Is Naked Juice Healthy? Here’s The Bare Truth…

is naked juice healthy

Juice is such a versatile beverage that can be made from virtually anything.

Juices can be healthy or unhealthy and that is all dependent on their content. One brand of juice that has been making waves is Naked Juice, which is a popular product line by PepsiCo.

This line of juice is being lauded for its nutritional value, natural sugar component, enticing flavor combinations, and more.

So, you must be here because you’re wondering what all the hype is about and if Naked Juice is just as good and as healthy as they say. You’re in the right place to learn more about these Naked Juice beverages.

In this article, we will cover the pros and cons of Naked Juice among other topics.

Is Naked Juice Healthy? Benefits & Downsides

Naked Juice

What is Naked Juice?

Naked Juice drinks are essentially fruit and vegetable smoothies that come in an array of flavor combinations.

If you roam around the grocery stores in your area, you’ll find most of them displayed in the front rows of the juice corner.

Naked Juice products are popular because they are hyped for having naturally occurring sugars and no artificial flavors or harmful substances.

The Flavors

Naked Juice, as mentioned above, is a wide range of smoothies by PepsiCo.

They are available in several flavors out of which pomegranate-blueberry, and naked green machine are the two most popular ones.

They are composed of different fruits, including kiwi, broccoli, and apple juice blended with many other tasty foods.

Many of them contain healthy supplements, like spirulina and even vitamins.

What’s in a name?

Naked Juices are given their respective name because their manufacturers claim them to be free of preservatives, no sugar added, and definitely no synthetic flavors.

They have been immensely popular ever since juicing and liquid diets became popular.

In fact, this may be one of the most popular juice brands on the market today.

The Controversy

Despite all the hype and popularity, Naked Juice has a lot of naysayers questioning its health benefits as they believe the brand is misleading consumers to get people to drink Naked Juice.

Furthermore, the Naked Juice Lawsuit in 2012 was about this health aspect and 100% natural claims of the brand.

We will look at the nutritional content of this vegetable and fruit juices brand along with its calorie and sugar content to help you determine if its proclaimed health and wellness benefits are fact or fiction.

Types of Naked Juices

The three most popular types of naked juices include;

  • Naked Juice Machines
  • Indulgent Proteins
  • Naked Plus

Machine juices from Naked come in a wide range of tastes.

Fruit juice is a combination of kale, spirulina, flax seeds, ginger, barley grass, and wheatgrass to create drinks or smoothies.

In each standard bottle of 450 ml, the Red, Rainbow, Green, Blue, Vitamin D, and Power C machines have around a 220-320 calorie content.

Additionally, the Naked Juice Indulgence Proteins come in two flavors: Vanilla and Chocolate.

Each has 30 grams of protein in it. In the normal bottle, the former contains 370 calories and the latter has 410 calories.

Finally, the Naked Plus line of Naked Juices includes protein boosts derived from various fruit and vegetable combinations.

Nutrition Facts of Naked Juice

A bottle having 450 ml of juice can provide you with a 15.2-ounce serving and it, on average, consists of:

  • 63 grams of carbohydrates
  • 270 calories
  • 53 grams of sugar
  • 1.3 grams of fiber
  • 0 fat
  • 4 grams of proteins

Besides these, a 450 ml drink can make up for 50% of your Daily Value of Vitamin C and 25% of your Daily Value of Vitamin A, B2, B6, and beta carotene.

The Red Machine and Blue Machine have around 320 calories and 76 grams of carbohydrates.

Naked juices are high in sugar and low in fiber. The company claims to include no added sugars except for that naturally occurring sugar from veggies and fruits.

But this natural sugar still elevates the sugar content significantly.

Moreover, during the juicing process, the respective ingredients lose their fiber content, which is the reason for their low fiber.

The Naked Truth

Also, one 450 ml serving of Naked Juice contains twice the advised daily sugar intake for both men and women. So be careful not to have multiple servings.

Pros and Cons

PepsiCo claims that its beverage offers more nutrition as compared to ordinary soft drinks and sodas.

