Jessica Biel’s Workout & Diet Plan – All About Her Weight Loss Journey

Jessica Biel's Workout

Jessica Biel was the actress many of us watched in 7th Heaven. This American star also appeared in movies like Total Recall and The Illusionist, amongst others.

She is married to another famous singer and actor, Justin Timberlake.

When she was little, she says she begged anyone to take her to anything to do with acting; this acting class and that audition.

And her parents supported her wishes.

When she was just 11 she branched out into the modeling scene. At a modeling convention in 1994, she won herself an acting scholarship in Los Angeles.

In 1999, she was named as one of their “50 Most Beautiful People” by People magazine.

She and Justin had their first child in 2015 and a second child in 2020.

They live in a multimillion duplex penthouse in Tribeca.

Jessica Biel’s Workout & Diet

Current Stats

  • Weight: 121 pounds/55 kg.
  • Birthday:  3 March 1982
  • Birthplace: Ely, Minnesota, USA
Ashland Independent Film Festival
  • 2013 – Best Acting Ensemble: Feature in The Truth About Emanuel (shared)
Newport Beach Film Festival
  • 2006 – Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking Acting in The Illusionist
Palm Springs International Film Festival
  • 2007 – Rising Star Award
Scream Awards
  • 2007 – Scream Award for The Illusionist
ShoWest Convention, USA
  • 2005 – ShoWest Award for Female Star of Tomorrow
  • 2007 ShoWest Award for the Female Star of Tomorrow
Young Artist Awards
  • 1998 – Winner – Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actress in Ulee’s Gold

Workout Principles of Jessica Biel

  • Jessica is serious about her workouts. She works out with her trainer. He’s Jason Walsh, a celebrity trainer. He makes sure that her workouts are a mix-up of sprinting, yoga, cardio, as well as walking lunges.
  • She believes in going all out for every workout.
  • She enjoys balance. So she enjoys her cake and eating it too, but makes up with doing lunges at the same time.
  • She likes workout dates and enjoys doing her exercises with someone else, like her coach or her husband.
  • She’s dedicated to Yoga, which she has been doing for over 10 years.
  • Even though she stays active, she likes to challenge her body with exercises like working on her glutes, legs, core, and also strengthening her stabilizing muscles.

Her Training Methods

  • “I like to do a couple of classes of yoga during the week, mixed in with weight training sessions, which are for strength,” says Jessica.
  • She says you need a healthy attitude: She says she loves hiking and walking too. She realizes how important mental health is and these pastimes keep her clearheaded.
  • She says that to avoid boredom, you need to vary your fitness routine – it’s the best way to get results. So she includes volleyball and dance classes as well.
  • Jessica always includes butt exercises which are her favorite. She knows that to have a tight bum, lunges are essential.
  • Jessica practices the stay-and-hold movements for her arms.
  • Because Jessica is not that keen on running she tries the high-intensity cardio circuit rather.

Jessica’s Workout Routine

Mondays and Fridays

She does 3 sets of 11 exercises
  • ‘Cardio warm-up’
  • ‘3 sets of walking lunges – 15–20 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of jump squats – 15–20 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of push-ups – 20 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of side planks – 30 secs hold’
  • ‘3 sets of squat to press – 15 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of pull-ups or lateral pull-downs -10 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of bent-over rows – 15 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of lateral lunges – 10 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of step-ups into the bench – 10 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of straight leg sit-ups – 145 reps’


She does 14 exercises on Tuesdays
  • ‘Walking lunges’
  • ‘½ mile jog’
  • ‘2 sets of sprints – 200 meters’
  • ‘2 sets of sprints – 150 meters’
  • ‘2 sets of sprints – 100 meters’
  • ‘Stair jumps – 20 minutes’
She follows up her cardio workout with some yoga
  • ‘Sun salutes’
  • ‘Reverse Warrior’
  • ‘Chair pose’
  • ‘Low boat pose’
  • ‘One-arm side plank’
  • ‘Forearm plank and leg lift’
  • ‘Temple pose’
  • ‘Tree pose’


She does 11 exercises on Wednesdays
  • ‘5 minutes of cardio warm-up’
  • ‘3 sets of walking lunges – 25 reps’
  • ‘30 seconds of Jump squats’
  • ‘3 sets of twisting dumbbell presses – 10–12 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of seated Russian twists – 15 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of push-ups with burpees – 15 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of medicine ball lunges with a twist – 10 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of planks – 30 seconds’
  • ‘3 sets of dumbbell squats – 15 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of dumbbell rows – 10 reps’
  • ‘3 sets of hanging leg raises – 20 reps’


She does 8 exercises on Thursdays
  • ‘Sun salutes’
  • ‘Reverse warrior’
  • ‘Chair pose’
  • ‘Low boat pose’
  • ‘One-arm side plank’
  • ‘Forearm plank and leg lift’
  • ‘Temple pose’
  • ‘Tree pose’

Saturdays and Sundays

She takes a rest over the weekend

Jessica Biel’s Diet

Jessica Biel believes in balance, so she doesn’t follow any particular way of eating.

She hasn’t even banned sugar from her diet, or cheese.

And she even has cheat days where she will eat a cookie or two, or pizza.

But she says there are certain foods that make her feel well and others that make her feel less than great. Below are foods that comprise a day for Jessica.


She loves Paleo pancakes.

She will add some almond butter or cashew butter to them with some local honey.

She will also have something like chicken-apple sausage, and then perhaps some fresh juice. There will be some green tea too at some stage of the morning.


Jessica might choose some greens from their garden and add this to some quinoa, or into her veggie burger, and some nuts.


She will have something like gluten-free pretzels with some dairy-free almond ‘cheese’ dip.


She will cook up some rice, salmon, and grill some veggies. If she goes out, she will enjoy chicken.

Jessica Biel’s Supplements 

To keep herself healthy, Jessica takes these supplements:

  • Green tea
  • Vitamin B12
  • Multivitamins for women
  • Probiotics for Weight Loss

Her Noteworthy recommendations

Doing the right thing for yourself

Jessica says… I like that yoga is just me with myself, my practice, and wherever my practice is in that moment on that day, then that’s where it is,

No one’s yelling at me to push harder and go tougher, it’s all about me, and sometimes if I want to sit still and lie in Savasana for 20 minutes, then that’s my practice for the day … My body is way smarter than me.

I can just listen to it and hear it loudly and clearly that I’m doing the right thing for myself.”

That’s good advice!

”Being willing to suffer often brings great rewards”Jessica Biel