Brutal Force Review: Bulking and Cutting Steroid Supplements

brutal force review

Are you one of those who secretly desire a sculpted body with lean body mass but do not know which product is right?

Despair not, for I was in this club not so long back.

Wanting a perfect body, no fat, lean, mean muscles, is something many of us want.

The problem is with all the supplements flooding the market and promising the moon. Which does one pick?

You want something safe and effective at the same time. More importantly, it should be legal.

Honestly, picking ONE product seemed the toughest part for me.

Ultimately, I decided on Brutal Force.

The results have been highly satisfactory for me.

\Would you like to know more about this product and how it can help?

Introducing Brutal Force


What is Brutal Force?

Brutal Force is a natural product that helps in bulking and cutting in the safest possible manner.

There are several products under this brand, all of which replicate the effects of some or other steroid or SARM.

Brutal Force gives the user lean mass body benefits using ingredients that are available naturally.

This way, it sidesteps the harmful effects of steroids while giving the same results.

Who Makes This product?

Brutal Force is manufactured by a company called Health Nutrition Limited. It is registered in England and Wales.

The company headquarters are at Foxhall Lodge, Nottingham. From here, the range of products is marketed to USA and Canada and shipped to countries worldwide.

Their products are tested and found to adhere to strict guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration in the USA.

Why Was This Product Created?

Brutal Force was created as a safe and legal alternative to anabolic steroids for use by those seeking safe supplements for bodybuilding.

It is not only professionals who seek to have a sculpted body.

Health and fitness fanatics and amateurs worldwide are going all out to acquire lean muscle mass with effective fat-burning and increased muscle density.

Anabolic steroids have been known to produce these effects with fast results.

The problem is that anabolic steroids are not meant for non-medical usage.

This is where the need for alternative products arises. People still want that lean, mean look while using legal and safe products.

They also look for a healthy alternative to steroids and SARMs.

Brutal Force bulking supplements claim to do just that with a good pick and tested combination of naturally available materials.

What are SARMs?

SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator.

These are androgen receptor ligands that mimic the properties of anabolic steroids but have less pronounced androgenic effects.

These therapeutic compounds have been known to promote many sought-after effects of traditional androgens.

These include preventing osteoporosis and slowing down muscle loss. They can also reduce the chances of prostate cancer.

Additionally, they are useful for conditions like hypogonadism, cachexia, and sarcopenia.

With all these positives working for SARMs, it is little wonder they are on the list of those interested in bodybuilding supplements.

First created accidentally while searching for prostate cancer treatment, Professor James T. Dalton created the molecule Andarine.

This was refined to Ostarine after FDA-approved research, forming the basis for SARM.

Range of Brutal Force Supplements and Ingredients

One big plus about Brutal Force products is that every ingredient is chosen carefully and picked from the best available ingredients naturally.

This is the USP of this brand.

Under the umbrella of the brand come eight different products.

Each is an effective steroid or SARM alternative that addresses particular bodybuilding requirements.

Let us familiarize ourselves with these and try to understand which SARM they mimic.

This product mimics the effects of Testolone RAD 140. Using this product will boost your metabolism.

This will help burn fat faster and in retaining lean muscle. It contains:

  • Choline bitartrate.
  • Acetyl L-carnitine HCL.
  • DMAE.
  • Safflower oil.
  • Wild yam root powder.

The combination of ingredients is formulated to give a boost to the metabolism.

They also enhance mental focus, burn fat faster, and improve oxidation to enrich muscles with energy for better and more sustained effort and performance.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

This product from Brutal Force mimics the effects of Ostarine MK 2866.

It helps to slow down osteoporosis and helps with muscle wasting. It contains:

  • Vitamin B6.
  • Vitamin D3.
  • Vitamin K1.
  • Magnesium.
  • Zinc.
  • D-aspartic acid.
  • Nettle leaf.
  • Korean red ginseng.
  • Fenugreek.
  • Boron citrate.
  • Bioperine.

This is a great combination of ingredients, making it one of the top bulking supplements. Regular use of OstaBulk helps increase testosterone levels.

