Top Breast Enlargement & Enhancement Supplements For Breast Growth

Best breast enlargement pills
  • What are the best pills that make your boobs grow?
  • Are hormones pills for breast growth worth it?
  • Is it true that vitamins help breast growth?

These and many more will be thoroughly answered in this comprehensive roundup/guide to the best breast enlargement pills.

More women want to have larger, firmer, and better-looking breasts taking the latest fashion trends into account.

For those who are lucky enough to be well endowed naturally, there is nothing much to improve or change.

However, not everyone can say that they have the breasts that they have always wanted naturally.

There are ways to change your breast size, shape, and firmness.

Many people choose to use surgical procedures to enhance their breasts like breast implants.

Of course, not everyone can afford the costs of surgery, and many are unable to undergo invasive procedures due to fear or medical conations.

Therefore, far less invasive alternatives are available for such people.

Breast enlargement supplements or pills provide a solution to the dilemma of wanting bigger breasts but not wanting to undergo breast enlargement surgery.

They are a safer and cheaper alternative than having to go under a surgical knife.

These breast enlargement pills provide a natural method to improving breast size and firmness.

There are many of these supplements available, and knowing which one to choose can be a difficult task.

To make your decision easier, we have put together a list of the best breast enlargement pills available.

Top Supplements For Breast Growth At a Glance

Before we move onto our in-depth analysis of the breast enhancement pills, we have chosen our best breast enhancement pills list, and this is a quick guide to help you make a quick decision about the kind of supplement you want.

It is a rapid review into a supplement that speeds up your decision-making process, saving you time from reading about all the supplements.

Best Overall for Breast Growth

Total curveIf you are looking for a product that uses a variety of hormone balancers, herbals, antioxidants, and natural ingredients to enhance your breasts, then look no further than Total Curve.

This supplement, combined with their firming gel, is bound to show you results in little to no time.

For Women over 40

breast activesThe Breast Actives supplement is a perfect natural solution for increasing breast firmness and size, especially for women over 40 and those going through menopause.

The supplement uses a wide variety of beneficial ingredients like dong Quai, fennel, and watercress. It also contains vitamins and minerals.

The supplement works in just a few weeks, especially when used with the Breast Actives cream.

For Firming Breasts

The Naturaful cream is highly recommended for those looking to firm their breasts while also increasing their size.

Top 3 Breast Enlargement Pills to Make Your Boobs Bigger

Okay, let’s dig deeper into these supplements…

Shall we?

1) Total Curve

Total curve

Total curve is a business that has created a name for itself by specializing in making women feel confident and beautiful in their skin.

Their goal is to make you feel more confident about your breasts.

Total curve offers a natural and less expensive alternative to breast augmentation surgery.

Total curve aims to give women back their sexy curves naturally.

Their supplement is a daily supplement that helps to fight against the effects of aging and life milestones like childbirth by providing a natural breast lift to their consumers.

The maximum effects are seen when the total curve supplement is combined with their firming gel.

Key Benefits

  • The total curve supplement contains natural phytoestrogens that mimic the effect of estrogen in the body. They act on the breast tissue to provide firmness and a natural lift. It’s also noted that even birth control pills that contain estrogen can have the same effect.
  • The supplement contains a wide range of antioxidants, nutrients, herbals, and hormone balancers to enhance breast growth and firmness.
  • The supplement not only aims to increase breast tissue growth but is also helpful in reducing symptoms of menopause, PMS, vaginal dryness, and diminished sex drive.
  • The Total curve therapy is most effective when the supplement is combined with the firming and lifting gel.
  • They offer a 67-day return with your money back if you are unhappy with the product’s effects.

The supplement contains:

  • Buckwheat leaves/flowers
  • Mexican wild yam root
  • Fennel seed
  • Black cohosh root
  • Dong Quai root
  • Watercress leaves/shoots
  • Damiana leaf
  • Hops and
  • Blessed thistle

Buckwheat has a variety of benefits, such as reducing the chances of heart disease and diabetes.

