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Instant Knockout Fat Burner Supplement – Real Reviews, Testimonials, Ingredients, Side Effects, Results

by David Kessler, MD

Last updated on March 14th, 2021 at 05:31 pm

Welcome to the most comprehensive review of the Instant Knockout fat burner supplement.

But before we dive right in, here’s a little disclaimer;


This is a personal experience/review from Jerry. Jerry is an active subscriber of  The Well.

I and Jane have done some additional research to spice it up as usual.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions and make sure to read our review disclaimer.

An Honest Review of Instant Knockout By Jerry 

My close buddy recently gave me a reason for massive jealousy and inferiority complex.

He had just gotten himself the most enviable six-packs that I could ever imagine.

I remember staring agape at him, at a complete loss for words.

How, I mean, how!?

Even a few months back, he was just another normal guy in the neighborhood, cribbing about how tough it was to lose the chubby fat.

He would seem frustrated at times and I found myself in the very same boat.

We both tried to cut down our calorie count and waited it out, thinking the extra fat would just melt away like magic.

Of course, nothing of the sort happened and I kind of gave up.

I had no idea he was pursuing it in right earnest though.

Seeing him a few months down the line in a completely transformed avatar was a stunning revelation.

Now, I wanted this too.

I badgered him to share his secret until he told me about discovering Instant Knockout and how it had set him up on this journey of epic fat cutting and retention of muscle mass.

But what about chemicals, I wanted to know!

He went on to talk about Instant Knockout in great detail.

I added to this information with my own research and finally embarked on this journey with great hopes of a turnaround.

And what a journey of success it has been for me!

Read on to find out all that I discovered and went through on my Instant Knockout journey.

What is Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is a fat-cutting supplement designed to help users effectively shred fat.

It is made of natural ingredients that work by boosting the metabolism, leading to efficient utilization of energy and increased oxidation of fat.

It helps synthesize energy by burning fat storages in the body and helps to cut down fat while building better lean muscle.

Who created Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout has been created by a company called Roar Ambition.

It is known to produce quality health supplements catering to users of different categories and requirements.

For anyone interested in building a well-chiseled and defined body with muscle definition, they have all-natural supplements to cater to those needs.

They are registered in Riverside Way, Leeds, England.

Why was Instant Knockout created?

Instant Knockout was created originally to help professional MMA fighters and boxers cut fat effectively.

This is because the sport demands perfect body contour and muscle mass definition to be within the competition.

The need to shed all unnecessary fat within a stipulated time period is of the essence to them.

Instant Knockout catered to this need naturally without using harmful chemicals or steroids.

The effectiveness and speed of action of this supplement soon caught the attention of amateur bodybuilders and those seeking fitness.

Since it is completely free of any banned substances, it has widely gained popularity and widened its user base outside of professionals.

What are the ingredients that Instant Knockout is made of?

The makers of Instant Knockout have based their product on science.

They have put in extensive research and understanding of the human body and its workings to arrive at a formula.

This research has been directed at the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of fat storage in the body.

A thorough and scientific approach towards this has led the makers of Instant Knockout to select ingredients sourced from nature to counter and prevent fat storage.

Choosing each ingredient in optimum quantity to be able to deliver that ‘knockout punch’ to burn fat is the crux of the success of Instant Knockout.

Read on as I discuss in detail the constituent ingredients and how they benefit the user:

1) Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract

This is one of the prime drivers in the fat burn campaign of Instant Knockout.

There is a good reason behind including this.

  • It contains catechins which are a kind of bioactive polyphenols. These provide the power punch that helps to get through tough workouts.
  • Helps attack and destroy stubborn fat cells using nutrients that are contained in them.
  • It boosts your metabolism to burn fat more effectively. It also helps bring more energy to your day-to-day activities, thus engaging in continuous fat burn.
  • Studies show that green tea extract not only helps to burn fat but also to keeps the body fat-free.
  • It scores way above anything else in terms of increased fat burn, thus providing sustained fat burn to users.

2) Cayenne Pepper Seeds

Cayenne pepper

This ingredient brings the goodness and punch of spice into Instant Knockout.