It also helps in muscle recovery after a hard day’s workout. Each bottle contains 90 capsules.

Bulk Force has developed this product to provide a safe and natural alternative to Andarine S-4.

It helps fight cachexia and helps improve athletic performance. It works as an amazing weight loss agent while boosting energy.

This product contains:

  • Wild yam root powder.
  • ElevATP.
  • BCAAs.
  • Whey protein isolate.
  • Soy protein isolate.

This powerhouse combo shows incredible shredding results in weeks as opposed to months.

Each bottle of Andalean consists of 90 capsules.

A completely natural product from Brutal Force, this mimics the steroid Ligandrol.

It helps stack up lean muscles and also helps in osteoporosis and muscle wasting.

Ligabulk is extremely good for those looking to gain muscle fast.

This product contains:

  • Vitamin D3
  • MSM
  • L-Leucine
  • Suma powder
  • Ashwagandha
  • Puncture vine
  • Sodium hyaluronate

Some of these ingredients help increase testosterone levels dramatically, thus leading to a gain in muscle mass.

Additionally, this product helps in better muscle recovery after workouts.

It also provides an extreme energy boost that helps you go through tough workout sessions. Each bottle contains 90 capsules. 

This supplement by Brutal Force aims to replicate the effects of Stenabolic SR9009.

The main function of this steroid is to activate Rev-Erba, which activates mitochondria.

Bodybuilders, amateur or professional, prefer this because it provides better endurance, stamina, and capacity.

CutSR9 balances metabolism to give more energy. It also improves muscle recovery time, allowing users to put in a more vigorous effort at the gym. It contains:

  • Chromium.
  • Potassium.
  • Cocoa powder.
  • Green tea extract.
  • Evodiamine.
  • Guggul extract.

Each ingredient is picked and mixed in proportions in the CutsR9 formulation for burning fat, energizing, and giving more endurance.

Each bottle consists of 60 capsules.

Created to mimic the effects of YK-11, it is made from natural ingredients but gives all the benefits of YK-11.

This is the best of Brutal Force’s bulking supplements.

One may use this to experience explosive muscle buildup within a short period.

Increased testosterone levels are also noted with better circulation and improved muscle recovery.

This natural alternative contains:

  • Puncture vine.
  • Bulbine natalensis.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine.
  • Muira Puama.
  • Longjack powder.

Taking three capsules about 20 minutes before a meal gives results within weeks of starting on this.

Each bottle contains 90 capsules.

7) CardaLean


Brutal Force has created this natural alternative to Cardarine and is one of the most popular Brutal Force cutting supplements.

This compound was initially used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

However, it began being misused as a performance-enhancing drug, which led to its subsequent ban.

This is where Cardalean came into the picture.

Brutal Force claims it causes fat burn at rates never imagined. It contains these ingredients:

  • L-citrulline.
  • Puncture vine.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL.
  • L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate.
  • Panax ginseng.
  • Wild yam root powder.

This is the product for those wishing to see off body fat in moment. Each bottle contains 90 capsules.

8) IbutaLean


Ibutamoren MK-677 is a highly potent SARM that targets growth hormones.

As a classified SARM, it cannot be used unless a professional physician recommends it. Brutal Force steps into the picture here with their product, Ibutalean.

It is completely natural and aims to increase IGF-1 and HGH values. It contains:

  • L-arginine.
  • Mucuna pruriens.
  • Hawthorn berry leaf extract.
  • Maca powder.

Users have reported increased lean muscle and better muscle building. It has anti-inflammatory properties because of polyphenol compounds.

It also helps with muscle healing. Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

Phases of bodybuilding

There are three main phases of bodybuilding:

1) Bulking

This is the first phase, where you aim to build muscle mass.

During this phase, you need to increase your caloric intake.

This phase will last 4-6 months, accompanied by a proper workout.

2) Cutting

This phase is tough and entails cutting down on a diet, working out more, and focusing on creating more lean muscle mass.

Specific diet and exercise plans need to be worked out under the guidance of experts.

3) Maintenance

The vital phase is where you work out and diet to maintain that desired body you have gained.

