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Testogen Supplement Reviews – Real Customer Testimonials, Ingredients, Side Effects, & Before and After Pics

by David Kessler, MD

Last updated on March 13th, 2021 at 12:23 pm

  • Does Testogen really work?
  • Where can I see before and after pics?
  • What are Testogen Ingredients?

This comprehensive review will thoroughly answer these questions and more…

So let’s get the ball rolling…

Testogen Review – An introduction to Testosterone Boosters

Everybody knows what testosterone is, particularly us men!

It’s what makes you a man, isn’t it?

It’s all about your sex drive, your muscles, and even your ability to produce semen when required.

Without testosterone, you put all these things at risk.

It isn’t a bit surprising that there are plenty of men, who when their testosterone levels start falling, look around, sometimes frantically, for ways to boost it again.

Studies show just how important testosterone is for retaining and maintaining your muscle! [1]

A male’s testicles are responsible for the production of the male reproductive hormone called testosterone.

It not only controls a man’s sexual development but also plays a role in his appearance.

Testosterone is a primary male hormone

It regulates sperm production.

It also affects the building of bone and muscle mass.

The production of testosterone peaks in a young man at about 17-years old, remaining high for a couple of decades, maybe three.

But then, after a certain age, your testosterone levels naturally start decreasing.

A study revealed for every ten men, two over the age of 60 will have lowered levels of testosterone.

Good supplies of testosterone maintain your health

Apart from simply maintaining your masculinity as well as helping you to perform well at the gym…

a good supply of testosterone maintains your health and general wellbeing.

Men who have low testosterone levels discover that their bones can become weak and this can lead to a condition called osteoporosis.

But hang on; there are things you can do to help.

Before you think life is over for you, there are beneficial things you can do to regain your masculinity, without needing to resort to shady deals at the gyms or flea markets!

What we are talking about here are testosterone boosters of note.

You can find them in legal, safe places, like right there, at your high-end chemist.

Even medical specialists who deal with hormone therapy can help.

But before you do that, consider this booster – Testogen.

But first…

What Are Testosterone Boosters?

There are different ways of getting in your much-needed testosterone, both medical ways and natural ways.

For some guys, they think that taking supplements is just a waste of time.

But there have been plenty of people who, with their exercising routine and good diet, have noticed a change in their energy levels, their physique, and mood.

Maybe you feel your need is greater…

Then there are other options to consider, such as DHEA.

DHEA is a precursor steroid hormone, available on prescription.

It needs to be taken under supervision because high doses produce side effects.

There are other medications, too, that your surgeon can discuss with you…

…similar to the same type of stuff that women would take who want to boost their estrogen levels.

The thing is there are side effects when it comes to these boosters.

Your doctor may suggest treatment to restore your testosterone levels.

But, unlike Testogen, medications come in the form of injections of an animal hormone.

You will probably have to stay in the hospital for quite a long time, requiring daily monitoring.

This kind of procedure is not cheap and it will take a long time. And unfortunately, there are a lot of health risks.

An overdose of testosterone is more damaging than actually having a deficiency.

The supplement contains no hormones

It consists of 100% pure natural ingredients, increasing your testosterone levels enabling your body itself to be able to naturally stimulate hormone synthesis.

You can’t overdose on Testogen although you need to follow the required dosages.

But What Exactly is Testogen?


Testogen bottles

Testogen is a testosterone booster.

But as mentioned, it’s totally natural and that’s already a good start; it’s a supplement that boosts your testosterone.

It has 11 active ingredients in it.

And good news, you will be chuffed to know how good it is at increasing your libido; remembers those pleasures you had in bed once – the time in your 20s when your energy levels were high and your mood too.

Perhaps you want to also see improvements in lean muscle mass and stamina as well?

If you are prepared to follow your normal proper training regime, eat and sleep well, this supplement might well be able to restore your masculinity to its peak.

Are there any drawbacks to having low testosterone levels?

The production of the testosterone hormone in men heightens during puberty but then starts to decrease afterward, by as much as 2% each year.

This downscale can cause some problems in men for example like excess fat on the body and abrupt mood swings.

