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Mind Lab Pro Review – Side Effects, Ingredients & Customer Testimonials

Written by The Well Team

Welcome to my comprehensive review of Mind Lab Pro…

My job almost killed me!

Over the past 4+ years, I have lost count of the umpteen hours I have had to put in and the kind of stress that impossible deadlines have created.

I know I am not alone and I must state here that I am not cribbing. I do earn a pretty packet at the end of it all.

When I began my job, this seemed reasonable enough for all the tough hours I was putting in.

And then, my demanding schedule began to take a toll.

There was the physical aspect, of course!

Aches, pains, blurry eyesight, headaches, all of which seemed to get better after a good night’s sleep.

It was the latter, a restful sleep, that seemed to elude me.

Tossing and turning around, giving up on sleep, and thinking of the upcoming day and what it could bring were making it worse.

Things came to a point where I began finding it impossible to focus on the job at hand.

Deadlines were beginning to scare me out and the ensuing stress was something I felt unable to handle.

I need something, anything!

Mind Lab Pro was suggested to me by one of my peers from a competing company over a weekend.

I knew he had been in a similar situation some time back, but looking at him now, he seemed the epitome of ‘cool’.

My decision was made then and there.

It is another matter I did my own study into Mind Lab Pro but somewhere, my mind was almost made up

Mind Lab Pro Nootropic – All You Need to Know

Mind Lab Pro Nootropic


In this comprehensive Mind Lab Pro review, I’m going to share with you what many reviewers usually hide or sugar-coat in their reviews.

So let’s get started…

What is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is a combination of 11 nootropics into one whole that serves to enhance brain function through different channels.

Each of the elements is chosen with utmost care to nourish and rejuvenate different pathways of the brain.

These are chemicals, energy, circulation, regeneration, waves, and protection of the brain.

This product is designed as the ultimate nootropics or Universal Nootropic as per its website description.

It is aimed at providing maximum support to the brain to help it function at maximum intensity.

This generous dose of nootropics ensures better cognitive function as well as long-term support.

Mind Lab Pro helps to protect the user against age-related brain degeneration using natural ingredients of the highest order.

Being FDA-approved for all its constituents is a major plus for this product.

Who Made The Nootropic?

Mind Lab Pro is manufactured by the company Opti Nutra and is made in state-of-the-art premises that are based in New Jersey, USA.

The manufacturing units and labs come with certified validation from the highest quarters.

Opti Nutra is registered with the FDA and production takes place under sterile conditions in adherence to cGMP requirements.

In addition to meeting US standards of excellence in production, their facilities are compliant with stringent requirements in line with European and Canadian rules as well.

In fact, for anyone looking for further validation of quality control in Mind Lab Pro production, it would be prudent to visit their website to get the whole picture.

There is a whole list of requirements Opti Nutra meets in its quest for the best standards of production.

Why was it created?

Mind Lab Pro was thought of as a means to deliver the best of nootropics in a highly acceptable and absorbable format.

It goes without saying that like other fields of medicine and treatment, there are different approaches toward better brain health, improving neural synapses, and bettering nerve communication.

Most of these, however, can involve synthetic drugs, interventional methodology, time spent in the hospital, doctor’s prescriptions, and the like.

The human brain is complex, to state the obvious.

Not many people are open to the idea of exposing their brains to synthetic or physical influences in order to function better.

Many a time, people look for alternative methods to jog up their brain health and achieve better-coping abilities.

A product from a renowned source that is backed up by multiple certifications from leading organizations, and manufactured using natural ingredients, is bound to draw attention.

This was the thought process behind coming up with the formula for Mind Lab Pro. This nootropic uses nutrient forms of more effective ingredients that will be discussed below.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

In what is its USP, the manufacturers of Mind Lab Pro use only natural ingredients sourced from the healthiest locations to create their formula.

I am listing here all the active ingredients that I came across, not only on the official website but from other reviews too.

Mind Lab Pro has named these ingredients by their own particular names as registered trademarks.

Here is the detailed list of the nootropics that make up Mind Lab Pro:

1) Citicoline

Present in Mind Lab Pro as Cognizin 250 mg, the nomenclature is indicative of its action and purpose.