All your hard work over the past months will go to waste if you do not focus on maintenance.

In all of these phases, it is important to focus on diet, exercise, rest, and supplements to get the best results.

Different Brutal Stacks For Lean Muscle and Muscle Mass

Anyone looking to build lean muscle mass will know the subtle difference between the stacks.

This is true for any brand of bodybuilding supplements available on the market.

The question is, what are stacks in bodybuilding parlance?

Stacking in bodybuilding means taking a judicious combination of different supplements in the right proportion to enhance overall performance.

The aim of bodybuilding is not only to increase muscle mass. It is also about cutting and burning fat with lean muscle gains.

1) Definition Stack

definition stack

This stack is a combination of products that will better define muscles. It is an effective cutting stack for men.

Take this regularly to achieve a chiseled look with fast results.

It burns body fat effectively and fast. It also preserves lean muscle. 

Different products that combine to make this stack are:

  • TBulk
  • WinCut
  • SBulk
  • ACut
  • CCut

2) Beast Stack

beast stack

Beast stack is another popular stack from Brutal Force. It is one of the most effective stacks for butting and bulking up.

Using the Beast stack will ensure explosive muscle growth, increased performance, rapid fat loss, and faster recovery.

Being completely free of illegal steroids, it is safe to use, and results are fast and lasting.

It consists of nine different legal steroid derivatives, with specific guidelines for using them for bulking and cutting phases.

Here is a look at the different products under the Beast stack.

Bulking phase:
  • SBulk (2 packs) – Used to restore testosterone levels before bulking.
  • HBulk – Speeds up muscle recovery.
  • ABulk – Doubles RBC production; hence more oxygen is transported to muscles leading to more muscle growth.
  • DekaBulk – Boosts nitrogen and nitric oxide in the body, leading to better performance and improved focus.
  • DBulk – Increases protein synthesis in men.
Cutting phase:
  • CCut. Maximum fat loss and removal of water retention in the body.
  • WinCut. Used for improved vascularity and cut body fat.
  • TBulk. Helps to increase nitrogen retention in the body.
  • ACut. Ensures maximum supply of phosphocreatine for that sculpted look.

3) Sculpt Stack

sculpt stack

Sculpt stack is formulated keeping women users in mind. It can be used by men and women alike.

Use this stack to eliminate the last remnants of body fat and achieve a lean, mean look.

It is important to remember that whatever supplement one uses, there is no substitute for sound medical advice on what would be best for you to take.

This stack is for the cutting phase and has three different products:

  • ACut
  • WinCut
  • CCut

4) Brutal Stack

Brutal Stack

This stack is also known as bulking and cutting stack. It combines bulking and cutting cycles to the best effect.

It gives the user gain lean muscle quality. It helps boost testosterone levels in the user and gives an unparalleled strength boost. 

Mass stack is an effective bulking stack brought to users by Brutal Force.

Users experience massive muscle strength with enhanced stamina. 

It has the following products:

  • DBulk
  • SBulk
  • ABulk
  • HBulk
  • DekaBulk

5) Goliath Strength Stack

goliath strength stack

As its name suggests, this stack gives a strength boost like never before. You can expect massive muscle growth using this stack.

Regular usage will also give you enhanced endurance. 

This stack contains the following products:

  • OstaBulk
  • YKBulk
  • CardaLean

6) Ripped Cutting Stack

RIPPED Cutting stack

Ripped Cutting Stack is formulated to give maximum fat burning to the user. This stack would be best for you if you are looking for lean mass maintenance. 

Products included in this stack include:

  • AndaLean
  • CardaLean
  • IbutaLean
  • CutSR9

7) Ironbound Bulking Stack

IRONBOUND Bulking stacks

Ironbound Bulking Stack is used for massive testosterone boosts for those seeking muscle growth. Users also experience marked vascularity that goes well with a sculpted body. 

This stack has the following products:

  • OstaBulk
  • LigaBulk
  • YKBulk
  • RadBulk

Brutal Force: My Journey With This Amazing Brand

beast stack

I come from a neighborhood where bodybuilding is BIG – almost everyone I know is flexing muscles in their face.