  • It is vitamin-rich in composition, containing vitamins A, B6, and C. It delivers a big vitamin load to balance the body’s requirements in the form of pills.
  • Capsaicin is one of the driving ingredients in cayenne pepper, which is known for its fat-busting properties. This bioactive alkaloid also helps improve insulin sensitivity in the body. This translates to optimum carbohydrate utilization and better fat burn.
  • Known as thermogenic, it induces body heat. This means more fat burn and a more efficient metabolism. It also boosts the rate of fat burning, thus helping to cut down fat components.

3) Glucomannan


This component helps bring in the essential fiber component into the supplement. As we know, fiber is vital in controlling hunger.

  1. This contains a specific chemical structure that helps it to pass through the stomach intact. This helps to give the feeling of fullness and helps suppress hunger pangs.
  2. It helps in weight loss by improving metabolism and decreasing the tendency to snack frequently, a habit that is associated with fat accumulation in the body.

4) Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous

This component is included to provide the user with the knockout punch to achieve workout goals.

  • It helps improve focus and concentration. Mental alacrity and the ability to zone in on the task at hand with single-minded focus are essential to get through with punishing workout regimes.
  • It also helps with post-workout recovery of muscles as well as reducing pain and cramps.
  • It fuels the workout sessions with increasing fat burn to provide more energy.
  • It helps to stimulate the nervous system by inhibiting adenosine receptors. This contributes to more power-filled workout sessions.

5) Vitamin B6

vitamin b6

This vitamin component in Instant Knockout has been known to be an aide to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Also known as pyridoxine, it helps with fat oxidation and improved metabolism. This makes a difference in the manner in which the body produces energy to fuel its needs.
  2. Vitamin B6 helps in better assimilation of amino acids that play a vital role in muscle development.
  3. It keeps a check on fat levels thus helping to cut fat and build lean muscle mass.

6) Vitamin B12

vitamin b12

The inclusion of this vitamin helps to provide more energy to the body.

  • This paves the way for high energy workouts in the gym and better recovery.
  • It also boosts the immune system in the body.
  • Vitamin B12 can help elevate mood, thus improving overall wellness.
  • It helps in the better breakdown of carbohydrates and helps in protein synthesis, thus creating the perfect setting for lean muscle mass growth.

7) GTF Chromium


Not recognized much for its fat-burning capabilities, this component is a part of the Instant Knockout formula for multiple reasons.

  1. It is shown to control insulin levels in the body with effective management of carbohydrate intake. It also boosts metabolism and provides more energy in the body.
  2. Food cravings are controlled to a large extent with chromium.
  3. Chromium contains a protein, chromodulin, that helps in fat and sugar metabolism. This helps burn more fat while keeping the blood sugar levels in check.
  4. More energy is made available to the body which can be channeled towards energetic workout sessions, further aiding fat cut and lean muscle mass accentuation.

8) Zinc


The Metabolism-boosting properties of this component are well known.

There is so much its addition brings to the table.

  1. It helps give a boost to testosterone levels, which is known to encourage protein synthesis. Now, anyone who is familiar with bodybuilding and muscle mass growth will know the importance of protein synthesis in this matter.
  2. Zinc also helps turn carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy, thus helping fuel intense workouts. This action also helps burn fat more effectively.
  3. Studies have also hinted at better glucose metabolism with the inclusion of zinc in the diet.

9) Piperine


This is extracted from black pepper and helps the user in these ways.

  • It really ups the metabolism while helping in more efficient digestion.
  • It generates thermogenesis, which is helpful in the fat burn as discussed already. It can also have a role in suppressing new fat cells from being formed.
  • More fat burning happens because piperine is known to turn on receptors TRPA1 and TRPV1 that aid accelerated fat burn.

10) Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee

Without the caffeine content of traditional coffee but with loads of other benefits, this component is basically unroasted coffee bean.

  • Contains chlorogenic acid that helps slow down fat absorption, thus controlling fat in the body.
  • The same content helps to control sugar cravings as well as lower cholesterol levels. This positively impacts health. The user gains better parameters and overall good health.
  • Also, it helps to cut unwanted body fat and helps achieve a leaner body. That is the ultimate goal, after all.

Other ingredients in K Knockout include gelatin, HPMC, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, FD&C, and Red 40.


This supplement is not meant to cure, diagnose, or treat any medical condition.

Fact and myth about fat storage in the body


How many of you know that there is a specific receptor in the human body that works to lock fat into place?