However, just because the drink has whole fruit and vegetables and doesn’t have sugars added doesn’t make it extremely healthy.

It may offer you some health benefits but can be antagonistic to your health as well.

Health Benefits of Naked Juice

1) Rich in Vitamins & Minerals

Naked juices are said to be crazy rich in fruits. For instance, the simplest of the smoothies like orange mango contains 1 and 3/4 of oranges, 1/2 a mango, 1 and 3/4 apples, and a hint of banana.

Moreover, the popular blue machine’s juice has three and a half apples, 1 banana, and 27 blue and 3 blackberries.

Using so many fruits helps to avoid the use of added sugar, which can lead to high cholesterol.

2) Filled with Antioxidant

Research published by the National Library of Medicine has since supported claims that beverages with natural sugars contribute to the consumer’s antioxidant requirements.

These antioxidants can protect your body against the cell damage caused by the free radicals. They also rejuvenate your skin cells by eliminating the harmful content making you look young, fresh, and healthy.

3) No artificial additives and flavors

The enticing taste of Naked Juice drinks is said to come from natural ingredients and no artificial additives and flavors are included.

Which is another good factor!

Additionally, the mineral and vitamin content helps to boost your immune system against various chronic diseases.

Last but not the least, although most of the fiber is lost during the juicing process, the remaining amount is unadulterated, which cannot be digested and thus makes you feel full for longer and keeps your blood sugar healthily balanced.

The Downsides

1) High sugar and high calorie

The biggest drawback of Naked Juice is its excessive sugar content and low fiber value.

If you compare a bottle of Naked Juice with a can of Mountain Dew, the two have similar sugar content.

Although the source is different. Naked juices have natural fructose while sodas have high fructose corn syrup.

But your body doesn’t care about the source, it metabolizes every sugar similarly. It is ultimately converted into fatty acids triglycerides and a dangerous form of cholesterol.

This high sugar intake can elevate your chances of acquiring diseases like type-II diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity.

Furthermore, research has shown that eating whole fruits and vegetables rather than juices can help to reduce the risk of diabetes while naturally or artificially sweetened juices can cause a significant increase.

2) Low fiber

The next major concern with Naked Juice is its low fiber value.

The majority of the fiber in fruit and vegetable juices is removed during the juicing process.

Fiber is quite necessary, as it helps you lose weight by encouraging feelings of fullness, which helps you control your appetite and food consumption.

Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome are all connected to a lack of fiber.

Fiber also aids in the stabilization of blood sugar levels and insulin secretion, which may assist to minimize blood sugar spikes, which are risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

However, due to its lack of fiber and high sugar content, Naked Juice may raise your blood sugar levels.

3) Weight gain

Overconsumption of Naked Juice may result in weight gain, as each bottle contains a lot of calories.

Even if they are quite satisfying, they provide you with a colossal quantity of unnecessary calories, which won’t help you stick to your diet or improve your health.

Most importantly, consuming too much fructose (the sugar source in Naked Juices) may reduce your calorie expenditure and fat metabolism, according to scientific studies.

It may also contribute to resistance to insulin due to an increase in your calorie intake and high levels of belly fat.

A scientific study including 31 individuals reported that people who drink fructose-sweetened beverages have a lower fat-burning rate and resting calorie expenditure than those who drink glucose-sweetened beverages.

Final Thoughts

Naked Juices are very popular for their all-natural fruits and vegetable juices with natural sugar and exciting flavors, such as the Green Machine.

Naked Juice may benefit your health and wellness, as it contains many essential vitamins and minerals.

However, the sugar content of this beverage brand is quite high and it also has a high-calorie content per bottle.

If you are someone who has a super-fast metabolism and is healthy slim, you can consume these juices as per your choice.

But if you’re someone who is on a diet, has a slow metabolism, or is trying to lose weight, these might not be for you.

For those consuming them daily, we recommend you cut down on your excessive intake and keep it as moderate as possible.

Naked Juice might offer you the benefits stated above but don’t overlook the downsides.