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Male Extra review
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Welcome to my personal Male Extra review…

Sexual satisfaction is something all couples crave.

Sexual harmony helps release tension and stress between two individuals and helps them create a bond that is more than just physical.

However, there are situations when couples feel they don’t enjoy sex anymore, leaving either or both parties unsatisfied.

Now, this could be timely; maybe one of you is feeling a bit ill and just needs to recover, or you’re just extremely tired and need to sleep the fatigue off to get your mojo back.

If you bounce right back into the sheets and come out triumphant, then there’s nothing to worry about!

BUT, if the problem persists, some underlying conditions could be the cause of your underperformance in the bedroom…

…low testosterone, antidepressant medication, erectile dysfunction, and maybe others.

This is when intervention is required.

That’s why, In this male extra review, I’ll be sharing with you how this supplement will alleviate and heal all your sexual problems.

So let’s get right into it…

Male Extra Supplement: All You Need to Know

Male Extra

To begin with, let me tell you a little about who the makers of this male enhancement supplement are.

They’re among one the leading and well-established companies producing male sexual enhancement products and have been in the business since 2009.

They have their warehouses in the United States and the United Kingdom.

More than 320,000 men have been clients of Male Extra.

As for the number of pills sold – that’s more than 12 million!

Male Extra product has dedicated the past 15 years to research for developing an innovative product that helps cure male sexual health problems, and the answer came in the form of Male Extra pills.


What Does The Supplement Do?

Male extra with leaves

So enough with the intros and let’s get down to business.

The obvious question in your mind now would be…what will these supplements do to make me a champion in the bedroom?

Here’s what.

Male Extra enhancement supplement is a powerful blend of natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to help increase the:

  • size of your penis
  • the hardness of your penis
  • sustainability of your erections
  • sexual stamina and,
  • sexual performance

How Does Male Extra Work?

It achieves all these incredible promoters of sexual enhancement in a number of ways.

I’ll tell you about them one by one.

1) Increases Natural Nitric Oxide Levels In Blood

Nitric oxide is a substance found naturally in the body which acts as a vasodilator – it relaxes the muscles in your blood vessels and makes them wider.

This improves blood and oxygen flow to the penis, so it can get all the blood it needs to fill up the penile chambers to its full capacity.

The result: a solid, harder, and notably bigger erect penis capable of long-lasting erections that are more intense and result in more pleasurable and stronger orgasms.

2) Enhances Sexual Stamina and Lessens Fatigue 

Since vasodilation also helps improve oxygen and blood flow to the rest of the body, nutrients are delivered quickly and efficiently to all body cells.

This delays fatigue during physical activity, giving you increased stamina to last longer in bed.

3) Regulates Climaxes 

Male Extra pills also help regulate climaxes by providing you with increased stamina to generate numerous climaxes all night long!

4) Increases Penile Chamber Capacity 

Not only does it revitalize your lost sexual characteristics, but male extra also helps increase penile chamber capacity by triggering penile tissues to start growing again, similar to when you were in your teenage years!

5) Initiates Healing of Penile Tissues

Another interesting and highly appealing characteristic of this supplement is that it causes existing tissues to undergo healing.

This ensures that your current baggage works effectively and efficiently.

Also, the rapid absorption of nutrients due to improved blood flow further quickens healing…

…nutrients are directed towards damaged tissues, allowing you to better control your penis.

6) Increases Sexual Drive 

Last, but not least, the supplement works synergistically to enhance sexual drive.

It does this by establishing smooth communication between your brain and your penis, which allows you to trigger an erect anytime, anywhere.

In short, your soldier will be fully erect and ready for service whenever you need it.

So to summarize, the enhancement supplement provides the following sexual enhancement features:

  • Bigger, reliable, solid erections that are long-lasting thus satisfying your wife or GF.
  • Powerful and intense orgasms that will be equally pleasurable for you and your partner
  • Heightened sex drive and increased libido, making you ready for sex whenever it is demanded
  • Improved performance and sexual stamina help make an everlasting impression in the bedroom by stimulating blood circulation.
  • Increased confidence to reinstate your dwindling control in the bedroom, and resting assured that you’ll give your partner exactly what they want, every time

Male Extra Ingredients

While you must be fascinated with the amazing features of this fantastic product, you must be wondering what it contains.

