5 Best Skin Tag Removers to Use at Home

best skin tag remover

Sometimes, you might wonder, should I be worried about these pesky skin tags? Will they affect my overall health?

According to a study in India, 50-60% of adults worldwide may experience having one skin tag in their lifetime.

Although skin tags are noncancerous and common, they might affect your confidence.

This article will reveal some of the best skin tag removers you can use at home to destroy unwanted skin tissue.

At a Glance

The Top 5 Skin Tag Removal Tools Reviews

Listed below are the top 5 skin tag removal tools that you can use easily and conveniently in the comfort of your home.

For transparent information, the advantages and disadvantages of each skin tag removal product will be provided.

1) Best Overall: Skincell Pro

Skincell Pro

The first on the list is the Skincell Pro, and this product comes in the form of a powerful serum where users will have to apply the liquid to the affected skin area.

So, how are skin tags removed using this over-the-counter tool?

Manufactured in the United States, Skincell Pro works in four stages:

  • Stage 1: This stage is called the application stage, where the serum will be absorbed by the skin, triggering the white blood cells to work.
  • Stage 2: The second stage is called scab formation. So, after applying the serum, scabs will appear. Note that the user must note peel or remove the scabs. Don’t worry, this is all normal!
  • Stage 3: Next is called healing. In this third stage, the serum will heal the scabs naturally, leaving no scars.
  • Stage 4: The last stage is called repair, and in this stage, users will have to use Skincell Pro cream to complete the healing process.


1) Made from natural ingredients

One great thing about Skincell Pro is that its ingredients are organic/natural and of top quality. 

Two of its main active ingredients include Sanguinaria canadensis (Bloodroots) and Zincum muriaticum. The former works by triggering the white blood cells to remove skin tags or skin imperfections, and the latter works by destroying the root cause of the skin blemish.

Other organic ingredients of Skincell Pro include aloe vera, acidophilus, oat bran, apple pectin, and papaya leaf extract.

2) Fast-acting

The pride of Skincell Pro is its fast-acting liquid solution formulation. According to the company, within 8 hours, warts and moles will shrink.

3) It Also targets moles and warts

If you are also worried about your moles and warts, Skincell Pro can help you out.

This product does not only focus on your pesky skin tags. Instead, it also works on dark or light moles and small or big warts.

4) Suitable for all skin types and body parts

Aside from effectively removing skin tags at home, Skincell Pro also gives you the freedom to remove all your blemishes in the different parts of your body.

Yes, even in your private areas!

Additionally, Skincell Pro is suitable for all types of skin! So, whether you have a normal, dry, oily, or combination type, this serum product is worth it for you.

5) Painless

Skincell Pro provides noninvasive, painless acrochordon removal. Usually, surgeries might cause a little pain but this serum? None at all!

6) Money-back guarantee

If you buy Skincell Pro from the official website, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

For a first-time buy, if you are not satisfied, if the product is not working for you, or if something is wrong, you will get a full refund of your penny.


1) Can only be bought from the official website

Skincell Pro can only be bought from the company’s official website. Although some may not appreciate this, consider this option a risk-free one.

2) Side effects

The major drawback of Skincell Pro is its side effects.

The ingredients cause these side effects, while some people tolerate them, others may not.

Bloodroots may cause damaged skin and mild inflammation during the first 8 hours of use.

On the other hand, the ingredient Zincum muriaticum may cause temporary skin dryness.

2) Best for Small Skin Tags: The Micro Auto TagBand Tag Remover

Auto TagBand

Moving forward, if you are targeting small or unnoticeable skin tags around 2-4mm in size, you might want to consider The Micro Auto TagBand Tag Remover, patented by UK Innovision GP Ltd.

Each kit of this product includes the following:

  • 1x TagBand Removal Device
  • 10x Micro removal bands
  • 10x cleansing wipes

Since this product is widely available on Amazon, how can it help remove skin tags? 

According to the company, this over-the-counter skin tag removal tool reduces the skin tag’s blood supply. 

Take note that when there is enough blood supply in the skin where the acrochordons are located, the acrochordons will continually grow and survive.


1) Does not cause a burning sensation

Compared to other best skin tag removers, one advantage of choosing The Micro Auto TagBand is that it does not cause a burning sensation.

This skin tag removal tool is safe for your face and genital areas, too, even if they are large skin tags!

