Testosterone Boosters: A Safe Treatment Guide

Are testosterone boosters safe?

When you take a certain medicine, even if it is super effective or it really works for you, you have to expect that this medication may come with different side effects.

In terms of testosterone boosters, according to a study by a medical doctor from Saudi Arabia, athletes of ages 10-40 use a testosterone booster.

However, some of these individuals report side effects and toxicity while some report full effectiveness.

In this article, you will be able to understand the real safety category of these supplements, their benefits, and how you can use these pills in a safer way.

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The Safety of Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone therapy is said to be safe and effective.

But, if we are really willing to dive into these treatments, we cannot simply believe in that.

Thus, taking note of the following studies about these testosterone injections, pills, and therapy will be of great help:

According to a study published in the Journal of American Heart Association, T-boosters are safe to be used by all men, especially the young ones.

Moreover, in the same study, it was reported that ages can safely use these testosterone pills as long as their blood pressure is being regularly monitored.

In another study published in the journal of Endocrine Practice, it was reported that testosterone boosters with organic and natural ingredients are the safest ones.

In the same study, testosterone supplements with Fenugreek seeds extract ingredients are the ones that are safe to use even for aging men with heart problems.

This is because this Fenugreek extract seed ingredient does not contain high levels of sodium, which is responsible for increasing the blood pressure of a patient.

Therefore, a product with a low sodium content will not lead to any heart problems.

Lastly, liver issues are associated with the use of T-boosters.

However, for patients with Testosterone deficiency (hypogonadism), the protodioscin ingredient can help in increasing the safety of the product.

According to the study of medical doctors from India, testosterone replacement therapies are safe to use especially if they contain the ingredient protodioscin.

This ingredient is also reported to not cause any changes in the functions of the liver and kidneys, and it does not alter any blood test result.

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Risks of Testosterone Therapy

Despite the safety and the benefits of T-boosters, risks are also considered, according to a study published in The World Journal of Men’s Health.

Though it is said that these pills are safe for all, there are also cautions and warnings in special cases.

Some of the risks associated with T-boosters include the following:

1) Aggression

According to a study of a medical doctor from Greece, aggressive behavior and high T-levels have a direct correlation.

In the same study, this behavior happens because the basal testosterone concentration increases.

Furthermore, take note that the intensity of the aggressiveness of a patient depends on the level of his testosterone. Therefore, higher testosterone levels mean more intense aggressiveness.

2) Erythrocytosis

According to the study, those who are under testosterone therapy are at risk of experiencing erythrocytosis, or the production of too many red blood cells (RBCs).

The negative effect of this, in relation to cardiovascular health, is that it could cause high blood pressure and blood clotting that would eventually lead to stroke.

3) Acne

If there is a high testosterone level in your body, there would also be an increased production of sebum, the waxy substances produced by your sebaceous glands.

This happens because when you have too many T-levels in your body, your oil glands would be stimulated to produce more than normal, according to a study published in the Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences.

Final Thoughts: Using Testosterone Pills Right

Indeed, testosterone hormone therapy is safe for everyone.

Although there are some adverse reactions, these could be avoided by being compliant.

So, if you want to avoid the risks and receive the optimal benefits of testosterone therapy, the best way to do this is by complying with the proper use of the medication.

If the supplements are specifically prescribed for you, keep in mind following the instructions of your medical doctor.

In case of serious and intolerable side effects, immediately seek medical help in order to avoid other health dangers.

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