Joe Wicks’ Workout & Diet – All You Need to Know

Joe Wicks workout

Joe Wicks is also known as The Body Coach.

He is of British descent and is not only a British fitness coach but an author and TV presenter.

On March 24th, 2020, he was awarded a Guinness World Record award for having the “most viewers for a fitness workout live stream on YouTube.”

He completed a sports science degree but realized it wasn’t quite what he wanted.

So he became a personal trainer. He gained a lot of popularity with all his nutrition and fitness content on social media.

Then in 2014, he started posting videos to Instagram related to workouts and nutrition.

Can you believe he has gathered over 3 million followers on his Instagram account!

He also has his website called The Body Coach.

He sells kitchenware here plus a range of fitness/nutrition plans.

He also launched a book in 2015 called Lean in 15: The Shift Plan. It sold 77,000 copies just in its opening week! Success after success after success!

The Body Coach Workout & Diet

Current Stats

  • Weight: 73 kg./160 pounds
  • Birthday: 21 September 1986
  • Birthplace: Epsom, Surrey, England, UK
  • Accolades/accomplishments:
    • 2020 – Award – Guinness Book of Records (see above).
    • Awarded MBE from the Queen for his efforts during the pandemic to keep families active with his online PE lessons.

His Workout Principles

His fitness principles are about short and intense High-Intensity Interval Training workouts (HIIT).

In fact, Joe Hicks started off just by posting 15-second recipe videos on social media.

He grew this brand and now he is one of the most followed fitness gurus on YouTube and Instagram.

He has created his “90 Day Plan” with workouts and meals with tailored portions for people.

And then in the lockdown period, he started with “P.E With Joe” on YouTube.

He was helping children to stay active. It had a huge impact and was viewed by well over a million users worldwide. He is also a Channel 4 television presenter with his own show – It’s called The Body Coach.

Joe Wicks’ Training Methods

  • He told Women’s Health that shorter workouts are what’s needed for a healthy body
  • He gained international fame with his “#PeWithJoe” sessions. These keep kids and families fit and moving. Some have given testimonies of how he has changed their lives.
  • He is renowned for his training methods of HIIT and interval training. He believes in shorter and more intense bursts of exercise. He has been sharing his HIIT-based plans and easy-to-make meals for many years. He credits his training methods to transforming his own and his clients’ physiques.
  • People often ask, “Is twenty-five minutes or thirty minutes a day really enough to have a good physique?” Joe says that’s exactly what he does – how he lives his life – doing short, intense workouts. Then he can enjoy the rest of the day off. He doesn’t want to be forever in the gym. He says, “I want a short, effective workout. I do feel that HIIT training does give me that buzz that I love, that after-workout high and serotonin – it makes me feel good and keeps me lean.”

Joe’s Workout Routine

Joe Wicks is very popular for his workouts and recipes, etc.

If you are interested as well, you are one of the thousands of others.

The Body Coach burst onto the scene with his love of burpees and broccoli.

He has gone on to help thousands to shift their fat and sustain a good and healthy weight.

And last year’s lockdown, he created accessible fitness content for people of all ages and abilities, even releasing a Body Coach app.

He keeps it real and full of positive encouragement.

We’ve got the ultimate Joe Wicks plan to show you – it’s a two–week program aimed to improve your stamina, keep you trucking on, and increase your endurance. It’s ideal for beginners as well.

You will love this (here it is), and see incredible results in his 14 day HIIT workout plan.

His Diet

Joe Wicks is really something of a guru at getting people to become fit and lean.

It’s not only about his incredible workouts. What you put in is what you get out and Joe has a simple healthy eating plan.

If you want to get fit and lose weight, you have to know what the correct nutrition and macronutrients will be to get the best from your body.

We’ve got fabulous Joe Wicks breakfast recipes for you to give you impressive results.


“Upon waking – drink a big glass (250 -300ml) of water.”

Then he encourages everyone to break away from their typical cereals. He suggests eating eggs, veggies, and fats. Look at some of his healthy breakfast ideas here.


Mealtimes that don’t come after a workout give your body the opportunity to nourish and repair the body. Your body needs protein now to repair, build your immunity and retain muscle strength and growth.

Look at these delicious healthy fish recipes and also healthy chicken recipes as a starting point. Scrumptious!


On training days, eat a post-workout meal that is rich in carbs, proteins, and lower in fat.

Do this about 60-90 minutes after your training session.

Your body’s glycogen levels get drained away from intense training. These levels should be topped up with excellent nutrient-dense carbs ready for the next session.

Naturally, you need protein also to rebuild the muscle tissue that you damaged in training, but you need to eat carbs too, to fill your muscles again with glycogen.

  • On rest days all your meals should be rich in healthy fats and reduced carbohydrates, like from these healthy meal ideas.
  • Pre-workout snack: Have a 5g serving of Myprotein iBCAA Powder with around 250-300 ml water about 30 minutes before the workout. This will give your body the best chance to burn fat while retaining your muscle mass.
  • Post-workout snack: After 15 minutes of your workout session, have some MyProtein iBCAA Powder with 250 -300ml water, a 25g Scoop of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder mixed in 350 ml water, and a vitamin C tablet. Look at these great dieting tips from Joe Wicks.

Supplements & Recommendations

Joe Wicks says that he trains before breakfast.

So he will have a post-workout shake with one scoop of whey protein. He mixes it up with ice and almond milk or coconut milk.

Then he has his breakfast.

He takes a multivitamin every day and 3 x omega 3 fish oils to add some healthy fats into his diet.

He says that supplements are not essential for fat loss but he finds that they help him to sustain lean muscle and recovery between sessions.

Look, he has his own range of supplements if you are interested in what he takes.

Noteworthy Recommendations

If you want to look good for summer on the beach you should really exercise all year round.

“I recommend regular workouts, so four or five short and intense HIIT sessions a week, so 20-25 minutes of effort – “You can do little sprints, burpees, mountain climbers – anything that’s really going to get your heart rate up.

If you can, combine that with strength exercises like squats, lunges, and press-ups.”

And when it comes to diet, well he says pretty much the same thing, –

“In terms of the diet, it’s down to healthy home-cooked food, not a low-calorie diet. You should try and think about staying fit and lean all year round, not just leaving it to two weeks before you go on holiday.”

Excellent advice, Joe, and looking at him, it makes pretty good sense, don’t you think?

“Having a perfect set of abs will not bring you happiness, but eating healthy food and exercising will” Joe Wicks