Human Growth Hormones Benefits: The Rewards Vs. Risk

hgh benefits

Human Growth hormone (HGH) supplements usually contain amino acids, and according to a study from the United States, these amino acids are responsible for increasing the levels of HGH in the body.

But, what may happen when your growth hormones are stimulated?

In this article, we will discuss what is human growth hormone deficiency and what are the changes in your body if you take HGH supplements.

Understanding Human Growth Hormone Deficiency


Human growth hormone (HGH) is one of the hormones naturally produced in the body.

This peptide hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland along with other hormones that affect the proper development of bones and muscles. 

However, there are cases when some people experience HGH deficiency.

According to Oregon Health & Science University, in the United States, low HGH levels affect about 50,000 adults. Moreover, about 4,000-5,000 children have GH deficiency. 

What Causes Growth Hormone Deficiency

Generally, the main cause of GH deficiency is damage to your pituitary gland.

Sometimes it can also be due to the impairment of the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls your pituitary.

According to a study from Spain, GH deficiency might be hereditary or caused by genetic disorders.

However, in adults, the cause of abrupt stop in bone and muscle development include the following:

  • Brain tumor
  • Radiation
  • Lymphoma
  • Leukemia
  • Head trauma
  • Central nervous system disorders

According to a study from Turkey, GH deficiency in both adults and children is also associated with stress and depression. 

Effects of GH Deficiency

If you have GH deficiency, not only your bone and muscle development is at risk but your immune system as well. 

According to a study from Egypt, this hormone has a vital role in the immune system.

It stimulates the production of T-cells which mediates immunity. Other effects of having low levels of this hormone include the following:

  • Poor bone density
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Mental and emotional fatigue
  • Poor memory

To address these issues, people tend to consider HGH therapy, a treatment procedure that uses HGH injections to directly increase levels of this hormone.

However, the HGH treatment is costly.

For more affordable management of these symptoms, supplements are considered instead.

However, take note that the supplements do not directly increase levels of HGH

These products contain ingredients that can improve your symptoms and somehow stimulate your body’s production of HGH.

HGH Benefits: What Does HGH Do to the Body?

HGH hair

There is no other way to increase the levels of your hormones aside from considering treatments and supplements.

However, some people may still ask, is HGH illegal?

The answer would be yes if it is not prescribed by a doctor.

Additionally, when wrong doses are administered, side effects such as carpal tunnel syndrome can occur.

If you ever doubt the safety and effectiveness of these, try to consider the beneficial effects of taking HGH listed below.

1) Body fat loss

According to a study from Wisconsin, this hormone stimulates lipolysis. This is a process where lipids, fats, oils, and waxers in your body are burned.

Eventually, When you burn fat, you promote weight loss. 

This is the reason why people with low GH levels are most at risk of obesity. In addition to this, HGH triggers the release of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1. The latter is used to signal cells to reduce body fat.

2) Enhanced muscle mass

One of the reasons why athletes and bodybuilders consider growth hormone supplements is to improve their athletic performance, which is true.

According to a study from Switzerland, this hormone can improve athletic performance because of its positive effects on muscles.

It stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that supports the development and repair of interconnective tissues and muscles. 

As you grow older, your collagen production and GH levels decline.

However, when you take products or even foods that can stimulate these levels, you can increase your lean body mass as well as your tendons.

According to a study from Brazil, participants above 50 years old were able to increase their muscle strength after taking growth hormone supplements.

Generally, age is associated with muscle mass loss. Fortunately, this hormone can slow down the aging process.

3) Increased exercise capacity

For fitness enthusiasts, having enough exercise capacity is needed. Fortunately, HGH can help with this.

HGH works by boosting your cell regeneration and metabolism so that you can increase the intensity of your exercise. 

4) Improved fracture healing

According to a study from Denmark, HGH comes with a healing effect.

In this study, it was reported that growth hormones can accelerate bone regeneration and promote fracture healing.

Moreover, as your IGF-1 gets stimulated, healing is increased as well.

Take note that anabolic steroids cause tendon ruptures and muscle fiber injuries, especially during high-intensity exercise.

But, as you take growth hormone supplements with them, you promote connective tissue growth by stimulating bone and muscle metabolism.

In the study, it was also reported that even a local application of HGH is effectively boosting fracture healing.

Interestingly, this method comes with no side effects. Moreover, for a faster healing process, combining collagen with HGH is recommended.

5) Increased mineral  bone density

If you want tougher bones, HGH can help you out. Remember, aging makes you lose bone mineral density and collagen. 

However, based on scientific evidence from The Endocrine Society, it was reported that HGH reduces the risk of osteoporosis by increasing bone mass.

6) Mental health support

HGH can improve cognitive function and mental health.

This is another reason why patients with anxiety and depression consider synthetic HGH to improve mood swings. 

When it comes to the brain, HGH helps you improve your brain health by improving cognitive skills such as focus, attention, and memory.

In another clinical trial from the Journal of the American Medical Association, synthetic HGH can promote positive mood swings and alleviate biological depression.

Mental health and growth hormones are also associated with sleep.

According to a study from Missouri, increasing your sleep quality is the best way for you to increase your levels of HGH naturally.

In addition to this, sleep can also improve cognitive function.

Likewise, when your sleep-wake cycle is not optimized, you can consider using HGH to improve it.

7) Boost sexual function

Another great thing about HGH is that it can restore erectile dysfunction (ED).

According to a study from Germany, aging and low levels of HGH can lead to ED.

But, with the use of a growth hormone replacement by healthy men who were exposed to tactile and visual stimuli, this issue can be addressed.

HGH can increase libido, boost sexual energy, and may treat impotence.

However, before you use one, make sure to seek medical consultation beforehand to avoid possible adverse effects and further complications.

8) Decreased cardiovascular diseases

Nowadays, cardiovascular disease risk is extensive and increasing.

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases cause the death of more than 17.9 million people worldwide per year.

Although cardiovascular problems are usually caused by poor diet and lack of physical activity, they can also occur because of the lack of growth hormone levels.

When you have low levels of HGH, your lipid metabolism is reduced, thereby causing your levels of triglycerides and cholesterol to increase leading to constriction of your blood vessels.

9) Support skin health

As an anti-aging hormone, HGH can support skin health by rejuvenating it.

Additionally, HGH increases skin elasticity and decreases pigmentation caused by aging.

Along with other growth factors, collagen synthesis will be stimulated and skin extracellular matrix will be reinforced.

Aside from supplements, there are some skincare products infused with growth hormones.

For safer use, seek consultation from a dermatologist before using one, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, human growth hormone does not only cause increased muscle mass and healthy bone development.

Instead, your cognition, immune function, and vital organs also depend on it. 

Generally, having low levels of HGH is caused by many factors.

Eventually, when you have low levels of it, health consequences may occur. 

By using growth hormone replacement or taking HGH supplements, benefits may arise.

Some of these benefits even include cardiovascular and skin health support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the side effects of using growth hormone therapy?

Considering growth hormone therapy may cause side effects such as carpal tunnel syndrome, increased blood sugar, and gynecomastia. However, when you use supplements that can stimulate growth hormone production, these side effects may not be present.

How can I increase growth hormone levels naturally?

If you want to increase your levels of HGH, you can consider losing fat, changing your diet, and regularly exercising. If you consider foods, you might want to take those rich in amino acids, specifically arginine and alanine.

What are the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency?

In children, some of the symptoms of having low levels of growth hormone include dwarfism and delayed puberty. When it comes to women’s and men’s health these symptoms include obesity, anxiety, depression, and decreased libido.