1) Pomegranate (40% Ellagic Acid – 500mg)


Ellagic acid is a polyphenol antioxidant present naturally in fruits and vegetables.

Since it is found in relatively high levels of pomegranate, Male Extra uses the latter as its source for its supplement.

Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of ellagic acid in:

  • improving blood flow to the penis; a 17% increase in blood flow in only 90 days was reported after drinking pomegranate juice
  • causing better erections after just 8 weeks of drinking pomegranate juice [1]
  • delaying fatigue during sexual intercourse
  • protecting natural nitric oxide in the body from free radical damage; pomegranate extract contains antioxidants that exhibit this action and hence improve blood and nutrient flow around the body

2) L-Arginine (HCL – 600mg)

Various studies have shown how this amino acid is effective in improving [2]:

a) Erection quality and sexual performance;

37% of men having erectile issues showed significant improvements in their ability to obtain and sustain an erection after consuming L-arginine for a little over a month on a daily basis

b) Nitric oxide production…

Improving blood flow to the penis for bigger and harder erections; 31% of men having erectile problems experienced substantial improvement in erections and sexual performance…

…with a 50% rise in nitric oxide levels, after consuming L-arginine for just six weeks

3) Cordyceps (25mg)


The Chinese have used the fungus Cordyceps called deoxyadenosine and cordycepic acid for thousands of years as a natural aphrodisiac, and it is referred to as the “golden plant” in Tibetan medicine.

Many studies have reported its ability to:

  • increase sexual drive and enhance sexual function; more than 50% of volunteers reported increased sex drive after consuming Cordyceps.

In another study, 64% of men experienced improvements in their erections.

4) Zinc (as Citrate) 14mg

Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in testosterone production.

And as all men know, lower levels of testosterone levels can wreak havoc with your libido and erections!

Still, most men don’t get optimum amounts of zinc from their diet, and they mostly don’t know it.

A study found that testosterone levels on a low zinc diet dropped by a staggering 75% after 20 weeks!

5) Niacin (Vitamin B3 – 18mg)


Studies have demonstrated niacin to [5]:

a) Improve erection quality and longevity…

since it helps relax and expand blood vessels in the penis, increasing the amount of blood flowing towards it during an erection.

Men having erectile problems showed significant improvements in their ability to sustain an erection after taking a daily dose of niacin.

b) reduce fatigue…

meaning more vitality and stamina in the bedroom and improved health condition.

6) MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane – 100mg)

Sulfur is a mineral that supports blood flow and is extremely important for cell and tissue health, including those in the penis.

MSM is an organic form of sulfur, and without adequate MSM, cells can weaken and the body cannot make new, healthy ones.

7) L-Methionine (100mg)

L-methionine is an essential amino acid believed to block the conversion of histidine into the hormone histamine.

Histamine plays a key role in reaching climax, so higher levels mean quicker ejaculation, which is why histamine is also associated with premature ejaculation.

L-methionine amino acid helps lower histamine levels, which delays ejaculation, so you last longer in bed.

Male Extra Reviews From Customers

Visiting the official website, I found many interesting user testimonials that highly recommended the enhancement pill.

Most of the main highlights stated rock-hard erections and considerably enhanced sexual stamina.

A satisfied customer said that he noticed increased endurance and control during sex and that his libido had skyrocketed!  That’s more than enough to keep your partner happily satisfied. He credited the product as being a true ‘marriage/lifesaver’.

Another reviewer mentioned that his sexual drive and appetite had increased, and he didn’t experience any embarrassing side issues that often accompanied other products he had used previously.He happily concluded that the Male Extra male enhancement formula had helped rebuild his confidence without having to resort to any strong medication.

For those who believe that size truly matters, satisfied customers have also reported that their penis gained an inch or two in length after using the enhancement pill, and also gained inches in girth and circumference.

Bottom line: Male Extra enhancement supplements really do increase your penis size, make your penis rock hard, and you’ll always be ready to satisfy your wife.

This supplement really is the deal.