It helps improve cognitive abilities by making the brain sharper and more receptive.

It charges up brain cells and promotes active neuro-electrical impulses in order to transmit signals.

It also helps neurotransmitters like acetylcholine to become more energized and active, thus facilitating smoother and more authentic transmission of impulses.

Citicoline helps to promote brain phospholipid which in turn helps in faster repair and regeneration of brain cells.

This action improves brain performance to a remarkable extent.

It also boosts mood, concentration, attention, memory, and cognition, Cognizin also helps protect the brain from aging effects of memory loss as well as structural degeneration.

To the credit of Mind Lab Pro, there have been many clinical trials involving humans that have shown remarkable results in the improvement of brain function.

2) Phosphatidylserine

This ingredient is present as Sharp PS Green 100 mg and extracted from sunflower lecithin.

It is a soy-free and non-GMO form of PS (phosphatidylserine).

This phospholipid makes up 15% of brain fat composition.

Found in brain cell membranes, it promotes brain fluids and maximizes the function of neurotransmitters dopamine and acetylcholine.

It also promotes brain cell synthesis as well as healthily clears off dead cells and keeps the brain functioning healthily.

Brain cells remain energetic because of better glucose metabolism by PS. 

PS helps to keep memory sharp and delays age-related decline of faculties.

3) Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri

150 mg of Bacopa Monnieri ‘full spectrum extract’ as per the Mind Lab Pro website provides brain cell regeneration as well as protection.

Bacopa Monnieri has bacosides which are essentially antioxidants.

These spur on superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase in the brain.

All of these antioxidants create a nourishing and beneficial environment for the brain cells and help arrest the effect of free radicals and improve the brain’s mental performance.

Brain chemicals like serotonin, GABA, and acetylcholine also receive a boost with Bacopa Monnieri.

Bacopa Monnieri helps the brain to absorb new knowledge and retain and produce it at a later date.

4) Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom

Mind Lab Pro uses 500 mg of the ‘full spectrum extract’ of this naturally occurring component.

This provides erinacines and hericenones in full measure to the user.

With time, there is inevitable degeneration of myelin nerve sheaths in the brain.

This sheath is essential for the true transmission of signals to and from the brain to different parts of the body.

Organic Lion’s mane mushroom does just that.

It also helps in brain cell regeneration, thus keeping the brain in good working condition. 

More importantly, it may help stimulate the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) which is known to help with better retention of new learnings.

5) Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Mind Lab Pro contains a proportion of 75 mg, it has been standardized, as per the makers, and has 95% proanthocyanidins in it.

The process of daily living, with its myriad complications and demands, produces a lot of free radicals in the entire human body.

Our brain is no exception.

These free radicals are not good news for anyone at all.

Proanthocyanidin antioxidants help to fight these effects and create a neutral ground.

Additionally, it also coaxes the release of nitric oxide which helps make the brain relaxed and stress-free.

Pine bark also helps arrest cognitive decline in the elderly.

Mind Lab Pro has one of the highest strengths of pink bark extract among contemporary products.

6) L-Tyrosine


This component is present as NALT (N-acetyl-L-tyrosine) at a strength of 175 mg in Mind Lab Pro.

This is an amino acid that not only helps in protein synthesis but also produces catecholamine neurotransmitters.

This helps improve memory and creates and nurtures neural pathways that support improved brain function.

It helps the synthesis of mood hormones dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine.

NALT present in Mind Lab Pro helps to counter brain stress and is a more potent nootropic than L-Tyrosine by itself.

7) L-Theanine


Present as the patented Suntheanine at 100 mg in Mind Lab Pro, it is one of the most powerful natural brain stimulators known.

Alpha brainwaves are supposed to be responsible for more creativity and active restfulness.

There is a seeming duality in these descriptions, which is exactly what this component achieves in the Mind Lab Pro formula.

It helps to calm down ‘jumpy’ neurotransmitters.

It also encourages the production of dopamine, GABA, and serotonin which are associated with calming properties.

8) Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea

This component is present at 50 mg in Mind Lab Pro while delivering a minimum of 3% rosavin to the user along with 1% salidroside.

