Selenite Crystal: How to Use This High Vibration Stone

selenite crystal meaning

Healing Crystals or gemstones are considered alternative and complementary medicines. It has been in practice for centuries.

Some cultures and beliefs are more aware of the metaphysical or healing properties of stones and apply that in practice in their daily lives.

Negative energy can accumulate in our bodies with exposure to stressful environments, people, and situations.

Selenite can help you shift and disperse negative energies.

This crystal is associated with higher chakras, mental clarity, and numerous benefits.

Every crystal enthusiast includes a selenite in their collection to cleanse, charge and balance other crystals.

Selenite is a powerful crystal that you should look into if you are interested in crystal healing or just admire its beauty.

Selenite Crystal – Healing Properties, Meaning, and Uses

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a white, translucent crystal or stone with grooves and luster.

Commonly found in beds of sedimentary rocks such as limestone and clay. Raw crystal formations of Selenite can be as long as 35 feet.

It is a crystallized form of gypsum or calcium sulfate dihydrate mineral.

Selenite is a monoclinic crystal and comes in pale shades of lustrous white color.

It appears like pure white light captured in a physical form. Sometimes also called transparent gypsum, gypsum flower, satin spar, or desert rose

It originates from the deep caves of Mexico, Morocco, and Madagascar.

The Greeks have appreciated the beauty and use of Selenite by making windows with it to allow light into darker rooms.

Moreover, Selenite stones 2 to 6 inches have been found on the shores of Great Salt Lake.

Selenite is named after the Ancient Greek goddess of the moon. The Greek word Selene also means moon.

Selenite Crystal’s Meaning and Lore

Selenite is a powerful crystal that promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Its spiritual meaning is rejuvenation and divine feminine energy.

It has a strong connection with the crown chakra and absorbs the distortions around your surroundings.

Selenite is a natural crystal formation that carries the energies of prosperity and purification.

Selenite provides mental clarity and emotional lightness, allowing you to feel more connected with your spirituality and the spiritual beings around you.

Crytal enthusiasts believe that Selenite opens our spirit to other worlds and the angelic realm.

It is a popular crystal for dispersing energy blockages and cleansing your environment to enhance meditation and spiritual work.

Selenite brings protection, harmony, and soul healing to any bearer and area.

Negative energy is cleared while clarity, focus, and calmness are enhanced in any space.

Because of its abilities, it is perfect for groups to improve team spirit and productivity.

Many crystal users recognize the metaphysical properties of Selenite.

Of the seven chakras, Selenite activates the crown chakra and third eye chakra but starts its work on the heart chakra.

The heart chakra needs to be healthy for the energy to flow.

It shifts stagnant energy and clears these chakras of energy blocks.

Names and types of Selenite Crystals

Selenite is also known as gypsum flower, satin spar, divine light, desert rose, and liquid light. Gypsum is a transparent crystal where Selenite comes from.

Selenite is the crystallized form of it.

There are other forms you can find which differ in color or structure.

  • White Selenite is used for communicating higher realms. This Selenite is a popular form, but other colors such as salmon or orange can be found. They have the same healing properties as white Selenite but a creative and productive atmosphere.
  • Desert rose is peach brown and naturally formed to resemble golden roses with desert-colored petals.
  • Selenite tower creates a protective shield and amplifies energy. It can impact the energy of stones around it.
  • Gypsum flower form looks like frozen water.
  • Selenite hourglass is used for raising awareness.
  • Selenite wand is a handy crystal for cleansing the aura and energy around you.

Benefits or Healing Properties Of Selenite Crystals

Selenite traces back to Greek mythology. It comes from the Greek word Selene which means moon. It was believed to have powerful healing benefits. The benefits experienced by many crystal users with the use of Selenite are:

  • Enhanced team spirit in groups
  • Good for memory
  • Increase and maintain positive energy of surroundings
  • Promotes better sleep and calms nightmares
  • Cleanses and charges other crystals
  • Self-cleansing
  • Ensures protection
  • Activates higher chakras
  • Clears negative energy
  • Promotes peace and calm
  • Provides clarity
  • Clears blocked energy
  • Promotes connection

Selenite is an essential crystal for anyone who practices spiritual healing or meditation.