The seminal discharge also gets affected. [2]

A man can also quite often suffer from exhaustion, with muscles becoming weaker and even smaller in appearance.

The brain can become affected as well, with the body even becoming more susceptible to illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease.

The red blood cell count could become lower and this can lead to anemia.

When a male has lowered testosterone levels, he can be at a higher risk of getting prostate cancer.

As you can see, a decline in T-levels can affect the body in important ways.

Keeping a balanced level of testosterone is important to allow the body to function optimally.

You probably want to know why your testosterone levels fall…

Even though as we mentioned above, testosterone is vital, if the levels are falling, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to panic just yet.

It is similar to just finding grey hair amongst the black.

Men already in their 30s can start experiencing a drop in their T-levels by as much as 2%, every year.

So that’s not too much cause for worry just yet.

Sometimes low testosterone is because you are stressed, depressed, and anxious…

Lots of times, falling T-levels that aren’t a cause of genetics or biology can actually be as a result of depression, stress, and anxiety, a lot of times.

And if it’s not those either, then other reasons could be hypogonadism.

That’s when your testes produce no hormones or pretty few anyway.

A boy can be born even with hypogonadism, or it can start up later in life.

Injuries or infections can also cause it.

Then there’s your lifestyle that could be a problem as well.

It won’t really be much good if you take something like Testogen, but your basic health and wellbeing have flown out the window.

Health and wellness are the foundations that need to be in place.

A poor lifestyle can mimic symptoms like you have low testosterone, and also develop low testosterone as well.

Sufficient sleep and exercise are big deals when it comes to low testosterone levels…

If you are not getting sufficient sleep, or you are stressing way more than you should be, over-exercising, or too little exercise…

…you could experience low testosterone levels.

As soon as you start getting active and healthy and eating a very good nutritious diet and getting in your Z’s, then you have got the important stuff behind you.

If you take testosterone boosters without addressing these very basic requirements, you will be disappointed with minimal results even if your testosterone levels are low.

You have to get the basics right first.

Why Testogen was made?

Testogen, the booster supplement designed for men, is another top product from the house of Wolfon Berg Limited.

They have already made a name for themselves for producing top-notch health supplements over the past years.

They decided to formulate Testogen in their FDA facility.

Wolfon Berg Limited has a team that carries out a major research on all their supplements.

With Testogen they wanted to address a common problem that occurs amongst aging men.

They wanted to find a natural solution that would help men who were losing their energy and libido.

You probably are thinking there are heaps of testosterone boosting supplements on the market already…

You would be right there and they are obtainable quite easily.

But let’s make it clear about Testogen right from the beginning.

It is completely free of any chemical components. It is made from 100% natural ingredients.

And because it’s putting health back into your body, the manufacturers say that you will start seeing results in as little as two weeks already.

They say you need to follow the correct and prescribed dosage and do the other important things like exercising, dieting, and sleeping properly.

Remember, this is not a testosterone treatment, it’s a supplement.

What it does do is promote the natural production of testosterone in your body.

It is absolutely safe to consume without needing a prescription.

Each of the 11 ingredients in the supplement has been thoroughly studied and analyzed to understand their contribution towards being a testosterone booster.

Taking the supplement…

Testogen boxes

Before taking any supplement testosterone boosters, check first whether your testosterone levels are low – that that is what the problem is.

Because if you take stuff that you don’t need, that could create other issues that could be irreversible and you don’t want that.

Natural DHEA is in the body naturally, peaking in the body in early adulthood.

But like testosterone, it also drops as you age. 

But the steroid hormone DHEA, [3] for instance, should never be prescribed without you first having a blood test.

Then it would also be a good idea to have regular blood monitoring so that you are always taking the right doses.

You don’t want to cut off your own natural production either

That would be a big problem.

And at the same time, it could lower your sperm count permanently.

By taking unnatural testosterone boosters, you could also be opening yourself up to other side effects like male pattern baldness, acne, aggressive behavior, mood swings.

You don’t want these side effects.

Always see an expert before you just start taking boosters

Testosterone boosters can impact your life big time, and you shouldn’t be taking them if they weren’t needed in the first place.

