Tom Ellis’ Workout & Diet Plan – How Did He Get Ripped So Fast?

Tom Ellis' workout

Tom Ellis is a Welsh actor, voice actor, and musician.

His father, uncle, and sister are all Baptist ministers.

He played the French horn in the Youth Orchestra and contemplated a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Dramatic Studies.

He has played some prominent television drama series roles, such as Detective Inspector Bland in the Agatha Christie series Poirot.

In another series, he was a Hollywood doctor.

Did you know that he has a twin sister and two other sisters?

Being known, as you can see, for his very attractive looks, he shares some of his fashionable outfits as well as modeling photos on his Instagram account.

You could say that his name became very well known for his performance as Lucifer Morningstar in the American TV series, Lucifer.

It smashed records as TV Time’s ‘Most-watched Streaming Series.’

He is married to Meaghan Oppenheimer.

He has 3 daughters from past relationships. He has two homes, one is in Los Angeles and the other is in Vancouver, Canada.

Tom Ellis’ Workout & Diet – All About His Abs Training

Current Stats

  • Weight: 85 kg./187 pounds
  • Birthday: 17 November 1978
  • Birthplace: Cardiff, UK
  • Accolades/accomplishments:
    • 2021 – Pop Culture Icon Award for Lucifer
    • 2018 – National Film and Television Award – Best Actor in a TV series for Lucifer

Workout Principles of Tom Ellis

Tom gained his devilish strength because he followed the Kinobody workout principles.

When the TV show “Lucifer” started its fourth season in May 2019, Tom celebrated by getting into fantastic shape.

He trained under the watchful eye of Paolo Mascitti, his coach. He gained 10- pounds of muscle during this 3-month training program.

The workout principle here is called progressive overload. It is the number one key to building muscle as Tom Ellis did.

The Kinobody Greek God 2.0 Program is about consistently overloading the muscles gently, so they get strong and keep growing.

With his diet dialed in and the short and intense workouts, Tom Ellis became jacked.

Tom Ellis’ Training Methods

Tom Ellis would focus particularly on compound lifts such as overhead presses, bench presses, and squats in order to add serious muscle mass.

Some isolation work got him his well-defined arms and chiseled shoulders.

He also focused on heavy weightlifting to build his muscles.

But he also added intensity interval cardio to his routine. This would help him burn more fat. He would have a day off too for recovery.

Recovery is vital, even more than the workout itself.

To perform in “Lucifer,” Tom’s training methods would consist of two workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  • Workout A would concentrate on chest, shoulders, and triceps, and
  • Workout B would focus on back and biceps and some lower bodywork.

Tom Ellis’ Workout Routine

Week 1

  • Monday: Tom will do workout A
  • Wednesday: He does workout B
  • Friday or Saturday: He will do workout A again

Week 2

  • Monday: Tom will do workout B
  • Wednesday: He does workout A
  • Friday or Saturday: He will do workout B again

Workout A: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, and Abs

  • Incline bench presses: 3 sets – 4-6, 6-8, 8-10 reps (Reverse pyramid training)
  • Overhead dumbbell presses: 3 sets – 4-6, 6-8, 8-10 reps (reverse pyramid training)
  • Triceps rope push-downs: 3 sets -6-8, 8-10, 10-12 reps (reverse pyramid training)
  • Lateral raises: 1 set -12-15 reps. He will also do 3 mini-sets – 4-6 reps (rest-pause training)
  • Hanging knee raises: 3 sets – 8-12 reps (straight sets)

Workout B: Back, Biceps and Legs

  • Weighted chin-ups: 3 sets x 4, 6, 8 reps (reverse pyramid training)
  • Incline dumbbell hammer curls: 3 sets – 6-8, 6-8, 8-10 reps (reverse pyramid training)
  • Bulgarian split squats: 4 sets – 6-8 reps (Kino rep training)
  • Dumbbell Romanian deadlifts: 4 sets – 10-12 reps (Kino rep training)
  • Face Pulls: 4 sets – 12-15 reps (Kino rep training)

Tom Ellis’ Diet

“Lucifer” needed plenty of nutrition to patrol the streets of Los Angeles in the movie.

Tom’s body transformer, Paolo Mascitti, with 20 years of experience, says that Tom has a slim build making it quite hard for him to gain muscle mass.

But he had to do it for Tom to get him ready for his due date to play Lucifer.

Tom had to eat five regular meals each day, plus two shakes.

He had macro-balanced meals with his carbs coming mostly from veggies.

Getting his diet in check was the hardest part of the training for Tom according to Mascitti. “Tom likes to indulge himself from time to time and his food habits weren’t the best,” he says.

“He also enjoys the occasional beer, but to accomplish what we wanted he had to give that up.”

In order to gain muscle mass, Tom was put on a caloric surplus ‘diet’ with a few starches in the mix. The closer they got to filming, the more the starches were omitted.


  • 5 Egg whites
  • 1 Egg yolk
  • Avocado
  • Bowl of oatmeal with berries


  • Lean protein
  • Sweet potato
  • Quinoa


  • Lean protein – maybe some fish
  • Sautéed veggies

The whole aim of this way of eating was so Tom avoided processed foods as much as possible. Between breakfast, lunch, and supper, Tom would have an Ora protein shake.

Mascitti also gave Tom supplements to take such as BCAAs and Omega-3s.

Tom had to get enough sleep as part of his diet

This was a bit challenging because Tom had such an intense schedule. Mascitti made sure Tom prioritized sleep.

He knew this was the time when the body releases the most human growth hormone.

Tom also had massages once a week to recover from his punishing schedule. Then he would visit the chiropractor at Kinetix365. This kept his alignment right.

Drink water and cut out the beer

He also had to drink plenty of water in place of beer – that was the hardest thing of all for Tom to give up. He says he loves beer, bread, and candy, and late at night as well.

Occasional cheat days

“These days,” Tom says, “I do more high-intensity workouts rather than lifting heavy weights as my body is starting to creak a bit, and I’ve also started to do more yoga. Even when I’m working, though, I will usually let myself have a couple of cheat days on the weekend.”

He says he followed the Tom Ellis diet so he could look shredded like Tom.

Tom Ellis’ supplements

  • Whey protein flavors
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Branched-Chain Amino Acids
  • Creatine
  • Glutamine
  • Beta-Alanine
  • ZMA
  • Kinobody products

Tom Ellis’ Noteworthy Recommendations

What recommendations has Tom learned from playing ‘Lucifer’ and getting so shredded?

1) Work ethic

Tom says, “Lucifer has instilled in me a work ethic I never knew was possible. Doing twenty-two episodes a season you realize how little sleep you can function on.”

2) Commitment

“It was like a new full-time job. This was the first time I’d ever truly committed on all fronts; training, diet, persistence.”

Tom was committed to building muscle mass but he was committed to gain, even though he knew how difficult it would be.

3) Diet is imperative

When it came to his diet, Tom Ellis would have five regular meals and two shakes per day.

The meals were macro-balanced, with carbohydrates coming from mostly eating vegetables.

4) Facing the challenge

Cutting out alcohol for 3 months was a big challenge for Tom – it was his go-to at the end of the day to unwind.

And he really would want a drink. But his trainer was his conscience – it made him accountable to his trainer.

All his hard work paid off, and you can see it on Netflix’s – a leaner and meaner Lucifer.

 “Stay hydrated, eat clean, and you’ll see the difference”Tom Ellis