It cleanses unwanted energies around you, which allows improved well-being and protection. Selenite removes stagnant energy and blockages.

Most empaths that are highly sensitive and absorb too much negative energy use Selenite when they are overwhelmed by people and their surroundings.

Selenite is associated with higher realms and angelic connections because of its purifying and illuminating properties.

Spiritual healers recommend meditating with a Selenite. It helps you release negative patterns and connect you to outside energies.

Additionally, the calming properties and high vibration of Selenite allow you clear energy blocks while purifying your mind, body, and spirit.

Selenite is a source of negative ions and generates them in the space around you. Negative ions and negative energies are not the same.

Negative energy is caused by stressors and has harmful effects. Selenite clears these energies to provide healing.

On the other hand, negative ions are charged with electricity that floats in the atmosphere. They have positive effects on your mental and emotional health.

You can find negative ions in nature like Selenite, Himalayan salt lamps, ultraviolet sun rays, ocean waves, and waterfalls.

Exposure to negative ions by Selenite can help boost your mood and improve sleep.

If you struggle with insomnia or nightmares, Selenite is an excellent crystal for promoting better sleep at night. Selenite promotes a calmer disposition which allows better quality sleep and dreams.

Its calming property instills peace and clarity. This enhances the result of meditation.

The gentle vibrations it gives have a soothing effect. A selenite wand in hand can relieve your feelings of stress or anxiety.

Moreover, it is also a good crystal for teamwork. Keeping a selenite crystal around your office or during meetings can boost unity and camaraderie.

Selenite balances all these energies in your life. Its self-cleaning properties bring balance to your crystal collections. Putting a Selenite crystal among them can purify even the crystals around it.

How To Use Selenite Crystals

You can wear, hold, or place a Selenite stone in your room. As long as your crystal is in the open air and not enclosed in drawers or shelves, it will emit its effects on its surroundings

1) Selenite Wands

Selenite wands are great for cleansing the space. It is a small Selenite crystal you can carry and hold in your hand.

You can place it on your windowsill, by doors, hallways, or any entrance points to protect your surroundings from negativity.

A Selenite wand can also be used in a similar way to smudging. It can purify and shift stagnant energy.

Placing Selenite all over your home can prevent toxic energy from entering your space and soak it with pure white light to keep it calm and peaceful.

If you have small crystals or jewelry, you can cleanse and charge by placing them on your Selenite wand.

Large crystals can disrupt your sleep because they emit too much energy, while Selenites are better options for helping you get better sleep because of their calming aura and positive.

If you have insomnia or nightmares, you can place a Selenite underneath your pillow, beside your bed, or anywhere near you.

2) Selenite Slabs or Pyramid

A large Selenite slab can be used to balance or shift your personal energy field by placing your bare feet on it.

On the other hand, a pyramid can be placed on the forehead while lying down to help clear an anxious or overwhelmed mind.

Additionally, to better connect with family or friends, you can place Selenite on the dinner table to promote a happy atmosphere while eating.

3) Selenite Jewelry

When healing crystals are pressed to your skin, they can attune to your own vibrations.

Direct contact with the crystal ensures that it is not being muted by material in between.

Selenite invites its healing energy directly to your higher chakras when worn on top of your skin.

Crystal jewelry is aesthetic and beneficial. You can wear a small Selenite close to your skin and experience its healing benefits throughout the day.

The characteristics of Selenite are perfect for jewelry. The varying colors and its glass-like appearance complement a necklace or bracelet.

4) Spiritual healing

Selenite is a perfect crystal for aura cleansing. It is used in healing practices like reiki.

Its ability to connect you to other realms, awaken psychic abilities, release unwanted entities, and flow into different consciousness makes it a valuable tool for any crystal healer.

During meditation, you can hold a selenite palm stone to increase its ability to clear pent-up negative energy.