It is understood to help cognition in a big way.

Neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine find it easier to cross the blood-brain barrier with the help of Rhodiola Rosea.

This also helps combat stress better by inhibiting the stress hormone cortisol.

As early as within 30 minutes of consumption, the nootropic effect of Rhodiola begins to manifest and stays as long as 6 hours.

This has a calming influence on the brain and helps the user to deal better with stress and improve mental performance and focus.

What makes Rhodioloa rosea more in the news is the fact that it is officially used by Russian athletes as a performance enhancer.

With its percentage of rosavin and salidroside, this component packs a punch of nootropics in every dose.

9) Vitamins B9, B6, B12

Vitamin b12

B vitamins are known for their all-around effect on health, from head to toe literally.

Of all the B vitamins, this trio of B6, B9, and B12 are particularly good for boosting brain health.

Their contribution to homocysteine metabolism has been established through numerous studies.

If these particular B vitamin levels drop below desired levels, it could negatively impact homocysteine levels in the brain.

This in turn could cause cognition issues, memory loss, as well as mood disorders.

Mind Lab Pro has patented an optimum combination of these B vitamins in their formula at the amount of B6 2.5 mg, B9 100 mcg, and B12 7.5 mcg which they call NutriGenesis.

This combination provides the best natural nutrition to the brain cells and neurons, closest to what nature intended.

This dosage of B vitamins supplies the best brain boost by controlling aging effects while keeping blood flow in the brain at optimum levels.

Homocysteine levels to are maintained at their best for maximum focus.

It is in these amounts that B vitamins have maximal absorption and effectiveness.

In addition to the above-noted ingredients, Mind Lab Pro sports the ‘Clean Label which is another way to validate its manufacture under cGMP norms.

It does not contain soy, shellfish, dairy, egg, peanut, wheat, gluten, caffeine, or known allergens.

The product is not radiated at any stage and is non-GMO to boot.

This nootropic does not contain any preservatives, colors, or additives.

It is packed in NutriCaps capsule bodies that are the cleanest and more easily absorbable form available in the industry right now.

It also contains NuFlow Rice Concentrate which ensures a stable flow of nutrients to the body to ensure brain-boosting or processing speed although it might have some little side effects.

Vitamin B combination and brain health with the Nootropic

Vitamin B1

As discussed in the section above, Mind Lab Pro helps provide a perfect B vitamin punch to the user in order to keep brain health at its best.

We will see how it achieves this and what aspects of the brain it addresses:

  • Help keep the myelin sheath in good working order.
  • Increases synthesis of monoamines.
  • Maximal and efficient conversion of chemical impulses and utilization.
  • Boosts metabolism of brain function to help you focus.
  • Helps maintain mood with S-adenosyl methionine levels.

Vitamin B is one of the most useful vitamins known to mankind, and in its different forms, it addresses different needs in the body.

From muscle health to good metabolism and much more, B vitamins are all-rounders in every sense.

With Mind Lab Pro, their role in brain health has been well and truly utilized.

Who should not use Mind Lab Pro?

  • Anyone below 18 must not take this Mind Lab Pro.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women must be off of this product.
  • Anyone already on some nootropics must not get on board without consultation with their physician.
  • Those who are taking any product high on caffeine.

What I did not like

  • This product is only available online. One cannot walk into a physical store or pharmacy and check out the product physically.
  • Because it is a combination of 11 natural nootropics, it cannot be combined with any others. This can affect the cause of brain stimulation adversely.
  • It is not safe to overdose on the recommendation mentioned on the pack. The Mind Lab Pro nootropic supplement is a powerful mix of 11 nootropics and is potent enough. The dosage mentioned has been arrived at after detailed studies and must not be exceeded at any cost.

Mind Lab Pro Reviews from Customers

The most attractive aspect of Mind Lab Pro brain booster has been the abundance of positive reviews and testimonials by users all over the internet.

And these are not just limited to the website.

There are multiple websites that have users vouching for the efficacy of Mind Lab Pro for promoting optimal brain chemistry.

I am telling you it is that much easier for potential user to make up their mind when they see such overwhelming positive testimonials. Heck, I wrote a review about it on Reddit.

