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FloraSpring Plus Probiotic Reviews, Ingredients, Customer Testimonials, & Side Effects

by David Kessler, MD

Last updated on March 10th, 2021 at 04:00 pm

Welcome to my comprehensive review of the FloraSpring probiotic supplement.

We know that you will agree as well as get excited – who wouldn’t – if we said you could eat mostly what you wanted and then still lose weight.

Imagine at this festive time of the year when all those fabulous delectable foods are there, but it pretty much wouldn’t really make all the difference to your weight…

…That would be incredible, and unique, and definitely worth finding out more about, right?

But did you know that if you have digestion problems and poor gut health, that it could be making you fat?

Here are 3 reasons why you might not be able to lose weight:

  • Your immunity relies on good gut health and fortunately, probiotic supplements are able to modulate your immune system and intestinal health and reduce infection.
  • Fiber is desperately needed in the gut because it feeds the gut bacteria.
  • Poor gut health creates metabolic changes in the body and increases fat storage.

Just briefly – the importance of good digestion for health in order to lose weight 

Inside our digestive system, we have an entire continent that is populated by well over a trillion cells, mostly bacteria.

They perform functions in your digestive system that your body is unable to do.

In order to maintain your health, the balance of the gut flora must always be maintained and also restored.

One way to do that is to take natural antimicrobials to put the bad guys away and allow the good guys to flourish, basically.

To do that, you would eat plenty of probiotic foods or you would take a probiotic supplement.

The most common type of probiotic foods would be foods such as kefir, or yogurt, kombucha, pickles, sauerkraut, miso, kimchi, tempeh, sourdough bread, and there are some cheeses too.

The digestive system is a continuous channel through your skin

When your digestive tract becomes damaged by problems such as leaky gut, ulcers, diverticulitis, gastritis, the whole body gets affected.

You might not have known this, but the gut is often considered as the second brain.

That’s because there are so many neurotransmitters produced there.

How we deal with stress will actually say a lot about how our belly will feel on a daily basis.

And the stress doesn’t just go away either, so it’s more how you respond to it that has an effect on your digestive system that can be so critical.

In your gut, there is a whole plexus of nerves that form the enteric nervous system.

This is your gut-brain.

The role of the digestive system are myriad; all to keep your body in optimal health

Look at what a crucial role the digestive system plays in the body, and how keeping it healthy is so important:

  • It controls your immune system.
  • It also controls the hormones and the endocrine system.
  • It cleanses and detoxifies the entire system.
  • It has a huge impact on your mental health and your mind.

But at least you have some good strategies to keep your digestion healthy.

  • You need to avoid foods that cause common allergies in your body, such as gluten, soy, sugar – they cause an overgrowth of inflammation and bacteria.
  • Your diet should consist of at least 75% of veggies. Try and eat veggies for four weeks to try and get into this habit, to set the trend for you.
  • You need to eat plenty of mineral-rich foods because your colon depends on these to function at its optimum.
  • Try and never become dehydrated. For instance, if you weigh 150-pounds, you would need to have half of that in water each day, so 75 ounces of water would be required for you.
  • You need to replenish yourself with sleep as a primary way to activate the auto-immune nervous system.
  • Chew your food well, being mindful of how and what you eat, as you take the time to enjoy it and be aware of the process.
  • Take plenty of leisure walks which are the simplest way to reduce stress.
  • Unplug each day for about 5 minutes; stepping away from all the electronic stuff, schedules, emails, and social media. Remember that negative thoughts create negative emotions.

The process of burning fats is individual for any person 

Even if you are following the strictest diet, or going to the gym and doing the most intense workout schedule to push your weight down…

…nothing is going to happen if you are not processing fat burning correctly.

Real fat-burning assistants are lactic acid bacteria and one such product that features real fat-burning Lacto bacteria [1] is FloraSpring.

FloraSpring Review – All You Need to Know

Floraspring reviews

I’m absolutely sure you must have heard of FloraSpring prior to reading this…

…because all the relevant newspapers, magazines, TV health shows, and websites are simply overloaded with info about these amazing microorganisms.

Whatever is read about them, it is not likely that you have read anything negative about them – most scientific journals praise the job they do and the amazing influence they have on human organisms.

The positive effects that probiotics bring are already well documented and known and proven scientifically as well.

And why do you think so much focus is on the wonders of probiotics?

