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NooCube Reviews, Ingredients, Testimonials, Side Effects, & Results

by David Kessler, MD

You could be a college student who is desperate to ace upcoming exams.

You might be someone at the office who lately can’t seem to focus anymore, and you are worried that you might even lose your job.

What about being an older adult and worrying whether horrible dementia or Alzheimer’s is going to come knocking on your door.


So naturally, if we say we have a pill that will enhance your brain and cognitive skills, it could literally mean the light at the end of a dark tunnel, right?

Everybody wants to be smart

There is no doubt that the use of drugs by people who want to boost their mental performance is on the rise.

Nootropics is the name given to refer to any synthetic or natural substance that will have a positive impact on your mental skills.

Basically, the word “nootropic” comes from the Greeks’ meaning “to bend or shape the mind.”

Across the world, we have heaps of over-the-counter (OTC) products that claim to boost memory, creativity, decision-making, and to boost high-level brain functioning.

The more popular ones are supplements with vitamins, antioxidants, and so on.

But do these smart pills really work? 

Judging from the people who are buying them, the answer is yes.


One psychiatrist, Dr. Guilaume Fond, at France’s Aix-Marseille University Medical School, who has studied cognitive enhancement and smart drugs, says...

...“However, data are still lacking to definitely confirm their efficacy.”

There are many reviews which show just how thankful some people have been to discover nootropics...

...and one that seems to be proving to have ingredients in it that researchers [1] are suggesting might be beneficial to the brain, are to be found in NOOCUBE.

My Comprehensive NooCube Review - All You Need to Know

As mentioned above, it’s a nootropic drug, designed to enhance the function of your brain.

Doesn’t that sound exactly what you need whilst at work and at home?

NooCube is full of the nutrients that your brain could be shouting out for and you need to heed that call so it can start functioning more sharply again.

What is fantastic about NooCube is that it isn’t the same as a lot of the other nootropic supplements on the market...

...most of these have plenty of caffeine in, like having a coffee-fix all the time whilst at the office or at home. 

With NooCube, you get the extra energy for the brain but you don’t get that jittery anxious feeling like you do waiting for your next caffeine fix. 

A team of neuroscientists carefully created NooCube, testing all the ingredients thoroughly to ensure their safety and quality, to help your brain to function better

When you feel like your brain is awakened and you are wondering why you are focusing so much better at work...

...you can smile confidently knowing that it is only Nature’s NooCube that is giving back to you. 

Nootropics such as NooCube are proving to be helpful in the potential treatment for both Alzheimer’s and dementia [2] too, and that’s big news!

Who created Noocube and why?

NooCube is one of many nootropics that promises amazing results.

According to the manufacturer of NooCube, ERGO Group Limited, which is a pharmaceutical company from Dubai, its formula was designed by top neuroscientists to give people the purest and most powerful combination of ingredients.

The company claims that NooCube is gluten-free, GMO’s free, and caffeine-free...

...that all of the core ingredients used in NooCube have been clinically proven to increase brain function.

Let’s look at what the core ingredients are

All the NooCube ingredients have been clinically tested and studied to help you with your cognitive functioning and brain function.

1) Alpha GPC (50mg): 

Alpha-GPC has plenty of benefits for everyone and it can help you improve your cognitive as well as your physical performance.

It’s actually a special type of fat that you find in eggs and cheese, milk, yogurt, and soy.

That makes it a fantastic choline source and we know how important choline is to the brain, giving the brain structural integrity and protection.

Choline breaks down fat and uses it for energy.

2) Huperzine-A (20mg):

Huperzine-A acts like medicine that improves the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain.

There have been some studies that suggest that Huperzine A might be very valuable in improving memory and protecting nerve cells...

...that means it can slow down cognitive decline associated with improving memory and protecting nerve cells.

3) Plenty of B vitamins:

We all know how essential the B vitamins are; they play a key role in the energy and metabolism process.

When you increase your vitamin B intake you raise your energy levels sustainably.

B vitamins are also needed to create blood cells, nerve cells, as well as brain cells.

4) Bacopa monnieri (250g): 

Bacopa monnieri is an amazing cognitive enhancer.

There are several clinical trials that show how supplementing with Bacopa monnieri can drastically improve your memory.

People with mild cognitive impairment and older people responded very well to Bacopa monnieri, showing marked improvement in memory retention.

5) L-Tyrosine (250mg):

It’s a fantastic nootropic, this one, very effective – a true cognitive enhancer.

It improves your stress levels and protects your cognitive function during stressful times. 

There are studies that show that Tyrosine improves cognitive performance in those who are exposed to acute stressors and who are deprived of sleep.

6) Cat’s claw extract (175mg): 

Cat’s claw is found in a lot of traditional medications and is known as a general curative.

People who use Cats Claw say it does wonders for viruses, ulcers, and all kinds of infections.

7) Oat straw extract (150mg):

Oat Straw is known to reduce inflammation.

It is also known to improve mood and cognitive performance.

8) L-Theanine (100mg):

L-Theanine is an amino acid.

You will find this amino acid in black tea.

It gives you the same increased energy that caffeine does, but without the jitters and anxiety that too much caffeine can produce.

9) Lutemax 2020 (20mg): 

Lutemax 2020 has cognitive benefits, reducing neuroinflammatory markers in the brain.

It also increases the protein that plays an important role in memory and learning.

10) Resveratrol (14.3mg) and Pterostilbene (140mcg):

Resveratrol is an antioxidant and found in large quantities in delicious dark fruits like blueberries, grapes, raspberries, and mulberries – more like in the skin of these fruits.