“After 2 months It’s been consistent and hasn’t lost potency. Definitely felt the boost in mental clarity and alertness the first day. I like to take 2 in the morning with some ginkgo and coffee then take 1 later in the day, sometimes 2 later in the day if I have a lot to focus on.”

“I have taken a few of these supplements separately and I really like the combined effect. Really makes me more focused on my work.”

“I love the mind lab pro nootropic supplement. It worked well for me as I have been taking this little over a year.  If you are looking for an instant effect, you will be disappointed because this product does not contain any Caffeine like other products. However, with good and conscious self-care, I noticed a significant difference after 4 weeks of the use of mind lab pro. I was more motivated, energized, and also my memory/cognitive function and focus improved. I also take this product more as a long-term investment.”

These and many others are there on the internet that sound useful to people.

On the whole, people seem to have benefited from using Mind Lab Pro.

As with any other product, final results vary from person to person due to various reasons.

There will be people who find any particular product less effective than someone one, while someone else might find it more effective.

In the last review I wrote, I talked about it more.

What I Liked

  • Mind Lab Pro is a completely safe, easy-to-use legal product that offers the best nootropics in an acceptable dosage, unlike some prescription drugs.
  • It packs a punch in a pill that helps boost brain function and mental performance.
  • MindLab Pro is completely natural in composition with a complete nootropic stack.
  • Payment is completely safe and secure and there are multiple gateways to do so.
  • Each of the nootropic ingredients is chosen with care to provide maximum benefit and boost brain circulation.
  • Mind Lab Pro helps in better retention of mental faculties and defying aging-related effects. It also improves your energy levels.
  • Components in Mind Lab Pro have been proven to improve existing neural pathways and help generate new ones.
  • Brain cells get a great impetus while on Mind Lab Pro nootropic supplement to generate new cells and create better connections in signaling and can support brain plasticity.
  • Homocysteine levels and energy levels are substantially improved with sustained use.
  • The entire Mind Lab Pro formula is made using naturally occurring ingredients and almost zero side effects.
  • All benefits of nootropics used here are packed into easy-to-use capsules, and preserved and enhanced due to superior methods of production under sterile conditions.
  • Mind Lab Pro is completely vegan and suited for everyone who wishes to come on board.
  • The nootropic supplement is delivered in an easily digestible vegan capsular coating called NutriCaps that helps maximum absorption of the benefits.
  • Mind Lab Pro ships to innumerable countries worldwide and there is a list of these available on the website.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee on the nootropic supplement for anyone who is less than satisfied with it.
  • There have been numerous tests carried and studies carried out on each component and the nootropic as a whole to test for effectiveness.

The appealing feature of Mind Lab Pro is the patented ingredients that make up its composition and make the entire package more acceptable to the body.

This ensures there is barely any wastage of valuable nutrients when the user partakes of the pills which promote brain regeneration.

Besides nootropics, what can we do to boost brain function?

While it is perfectly okay to take nootropics in order to boost brain activity, help memory retention, and reproduction, and delay age-related brain degeneration, are there other ways to tackle this problem?

I looked into some of these too in order to synergize the effect of Mind Lab Pro.

After all, do we not exercise and eat well even if we are taking some bodybuilding supplements?

When we pose new challenges for our brain, the 10% or whatever myth can be done away with for good.

The result of such activities will encourage the neural synapses to create new pathways, establish more viable connections, and overall improve the ability to cope with new situations.

This also helps with better problem-solving capability, something that is very much needed at home and at work. This will drastically reduce brain fog and improve brain energy.

How about doing things to bolster the brain muscles (so to say) in order to get better results?

I am listing some very mundane ways in which one may get the best results from nootropics.

These are easy to practice and do not need any equipment or training at all. Why not integrate them into our daily lives?

1) Challenge the brain

Like our bodies get used to new workouts or routines after a point in time, similar is the case with our brains.

Doing the same things daily does not create enough challenges for the brain.

It knows what is coming and becomes dull with expectedness and predictability.

Altering the daily routine is a good way to start.

Suppose you take a particular route to work or to the supermarket.

