How to Get Rid of Bruises with Red Light Therapy?

Getting rid of bruises ain’t as simple as it may appear.

However, dealing with it with effective methods can aid you in countering it in no time.

The natural healing process for bruises takes time, but with the right treatment, it’s going to be pretty effective.

But if you are in search of a complete win-win situation over your bruises then light therapy can be a striking alternative.

Although, if you use fake light therapy devices, it won’t come in handy, getting authentic ones can be a great counter for these bruises of yours. 

Now, want to know all these ways to get rid of your bruises? If it’s a yes, then this blog is a must-reader for you. 

Ways to Get Rid of Bruises Naturally

Now, when it comes to getting rid of bruises naturally, it’s surely going to take some time to heal. However, here are some of the most effective ways you can effectively deal with your bruises. 

Cold Therapy

Put ice on an injury right away to stop the flow of blood and reduce swelling.

By keeping the blood vessels cool, you stop extra blood from leaking into the nearby tissue, which lowers the swelling and makes the bruise less noticeable. 

A roll-up ice pack, a bag of ice, or frozen veggies wrapped in a towel or cloth can all be used. Use ice for 10 minutes at a time, with 20 minutes off between each use.

Heat Therapy

Once you have a bruise, you can use heat to help the blood flow and get rid of any blood that is stuck. Heat can also help ease pain and relax tight muscles. A heating pad, a hot water bottle, or a warm bath are all options.


Putting an elastic wrap around the bruise creates compression, which stops blood vessels from leaking even more. Compression can make the bruise less bad, ease the pain, and keep the swelling down.


Putting the bruised area above heart level can help ease the pain and let fluid move away from the bruise. Elevation lowers stress and speeds up healing by letting you rest and unwind.


Arnica is a homeopathic plant that is known to reduce inflammation, which makes it a good way to treat bruises. Arnica gel or cream has been shown in studies to help heal bruises faster. It should be put on the bruise several times a day.

Vitamin K Cream and Aloe Vera

Vitamin K is needed for blood to heal, and it can also make bruises less painful. A study from 2002 says that you should rub vitamin K cream on the bruise at least twice a day.

Your skin can be treated with aloe vera, which is known to help with pain and redness. Pure aloe vera juice without any other ingredients should be used.

Vitamin C

This vitamin cuts down on inflammation and helps wounds heal. You can put vitamin C on your skin in the form of gels, creams, or serums, or you can take it as a supplement. You can also get more vitamin C by eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies.

Pineapple (Bromelain) and Comfrey

Bromelain, which is found in pineapple, can lessen the pain and swelling of bruises. Pineapple can be eaten, taken as a vitamin, or used as a cream on the skin. 

Moreover, the comfrey plant is known for helping skin heal, and it can be used to treat burns. You can put comfrey cream on the bruise several times a day, or you can make a compress by boiling dried comfrey leaves, straining the liquid, and then putting the leaves in a cloth to use.

How Red Light Therapy Can Aid With Your Bruises?

In this section, you’ll get to know how red light therapy can help you with your bruises in no time. However, make sure you stay consistent with this therapy method.

Gets Rid of Your Pain

In some cases, red light therapy can help make bruises less painful.

Getting a bruise can hurt, especially if it’s swollen or in a sensitive spot. Red light treatment can help by relaxing nerve endings and making pain feel less intense.

Repair Cells

Red light treatment works by stimulating the mitochondria in cells. The mitochondria are like little power plants that make energy. When cells get more energy, it helps broken cells heal and grow back better.

Blood vessels and skin cells are damaged in bruises. By speeding up the healing process and helping cells repair and grow back, red light treatment fades the bruise faster.

Fades Scars

This light treatment can help reduce scars by encouraging healthy tissue growth. Bad cuts can sometimes leave scars that you can see. Red light treatment helps the skin grow new, healthy cells, which makes scars less likely to show up.

Less Inflammation

Red light treatment can also aid to reduce swelling in the bruised area by stopping the release of molecules that cause inflammation and increasing the release of molecules that stop inflammation. 

Well, most of the time, inflammation makes bruises hurt more and swell up more. This is because it lowers inflammation, red light treatment can ease pain and help the body heal faster.

Production of Collagen

This therapy method can make your body make more collagen, a protein that is very important for skin repair and growth.

Collagen helps skin that has been hurt heal and get stronger. By making the body make more collagen, red light treatment can help the skin around the bruise heal faster and look like it did before.

Bottom Line

After skimming through this expert-researched blog, we believe you now get your bruises rid in no time.

If you’re okay with steady yet effective bruise counters then natural remedies mentioned above would do. However, if you heal too fast and also effective light therapy should be a must-haver.