Meditation and Mindfulness In The Weight Loss Process

meditation weight loss

While mindfulness alone cannot replace the work that you need to put in to get your body mass under control, it may have positive value for you as you decide to shed some extra fat from your body.

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And to be fair, it’s up to you to follow whatever program you set for yourself and find the best possible way for you to become a better person while maintaining your sanity.

To Meditate or not to Meditate

You should know that there is a line between meditation as a process that is not mere thinking, Yoga, or religious practice.

The goal of this process is to install stillness in one’s mind and provide clear direction on a purpose.

In the movie, “400 Bullets”, the film-making technique that accompanied a meditation soundtrack changed my life forever.

This is an example of a type of meditation.

As the soundtrack played, Captain Noah Brandt (Andrew Lee Potts) could be seen walking out of his place and about to lit his cigarette.

Hesitating for a bit as he was listening to the audio supposing it would discourage him from smoking, but when he heard the line “a completely healthy smoker” he went on and lit the end of the cigarette.

If you love films, you’d agree that the acting referenced from “400 Bullets” is perfect filmmaking and yet it shows the impact meditations and something like spoken words can have on us.

While at the same time, it portrayed the reality that your destiny is in your hands.

So, you can decide whether to apply meditation as a tool to keep you focused or to find other ways to get you fired up for your weight loss journey.

If you want to embark on a journey of mindfulness in addition to whatever you are already doing, you’d want to explore what possible benefits you can derive from meditation.

What can Meditation do for you?

  • Meditation can help you to be more self-aware of your actions and how it can help to inspire your weight loss success.
  • Having some form of mindfulness can instill a unique motivation in you that can result in intense focus on the reward that you expect. Essentially, with some external motivation, you should get closer to the point where you will be self-motivated to follow your plan of getting better.
  • Meditation can increase your chance of being committed to having a long-term lifestyle change in the right direction.
  • The most compelling impact of meditation is in dealing with the psychological side of it. According to Sarah Anne Stewart of Holistically Slim, “successful clients who lose weight and keep it off are the ones who do the inner work. They’re ready to confront their thoughts, feelings, love for self and how they perceive themselves.”

There are even more positive angles to weight loss and mindfulness.

The idea that your awareness can help you remain calmer and hence help you avoid emotional eating which is a positive weight loss through meditation.

However, there are arguments that enough evidence from research is lacking to consider meditation as a way to improve weight loss situations.


Meditation on its own cannot make you lose weight.

However, it seems the new age evolution of meditation as a religious practice has been applied in wellness and particularly weight loss programs that the question is becoming more relevant as to how mindfulness can improve the weight loss experience of clients and patients.

You could see more of this type of approach in alternative medicine and therapy providers.