Henry Cavill ‘Superman’ Workout & Diet – ‘The Man of Steel’ Muscle Training Routine

Henry Cavill Workout

Henry Cavill is a British actor with plenty of movies behind his name.

Most people will know him as the fabulous character he portrayed from DC Comics – that of Superman in the DC Extended Universe.

He is so versatile too because you can also see him as the mysterious, exciting Sherlock Holmes in the Netflix series, Enola Holmes.

It’s also Henry’s fantastic physique that has everyone enquiring as to how they can achieve that look!

Who wouldn’t?

And he didn’t get it by being born on Krypton either!

The truth is, he was pushed beyond his limits for this iconic role by his world-class trainer, Mark Twight, who has an exclusive gym, Gym Jones.

Comfort in this gym is avoided – it takes clients to extremes.

You can be sure from this exclusive gym, that lots of protein are consumed.

There is also plenty of cardio and weightlifting.

You can have the body of Henry Cavill if you are prepared to force yourself not to give up – that’s what this Superman did!

Henry Cavill’s Workout Routine & Diet – ‘The Witcher’ Training Routine & Awesome Body

Current Stats

  • Birthday: 5 May 1983
  • Weight: A Superman weight of 193 lbs.
  • Birthplace: Saint Helier, English Channel island of Jersey, UK
  • Accolades/accomplishments:
    • 2013 – The Sexiest Man of 2013 by Glamour Magazine. Even though he didn’t win The World’s Sexiest Men poll in the same year, he did come second!
    • 2014 – MTV Movie Award for Best Hero for ‘Man of Steel’ where he played the character of Superman.
    • Henry Cavill has created #CavillConservation because he wants to raise awareness and funds for endangered and rare animals. He is also an ambassador for the Durrell Wildlife Park. Awesome!

Workout Principles

  • In 2020, Mark Twight, Henry’s personal trainer said of his training philosophy, “One reason that actors and actresses who train with us continue their training afterward is because of the psychological involvement we have.”
  • He also had to ensure that Cavill kept his excellent conditioning up for the full six months that they were shooting Superman. The aim of the program workout principles was to ensure that Henry increased his muscle mass, – enough to stay lean and mean to retain his high levels of muscular definition.
  • Henry claimed that his training process was “excruciating” but still “wonderful.” He enjoyed being pushed to levels that he didn’t know were possible.
  • When he was being interviewed by TRAIN magazine, Henry said his training was fit for the character on the screen. He said of Mark Twight that “His whole ethos is that fitness is not just physical strength and conditioning, it’s also the strength of character, and that is so in tune with the character of Superman.”

His Training Methods

Henry Cavill was the Man of Steel in 2013. So for Superman, he would need a strong physique as well.

After all, he had superhuman strength, super speed, and he could control his muscles, too, enabling him to imitate the human voice.

He knew he had to put in hard work to chisel out a stunning body that everybody wants to know how to achieve.

Along with his hard work, Henry used Mark Twight, his trainer, who made it happen for him.

Over a six months period, Mark transformed the body and mind of Henry Cavill.

Mark Twight is no stranger to training top Spartan fighters. Total psychological and physical commitment has given Henry extreme results.

Mark’s top principle was that “mentality is key.”

At his gym, he would tell his clients that if they wanted to change their bodies, they needed to train first the “muscle in the skull.”

In his gym, you don’t find any machines, chairs or mirrors, or televisions.

This training facility embraces pushing individuals harder – where they risk more to achieve their goals.

No excuses are accepted. In order to maintain this philosophy and art, Gym Jones only chooses clients like Henry Cavill whom they believe can adapt to their philosophy.

Henry’s Workout Routine

  • An intense workout program for Henry would consist of plenty of preparation. For his intense program of grueling workout routines, Henry was required to put in 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night.
  • If he trained on his own or with Mark Twight, Henry would work out for two and a half hours each day. He would focus on increasing his muscle mass. Twight said if he didn’t get the necessary sleep, he couldn’t recover, and then they might as well not continue with training. This is because the objective would not be achieved. Sleep is imperative because the testosterone secretion and HGH that occur during deep sleep are super important.
  • Henry’s workouts were broken into two separate workout routines, all in one training session. That meant two different body parts would be focused on in each session. Olympic lifts, squats, metabolic body movements, and functional training all formed part of Henry’s weekly training – often there would be reps of 100 included. Cardio workouts, boxing sessions, and weightlifting all were added to prepared and get the perfectly sculpted physique.
  • “Stable fitness requires a wide, solid foundation,” Twight said. “The deeper that foundation, the more stable that condition will be, and the easier it is to maintain.” And just as in the movie, Superman, where young Clark Kent discovers his special abilities, so did Cavill need to shatter his mental barriers of what he could do.

Henry’s started deadlifting at less than 300 pounds, but under Mark Twight, he hit a record of 435!

Henry says he learned his limits way past what his head thought they were.

“Fitness is strength and conditioning, but also the strength of character,” said Twight.

And with Henry, doing difficult physical things and by changing his body of his own will, his whole attitude changed.

The way he carried himself also changed.

He looked huge like Superman and he walked hugely and his whole attitude announced what his huge physical capacity and capability were.