Because they have so many benefits that simply cannot be ignored! [2].

And our supplement here that we are reviewing, FLORASPRING, is all about probiotics and lactic acid bacteria is its main effective agent.

Who are the manufacturers of FloraSpring?

Revival Point LLC is the manufacturer of FloraSpring.

They are an innovative health company based in New York City, USA.

They aim to provide plenty of unique and new discoveries about gut health and the microbiome, and that includes both probiotic and prebiotic nutrients and also digestive enzymes.

They work around the clock and hand-in-hand with doctors, nutritionists, and researchers. They ensure that all their products are what they say they are and that they prove to be highly effective.

Let’s find out more about FloraSpring

FloraSpring is an organic supplement.

Its job is to initiate weight loss naturally.

You heard us mentioning probiotics above?

Well, FloraSpring is just that, a probiotic formula that starts your fat-losing process that might not have been able to budge for what could be a whole lot of reasons.

And it’s got all-natural ingredients in it that as you start taking it; it gets down working at the root level.

As you understand more about gut health and digestion, you begin to understand that having a problem with your digestion and gut health; you are going to battle to lose weight.

It is always important to look for what the problems could be so that you can get a healthy metabolism going.

Ingredients In FloraSpring

As soon as you start taking FloraSpring, your body will start to absorb the nutrients to start working.

As the nutrients are absorbed into your body, fat loss becomes active.

The good thing is that there is no gluten in FloraSpring and the product is also dairy-free.

Let’s see then what FloraSpring does have in each pill

There is a good selection of ingredients in FloraSpring for you to realize that what we have mentioned above about digestion health fits in exactly with what FloraSpring offers.

It is about balancing the gut and providing good bacteria to fight the bad guys and to help you finally lose weight.

The ingredients here are very effective.

Let’s examine each one briefly and see how each ingredient is highly effective in your efforts to have a healthy gut and therefore to start shifting your weight –

1) Lactobacillus acidophilus:

Lactobacillus acidophilus

Studies have found that certain strains of the Lactobacillus family are able to help you lose belly fat and therefore weight.

In one study, eating yogurt that contained Lactobacillus fermentum or Lactobacillus amylovorus helped reduce body fat by 3–4% over 6 weeks.

2) Lactobacillus fermentum:

Lactobacillus fermentum

This ingredient helps to boost immunity and to help reduce cholesterol.

It also helps to control UTIs, obesity, and yeast infections.

3) Lactobacillus gasseri:

One study with 210 people who had a lot of belly fat, found that by taking Lactobacillus gasseri for 12 weeks, they were able to reduce body weight as well as fat around their organs and their body mass index (BMI).

They also reduced fat around their waists and hips.

Their belly fat was reduced by 8.5%.

4) Lactobacillus rhamnosus [3]:

lactobacillus rhamnosus

It helps to reduce blood sugar levels.

This, in itself, helps with shedding excess weight.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG) is a very widely used probiotic strain and various health benefits have been documented.

It helps to prevent and treat gastrointestinal infections and diarrhea.

It also helps to prevent certain allergic symptoms, all helping towards shedding excess weight.

5) Bifidobacterium infantis:

bifidobacterium infantis

It helps with better digestion.

It helps to convert fat into energy.

When you add B. infantis probiotics to your daily regimen, you are promoting good gut health and some research says it helps to lower inflammation.

The manufacturer adds four promises with taking FloraSpring

  1. First of all, the capsules are designed to stimulate metabolism; particularly with gaining energy from the body’s own fat reserves.
  2. The second promise is that the increased fat burning is due just from taking FloraSpring and not necessarily by changing your diet or starting with a vigorous exercise regime or anything like that.
  3. During the course of taking FloraSpring, the manufacturer has also promised that you will experience an increase in energy.
  4. They say that you will also not have bursts of hunger where you just feel you have to eat something.

Taking FloraSpring, what benefits will my body experience?

  • You will notice you have more energy than before.
  • Your body will have more mobility.
  • Your gut and intestine health will improve with the probiotics.
  • You will find that your digestive works better and feels better.
  • You will have better metabolism.
  • You will notice that the fat you had stored around your belly will be reduced as well as other difficult fat spots on your body.
  • Because fat is reduced, therefore your weight will be reduced.
  • Your mind and concentration are clearer as if you have a new mindset.
  • Your body will just feel cleaner and healthier, as if it has been detoxed – well, a lot of impurities will have been removed from the body and this would have promoted weight loss.