It is called the Alpha-2 receptor and is the prime villain in creating pockets of stubborn fat in the body.

These fat deposits occur in the tummy, hips, and butt regions.

The inclusion of ingredients that inhibit this receptor will obviously help to release fat retention from the body.

Instant Knockout has worked this out in its composition, thus applying science and nature to maximum effect.


‘Starving oneself of calories will effectively burn fat’ – this is a myth that has gained some ground among people looking to lose fat.

Like I stated earlier, I had the same notion and set off on the path of fat loss in a similar vein.

What happens when you suddenly starve the body of nutrition is that metabolism slows down further to self-preserve.

This only makes the person feel weak but does nothing much to galvanize the fat stores into action.

A lot of research has gone behind formulating Instant Knockout to keep these in mind to give the user maximum means to burn unnecessary fat.

How does Instant Knockout work?

This powerful yet all-natural supplement has been created to burn fat effectively.

Its working mechanism is based on a three-pronged approach, namely boost metabolism, control hunger, and provide energy.

This is the healthiest possible approach towards the stubborn problem of fat burn.

Instead of using chemicals to do this, Instant Knockout utilizes naturally occurring ingredients to allow the body to fuel its own physical excesses, thus paving the way for maximum gains – fat burn as well as gain in muscle mass.

I am going to write about each of these approaches in detail.

1) Boost metabolism

Metabolism is the natural process within the body that helps convert the food we consume into energy.

This is an ongoing process that happens spontaneously all the time, irrespective of what we are doing, whether active or passive.

It is only the rate of metabolism that differs from time to time.

Sometimes it is very efficient, at other times it slows down to almost nothing, which is when we tend to feel slow and lethargic.

Now, it is a fact that this metabolic process slows down over time, not only with age but also with lifestyle changes that tend to creep in over us.

Instant Knockout helps to keep the metabolism in top order at all times, creating an environment of efficient fat burn going within the body.

This keeps the fat from accumulating in the body, instead of burning it effectively to provide high levels of energy to the user.

2) Control hunger

A healthy and vigorous workout is enabled by an energy surge within the body.

You have a great metabolism going and all is well.

However, all of the good that you achieve with an intense session at the gym will get negated as soon as you reach out for a tempting snack in between.

Sugary foods tend to slow down your metabolism in the long run although they do give an energy surge immediately after intake.

They also add to fat accumulation which defeats the very purpose of your goals in the first place.

Instant Knockout is designed to include components that are high in fiber content and other ways to control these hunger pangs and cravings.

This creates an ideal setting to help in the weight loss process.

3) Provide energy

All of the high-intensity workouts that you have planned to do to lose excess fat and build lean muscles will go awry if you do not have the energy.

Completion of sessions or the will to put in the effort day in and day out might be a challenge if you feel drained out with each session.

This will also affect recovery times for sore muscles.

Instant Knockout includes ingredients that help to provide energy to handle heavy-duty workout sessions daily without losing focus.

What is the ideal way to take Instant Workout pills?

There is a detailed regime outlined on the website on the ideal spacing to take the Instant Knockout pills.

One needs to take four pills over the course of a day to maximize benefits.

  • First pill first thing in the morning.
  • Second pill before lunch.
  • Third pill in the afternoon.
  • Last pill before dinner in the evening.

This spacing and regimen give each pill adequate time to make its effect felt and to allow for maximum absorption and internalization in the body.

Each bottle of Instant Knockout contains a month’s dosage of 120 pills, each dosed at 75 mg.

Are there any means to stack on Instant Knockout?

For those in the profession of MMA fighting or bodybuilding, one standalone product is never enough to address their different requirements.

They use a well-researched combination of different ingredients to focus on bolstering different aspects of their physicality.

Even for amateur users, there are different products that one many use to stack the effects of Instant Knockout.

One may look at the Roar Ambition website to know about a different range of products.

These may be for more energy and endurance, faster recovery, or mass gainers.

Depending upon what you are looking to achieve, it is possible to pick up two or three products for a more balanced approach.

However, if you end up selecting more than three different supplements it is better to seek the opinion of a trained dietician.

All of these supplements are powerful formulas and you would not like to unduly enhance any particular effect to the point of taking it beyond acceptable levels.

Health and safety should always come first in the pursuit of a healthy mind and body.

Who should not use Instant Knockout?

