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How Do IPL Hair Removal Products Work?

by Safa Kamran
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If you’ve been looking for a hair removal technique that lasts longer than the currently used standard methods, you have probably come across IPL laser hair removal.

Although it has become a popular choice over the last few years, you can now do that at home yourself.

If you have been on the fence about trying IPL hair removal, then keep reading.

We will go through how IPL works and what you need to know, and the many other benefits of IPL available to begin your IPL hair removal journey fully informed and worry-free.

What is IPL?

IPL stands for intense pulsated light; it is used for various skin treatments by medical and cosmetic practitioners.

For example, it is used for hair removal, to treat skin pigmentation, spider veins, and sun damage, and research has even proven it useful in treating acne.

How Does IPL Work?

IPL works by using a hand-held flashgun that is high-powered and computer-controlled.

This gun delivers a pulse of broad-spectrum light that is intense and visible to the naked eye.

Usually, the spectral range of visible light used in these guns is between 400 and 1200nm.

Cut-off filters are frequently employed to filter out shorter wavelengths, particularly potentially harmful ultraviolet light.

The spectral range from the resultant light targets specific structures like melanin in hair follicles or oxyhemoglobin in blood vessels until heated and reabsorbed by the body.

IPL uses a broad spectrum that you can utilize to treat various conditions when combined with adjustable filters.

Thus, when the IPL technician or you (with an at-home device) selects the suitable filter for a given chromophore, you can easily accomplish this.

IPL Hair Removal

IPL is mainly used as a cosmetic procedure when it comes to hair removal.

However, according to studies, IPL is excellent for reduced hair growth, especially in dark coarse hair.

As a result, many people applaud IPL hair removal results and begin to see results as soon as three months into the treatment process.

IPL hair removal is similar to laser hair removal.

However, there are distinct differences between the two methods.

IPL uses a variety of wavelengths as opposed to laser treatment which uses a particular wavelength.

As a result, IPL reaches the dermis, the second layer of the skin, without damaging the epidermis, the first layer, causing less damage to the skin’s first layer.

Pigment cells (melanin cells) absorb the light energy and convert it into heat energy used for hair follicles, reducing hair growth.

However, not all hair follicles are in the active phase simultaneously, and so the treatment needs to be conducted a minimum of 8-10 times over 4-6 weeks to remove most of the hair.

Preparation for IPL treatment

It would be best to avoid several things before having your IPL treatment, which will reduce risks and speed up the healing process after the treatment.

At least two weeks before your IPL treatment, you should avoid direct sunlight, creams, or products that contain Vitamin A or glycolic acid, chemical peels, waxing, collagen injections, and tanning beds.

It would help if you also stayed clear of drugs that increase the risk of bleeding, such as aspirin and Advil.

Post Treatment Care

You should be able to resume your normal activities immediately.

However, for a few hours, the treated region of skin will be red and sensitive, as if sunburned.

Your skin may be swollen as well. It’s best to avoid hot water.


IPL is light therapy that can be used in hair removal and other skin conditions.

It has proven to be successful in reducing hair growth and is a safe procedure.

Before the procedure, you can take precautions to minimize the risks and ensure a safe and effective experience with IPL. So, if you were thinking about getting IPL, go for it.

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