Those are the benefits – are there any side effects to taking FloraSpring?

It is very important to also give the side effects of supplements because some side effects, even though a supplement might be 100% natural, still might cause allergies or stomach discomfort.

For instance, you shouldn’t take FloraSpring if you are on other medications.

If you are taking other medications, you should discuss this with your doctor and let him or her be the one to say whether it is OK for you to take FloraSpring as well.

Also, those people aged 18 and under should not use this product.

You also need to take the supplement properly and not abuse the number of pills you take on a daily basis.

For instance, double the dose does not mean that you will get double the benefits!

FloraSpring requires that you take 2 pills during the day, no more than that.

These 2 pills will help to reduce stored fat in just a few days.

The pros and cons of FloraSpring


  • It doesn’t cost a whole lot of money to purchase.
  • You have customer support. Revivalpoint is the people to go to and they are available around the clock, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Their telephone number is 800-253-8173 and their email address is help@revivalpointllc.com.
  • The product has been designed by experts.
  • You get a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
  • There are reportedly no side effects to taking FloraSpring.
  • It is completely safe and natural.


  • FloraSpring is only available on the official website and this is definitely going to unacceptable to people like me who loves to see and hold a product first before trying it out…

Should I follow a specific diet help while I take FloraSpring?

May we suggest that along with FloraSpring, you also add healthy foods such as PRE-biotics?

Did you know that prebiotic foods will be what “feeds” the probiotics, the beneficial bacteria in your gut?

Healthy prebiotic foods will, together with probiotics, boost your overall health and particularly your digestive health.

See how they work together to optimize your nutrient absorption, appetite control, and your immune system, and more.

Certainly, probiotics such as FloraSpring are more widely known in recent years, particularly with the growing popularity of fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha, and kimchi.

That means prebiotics are still a bit under the radar.

However, all types of fibers that you eat from whole plant foods play a massive role in nutrient absorption and gut and digestive health.

You should take plenty of healthy prebiotic foods with your probiotics

 The two together will bring on heightened levels of health.

Eating prebiotic foods as well as FloraSpring probiotics; the prebiotics makes their way through the stomach without being broken down by either gastric acids or digestive enzymes.

That’s why they bring positive changes in the digestive tract and organs.

Prebiotic compounds become fuel for the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Prebiotics plays a fundamental role in preserving your health

Prebiotics maintain the balance and diversity of intestinal bacteria and especially increases the presence of “good bacteria,” such as Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria.

Here are fantastic prebiotic type foods to add to your FloraSpring supplement to enhance its benefits to your weight loss efforts:

  • Acacia gum (or gum arabic)
  • Raw Jerusalem artichoke
  • Raw chicory root
  • Raw garlic
  • Raw dandelion greens
  • Raw leeks
  • Raw or cooked onions
  • Raw asparagus
  • Raw jicama
  • Raw honey
  • Under-ripe bananas
  • Yacon syrup
  • Apples with the skin on
  • Wheat dextrin
  • Whole-grain wheat
  • Psyllium husk,
  • Barley
  • Oatmeal
  • Raw apple cider vinegar

Where can I buy FloraSpring?

FloraSpring can only be found on the official web page.

There you will find all the special deals and discounts that you can avail yourself of.

The capsules are offered in units of 30 pieces each. As you can see above, the offers include vials of 1, 3, or 6.

You can also, if you like, become a member of the manufacturer’s VIP Club.

That means that every month, new capsules will be sent to you in your preferred quantity.

If you are a member, an additional 10% will be deducted from the current discounts.

Are there any reviews telling me what other customers think about FloraSpring?

Yes, read about them here.

Read some fantastic reviews underneath and also more information about FloraSpring.

Here is a review that we are going to share with you, one from Alexa Sooter – she said she went on 4 weeks FloraSpring supplements and this is what she discovered:

Review from Alexa Sooter

She said she started taking FloraSpring probiotics twice a day for four weeks.

She says takes her first pill first thing in the morning and the second one before she goes to bed at night.

She says her schedule means that probiotics enter her stomach when it is completely empty and then the last thing at night so that the pill can process all that she has eaten in the day.

She claims it is a schedule that has worked well for her because after four weeks she says she was very pleased with the results.

After her first two weeks, she noted that she started craving far less sugar than she usually wanted.