2) Suitable for all types of skin

Like the Skincell Pro, The Micro Auto TagBand is suitable for all skin types, such as normal, dry, oily, or both!

3) Chemical and drug-free

Aside from being a nontoxic, best skin tag removal tool, The Micro Auto TagBand is chemical and drug-free.

This means that it contains no chemicals or ingredients. It is merely a device!

Having it is like bringing home a surgical device with you.


1) It takes minutes to apply this skin tag removal kit

One of the drawbacks of The Micro Auto TagBand is that it will take minutes to use it. Although effective, it will have to take some of your time. 

To use it, you must follow four steps:

  1. Clean the skin tags using the cleansing wipes
  2. Attach the cone to the skin tag device and roll down a band down the cone onto the device
  3. Remove the cone from the device
  4. Place the device over one of the skin tags and push the button to release the band
2) The bands may break or slip

Another disadvantage of The Micro Auto TagBand is that its rubber bands may break or slip. However, this may only occur when the band is not properly inserted.

3) Not so pocket-friendly

The Micro Auto TagBand is kind of big. But, if you only use it at home, this wouldn’t matter.

4) Not for those with rubber allergies

As said, The Micro Auto TagBand includes rubber bands as one of its parts. However, some users are allergic to bands.

Thus, if you are allergic to organic or elastic latex, The Micro Auto TagBand might not suit you.

3) Best Freeze-Off Remover: Compound W Skin Tag Remover

Compound w skin tag remover

If you are looking for the best skin tag removal tool that is truly easy to use, Compound W Skin Tag Remover might be what you are looking for. 

Medtech Products Inc. makes this product and helps you remove skin tags using its foam-tip applicator.

Moreover, it works by freezing the structure and cells of your toughest skin tags causing them to be destroyed.

The foam-tip applicator has TagTarget technology that precisely targets your skin tags, protecting your healthy dermis.

Apart from the foam tip applicator, it also includes the following parts:

  • Aerosol can
  • Reusable tip holder

Moreover, it can remove skin tags (medium-sized skin tags) with a size of up to 3mm.


1) Easy to use

One of the advantages of using this best skin tag removal tool is that it is truly easy and convenient to use.

It has all the parts you need to pluck out your skin tags!

2) Safe applicator tip

As said, this product has a special TagTarget mechanism, and the tip is specifically designed to help you avoid contacting other parts of your dermis.

For this reason, children 4 years old and above can use it too!

3) Works quickly

Another benefit of using this acrochordon removal tool is that it works in 2 weeks. 

If this might sound too long for you, take note that after this period, the skin tag falls permanently, leaving no marks on your body.


1) May damage healthy skin

One of the ingredients of this product is dimethyl ether, and according to the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, this substance is hazardous to the skin as it can cause frostbite.

If this substance is in contact with healthy skin, wash or submerge the skin with warm water.

2) Not for all body parts

Compound W Skin Tag Remover cannot be used on the following body parts:

  • Sensitive areas
  • Eyelids
  • Groin

4) Best Pads: Samsali Skin Tag Remover

Samsali Advanced skin tag remover pads

If you are looking for a top-quality acrochordon removal tool that can help you get rid of skin tags while keeping you comfortable all day long, Samsali Skin Tag Remover might be the best skin tag remover for you.

One pack of this removal tool contains 42 pads, which can also last for 42 days, depending on your needs.

Generally, each patch of this removal tool is like an adhesive bandage and can also target large skin tags.


1) Premium ingredients

Aside from having premium ingredients, Samsali Skin Tag Remover’s ingredients are all organic. This means that they are natural, non-toxic, and harmless.

2) Medicated patch

This medicated patch, located in the middle of the patch, relieves pain and pressure. 

3) Easy to use

One reason why many users love Samsali Skin Tag Remover is because of its easy application. All you have to do is to stick the patch onto the skin tags! Easy, right?

Moreover, the skin patch can be cut depending on the size of the skin tags.


1) May cause redness

Although these pads do not cause scars and can be used on all body parts, users may experience some skin redness.

This means that those with sensitive skin may not appreciate this product.

2) Not for diabetic patients, pregnant, and lactating women

According to the company, this product contains a medicated patch; patients with medical health conditions such as diabetes and pregnant and lactating women cannot use it.

