Maggie Q’s Diet, Workout, Weight Loss, Probiotics, Gut Health & More…

Maggie Q diet & workout

Margaret Denise Quigley is not as well known to some as other famous American actors and actresses.

However, she is an American film and television actress that most people know by her stage name of Maggie Q. She is also a model.

Years back, she dreamed of becoming a veterinary scientist but had to skip that as she did not have the funding. So she left Honolulu, where she lived, to follow her dreams.

She ended up in Tokyo, starting her career as a model.

Finally, she settled in Hong Kong, where she met the famed Jackie Chan, who liked her. He started to provide her with intensive training on how she could become an action star.

She made her screen debut in 1998 in House of the Dragon. Model from Hell followed, plus Gen-Y-Cops.

This led her to appear in a Hollywood movie, Rush Hour 2. Since those days, she has been busy filming in the American and Chinese industries.

Maggie is a huge animal rights activist, being involved with PETA for years, and that means promoting vegetarianism as well.

She cut out all animal products from her diet too.

PETA honored her saying she was one of the three “sexiest vegans” of 2017. It certainly looks like it!

Even though she has been involved in a few relationships, she is not married.  She lives in an apartment in Pound Ridge, New York.

Maggie Q’s Diet, Workout, Recipes, & More…

Current Stats

  • Weight: 51 kg. /112 lbs.
  • Birthday: 22 May 1979
  • Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Accolades/accomplishments: 2002 Winner of Maverick Award

Workout Principles of Maggie Q

Maggie has always been an action figure. She indulges in heaps of different workouts to stay fit and active. Just check out her stunning body – she’s hot!

The rewards for all her workout routines are obvious.

She is in top shape because she has workout principles that have her developing high-intensity cardio and outstanding core strength.

She follows a holistic approach to staying fit. She fixes her body from the inside out, which means she is very strict with her diet.

Even though she follows a hectic schedule, she still finds time for hiking, yoga, and boxing.

Maggie Q’s Training Methods

Maggie doesn’t follow the typical circuit training.

But she firmly believes in training methods that keep her active every day! That will include swimming, yoga, mixed martial arts, spin classes, boxing, and Pilates.

She also does jogging. She enjoys playing other sports, such as soccer, basketball, and tennis.

That’s a busy training schedule, but she believes in balance, too, so she meditates to recharge herself and calm her mind. 

Maggie Q’s Workout Routine

Maggie loves exercising daily and also loves experimenting with different routines and variations.

This is more or less how her workout routine looks for the week:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Maggie does yoga and walking these days. She aims to do 10,000 steps a day. She is also a keen yoga enthusiast. She practices a lot of Hatha Yoga which influences her own life experiences.

It is also excellent to increase circulation and oxygenation.


She has a spinning class on Tuesdays. She says the spinning classes help her grow lean muscle mass.


She does more yoga.


She enjoys swimming.


She does more yoga.


Spin Classes or jogging, or swimming.


She is still active on Sundays and enjoys different options of doing exercises available to her, such as Pilates, boxing, and sports such as tennis, basketball, or soccer.

Maggie Q’s Diet Plan

Maggie Q has been eating the same for the past 20 years.

She is vegan because she actively participates in animal rights and has deep-rooted convictions about animal cruelty. So she opts for the plant-based diet.

Apart from that, she will never eat food high in sugar or processed.

For two decades, Maggie has included foods such as dark green veggies, seaweed, whole grains, parsley, kale, legumes, ginger, liquid aminos, sprouted nuts, flaxseed, and fruits.

In her 20s, Maggie says she experienced regular abdominal pain and low energy. She said she felt bloated and sluggish.

She says, “I instinctually felt it was because of food” So she started keeping a journal and realized something wasn’t connecting the dots properly in her system.

She was already a vegetarian for being an animal rights activist, but now she has decided to eliminate dairy too. She is much more attuned to her body’s needs and says, “The best thing you can do is educate yourself.”