The Pros

Even though the reviews and clinical evidence behind the benefits of its ingredients are more than enough to convince anyone to try the enhancement pill…there are still a few more things that must be said about this supplement.

1) Increase in Length and Girth

You can be sure that your penis will grow at least 8 centimeters from where it is now after constantly using this supplement.

2) Efficient Results

The male extra supplement works quickly to give added penile length.

You will experience considerable changes only after a month of using it, till you reach your optimum length.

3) 100-days Money Back Guarantee

The company offers the supplement with a 100-day money-back guarantee.

You can return any unopened/unused packages within 100 days if you aren’t satisfied with Male Extra supplements and claim a full refund.

4) NO Side Effects

With its foolproof formula and organic ingredients that have been utilized all over the world for sexual enhancement for thousands of years, the enhancement pill is safe with ZERO side problems.

5) Free Shipping

They offer free shipping for all packages available on their official website.

6) Only Male Enhancement Product to Use Pomegranate Ellagic 40% and L-Arginine HCL

You won’t find these extremely potent erections and libido-boosting ingredients in any other male enhancement supplement.

FIVE of the seven ingredients in Male Extra are unique to its formula alone!

So you won’t find them in ANY other supplement available on the market.

Who Shouldn’t Take It?

Now despite having no serious side effects, it is still a good idea to consider the ingredients before using the enhancement pill, since some of them might cause sensitive or even allergic reactions.

But don’t worry, this is quite rare.

People with hypotension, which is low blood pressure, should also use Male Extra carefully.

Some of the ingredients might cause a sudden and considerable drop in blood pressure.

Also, patients with pre-existing sexual conditions such as erectile dysfunction MUST consult with their clinician before using this supplement, especially if they are already taking medication for their condition.

What I Disliked about Male Extra Supplement

There’s just one major drawback: the product is ONLY available online!

That makes accessibility harder for those living in less technological times.

But honestly, apart from that, there isn’t much to dislike about the product.

Other than being a bit pricey, there are mostly positive testimonials and satisfied customers.

Just be aware of two things that could cause side issues when using this product:

  • Overdosing
  • Being allergic to some ingredients could cause off-symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting

Buying Advice

So here’s the deal with purchasing a Male Extra sexual enhancement supplement.

The company offers three packages, each with varying prices.

You can choose any package as per your convenience and requirement.

Below are the details:

  • One month supply: basic package of one bottle (Save $10.00)
  • Four month supply: four bottles and one Erection Gel free (Save $194.80)
  • Six month supply: six bottles and two bottles of Erection Gels free (Save $349.70)
  • Twelve-month supply: twelve bottles and four bottles of Erection Gels free (Save $803.30)

And the BEST bit: Shipping is free for all orders!


Male extra reviews

So here’s what I’ve gathered from all this intensive research on Male Extra, and what I’ve concluded.

The enhancement pill is a genuinely fast-acting, all-natural organic supplement that helps men experience an increase in penis size, along with a boost in their sexual performance and stamina in the bedroom.

And all of this with ZERO side effects in most men!

As I’ve mentioned, there are various Male Extra reviews, taken from the official website, where men are happily satisfied with its results and are having a blast with their partners after weeks or months of using it.

From a buyer’s perspective, the enhancement formula offers great packages accompanied by free products, free shipping, and a novel 100-day money-back guarantee.

So after all of this, I don’t see any serious reason not to try out Male Extra sexual enhancement pills for bringing back that oomph factor in your sex life!

It might just be the answer to all your sexual problems – and if it doesn’t work out for you, at least there aren’t any side effects and you can always ask for a full refund.

I’ll call that a win-win situation!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Use The Supplement?

Simply take three capsules daily with breakfast or any other meal to enjoy bigger, harder erections that are bound to super-charge your sex life! Note: These benefits will last as long as you keep using the supplement since the ingredients are gradually and naturally excreted from your body.

What are the side effects for Male Extra?

None at all! There are no known or reported side effects from using the formula. However, always consult your doctor before using any sexual enhancement supplement to rule out any allergies or potential drug interactions.

Does Male Extra Work?

Well, if the over 3,000 positive reviews are anything to go by, then I'm 100% sure it works so damn well.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy it on the official website.