As you have already seen from the ingredient list and detailed description, Instant Knockout contains naturally occurring components.

There are, however, certain sections of people who should stay away from this.

These include:

  • Pregnant or lactating women.
  • Those under the age of 18.
  • Anyone who is under prescription medications for some pre-existing condition.
  • Those suffering from any illnesses ought to consult their physician before beginning on Instant Knockout.
  • Anyone having allergies to any of the ingredients listed earlier.
  • Those who are sensitive to high caffeine dosages.

What I did not like about Instant Knockout

  • It is a caffeine-rich composition.
  • For the money-back offer to kick in, one needs to order a 3-month supply.
  • It is only available online, which could be a negative for some people.
  • It contains gelatin, making it unsuitable for vegetarians or vegans.
  • At 4 pills a day, it needs the force of habit to take on a regular basis.


Full credit to the creators of Instant Knockout for having come up with such a product that finds endorsements at the highest levels.

Not only amateur users who are numerous in number, but Instant Knockout also has coaches and champion athletes amongst its user list.

I found John Dodson II, one of my idols in the flyweight category, who has benefited from Instant Knockout.

He has used this product to cut off unwanted fat while keeping his muscle mass intact.

Knowing that was an instant confirmation for me to get started on Instant Knockout.

To bolster this was the fact that leading coach, Greg Jackson recommends this to get his champions in perfect shape.

Then there are ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos featuring amateur bodybuilders across the spectrum.

Take for instance Dan Mack from the UK who says:

“I ordered Instant Knockout a little hesitantly, after trying various fat burners previously which all promised fantastic results immediately but rarely work……I would highly recommend Instant Knockout to anyone struggling to stick to a plan, as much as a discipline is important, a well-engineered supplement makes a world of a difference.”

Chelsea Medina, USA, has this to say:

“I have tried many other supplements to aid me in my weight loss journey and nothing has even been comparable to what Instant Knockout can do!”

There are a few stray users who have had limited success with the product.

For example, Teryl says

“Used this product for a month, it, unfortunately, did not work for me.”

Overall, though, there is an overwhelmingly positive response to Instant Knockout.

There has to be a reason why people are taking to this product like crazy.

Weight loss and consistency is something most people desire.

One need not be a professional athlete to aspire to a great body shape.

Having said that, each person will have a different degree of success with the product depending upon their age, gender, dedication, and natural adaptability.

I feel Instant Knockout is a great product in the fat burn supplement sector right now.

However, my stating this is one thing, and trying it out yourself is quite another.

Go try this out guys and girls, and you will come back to thank me for this piece of advice in a few weeks.

What I liked about Instant Knockout

  • Instant Knockout is a completely natural product.
  • It is totally safe to use.
  • Boxers use it for its famed fat-burning constituents.
  • The composition of the product is such as to aid stubborn fat reduction from all parts of the body.
  • Regular usage gives a toned body akin to professional sportsmen.
  • It is packaged in the form of pills and all one needs to do is to take four of these through the day for best results.
  • The website is very easy to navigate and gives instant intimation if Instant Knockout ships to your country or not.
  • If your body goals involve fitness and definition, Instant Knockout is definitely the answer.
  • The combination of natural ingredients that goes into the Instant Knockout formula has been well researched and sourced fresh to pack in the punch.
  • Backing up Instant Knockout with a balanced diet and regular workouts will boost your efforts to attain the perfect body.
  • The manufacturing units are based in the USA and are cGMP certified and FDA approved in terms of their quality control and sterile conditions.
  • The formulation of Instant Knockout is such that it is safe for use by women as well.
  • Their supply chains and delivery networks promise to deliver even in times of COVID-19.
  • There are many current athletes and sports professionals who are vouching for the efficacy of Instant Knockout and this helps instill confidence in potential users.

As one can see, the list of things to like about Instant Knockout is long.

Each of the points mentioned is a plus but what sealed the deal for me was the last point listed above – the fact that established professionals have benefited from using the product.

It is a fact that these people are guided by knowledgeable teams of coaches, dieticians, trainers, and others.

So, when they endorse a certain product, it says a lot about the legality, effectiveness, and quality of the product.

Insider Information on Instant Knockout

Some users have reported a massive high in energy levels right after starting on Instant Knockout.

This might take a couple of days to get used to and might lead to restlessness during sleep time.