Selenite wands in different shapes and sizes are used in reiki to target specific areas of the body.

Eliminating Negative Energy with Selenite Crystals

It is a well-known gemstone for clearing negative energy and blockages, purifying the mind, body, and spirit.

It can remove blockages in your energy field that affect your physical body and mental stability caused by a toxic environment.

This stone can be placed all over your home as long as it is in the open air and not blocked by furniture or stored inside drawers.

A Selenite pyramid or wand can be placed on your desk to clear away negative energies caused by work stress, frustrations, or any boredom in your personal or professional life.

Selenite as a high vibration stone offers potent purifying effects. Keeping a stone on your dressing table, under your bed, or windows can encourage a gentle and calming aura.

If you want to cleanse your energy while outdoors or on the go, you can hold a selenite stone on your palm and give it a gentle and intentional squeeze.

These stones are also used as an essential tool in healing practices to cleanse the body of negativity.

Cleansing and Charging Selenite Crystals

Cleansing and charging your crystals are essential practices done by any crystal enthusiast.

Selenite is known for its potent cleansing property. It is a self-cleansing stone that cleanses and charges other gemstones.

Nevertheless, it is still essential to cleanse and charge Selenite itself. It can accumulate too much negativity and must be programmed with your intentions.

When you purchase a new stone, it goes through different people and environments.

Before using a stone, you must cleanse it of previous energies and charge it with new positive energy.

Despite Selenite’s high vibration, it is still not exempted from cleansing and charging.

If not maintained, it can get clogged with energy. Cleansing your stone ensures it sends out healing energy at optimal power.

Some ways to charge and cleanse Selenite are:

  • The most popular method is by smudging. You can encircle the Selenite with the smudge stick’s smoke, such as sage or palo santo.
  • Chanting with a tuning fork, singing bowl, or bell can be used. It employs balancing sounds and frequencies to the stone.
  • A charging plate or larger stones can be used to cleanse smaller stones, including quartz or amethyst.
  • You can bury the stone in a bowl filled with dry salt or brown rice.
  • You can place a stone in the moonlight overnight. This method can also be used to charge your Selenite with the full moon before setting other stones on top of it. It distributes the energy of the moon around it.

Remember that Selenite is water-soluble and can quickly disintegrate.

You should not use cleansing methods that require Selenite to be submerged in water or saltwater. You should also avoid keeping it under sunlight which can cause it to lose luster.

How to Care For Your Selenite Stone

Cleaning your Selenite of dust and debris is essential to keep it sanitized. However, it can easily scratch and disintegrate because of its soft nature. There are specific ways to maintain Selenite.

You can cleanse Selenite by taking a soft-bristled brush and quickly brushing it with warm water. Avoid using strong chemicals and wiry brushes.

In rare cases, you need extra cleaning; then, natural soap can be used. Nevertheless, occasional cleaning with a soft cloth alone is much recommended.

Since Selenite is a delicate stone, it should be used carefully.

You can store it in a soft fabric bag to prevent scratching when not using it or bringing it along while traveling.

For jewelry, remove it during physical activities or sports that can make you sweat too much.

Final Thoughts

Selenite is connected to the moon. Its name itself is derived from the goddess of the moon.

It is a powerful stone that promotes protection, calmness, clarity, and a sense of balance.

Gemstones or crystals are believed to eliminate negative energy and bring light from the higher realms.

The high vibrations that Selenite emits make it a potent healing and cleansing stone. Selenite helps balance other crystals in your collection.

It is also used for cleansing and charging other crystals.

You can use a Selenite wand, slab, jewelry, or pyramid to place in your home or incorporate in your healing practices.

The metaphysical or healing properties of crystals are derived from traditional and complementary practices. Its effects are dependent on your intentions and aura.

How it affects every individual is different.

Evidence of its healing or any other crystal is based on experience, culture, and belief.

It is a philosophy and way of life that many people swear by.

Although its specific abilities are not proven by science, there is no harm in using crystals such as Selenite.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. This should not be considered professional medical advice.

If you experience the symptoms mentioned above, consult your doctor.