It contains a substance known as rutin that has antioxidant properties.

It helps to regulate a healthy blood flow and strengthen capillaries.

The bioflavonoids in buckwheat increase collagen production.

In this way, both the bioflavonoids and rutin can enhance breast shape and size.

Another ingredient used in this supplement is dong Quai root which also known as female ginseng.

This root has been known to increase the production of progesterone, a female hormone that is beneficial in breast growth.

Additionally, damiana leaf and blessed thistle can increase progesterone binding and repair collagen and elastin that have been damaged.

The total curve gel contains volufiline, which can increase breast size in just two months of use.

By combining the supplement with the gel, the effects are far more pronounced and faster to appear.


  • The supplement has only natural ingredients.
  • There is a 67-day return and money-back policy.


  • It works best when combined with the gel.
  • It is expensive as it is sold with gel.

2) Breast Actives

breast actives

Buy health is a health and beauty company that offer their consumers with the best quality products at the best prices.

Established in 2002, the business has become a well-known and trusted name in the world of health and beauty products.

Their commitment to offering high-quality health and beauty goods provides them an unparalleled advantage in the research and development of cutting-edge products.

They continually rise to the challenge of providing their clients with nourishing formulations that are unrivaled in quality and value by integrating the newest advances in nutritional research with the finest ingredients gathered from around the world.

Breast actives are natural breast enhancement pills formulated by the Buy Health company.

The supplement aims to provide a natural remedy for enlarging breasts that work in just a few short weeks and they have one of the best breast enhancement formulas of all time.

The supplement can help women regain their confidence and have them wearing sexy outfits again.

It is a pain-free and natural method to enhance breasts.

Key Benefits

  • Breast Actives combats the sagging of breasts and increases firmness.
  • The supplement has been shown to increase breasts by 2 cup sizes in a few weeks of use.
  • These breast growth pills can also be combined for maximum effectiveness with a topical cream.
  • This supplement has shown great effects in women who are 40 or over and are going through menopause, and it has improved sagging and breast shape.
  • The Breast Actives supplement is formulated with a range of ingredients such as vitamins and minerals and herbal extracts.
  • The supplement is trusted by thousands of women globally.

The formulation of the Breast Active supplement contains a wide variety of ingredients like Dong Quai, fenugreek, fennel, watercress, dandelion extract, blessed thistle, and kelp.

It also contains vitamin E and vitamin A (which helps rejuvenate skin tissue).

Additionally, it contains dandelion extract, chamomile extract, Pueraria Mirifica extract, red clover extract, wild yam extract, saw palmetto extract, and almond oil.

Wild yam contains a phytoestrogen, known as diosgenin, a natural form of hormone replacement therapy for menopause, and it is also incredibly useful in increasing breast size and overall breast health.

Fennel contains a phytoestrogen that can promote breast tissue growth.

Dong Quai is also called female ginseng and has been known to boost progesterone synthesis and has been used to increase the flow of breast milk in nursing women.

Blessed thistle is a powerful hormone balancer and is also capable of repairing damaged collagen and elastin.

The price of 1 bottle of the Breast Actives supplement and cream is on their official website.


  • The Breast Actives supplement uses organic ingredients.
  • The supplement shows results in a matter of weeks.


  • It shows its benefits more prominently when used with the Breast Actives cream.
  • It is an expensive product due to being sold with the cream.
  • The maximum effect for those over 40 is seen using supplements, cream, and exercise.

3) Naturaful


Naturaful is a beauty company focused on women’s beauty, specifically building women’s confidence in their breasts.

The company offers the best breast enhancement solution in the world.

Their product works for all age groups, ethnicities, and body types.

They are natural breast enhancement pills that help to stimulate breast growth, a safe and effective alternative to breast augmentation surgery.

The company is based in the United States.

Naturaful is a far safer and natural breast enhancement alternative than a surgical procedure.

The plant-based solution is administered topically to the breasts and is absorbed safely via the skin, eventually reaching the breast tissue.