I was on the watch out for similar effects and did feel highly charged up the first two days.

Soon, however, my body got used to it, and I am pleased with where I am now.

Side Note

Another thing I wish to share with all my readers here is that while on Instant Knockout, they need to diligently continue their diet and workout regime.

It is not to be assumed that just popping pills 4 times a day will get you on the road to fitness. Keeping your activity and discipline levels focused at all times is needed.

You have embarked on this journey for a reason – you need to stay committed to achieving the best results.

Instant Knockout formula – how good is it for female users?

It is a known fact that most healthcare supplements in the market cater to male users.

There are explicit instructions to the effect that they are not to be used by women.

This is mainly because of certain ingredients in those supplements that are more suited to men.

Instant Knockout is an exception in that it is a fat burner that is as good for men as it is for women.

The basic science behind it is true for both genders.

Some women also worry if their hormonal balance will be disturbed using this product.

They may rest assured this will not happen with Instant Knockout.

It does not contain hormone boosters of any sort.

It is simply a fat burner.

This means, anyone who has unwanted fat on them that they want to lose, can safely take Instant Knockout while continuing on their exercise regimen.

In fact, many women users have sent in their ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos on the website that show how successful they have curbed fat deposition in their bodies.

Instant Knockout has helped them achieve the curves and fitness they were seeking.

It is a fact that many women have shown remarkable fat loss after pregnancy using this supplement.

Buying Advice

I would advise everyone reading this to always buy directly from the Instant Knockout website.

This is indeed the best place to get your supply of the product. Why do I say so? This is because:

  1. One gets assured quality of genuine products on the website.
  2. There are always special discounts to be availed of here.
  3. One can rest assured that guarantees will be honored on website purchases.
  4. Payment is secure and safe on the website.

There is a list of countries that Instant Knockout does not deliver to, for various reasons.

This list is clearly mentioned on their website.

This is one more reason for users to first check the website to find out if their country is among those where the company ships to.

Another thing I would like to mention here to new users is to check the delivery timings to their particular country.

The website goes into great detail to mention expected delivery timings to all countries where they ship.

Why this is important is depending upon timings in a particular country, the user needs to plan the next shipment so that there is assured continuity.

The product needs to be taken regularly at the prescribed dosages and any break in this routine will affect the ultimate results.

Instant Knockout CTA

Final Verdict

I was looking for an effective fat-cutting method while staying on a healthy course.

Reports from users of varied products available on the market had added to my conundrum when I very tentatively began on Instant Knockout.

I am proud to state that my results have been nothing short of exceptional.

I have no qualms about recommending Instant Knockout wholeheartedly to everyone out there who wishes to achieve their body goals safely and naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions about Instant Knockout (FAQs)

Can I buy Instant Knockout from a store?

No! Instant Knockout is only available online. One needs to visit the website and purchase the product from there.

Is the product legitimate?

Instant Knockout is being used by professional athletes and is recommended by coaches of repute. It is completely legit and is made up of naturally occurring ingredients. There are no banned substances or chemically produced substances.

What about return policy?

One may return unopened or unwanted products by getting in touch with customer support. All one needs to do is to return it to the address mentioned in order to get refund.

Can women use Instant Knockout?

Yes, the product is designed to address fat cutting and shredding while building muscle mass. It does not contain anything that could be detrimental to women users. All users can use the product irrespective of gender.

What side effects are to be expected?

There are no reported adverse side effects of using Instant Knockout.

However, it is strongly recommended to be regular in usage and to strictly adhere to the recommended dosage.

This dosage has been arrived at after extensive research depending upon the potency of the ingredients used.

The supplement does deliver a high dose of caffeine which might cause restlessness and disturbed sleep for some. This, however, settles down over time.

When may I expect my supplement to reach me?

For details on expected delivery timings, it is recommended to check the website. Each country has its own delivery timings and one needs to order keeping this in mind.

How long should one use Instant Knockout?

It is recommended to use the product for at least 3 months to see impressive results.

However, most users begin to see positive changes within a few weeks of use.

What is the pricing for Instant Knockout?

One bottle is priced at $59, two bottles at $118, and three bottles at $185.

As can be seen there really is no benefit in bulk ordering except the lure of assured money back if not happy with the results.

Instant Knockout CTA

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