She said that even though she wasn’t someone who ate sweets consistently when she did eat them, she polished off a lot of them at one time – and she realized how bad that was for her, particularly for someone who suffered from PCOS.

After two weeks she said she just started craving less sugar.

After being on the supplements for one month, she says that she now craves sweets far less than she used to.

And she felt delighted about that because it meant her PCOS was less aggravated, which was a good thing for her.

She also noticed since starting FloraSpring her food sensitivities have become less. She noticed that her chronic pain and inflammation had been reduced.

Even though she still suffered from a migraine every now and then, her stomach wasn’t nearly as upset as it used to be – and the symptoms also passed faster.

She says she felt less bloated.

She also said that all this has been achieved by eating the same food, sleeping the amount that she always did, and also generally getting the same amount of exercise.

But she reckoned that the probiotic strains in FloraSpring were definitely helping her gut to feel better.

She says to sum it all up; she would say that even though probiotics are not magic pills, they are making some things much easier for her.

Here’s another one: Smith (26 Years)

“At a young age, I suffered from an overweight problem and felt difficult to focus on study and work due to my heavy body.

Then last January my friend Tom suggested me to try FloraSpring.

I was unaware of the weight loss products but he told me that it’s the best weight loss product then I ordered it online.

Now I am using Flora Spring for four weeks and notice some positive changes.

It has helped me to lose weight as well as solved the digestive issues.

I also feel more active and energized than before.

Anyway, I am satisfied with Flora Spring, hope to reach my weight loss target soon.”

floraspring CTA


If you want to lose weight FloraSpring might be the right supplement for you.

Remember, at the beginning of the article, we mentioned that if your digestive system is not in harmony, you can actually forget about trying to lose weight, no matter how hard you try.

But with this supplement FloraSpring, your digestion is actually enhanced.

At last, you can at least feel you are getting somewhere as you see the effective results.

Each of the ingredients has been well researched, and then manufactured under the qualified supervision team that includes nutritionists and researchers.

There are no synthetic chemicals or any harmful agents added to this product during production.

Its job is to accelerate the breakdown of fat from your cells.

The micro-organisms which belong to the lactic acid bacteria should preferably settle in the intestine to strengthen the intestinal flora.

This is what stimulates the metabolism and helps to break down the existing fat cells rather than forming new fat reserves!

The gut bugs are what regulate your metabolism, weight management, and nutrient absorption.

It can be pretty frustrating watching friends eat whatever they like and still do a little exercise and then still look fit.

And it might not be wonderful metabolic powers only – gut bacteria and body weight are linked in many ways.

It might well be your gut microbes that are helping you to maintain a healthy body, and might even be holding the answer to why some of us are protected from obesity.

If you want to fix your gut health and finally be on the way to losing weight and no longer envying your slim friends, we have given you the final solution – its FloraSpring.

Frequently Asked Questions about FloraSpring (FAQs)

Has the FDA approved FloraSpring?

Actually, the FDA doesn’t certify dietary supplement products like FloraSpring. Nevertheless, FloraSpring still happens to be manufactured in FDA-registered facilities that follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

FloraSpring is also manufactured in the United States.

Would you say FloraSpring is a worth-it product?

Thousands of people have taken FloraSpring and none have reported any side effects. With FloraSpring, everything in it is 100% natural.

FloraSpring is known to increase your energy levels and people might ask you the reason why you are looking so healthy!

Can you buy FloraSpring at places like Amazon or Walmart?

No, you can’t do that – this product will never be available there, and that is because there are some manufacturers who want to imitate this product.

That means you will be getting a fake, cheap supplement. So that means that FloraSpring is offered directly from the official website.

That way we get to ensure that it’s a top-quality product.

Can diabetics also use FloraSpring?

Yes, it is safe for diabetics. You can take your supplement like everyone else does, after your morning meal.

Is it possible that FloraSpring won’t work for me?

Not everything will work for people in the same way.

And that will even be the case with prescription drugs; they won’t all work exactly in the same way with people.

But if you feel this is a product that just isn’t doing for you what you think it should be doing, and then you are still protected because you get a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Just send an email telling us it didn’t work, and return the bottles back and you will get your refund.


[1] https://www.hindawi.com/journals/bmri/2018/5063185/

[2] https://www.health.harvard.edu/vitamins-and-supplements/health-benefits-of-taking-probiotics
floraspring CTA

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