 mg. (Pyridoxine 5’-phosphate).

This helps to boost natural testosterone levels in the body. It helps in muscle recovery and the growth of lean muscle.

It is also believed to give the user better quality of sleep, which helps in better overall health and a stronger immune system.

2) Vitamin D3 39 mcg. (Cholecalciferol)

The form of calcium iodide, an ingredient that helps restore the quality and strength of your muscles naturally.

Also, it helps in muscle recovery, which is vital for athletes.

3) Vitamin K1 15 mcg

This helps muscle health and growth and is believed to be instrumental in bigger muscles.

Vitamin K1 levels in plasma are maintained with this, leading to healthier muscles and more definition.

4) Magnesium 150 mg.

Present in OstaBulk in the form of both magnesium oxide and magnesium citrate, it helps prevent muscle cramps after a heavy-duty workout. It also helps keep muscles flexible.

5) Zinc Citrate 7.5 mg

This ingredient helps to boost the immune system. It also helps increase endurance and power workouts.

6) D-Aspartic Acid 1764 mg.

This is essentially a category of amino acids pivotal to the working of OstaBulk.

It promotes and boosts testosterone production, thus driving muscle gain and vascularity.

7) Nettle Leaf Extract 30 mg.

Extracted from stinging nettle leaves, it helps in natural muscle growth. It also helps in building up lean muscle mass.

8) Korean Red Ginseng 30 mg.

Known for ages as a stimulant for better sex drive, this ingredient helps bodybuilders manage their post-workout fatigue and muscle burn much better.

It also helps in better injury management.

Users feel more energy and endurance with the inclusion of this product in the formulation of OstaBulk.

9) Fenugreek Seed Extract 30 mg.

Helps in testosterone level boost, thus paving the way for more muscle volume and defined musculature.

Users feel increased energy and endurance mainly due to this ingredient.

10) Boron Citrate 6 mg.

This helps in better muscle coordination with regular use. It also improves bone density and helps manage body fat.

11) BioPerine 3.8 mg

This extract from black pepper seeds is known for its extraordinary fat-burning properties.

You can witness stubborn body fat going away.

Since OstaBulk is a supplement, it does not come under FDA purview. However, all its ingredients are approved by the FDA and are sourced naturally from fresh products.

My Gains From the Product

I have been on OstaBulk for over six months now. It has brought unexpected gains for me that one would normally associate with anabolic steroids.

  • I have improved muscle coordination now.
  • My body shows better muscle composition with a balanced proportion of lean muscle mass.
  • It has helped me get rid of excess body fat.
  • It has the power to boost muscle strength with faster recovery.
  • I have the desired ripped physique that I began my journey for.
  • I have more focus and concentration to help finish my workout sessions.
  • It claims to boost testosterone levels, and subsequent tests have confirmed that. 

How to Take OstaBulk?

Per the package instructions, I took two capsules daily with water 20 minutes before my breakfast.

I took these capsules for a workout as well as non-workout days.

My advice to first-time users – is never overdose. Although all ingredients are naturally sourced, even these have to be ingested in proportion.

Anything over this can trigger unwanted responses and hamper your pursuit of extreme muscles.

After putting in so much time and effort, you would not want that, right?

How Long Does it Take for OstaBulk Effects to Show?

Since this is a natural supplement devoid of any chemicals or steroids, it is natural for results to take time.

I noticed a definite upswing in mood and energy about three weeks after beginning OstaBulk.

I began noticing stronger muscles during this period. I also noted the ability to bounce back after full-on workout sessions.

Changes in my lifestyle, including diet and adequate sleep, also helped improve results.

One good thing about using OstaBulk is that it does not need post-cycle therapy.

This is because OstaBulk does not suppress any hormones, unlike SARMs and steroids.

Its ingredients do not hamper natural body functioning in any manner.

Who should not use OstaBulk?

  • Those with any underlying illnesses.
  • Those on prescription medications.
  • Those less than 18 years of age.
  • Those with a risk of allergic reaction to any of the constituent ingredients.
  • This supplement is not recommended for women.

What did I not like about the product?

  • It can only be purchased online.
  • Results may vary from person to person.
  • Final outcome may take time and needs to be backed up by personal input.

Does OstaBulk work like Ostarine MK 28660?

It is a known fact that steroids and SARMs cause an immediate effect on users for reasons they are used for, be it muscle-building benefits, an increase in muscle strength, or more testosterone production.