Yes, DHEA does boost testosterone.

But if it is used in the wrong dosages or by people who don’t need it, it can raise your T-levels far beyond what the normal range should be.

That can cause accelerated muscle gain.

Dr. Emil Hodzovic; He’s a competitive bodybuilder and a medical physician – he says that steroids such as DHEA come with “a set of risks, including liver damage, hormone imbalance, high blood pressure, and a higher risk of a stroke or heart attack”.


Let’s See What The Product Can Do For You

Because Testogen is a natural product, you won’t be injecting testosterone into your body, because that can be really harmful.

What you get are natural results, helping your body to produce more of what it naturally produces.

Let’s see what Testogen has in it.

In fact, all the ingredients have already been used in Asian medicinal practices for centuries.

Testogen Ingredients:

1) Bioperine


It increases nutrient absorption in the body by increasing your metabolism by improving thermogenesis.

Fat cells get broken down and your internal temperature is increased which means you regulate your weight as well.

2) Zinc


This mineral is key because cells need it to metabolize nutrients.

Your DNA, immune function, protein production, and cell division are all related to the zinc levels in the body.

Zinc is vital to enable the male body to produce testosterone and help with erectile dysfunction.

3) Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

Apart from testosterone the body also has androgen, which is a precursor to helping the T-levels in the male body to be increased.

Androgen is increased in the body with the help of Vitamin B6, alerting the body to boost its production and increase the T-levels.

4) Red Ginseng Extract


Ginseng has powerful effects to improve sperm quality in healthy men, and particularly useful for erectile dysfunction.

There are different types of ginseng, but they all have much in common, being highly regarded as a sexual tonic for men with low libido, improving sexual performance.

5) Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek Extract

A super sex-food, as it contains furostanolic saponins compounds, noted for increasing testosterone production and low libido.

Researchers have discovered that men who take fenugreek can boost their sex drive by about a quarter.

6) D-aspartic acid

D-Aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid plays a key role in making and releasing hormones in the body, encouraging the production of luteinizing hormones in the body.

These hormones, in turn, cause the body to produce more testosterone for men, like a real libido booster.

7) Vitamin K1

Vitamin K1

In order for the body to produce prothrombin, it needs vitamin K.

Prothrombin is responsible for bone metabolism and blood clotting.

8) Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettle Leaf Extract

For thousands of years, stinging nettle has been used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and also the Native American tribes.

Because of the nettle stimulating circulation, it encourages a healthy prostate as well as healthy erection.

9) Boron


Boron is thought to play a very important role in adjusting the body’s natural production of testosterone as well as estradiol, which is a type of estrogen.

This has caused fresh hope amongst men with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels.

Read more about this important mineral here.

10) Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Increasing your vitamin D stores may boost testosterone and improve other related health issues, such as sperm quality.

A deficiency of vitamin D might well be a cause of low testosterone levels

11) Magnesium 


Magnesium supplementation can help return decreased testosterone levels to normal if the cause of the decrease is a deficiency.

A study in the journal Biological Trace Element Research found that taking supplements for at least a month had the capacity to increase testosterone levels.

All the above ingredients are designed to increase testosterone levels in your body…

Taking Testogen, you will notice your energy levels are improved, and you feel more revitalized.

You will notice your body is restored to its normal function, almost like you felt years and years go…

…all those healthy nutrients are now being absorbed swiftly into your bloodstream.

You will also benefit by noticing better production of sperm – this is because adequate amounts of testosterone are being produced in your body.

You are no longer coming home at the end of the day and flopping into a lazy-boy with a drink in hand, dozing off and dreaming only about hitting the pillow.

Testogen changes your body by rejuvenating it with the much-needed testosterone hormone.

You will notice, too, that your muscle mass increases and those pesky fat deposits start to disappear.

Who can use Testogen?

All guys above 18-years of age can use this testosterone boosting supplement.

If you want to build muscles and also want more stamina and energy, then Testogen can do that for you.

Don’t forget it’s a supplement that works in conjunction with working out and a healthy diet as we mentioned before.

So along with your working out, you need to give your body time to recuperate as well.