Many people have claimed incredible results, such as gaining three cup sizes.

Many consumers have also been pleased with raising saggy breasts and the appearance of a fuller, more attractive cleavage, which has boosted their self-esteem.

Key Benefits

  • The Naturalful natural breast enhancement cream comes packed with several antioxidants, hormone balancers, and herbs.
  • The natural ingredients in the cream boost the breasts’ overall health and increase the release of sex hormones and growth hormones to encourage breast tissue growth.
  • It is a topical product that is applied directly to the breast tissue.
  • You can combine the cream with a patch applied to the skin to encourage breast growth and reduce sagging.

The ingredients used in the cream include blessed thistle, wild yam, and Dong Quai.

Blessed thistle is an effective hormone balancer that may help restore damaged collagen and elastin.

Dong Quai has been known to increase progesterone production in the body; diosgenin, a phytoestrogen found in the yams, is a natural form of hormone replacement treatment for menopause and also supports breast health.

The enhancement cream is the innovative Enhancement Patch, which is placed over a layer of cream straight to the middle of each breast.

The enhancement patch has seven active magnets that help to enhance blood circulation, promote oxygen delivery, and increase nutrient absorption in the breast tissue.

Pueraria Mirifica, Motherwort and ginseng are among the essential oils found in each patch.

These stimulate the synthesis of estrogen act as breast enhancers by activating the endocrine glands and boosting estrogen production.

The price of the naturaful cream and patch can be found on their official website.


  • The cream uses organic ingredients.
  • Can increase the size of your breasts naturally by 3 cup sizes.


  • It needs to be applied directly to the skin.
  • Best effects are seen when used with a patch.

How Do Breast Enhancement Supplements Work?

These supplements are available in breast enhancement dietary supplements, breast enhancement creams and pills, and they function by helping to enhance the cup size due to their beneficial ingredient list.

They consist of several herbs that increase boost estrogen production to help women achieve larger breasts.

While more research is required to become fully aware of the safety of some of these products, it’s safe to say that they have effective results that leave the customers content.

As mentioned before, the ingredients play a vital role in making these supplements effective, and phytoestrogens are among the most beneficial ingredients in breast enlargement pills and creams.

They are estrogens obtained from plant sources, and they have results similar to those of estrogen in your body.

It’s common knowledge that estrogen is the key ingredient that promotes optimal breast development and excessive fat accumulation in the breasts, especially when a woman goes through pregnancy or puberty.

Therefore, breast enlargement products also contain a decent amount of estrogen to promote breast development.

However, you should be mindful that every individual is different from the other and different products affect us all differently.

Therefore, these supplements may not be effective for everyone.

Furthermore, they might work eventually for some people, but they could take more time than others.

Moreover, while these products are more cost-effective as opposed to a cosmetic procedure, it’s important to remember that their results aren’t as dramatic either.

Key Aspects to Watch Out

The following are the key features that determine the quality of the breast enhancement pills and creams:

1) Ingredients

The ingredients can make or break the entire product.

It’s always best to opt for naturally obtained sources that adhere to GMP, also known as Good Manufacturing Practices.

They are the set of rules that should be followed while producing makeup, supplements, and medicinal drugs for ensuring customer safety.

Therefore, you should stay clear of all supplements that don’t have a well-defined ingredient list.

2) Consumer Feedback

The customer is always right. You can always learn about a product from previous consumer experiences.

They can offer a detailed insight into the results of the products and their journey throughout using them.

When it comes to breast enhancement pills and creams, you can always learn about the production, shipping, and refund or return policy as well. However, the main benefit would always be the results.

3) Cost

There’s no doubt that breast enhancement pills are a much more cost-effective option as opposed to surgeries and other cosmetic procedures.

However, these supplements are available at varying prices as well.

For instance, you could avail of a heavy discount if you purchase from a certain brand that offers discounts on buying a larger supply of products.

4) Side Effects

While product marketing helps to sell products, it’s not always beneficial for customer safety.

Not all that glitters is gold, and you best not only reply on supplement marketing before purchasing it.