5) Best Homeopathic: ProVent Skin Tag Remover

Provent Skin Tag Oil

The last acrochordon remover on the list is the ProVent Skin Tag Remover, and Quest Products Inc. manufactures it, 

Moreover, this skin tag removal tool is also widely available on online market platforms such as Amazon. Generally, this is also known as Skin Tag Oil since it is an oil-based formula that contains a brush wart remover.

To use this product, apply the liquid product to the skin tags thrice a day using the brush.


1) Made from natural ingredients

One of the advantages of Proven Skin Tag Remover is its natural ingredients. Take a look at the information below:

  • Thuja occidentalis 6X (HPUS) – mainly used to remove skin tags (cutaneous).
  • Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil (tea tree oil) – works by dehydrating the skin tags.
  • Ricinus communis seed oil – helps dry out the skin tags.
  • Vitamin E – is used to moisturize and soothe the skin.

Other ingredients of ProVent Skin Tag Remover include Origanum vulgare leaf oil (Oregano), eugenol, linalool and limonene, and citral citronellol.

2) Easy to use and apply

ProVent Skin Tag Remover users enjoy this product because it is convenient to use. What you only need to do is to apply some liquid onto the skin tags using the brush.

After some time, the skin tag dries and will fall on its own.


1) Ingredients are diluted

According to some reviews, ProVent Skin Tag Remover ingredients are diluted. This means the product contains a weak formula.

Eventually, this mild or weak formula may cause the product to work slowly for more than two weeks.

2) Not for all skin types and skin tag size

Since the ingredients of ProVent Skin Tag Remover include essential oils, those who are sensitive to these substances may not appreciate this product.

In case of skin irritation, discontinue using the product and report the accident as soon as possible.

Moreover, this product is not for those with larger skin tags.

How to Choose the Best Skin Tag Remover Kit

Many skin tag removal products have their claims; sometimes, we are swayed by what they convey to us.

So, how can you choose the best product?

Take a look at the factors below:

1) Safety

The first thing you must consider when buying your skin tag removal tool is the product’s safety.

To know if the product is safe for you? Take note of the following questions:

  • Is the product suitable for your skin type?
  • Do you have any allergies to the ingredients?
  • Can the tool be safe for the part of your body where the skin tags are located?
  • Does the acrochordon removal product contain chemicals?

If any of these is answered with yes, think thrice before buying it.

2) Dermatologist-Recommended

The next thing to consider is the dermatologist-recommended feature of the product.

Of course, many dermatologists object to using at-home skin tag removal tools. However, there are still some products that they recommend.

As much as possible, always choose those dermatologist-recommended products for safer use.

3) Price

Moving on, let us also talk about the price. 

For this one, understand that it does not necessarily mean that it is a great option when a product is expensive. Likewise, when a product is cheap, it does not mean it is low-quality.

Always choose quality over price.

4) Money-Back Guarantee

Lastly, since you are buying acrochordon remover online, always go for the products with a money-back guarantee feature.

If the skin tag removal tool you wish to buy has this feature, you will be able to get a refund in case the product does not work well for you.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, acrochordons are prevalent, especially as you get older.

Because of this, obtaining DIY skin tag removers is helpful as they are convenient and easy to use. 

Hence, without any expensive surgeries or doctor visits, you will be able to get a chance to remove these blemishes on your skin!

However, before buying one, always ensure that the product is suitable for your skin type, age, and health.

There are many at-home skin tag removers online, and knowing the best ones to choose from would help achieve blemishless skin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to use an at-home skin tag removal kit?

Technically, it is safe to use an at-home acrochordon removal kit to get rid of skin tags as long as the product is suitable for your skin conditions, type, age, and health. Make sure to follow the instructions and everything will go well.

What causes skin tags?

The main cause of acrochordon is aging. Also known as acrochordons, these are nontoxic and harmless skin growths that appear darker to their surrounding skin and occur when your body produces extra cells on the top layer of your skin.

Where are the common parts of the body with acrochordon?

Acrochordon usually grows on skin folds and parts of your body where skin rubs against each other. These include your armpits, eyelids, groin, under your breasts, and genitals.

What are other organic substances that can remove skin tags?

Tea tree oil is the best plant extract for hanging skin. However, there are also other substances aside from tea tree oil that can help in removing skin imperfection such as apple cider vinegar soak and other plant extracts like turmeric.