Maggie focuses a lot on digestion now.

It’s her main priority.

She says that eating nutrition-rich foods enhances bodily functions.

Just look at her physique; you will understand why she has maintained this diet for so long – because it works so well for her.

She says she stays motivated to follow this diet plan as it helps her to stay focused and happy.

This is how her eating week looks:


  • Green Juice
  • Whole grains
  • Almonds
  • Fruits
  • Doughnuts

Morning Snack

  • Edamame
  • Brown Rice
  • Hot Sauce
  • Lentils
  • Ginger


  • Smoothies
  • Protein Shakes 
  • Vitamins
  • Energy Formula
  • Evening Snack
  • Quinoa
  • Probiotics
  • Vegan Omegas


  • Kitchari: Kitchari is an Ayurveda dish made of rice, mung beans, and spices. It sets the right balance in Maggie’s life.
  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Green Salad 
  • Beans
  • Bone Support

Maggie loves her food hot & spicy – that flavor is important to her.

When she has a protein shake, it will also have fruits such as bananas, peaches, berries, mango, brown rice, pea protein powder, almond butter, maca powder, cashew milk, fresh mint leaves, and ice. 

About ActivatedYou

Maggie is a health advocate and an animal rights activist. She is also the founder of fitness wear called Qeep Up.

She uses her name to advocate for those in need of healthy solutions because she has previously struggled with her health. So she has done extensive nutrition research.

She knows what to do to look and feel her best than some dieticians or nutritionists can tell her! She was inspired by the power of nutrition and created her line of wellness supplements, ActivatedYou.

Maggie does preach that everyone needs to eat green leafy vegetables that keep a person fuller for a longer time and provide nutrition.

She believes that following a plant-based vegan diet can save the world.

You go, Maggie!

Maggie Q’s Supplements

Maggie created the supplement brand, ActivatedYou along with Dr. Edison de Mello. She created it to help people with gut problems such as inflammation, and she helps them with probiotics.

Maggie takes these supplements.


Probiotics help fight fatigue, inflammation, and difficulty sleeping through the night.

Stress support

She takes one from her range called Adrenalife. It helps her to reduce stress and encourages healthy sleep as well.

Vegan omegas

Maggie takes algae omegas which contain omega 3, 6, and 9. The one she takes is suitable for vegans and people with shellfish allergies.

Bone support

She takes a supplement from her range called Bone-Rich Plus. It contains vitamins D, C, magnesium, and calcium to support strong bones and a healthy heart.

This supplement also helps her digestion, sleep, and mood.

You can find these all under her “ActivatedYou” range of supplements.

Maggie Q’s Noteworthy Recommendations

Here are Maggie’s recommendations to keep her edge:

“Learn to zen out wherever you are”

She says you should create a world within a world when you are in stressful situations.

She says, “I just pick a focal point, block it all out, and breathe. Find those moments you can give yourself—you might not see them at first because you’re too charged.”

“Enlist your furry friends”

Maggie says she loves hiking in the mountains with her beloved dogs, Don Julio, Nevaeh, and Romeo. She says it’s time they all bond together.

She says she needs to be in nature to feel balanced and good, and her dogs always “pull her out.”

Maggie makes connecting with nature part of her mission – after all, her sustainable clothing line, Qeep Up, has recycled over 25 billion plastic bottles!

“Build a community you can be real with”

Maggie says that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But she loves comments from people who know her and her heart, and for her, they are the most important to her.

In closing, here is one tip from Maggie that she gives about her being a vegan:

“The way to feel more fulfilled when including more veggies in your diet is to eat a ‘heavy’ grain with them!” she explains on the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine site.

“I love black, red, and brown rice and mix them all together. I usually throw lentils or a bean in there to make it even heavier and more nutritious. Don’t forget to mix in flax seeds, seaweed, or liquid aminos! Put your veggies on top of something like that, and tell me you’re not full!”