Jason Statham’s Workout & Diet – His Muscle, Weight Loss, & Bodybuilding Training

Jason Statham's workout diet

Jason Statham is an English actor; well known for movies like The Transporter’, The Expendables, Crank’, and The Fast and the Furious.’

When he was young, he and his older brother loved martial arts. Jason particularly loved diving.

He was part of the British Olympic Team in 1988 in Seoul, Korea.

He continued being a member of the National Diving Squad for about 10 years.

Then he moved over to the movies.

Guy Richie spotted him when he saw Jason in an ad for Levi jeans. He cast him in the movie, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

That’s what got Jason started in the movies.

He has played in many tough-guy movies. Before he got into movies, though, he was into martial arts, and he was even once a fashion model.

And for that, he needed to keep his ‘bod’ in very good shape.

Jason Statham’s Workout & Diet Plan – How to Get a Body Like Jason Statham

Current Stats

  • Weight:  78 Kg/172 lbs.
  • Birthday: 26 July 1967
  • Birthplace: Shirebrook, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
  • Accolades/accomplishments:
    • Women Film Critics Circle Awards
    • 2006 – Winner – Most Offensive Male Character for Crank.

Workout Principles of Jason Statham

No wonder Jason Statham looks so fit, healthy, and ripped. Did you know that he has a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

So he’s highly knowledgeable and is qualified to instruct students with lower ranks.

He is also a pro in kickboxing. And he’s had training in Wing Chun and Krav Maga.

You can see he is a pro in most of the MMA skills.

But his specialty is kickboxing.

But let’s see what his workout principles are:

1) Track everything you do and eat

No matter what kind of exercises you do or what kind of nutrition you put into your body, Jason always recommends that you record it somewhere.

Otherwise, you won’t know how or when to adjust to get the best results down the road.

2) Keep a variety

Jason likes variety.

He doesn’t like doing the exact same workout time after time.

He always tests and tweaks new ways and variations to make his workouts more interesting and better.

3) Attitude

Jason is a firm believer in attitude.

He says the body is like a piece of dynamite. “You can tap it with a pencil all day, but you’ll never make it explode. You hit it once, with a hammer, bang! It’s so much more rewarding.”

Jason has proved his three workout principles are worth taking note of.

Jason Statham’s Training Methods

Jason Statham’s training methods turn him into a tough guy for his tough-guy movie roles. If you want his physique, you will have to work hard.

Jason works out with an ex-Navy SEAL called Logan Hood.

Plus, he goes on a strict diet that is very low in sugar. He trains for his tough-guy roles by concentrating on high-energy, plyometric exercises.

Into that, he will weave in circuit training, combined with explosive strength training exercises.

Logan Hood ensures that Jason’s workouts are intensity-packed.

He keeps all his clients’ heart rates up ensuring they burn fat and tone their muscles at the same time.

Logan Hood enjoys the workouts that bring the muscles close to failure, and then to explode plyometrically.

Jason Statham’s Workout Routine

Most of Jason Statham’s movie roles require him to be quick and agile. For this, he trains his body and mind to perform.

His focus is to be quick, agile, and athletic.

He wants quickness in his workouts.

Every day he starts with warm-ups of rowing. Then he continues with the rest of his training.

Here is his weekly workout schedule:

Day 1

First warm-up

Rowing for 10 minutes at 20 strokes every minute.

Second warm-up

Pyramid Circuit, consisting of 4 exercises.

Each exercise starts with 1 rep. In the 2nd round, he will do 2 reps and so on.

When he gets to round 6 he goes back to 4 reps and then down to 3 reps until he gets back to 1 rep per round.

  • Push-ups
  • Ring chin-ups
  • Bodyweight squats

Dead-lift weights – 9 sets with 1-3 minutes of rest in between the sets.

He will start out at 35% of his working max.

He will increase the weight each round while decreasing the reps.


He does trampoline where he does flips and twists for 10 minutes.

Day 2

First warm-up:

Rowing for 10 minutes at 20 strokes every minute

Second warm-up

Static Hold Circuit:  30 seconds of each exercise with 10 seconds rest in-between. He will do 4 rounds each.

  • Ring dips, using gymnastics rings
  • Farmer Carry – standing still and holding kettlebells
  • L-Sit: From a dip position, he will raise legs to at least parallel to ground and hold – he uses parallettes
  • Bodyweight Squat

“Big 5 55” – Jason will do 55 reps of 5 different exercises on a continuous circuit with no resting.