Consider altering this and trying out a new route that will engage your brain into thinking about it, thus helping create new neural connections and a better ability to handle unforeseen situations.

2) Do calculations, logical thinking

Dependence on gadgets is an overwhelming reality in these times.

We tend to reach out for our calculators and phones even for simple calculations.

Try and do it on your own and see how your complexity level increases immediately.

Come to think of it, phones need not always make things easy for one.

There are apps galore on smartphones that offer fun challenges.

3) Change conventional ways of doing things

This is not as tough as it might sound.

Let me suggest a simple example.

Imagine the first activity we do in the morning – brushing our teeth.

Just try and do this with your non-dominant hand and see how it feels and see how your mental performance will gradually improve.

Yes, it will feel weird and you might not have as much control as you have with your usual hand.

And therein lies the challenge.

Your non-dominant hand will immediately send signals to the brain about its ineptitude.

Instead of opting for the easier solution of switching hands, persist with the awkward one and give yourself a chance.

I did it too and I am telling you it is amazing how fast our brain adapts to this change.

Very soon you will see how easy it has become to do things differently. And what do you gain in the process?

A rejuvenated and rewired portion of your brain that is now up for new challenges.

Insider Information About This Brain Supplement

For most natural-based supplements it is advised not to overdose on the recommendation.

While the same holds true here, the makers of the nootropic supplement say that it is okay to increase the intake in situations that demand more intense brain activity.

Having said that, do make sure you do not take more than 4 capsules per day under any circumstances.

We are talking of brain activity here and there has to be a cutoff point on the amount of stimulation one provides to the brain.

However, within the limits of medication as advised by the makers, it is okay to use Mind Lab Pro in a manner recommended at times to help cope with unexpected stressors.

Remember always that there is a way out – that stress is how one reacts to a situation and one cannot take the brain and its abilities for granted.

Buying Advice

I do not know about others but I have always ordered the nootropic directly from the official website.

I believe in getting the authentic stuff and this can be ensured only on direct purchase.

After all, there is a whole lot invested in a purchase like this, and no, I am not talking money here.

Any new user who decides in favor of Mind Lab Pro has made an investment of faith, time, and commitment towards Mind Lab Pro.

Why should you go to any other indirect website in that case?

There are bonuses and discounts galore that keep happening on the website and a full money-back guarantee.

Even as we speak, there is a site-wide 10% discount going on for every order.

This and many other such offers keep popping up for users on the direct website. This makes it all the more compelling to buy directly from them.

My Verdict

My search for nootropics came to a conclusive and definitive end when I found Mind Lab Pro as it is a complete nootropic stack.

Its clean label and list of ingredients had impressed me already.

With regular use, I have found myself becoming a completely different person. I feel so enabled to handle stress and am leading a very active and fulfilling life.

There really is no reason to not go for this wonderful product, Mind Lab Pro nootropic.

One should give this a try and only then understand how life turns around for them.

After my experience with Mind Lab Pro, I am certainly one of the strongest proponents of this supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mind Lab Pro safe to use?

To the continued satisfaction of its wide and varied clientele, Mind Lab Pro nootropic stack is completely safe and legal. It uses only natural ingredients sourced from authentic places to bring a supplement that helps boost brain power and capabilities to the maximum with close to zero side effects.

How long does it take for it to work?

At the normal dose of 2 capsules per day, it may take 2 weeks before users begin to note a difference. For those who are in more pressing need and are at 4 capsules per day, a change in mental state can be noted as soon as within 4 hours of consumption.

Besides the website, where can one buy the supplement?

For the safety of users and in order to make genuine products available, this nootropic stack is only available directly on the website. It is advisable not to fall for any seemingly lucrative offers on other websites. It is definitely not found in any physical store where one may walk in and purchase the product.

What is the best nootropic on the market?

In my opinion, after conducting a series of tests and research, believe Mind Lab Pro is the one to beat. I mean it's got ingredients I'm yet to see in other nootropics. It's very legal and safe.

How much does Mind Lab Pro cost?

The prices kinda go up and down so I'll suggest you visit the official website to find out the latest price plus discounts.

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