With this sort of surroundings, it was obvious to catch on and inspire.

However, I found the slew of terms, cutting supplements, bulking, stacking, lean mass, shredding, etc., quite daunting.

Meanwhile, I also read up on supplements.

During this time, I came across a Brutal Force review that impressed me.

Not only their claim of natural products being combined to mimic steroids but also the sheer variety of products.

When I decided to go in for Brutal Force bulking supplements for more muscle mass, I realized there is a lot to bodybuilding supplements.

Before proceeding, I did consult a licensed healthcare provider to ensure it was alright to take supplements from Brutal Force.

Skeptics like me take a lot of convincing. When I say, this product works, albeit, over some time, it is true.

The tremendous satisfaction I experienced as I kept gaining muscle and had more energy to do my workouts.

I am sharing herewith everything I researched and found out about Brutal Force.

Some pointers about using Brutal Force products that I felt are pertinent:

  • Before beginning on these products, it is better to check with a professional medical practitioner.
  • It is imperative to be regular in consuming your particular choice of Brutal Force product or products. Ensure you have a regular supply. You can order in bulk which will be easier on the pocket.
  • Remember that simply popping these capsules will not magically transform your looks. You have to put in every effort. These include:
    • Balanced diet.
    • Regular exercise.
    • Gym workout.
    • Restful sleep.
  • Whether you are a newbie or an established bodybuilder, remember to seek and heed advice when you choose your particular stack. Stacks are a combination of products that address your particular requirements depending on your bodybuilding phase. Picking up products randomly can lead to less desired results.

Who should not use it?

  • Brutal Force is not to be used by those under 18.
  • This product is not for use by women since it has pronounced androgenic properties.
  • Brutal Force is to be avoided by those already on medication for some existing illness.
  • People with cardiac risk factors should avoid using Brutal Force.
  • It is a good idea to check out the ingredients in Brutal Force’s supplements to rule out any allergic reactions upon consumption. Although each formulations is completely free of harmful chemicals and is natural, this step must be done.

What did I not like about Brutal Force?

  • There might be hepatic toxicity with long-term usage of Brutal Force.
  • Brutal Force might not be too good for those with cardiac issues.
  • This product is available only for online purchases.

Brutal Force Reviews from Users


“SBULK is great, I’ve got more energy and I can already see leaner muscles after taking it for 2 months. I’d recommend SBULK to all. You’ve got to try it!”

Garrett United States


“I wanted to bulk and cut at the same time. Brutal Force Bulking and Cutting Stack have helped me shed the unwanted body fat while packing on lean hard muscle mass.”

Rikki United States 

As we can see from the reviews above and many such happy customers, natural-based Brutal Force seems to have the right answers for its users.

It gives the advantage of bulking up in a healthy manner that is safe and legal.

Coupled with its other products, it can come up with spectacular results.

What did I like about Brutal Force?

  • Brutal Force is a legal alternative to using anabolic steroids.
  • It can be used without fear of harmful side effects.
  • All ingredients used in the formulation are listed and are sourced from naturally occurring products.
  • Brutal Force is made in the USA under strict quality control.
  • Manufacturing facilities are GMP-certified and FDA-registered.
  • One may order this product from any part of the world with free shipping.
  • Brutal Force provides guaranteed results, failing which you get your money back.
  • There are many stacking products made by the manufacturer that helps boost your quest for that perfect body.
  • Multiple payment options are available, and the payment gateway is safe and secure.
  • One may get tips and suggestions from the Brutal Force website through blogs and other means.
  • Brutal Force has a 100-day return policy applicable for unused or unopened products.
  • One can get a 100% refund if one is unsatisfied with the results.

 Of all the pluses of using this bodybuilding supplement, the fact that this is safe and legal convinced me to get started.

What can one hope to gain by using Brutal Force?