When people see the word natural written on a supplement, they automatically believe that it would be free from side effects.

However, that’s far from being true.

There are great chances of natural breast enlargement pills to carry side effects as well.

Furthermore, everyone is different from the other person, and not all products affect us all equally.

Therefore, you should carefully go through the ingredient list and see if there are any ingredients that you’re allergic to or anything that doesn’t suit you.

Be mindful of the potential side effects of the products.

5) Money-back Guarantee

Some several brands and companies have policies to refund your amount within two months or sixty days.

However, it’s always advised to go over the return, exchange, and refund policies of these products to avoid future disappointment.

Natural Ingredients that Promote Enlargement

You are what you eat. Several beneficial organic ingredients can help you achieve the perky breasts of your dreams.

However, using a single ingredient won’t offer magical results, which is why it’s always smart to use different ingredients together to enhance your breast shape and size.

Therefore, we have rounded up the best natural ingredients that will help increase the size of your breasts.

1) Fennel Seed

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are an ancient remedy for several health complications.

Women have long used them to enhance milk production in nursing mothers, improve the menstrual flow regulation, and enhance the female sex drive.

These seeds are also famous for their assistance in developing phytoestrogen.

Therefore, this ingredient is an excellent candidate for breast enlargement.

2) Dong Quai

Dong Quai

This is a famous Chinese herb that helps to regulate menstrual flow.

It also assists with dealing with the adverse symptoms of menopause and Pre Menstrual Syndrome by combatting estrogen imbalance.

3) Wild Yam

Yam root

These yams are a North American specialty, and this vegetable is known for its therapeutic effect properties that include relieving the adverse symptoms of PMS, menopause and regulate the menstrual cycle.

4) Hops


Most people know this ingredient as an essential component of beer, but you might be surprised to learn that it does a lot more than that.

Hops are a beneficial sedative that can help treat various mental health conditions such as insomnia and anxiousness.

This product is a rich source of phytoestrogens as well.

5) Vitamins

Vitamin E

There are multiple vitamins, and they are all exceptionally beneficial for our bodies. Some of these vitamins can also help with breast enhancement.

For instance, vitamin A is an excellent candidate for improving skin health, and it works even better when used in combination with vitamin E and vitamin C.

Some natural sources of this vitamin consist of green leafy veggies, milk, and fish.

Vitamin E is effective in ideal hormone regulation, and it can assist with the regulation of estrogen to promote breast enhancement.

Vitamin C is also exceptionally effective for boosting the production of collagen.

It enhances optimal blood circulation in your body as well.


Breast enhancement pills and creams are a safe, natural, and cost-friendly way for women to enhance their breasts’ size, shape, and firmness.

They provide a boost to women’s overall confidence in a matter of weeks to months.

They can be a great solution to your breast enhancement issues, and in case you are finding it difficult to make a choice, then our list is here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Breast Enhancement Pill

Are these breast enhancement products safe?

Yes, these pills and creams are safe for oral consumption or for topical use.

Are there side effects of taking these pills?

Unfortunately, these supplements can have side effects that vary from woman to woman.

It is important to check the ingredients of natural breast enlargement pills and creams to ensure you are not allergic to anything in the product.

Who should avoid breast enlargement pills?

As these supplements affect the hormone estrogen, it is best that nursing and pregnant women avoid these supplements.

However, it’s always beneficial for everyone to consult a doctor before consuming these pills and creams.

Does exercise help with increasing breast size?

Other natural methods can help increase the size of your breasts naturally, and one of them is regular exercise. Everyone knows that exercise is extremely beneficial for optimal mental and physical well-being.

However, it can also help with making your breasts go up a cup size. Trying strength training workouts that focus on the chest area and the upper arms will offer some extremely beneficial results for your bust enlargement.

Some effective workouts that you can try include chest flys, bicep curls, and push-ups.

You could also benefit from different abdominal workouts as they assist with muscle tissue development underneath your breasts, giving your breasts a youthful appearance by making them appear fuller.