  • Front Squat with weight
  • Pull-ups
  • Decline parallette push-ups
  • Power Cleans
  • Knees to Elbows: He will hang from pull up bar with elbows at 90° and pull his knees up to touch his elbows

Day 3

  • First warm-up: Rowing for 10 minutes at 20 strokes every minute
  • Workout:  Interval rowing – he will do 6 rounds of rowing
  • Cooldown: He will carry two kettle-bells weighing 30-kgs for 500m, and try and be as quick as possible

Day 4

First warm-up

Rowing for 10 minutes at 20 strokes every minute

Second warm-up

Bodyweight squats – 20 reps with no weight


Front squats with weight

Jason will also do 5 sets of 5 reps with around 90 seconds of rest in between his sets.


200 push-ups – he will do this like a ladder technique – 13 ladders with 5 extra reps at the end.

He will do it with a partner; with the partner doing one and Jason doing one.

Then the partner does 2 and Jason will do 2 and so on. The only resting time Jason will get here is when his partner is doing his work.

Day 5

First warm-up:

Rowing for 10 minutes (20 strokes per minute)

Second warm-up

Alternate between bear-crawls and crab-walks for 15 meters – he will do 5 rounds each.


Cumulative movements – Complete one set of the 11 exercises hereunder. These are all done as quickly as possible. Jason must complete all the repetitions before he moves to the next exercise.

  1. Five 7-Meter Fat Rope Climbs
  2. Five front squats reps
  3. Five ball slams reps
  4. Ten 15-meter rope pulls
  5. Ten bench press reps
  6. Ten ball slams reps
  7. Fifteen pull-ups reps
  8. Fifteen dips reps
  9. Fifteen ball slams reps
  10. 20 Resisted fat rope pulls reps
  11. Twenty smashes reps

Jason did these in 23 min 53 secs.

Day 6

Jason participates in any activity that will last for over 60 minutes. He often goes for a run in the mountains.

Day 7

Jason rests.

He will also do Plyometrics exercises, using the following exercises when he’s got time:

  • Jump rope
  • Squat thrusts
  • Burpees
  • Push-ups
  • Star jumps
  • Truck jumps

Jason Statham’s Diet

Since Jason got Logan Hood as his trainer, his approach to his diet has changed.

His diet now consists of about 2000 calories a day.

His day will comprise around 6 meals with about 3 hours in-between each meal.  His low-calories diet consists of:

  • No fruit juices
  • No alcohol
  • No sweets, bread, and pasta
  • No sugar or flour
  • He drinks 1.5 gallons of water/day
  • Plain yogurt with berries
  • Egg whites
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Veggies
  • Nuts
  • Protein shakes

Here’s a sample of Jason Statham’s meal plan.

These he used when preparing for the movies, Transporter 2 and Death Race.


  • Fresh Fruit
  • Oats
  • Poached Eggs


  • Brown rice
  • Steamed veggies
  • Miso Soup


  • Peanut butter
  • Nuts


  • Lean Beef, chicken, or fish
  • Salad

Jason Statham’s Supplements & Recommendations

  • Protein shakes
  • Multivitamins

Recommendations of Jason Statham

1) Get your attitude right

The minute Jason walks through the gym door, he starts his workout. “I’m a firm believer in attitude,” he says. “Some people just don’t have that desire.”

He says people “need to get serious and do 40 minutes of hard training rather than an hour-and-a-half of nonsense.”

2) As you sweat, hone your skills

Being a monster fan of the martial arts, the training helps to define Jason’s “learn a skill” workout philosophy.

He does a typical workout of shadow-boxing to warm up for his back and shoulders, lunging for his legs.

Then he does five 3-minute rounds of kicking and punching.

Next, he hits the heavy bag for about three rounds and does a session on the speed bag, finishing off with a circuit.

3) Using your body weight

Jason likes to use plyometrics.

“I’ll jump rope, then do squat thrusts, burpees [squat thrusts in which you leap instead of standing up], star jumps [from a crouch, jump up and spread your arms and legs into a star, and come back down into a crouch], push-ups, tuck jumps [jump, lift legs, tuck], step-ups.”

The key is explosive execution: “If I’m doing a push-up, I go down slowly and, bang, push up.”

4) Remember to have a portable workout

No matter if Jason only has 20 minutes to spare, he will turn it into a portable workout.

He will do stuff like punching combinations, stuff you can do even in a hotel room, he says.

“Whatever you do, do it to the extreme.”Jason Statham