A Quick Guide to the Ultimate Bodybuilding Routine That Works Best

Bodybuilding Routine

Bodybuilding seems to be dominated by men and you can understand the reason for this focus apart from professional bodybuilders.

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But how about the most effective quick guide to bodybuilding that works for every normal person?

Your bodybuilding goal might be to rip some clothes or make them fit nicely.

But as a non-professional, you don’t have to have a monstrous body to be happy with your result

Read on to learn about the basics of the bodybuilding routine.

Your Recovery is as Important as your Workout: Rest is important

If you get obsessed with working out and you don’t let your muscles heal, they will not grow and it will end up hurting your bodybuilding and your body.

Eat well, eat enough food, have a food diary

Depending on your present weight, you will need more or a moderate amount of well-balanced diet to allow your muscles to grow.

Bodybuilders normally eat four times a day of well-planned meals.

Progression in food and work should be strategic

As you keep growing your body mass you will need more calorie intake.

However, it will get to the point where your body will somehow respond to that change.

You should watch out for controlling eating. This is where your eating plan will come in handy.

Your Training Sessions: Plan out the parts you’re training

A proper training session should not exceed 75 minutes and should be around 50 to 60 minutes.

Planning ahead of time will ensure that you’re not overtraining overall or overtraining one part of your body than other parts.

The basic types of workout for a start

Free weights are recommended to start with and a similar rule to food volume increments apply to the weight you should try.

Don’t force yourself to lift too heavy weights on your first day.

More or less sex?

Sex is important for you but many bodybuilders believe that too much sex can hinder the growth of your body while trying to build muscle mass.

Not so sure about that? But one ‘The Atlantic article title – “The Sex Exercise Myth That Won’t Go Away”’ suggests that this is a myth.

The common-sense thing to do is to decide to moderate things if sex takes too much of your energy and affects your performance by altering your routine.

Don’t forget to have enough water and electrolytes

This is pretty basic for any sort of exercise that you naturally need more water, but as for this guide, it’s important to remind you.

Pull back when you have to

When you have to take a break and have a longer period of rest.

If you discover that you’re losing appetite and overall your body is somehow signaling you cannot eat too much, you might want to pause for some time.

Caring for yourself is the whole essence of possibly deciding to build up your body, so it might help if you have a physiotherapist to advise you based on how you’re feeling.

Pullbacks are a common experience from other bodybuilders.

Although some people believe you should push yourself when you don’t feel like working. Whatever, you have to care for yourself and if you don’t feel alright, see the doctor.

Don’t forget your stretches and do the Cardio

Stretches will help you to relax well and even help with your recoveries after workout sessions.

Also, get your heart rates up and improve your overall fitness.


You should expect to experience some bearable pain and eat well with your bodybuilding program.

However, after following these simple routines, you should be happier about your body shape and be thankful for the simple formula you have learned so far.