Henry Cavill’s Diet

  • Henry Cavill endured grueling 2.5-hour workouts for 5 days a week. For that, he needed over 5000 calories each day. This mainly consisted of extra protein-rich meal replacement drinks.
  • In order to keep his hunger levels steady, Henry would eat protein first, and then follow up with a small number of carbs. As filming came closer, Cavill’s carbs would be limited and his calorie count would be halved. His training regime would be cut to around 2 to 3 times a week.

A heavy protein breakfast

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Steak – to repair muscle damage
  • Oatmeal protein shakes: helped to refill the muscle glycogen.
  • Washes breakfast down with Rosemary water.

Henry’s first lunch

  • Chicken curry with jasmine rice
  • Apple

Henry’s second lunch

  • Roast chicken breast
  • Roast potatoes
  • Curry sauce

With such intense training, two lunches aren’t actually crazy – particularly as Superman had to be in top form.

Henry’s dinner

  • Bison steak – lower in calories than other fattier cuts of meat – and also a source of natural creatine
  • Brown rice pasta
  • Protein shake with added greens and water

Snacks are usually protein powder, yogurt, barley, almonds, tangerines, and olive, flax, salmon, or hemp oil

Henry has a cheat day – Deep-dish pizza:

Henry says he makes sure his food is right – it needs to go in line with his training.

But at least he doesn’t feel like he is on a diet all the time.

He says he can have three cheat days one after the other if he wants, but then he has to buckle down and “be good” again to get to a certain point again – where the baseline is.

And he literally spends hours in the gym.

Henry Cavill’s Supplements & Recommendations

These are the supplements that Henry Cavill takes every day.


Because he says they “make sure I’m alive and well and everything is running smoothly and I’m taking full advantage of my workouts”.

Henry doesn’t do things only half, he goes full out.

1) MuscleTech Grass-Fed 100% Whey Protein

Usually, Henry has this with his breakfast.

The whey protein shake contains 20g of protein.

It has only 140 calories per 35g serving.

No flavors or artificial colors are added. When you up your protein intake, you increase your muscle gain when you combine it with resistance training. It also prevents muscle loss when you diet. 

2) MuscleTech Shatter Elite pre-workout

When he has had his protein shake and his oatmeal at breakfast, Henry will have soft tissue work to do which will be as directed by his physiotherapist, Freddie Murray of Remedy.

For his pre-working out, Henry will take MuscleTech’s Shatter Elite, because it extends his endurance and helps to fight fatigue.

It ramps up blood flow.

Henry says it is fantastic stuff; what he needs to get through his workout every morning.

3) MuscleTech Amino Build Elite 

Henry also takes MuscleTech Amino Build Elite “Just to make sure that I am maximizing the potential of my workout.”

This product boasts 12.7g of amino acids, as well as 8g of BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids). The building blocks of protein are BCAAs.

The protein repairs any damage that has been caused by all the exercise work.

There are studies to show that when you take BCAAs before exercise, you are able to prolong endurance during exercising and limit any pain and soreness after the workouts.

4) Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin helps to replenish glycogen stores that become depleted when you do intense workouts.

Maltodextrin also helps to prevent muscle loss.

5) Multivitamin

Henry, if you look at his diet, does consume a lot of food.

Sometimes when you are following a special diet, the food can become a bit repetitive.

So Henry would take multivitamins to fill in any gaps in his nutrition program.

6) Magnesium

There are heaps of functions that magnesium can perform in the body. Research indicates that there are thousands of people who are low in this very essential nutrient.

You need magnesium in your diet for smooth muscle contractions.

It is magnesium that assists with the conversion of food into energy. It is also involved in creating new proteins.

7) Probiotics

Probiotics are also vital for the body because they help with proper digestion.

And when you are taking in a lot of calories as Henry Cavill does, you will need probiotics to assist with digestion.

Probiotics have also been shown to help in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels, as well as helping with anxiety.

8) The Omegas

Henry Cavill took Udo oil.

You will find all 3 omegas in Udo oil; omegas 3, 6, and 9. This oil is excellent to help in reducing inflammation, but it has many other wonderful health benefits as well.

Recommendations of Henry Cavill

  • You can always take on Henry Cavill’s Superman workout and diet plan. You’ll achieve his kind of shredded physique.
  • Cavill would recommend that you get pushed beyond your very limits while prepping for the body you want to achieve, much like his.
  • Mark Twight knew exactly how to bring out the best in his celebrity clients. That’s why Henry Cavill would recommend the same treatment for you if you wanted to look like him. Comfort is purposefully avoided and it’s where “physical and psychological breakdowns occur.”
  • The Superman workout will take you to extremes. It wouldn’t live up to its name otherwise, would it? So lots of protein is recommended, mass gain, weightlifting, and cardio are also recommended.
  • You are going to feel like giving up and then, no doubt, force yourself not to. You might even believe it is impossible to keep going. But if you pull it off, you will have your own Henry Cavill aka Superman body to show for it! It’s tough, but you are well rewarded. Just don’t think you can clear walls though!

Henry Cavill‘You can train and train until you are blue in the face, but you’ve got to diet’