Staying hydrated is also important because you want to flush out waste and toxins in the body; spring-cleaning your organs.

Good practices in combination with Testogen will give you the ultimate benefits of sexual rejuvenation, muscle growth, and vibrant energy.

Who shouldn’t take it?

You should obviously check out the ingredients.

If you do happen to be allergic to any of them, don’t use Testogen.

If you are someone who suffers from negative symptoms of the endocrine system, then it’s best you stay away from any products that enhance hormone production.

Testogen also won’t be for you if you are not serious about eating a healthy diet and getting involved in an exercise routine.

Don’t spend money on this product if you only want to take it and not do anything else – it’s not likely to give you the best results

And if you think that you can’t do exercise because you are not healthy enough, your doctor will advise you; see what he thinks.

Are there any CONS to taking Testogen if there are so many benefits?

  • The product can only be purchased from the official website and from Amazon, to get the best deals.
  • Some guys don’t like to take 4 capsules at a time.
  • Turns out expensive if you only buy one bottle

How to take the Testosterone Booster

If you take four pills a day, you will get the most out of it.

Try and take them after you have had a meal, drinking them down with water because this will get them absorbed faster into the system.

Don’t think that taking more will produce a quicker result or a bigger result. Because then you can just bring on side effects.

Check with your doctor, too, if you have any medical conditions or you are taking other medications.

It’s a good safety precaution so that you have the full guidance and also your doctor’s knowledge.

After a week or so, you can expect to have some more energy and also faster recovery times from your workouts. You will notice muscle gain after around 4-6 weeks, but this varies according to each individual.

What kind of diet must I follow while taking Testogen?

Know What You Eat

Every meal you eat consists of the three macronutrients;

  • fats
  • carbs and
  • protein

Each of these plays a special role in promoting your diet to increase testosterone.

Protein has amino acids in it which supports fat burning and recovery of the muscles after a workout.

You will need a good portion of protein, around 25%- 35%; protein such as beef, chicken, pumpkin seeds, and yogurt.

Carbs should come from sources like dark green veggies and whole grains; these support testosterone productions.

If you are not all that active, you can consider a low-carb diet where carbs make up only about 10%- 25% of your total calorie intake.

Examples of diets are the Atkins and the ketogenic diets.

If you are very active, you can think about a higher percentage of complex carbohydrate sources such as 30%-45%.

What about fats?

Despite there being a lot of negative talk and bad publicity about dietary fats, there are certain studies that reveal the absolute importance of healthy fatty acids to maintain health and a healthy weight.

And this applies to healthy testosterone levels as well.

Studies show that when you eat enough healthy fats each day, you are supporting high levels of testosterone.

How much fat you get will depend on the diet you choose.

A diet with lower carbs will naturally have more fat in it.

For instance, if you are following the ketogenic diet, then 60%-80% of your total calorie intake will come from fat.

But if you are following a moderate-carbohydrate diet, then 30%-40% of your calories may come from fat.

Just remember, whichever diet you choose, there are foods that are capable of having a positive or a negative impact on your testosterone levels.

Foods that boost testosterone levels

  • Whole eggs (with yolk)
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Dark leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables (e.g., broccoli, kale, spinach)
  • Grass-fed beef and lamb
  • Macca
  • Oyster
  • Ginger
  • Ginseng
  • Tuna
  • Raw honey

I want to buy Testogen – what is the price and where can I get it

Prices – get them today from Testogen

  • 1 Bottle of Testogen contains 120 capsules
  • If you buy two months’ supply of Testogen, you get 240 capsules, and a bonus of 120 capsules free.
  • If you buy three months’ supply, you get 2 months free. That means you get 600 capsules, and a 20% bonus discount.

You get combo packs too; these contain both capsules and instant testosterone booster drops.

  • One pack of Testogen contains 120 capsules and one bottle (60 ml) of Testodrops.
  • If you buy 3 bottles of Testogen, you get 360 capsules, plus 3 bottles of Testodrops.
  • If you buy 5 bottles, you get 600 capsules, plus 5 bottles of Testodrops.

Shipping and handling are free for untracked delivery. For delivery with tracking, you will need to pay $7.49.