Listed below are notable advantages of using this cutting and bulking supplement:

  • Muscle recovery is excellent with this natural product. This is very important in the whole scheme of things. After all, bodybuilding is not only about taking some supplements and sitting back. One has to sweat it out at the gym regularly. This can cause soreness and muscle weakness. Using the Brutal Force range of products ensures one is ready to go every day.
  • Regular use ensures bulking up with muscle mass, cutting excess fat, and muscle growth.
  • The Brutal Force range of products provides the human growth hormone needed for a particular look. It is safe to use over time while helping the user gain muscle.

 Insider Information

If you are new to taking bodybuilding supplements, it is a good idea to seek advice regarding stacking products.

Mass stack is a good way to build upon muscle mass.

This happens with a dual approach – on the one hand, you are cutting fat, and on the other, you are building lean muscle.

The wide range of products from the Brutal Force brand, while being very effective and safe, can be highly confusing.

Seek help from experts on this topic so that you can go about it in a systematic and structured manner.

To this end, a blog on the Brutal Force website will serve as a guide. One can also seek advice from peers on how to make the most of Brutal Force SARMs.

It is good to remember that only partaking in Brutal Force will not get you the dream body you aspire to.

Working out regularly and eating right is very important, as is taking the supplement without a break.

To this end, ensure you have adequate supplies at all times.

Buying Advice

I will always advise against buying Brutal Force from websites other than the parent one.

This is because many similar products are flooding the market now. This is about your health and wellness.

You cannot risk this by purchasing a below-par product. Cost-cutting might prove problematic in the long run.

Besides getting the authentic product, another plus of purchasing directly from the Brutal Force website is that one can avail of discounts and coupons from the parent company.

One also has access and full information about all their products and how to use them.

Brutal Force ships to all countries worldwide at no extra cost.

Experience the smooth ordering process when you visit the parent website.

Making websites user-friendly for the visually impaired

Brutal Force markets its products online.

That is to say, one visits their website, checks out products, combinations, offers, and deals, and then makes their purchase.

Companies increasingly prefer this sales and marketing mode simply for the vaster reach.

Every company worth its existence has a website and goes all out to increase its digital presence.

Visiting a website to gather information about a product is no big deal for normal people. It is something we do regularly every day.

What happens to those who are visually challenged?

It has been seen that despite awareness, more websites are unfriendly for use by the visually challenged than otherwise.

That would immediately exclude a lot of people from benefiting from such websites. It also reduces that much traffic to the website.

Creating a website that provides accessibility for the visually impaired is of utmost importance.

This signals inclusivity, sensitivity, and understanding.

Companies are now developing websites that enable accessibility for the visually impaired.

This works both ways – the website gets more hits as more people visit, and more people benefit from the content.

For the smooth working of such websites, the research and editorial teams must work in close understanding with each other.

Only then can websites be created with the right color schemes and background colors that are more easily understood and appreciated by the visually impaired.

The basic structure of such websites would allow the user to open the accessibility menu and then navigate as per their requirements.

It should also allow skipping to the main content as and when desired.

Some websites offer the option to submit e-wallet permits to enable smoother transactions.


For all aspiring and established bodybuilders, Brutal Force is the ultimate product for you.

It ticks all the boxes to give you the brute strength of developed musculature. 

My journey with Brutal Force products has been highly satisfactory and result-oriented.

I have already pulled in a couple of my similarly inclined friends. Just try it out once and gain muscle mass safely.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Brutal Force products work?

Most definitely they do. Brutal Force products are legal steroid alternatives that have helped people from across the world build the perfect body for themselves. From professional bodybuilders to those pursuing their hobbies, this range of supplements has worked wonders.

Is Brutal Force legit?

Brutal Force is completely legit in that it uses ingredients that are sourced naturally and are approved by the FDA. It does not contain any banned substances and is completely safe to use.

Is Brutal Force SARMs good?

This is a good supplement that can be used for cutting and bulking as well as maintaining muscle bulk. Brutal Force is devoid of any harmful chemicals and can be used safely with good results.

How long does it take Brutal Force to deliver?

It is to be noted that this is a natural supplement that utilizes products free from steroids. Naturally, it will take time to show effect. However, with regular use coupled with a good diet and adequate exercise, one may expect results within a couple of months.