However, when these steroids began being used for performance-enhancing purposes, they were banned for general usage.

The bodybuilding industry needed that support, though.

This paved the way for legal alternatives like OstaBulk, designed to replicate the effects of banned steroids and SARMs.

Ostarine MK 28660 was initially created for medical issues and was found to help prevent muscle wasting caused by certain diseases.

However, rampant and unauthorized usage solely for muscle gains was deemed inappropriate and unsafe.

It was found that a similar effect could be achieved by harnessing the properties of natural ingredients in equal measure.

Brutal Force OstaBulk is as effective as Ostarine.

Coupled with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and use over an extended period, it is equally effective as Ostarine in activating androgen receptors.

And that, for me, is the bottom line.

OstaBulk Reviews from Customers

“I have experienced enhanced strength from using OstaBulk on a regular basis. It is a worthy and effective alternative to Ostarine MK that I find easy to use. I am not one to go for mixes or injections. This definitely is my kind of thing.” Sandy P., United States.

“Man, OstaBulk claims to improve muscle composition. I literally saw unwanted fat melt away after I began this. And the improved sex drive is great too, am not complaining. Hopefully, I will continue to experience the good effects after I get off OstaBulk in the future’. Matt J., Orlando, US

Many users like me boast of a ripped physique with OstaBulk while benefiting from its natural formulation.

I liked the fact that I could stack this with a lot of other packs from Brutal Force to gain quality muscle.

There is no harm in giving OstaBulk a try.

If you are unhappy with the product, you can always return unused packs and get 100% money back. From what I have experienced, this will not happen.

What did I like about OstaBulk?

  • It is made from 100% natural products.
  • It is a safe and legal dietary supplement.
  • It is easy to use in the form of pills and does not involve injections or special mixes.
  • OstaBulk ships free worldwide, although delivery timings will differ from location to location.
  • When purchased on the website, one may avail of discounts and bonuses.
  • There is a 100% money-back guarantee on the product.
  • It provides 24/7 support for users worldwide.
  • Every third item is free on the website.
  • One does not need a prescription to buy this product.
  • It is easy and safe to stack OstaBulk with other cutting and bulking products from Brutal Force to get desired results.

What I liked most about this product is the robust refund and return policy backed by Brutal Force.

This shows the makers’ faith in their products, and it helped me decide.

Insider Information

Building a great body will not be achieved only by taking supplements. This is my biggest takeaway from using OstaBulk.

One needs to put in the effort to help the process along.

This includes workout, eating a healthy diet, and taking the right dose of OstaBulk as suggested on the pack.

Remember that overdosing on the recommendation will not help you build muscle any faster. It may cause an adverse reaction in some. 

It is good to remember that the makers have decided on a particular dose after much study.

Abide by that and help yourself along with the steps mentioned above.

Buying Advice

I would advise users to only purchase OstaBulk from the makers directly from their website.

This product ships free worldwide and can be easily ordered online.

Check out the website for offers, discounts, and coupons that keep popping up.

I also insist on buying from the website because there is a guaranteed refund on products here. Users can get a 100% money-back guarantee on unopened bottles of OstaBulk.

These can be questionable if one buys from other websites that advertise bulking supplements.

My OstaBulk Verdict

OstaBulk is a great alternative to banned substances like SARMs to get desired muscle bulk and definition.

I have benefited greatly from using this and gained muscle mass.

Along with other products by Brutal Force, I have been able to further my muscle-building efforts by efficient stacking.

I would recommend OstaBulk to anyone looking to increase lean muscle mass safely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ostabulk legal?

OstaBulk is completely legal and safe to use. It is a natural alternative to selective androgen receptor modulators and its constituent ingredients are FDA approved.

Is Ostabulk real?

OstaBulk is made by a well-known brand of healthcare products, Brutal Force, and is as real as it gets. It delivers on its claims using natural products. One may order it online and gain benefits.

Does Ostabulk have side effects?

OstaBulk is a completely natural supplement that has gained popularity among bodybuilders and athletes worldwide. However, overuse might cause some side effects like restlessness, headaches, nausea, acne, and blemishes. These, however, recede once intake is stopped.

 Does Ostarine build muscle?

Ostarine is known to help in explosive muscle growth. It is a synthetic product that continues to be under the lens for its harmful effects on individuals for long-term use.