  • The company also offers a coupon discount, so if you use the coupon-code CORONA20, you will get 20% off.
  • If you are nothing less than 100% satisfied with your Testogen, you may return it unopened and unused within 100 days of receiving it. You will get a refund of your money excluding shipping charges. This money-back guarantee does not apply to one month’s supply of tablets.
  • You get a free Testosterone-Boosting e-book with every order you make.

Testogen button

Customer Reviews about Testogen

There are simply many satisfied customers who have sent in positive reviews to the official Testogen website, about their achievements after trying Testogen.

Here are just 3 of em:

Andrew, 43:

“I take the supplement on the advice of my trainer and am just pleasantly surprised that the information about the product is not just empty promises.

Hair loss stopped quickly enough and excess weight decreased. I have an incentive to continue because my sexual performance is better than when I was young”.

Thomas, 56:

“The pill was bought for me by my spouse, promising to return to our bedroom the former passion. I didn’t believe her, but women can persuade.

Now, after a month, I do not want to lose the achievements and ready to take Testogen, and further, the more that I am encouraged by the changes in the structure of muscles and skin. Testogen is my second youth”.

Peter, 32:

“I ordered the supplement on the official website to improve the response to training in the gym.

For a long time, I could not achieve the desired effect, but with Testogen, without changing the program and regime, everything worked out in just three weeks“.

But don’t take our word for it then, see it for yourself. Look on Testogen itself for critical reviews.

Maybe soon we will see a review from you!

Before and After Pics from Real Customers

The following are 9 before and after pics that’ll cast away your doubts about Testogen.

Testogen Before and after Nolan Hilde

Nolan Hilde

Testogen Before after Gustavo Chacon

Gustavo Chacon

Testogen before and after Habbib Sabbah

Habbib Sabbah

Before after Jaime Mendez

Jaime Mendez

Befor and After Pics - Latif


Before and after Tony Lacey

Tony Lacey

Before and after Tom


Testogen button


Everything degenerates with time and if you are in your older years, you will feel that your golden years are behind you.

It is true that after the age of 35, men can start to see and feel the luster and vitality slowing down in their bodies.

Body parts and muscles start sagging a bit and many parts just don’t have the strength to perform anymore.

Sometimes you believe your sex drive and overall stamina have flown out the window.

This is because your testosterone production has dwindled off over the years.

Your body has started losing the ability to produce testosterone, the much-need hormone that made you the man you were in the past, and which you want to recover.

Well, the fight needn’t be over just yet.

There is a lifesaver called Testogentry it…

… It might be the one worthwhile effort you try to recover some of that luster back in them old bones and body…

It’s worth the shot!

Testogen FAQs

Is Testogen a steroid?

No. Steroids are made from synthetic ingredients at a lab. They usually come with negative side effects as well, and you build up unnatural muscle mass. Testogen is no steroid; in fact, it’s more like a vitamin.

How long does it take to notice an increase in my testosterone levels?

First, you must know why you have low testosterone levels, to begin with. But if you do know, you should see improvements in your energy levels, mood, mental focus, and vitality after about a week to ten days. If your main focus is on increasing muscle mass and strength, you will need to wait around 4 to 6 weeks to notice a difference. It will also depend on your type of training program.

Who should take Testogen?

Any adult men over the age of 18-years who want to increase their testosterone levels can take Testogen. It’s got natural ingredients in it, with no harmful steroids added. Lots of men love using it to gain muscle and strength for their sporting activities, whilst others use it to increase their sexual stamina and libido.

Can you expect to see bigger muscles with Testogen?

Testogen doesn’t build muscle on its own. But it will aid your body with the right supplement ingredients in your muscle-building process. Muscle building gets stimulated when you practice a good exercise schedule that is done on a regular basis with high intensity and consistency.

Are there estrogen blockers in Testogen?

Yes. There are fenugreek extracts in Testogen and it is a natural estrogen blocker, decreasing estrogen as well as the amount of estrogen that your body makes. Fenugreek is known to raise your testosterone levels, which in turn helps to lower your estrogen levels.

Where can I buy Testogen?

You can buy Testogen from their official website and get 20% off.

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