Pterostilbene is like a derivative of Resveratrol and is considered very potent.

Not many of us get enough fresh fruits, vegetables, and green tea every day, so we need to supplement with extra antioxidants if you want to benefit your brain optimally.

What are the Pros and Cons of NooCube

When it comes to any new product that you want to purchase, particularly when it comes to health, you want to know what the advantages, as well as the disadvantages, are.

That is what makes people buy a product or not.


  • It improves your memory.
  • It enhances your brain function.
  • Your focus is improved.
  • You have advanced concentration.
  • It consists of all-natural ingredients.
  • It is shipped worldwide, free.


  • You can only buy it on the website.
  • More expensive than some competitors.

NooCube’s job is to keep your brain alive and alert

The natural ingredients in NooCube are meant to all work together to work its magic on your brains, targeting the neurotransmitters that help your brain to function in all its departments...

...which also extend to your nervous system. 

Dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin, and glutamate are chemicals in the brain.

The thing is, if those chemicals aren’t balanced in your brain.

In other words, when there are too little or too many of the chemicals, which are called neurotransmitters, you start feeling the effects such as anxiety and depression.

It is thought that mental health conditions are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain...

Some researchers today still argue that a ‘chemical imbalance’ in the brain is just a figure of speech and that it doesn’t really capture what the true complexities of the brain are.

But back in the 1950s, scientists were the ones that came up with the idea that mental health conditions were caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

These researchers reckoned that if you had lower than normal levels of neurotransmitters in the brain you would experience...

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • No energy
  • Feelings of impending doom or danger
  • Mood swings
  • Being unable to carry out day-to-day activities
  • Noises in the head and
  • An inability to concentrate

Pity they didn’t know about NooCube back then!

How does a person get to have a ‘chemical imbalance’ in the brain?

So to this day, the exact causes of mental disorders are still not 100% clear.

Mayo Clinic researchers [3] believe that it’s a couple of factors...

...genetics, social such as stress and trauma, environmental – all of these play a role. 

So the chemical imbalance theory is thought to be just an explanation for mental health conditions that is caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters between nerve cells in the brain.

If you suffer from depression, it is thought that you don’t have enough serotonin in the brain.

But there is no explanation yet how the chemicals got to be unbalanced in the first place.

But the fact is, depression and anxiety, etc. are caused by something that gets triggered off in the brain!

The best evidence to support the theory of a chemical balance is to see the effectiveness of antidepressant medications

How they work is they increase the amount of serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain.

But many people who do suffer from depression don’t get better after being treated with the medications and one study estimated that the current antidepressants on the market only work in around 50% of those with depression.

So we will leave it there; to say there are still no reliable tests to prove whether you have a chemical imbalance in your brain or not.

Getting back to reality though and nootropics and NooCube

If you know someone who is feeling low and anxious, tired, depressed, and they can’t concentrate, it sounds like that person needs help, doesn’t it?

And like we said at the beginning, the NooCube nootropic supplement can be that help.

It’s a good idea to start taking it before your feelings deteriorate even more and you need something much more serious to bring you back to ‘life’ again.

How does NooCube get to work?

All of the ingredients in NooCube are natural, all working together to protect and repair your brain from damage.

The reason your brain needs repair is that, like the rest of your organs and body, it deteriorates the older you get.  

So NooCube helps to reverse this process as much as possible.

NooCube fires up your brain again, making it work like it used to.

By using it, you will discover that you can focus on your work better, that you are not too exhausted, you are less anxious and you find that when you get after work, you can keep going.

The Exciting Benefits of Using NooCube

There are lots of benefits that come from using nootropics:

1) You will have enhanced focus

This is important in today’s work scenario because if you can’t give of your best and focus on top problem-solving solutions at work, you might find yourself without a job.

Focus is essential in getting the work done.

2) Multitasking abilities improve

Life is all about multitasking; first at work and then when you get home, there are different tasks you need to fulfill there.

When you’re focused with more energy, you begin to get through your tasks in more time with more expertise. 

You will find your stress levels improve now that you aren’t rushing to finish stuff on time due to your inability to focus and exhaustion.

3) Better memory

Aging of the brain means that as we age, our memories become more like a sieve.

At work, it won’t do you any good if you can’t even remember all the things you have to do and you need a booklet in your pocket with reminders.

Sometimes you might be left looking foolish when you can’t remember stuff and you can’t come up with the right answers. NooCube is highly recommended to enhance your memory.

4) Improved mood

Instead of people at work and at home perceiving you as someone that is anxious, restless, unable to think, irritable, “lazy” at times, jittery, now they will notice a better- balanced mood

A better mood makes you more approachable because you are more relaxed and your features become more relaxed and softened.

The bleak expression might disappear and a happier more relaxed, smiling face looks out.

Wow, NooCube seems like something I need – but there must be side effects, surely?

There are currently no known side effects of taking NooCube, because the ingredients are all-natural and have also been tested to ensure safeness.

But because people and their chemistry makeup are different, you always need to look out for any reactions when taking any new products.

It could be anything from food, to perfumes, to materials – they can all cause allergic reactions.

If you do have a history of allergies, consult with your doctor first before taking NooCube.

You will get side effects if you overdose

Don’t think that if you take more than you should you are getting in double the benefits.

It doesn’t work like that.

Still, even though NooCube is a natural product some of the ingredients will certainly react if you take them in large quantities.

You always need to follow the correct dosage – the maximum amount of capsules you can take in one day is 4.

If you do experience symptoms that are nasty and uncomfortable, such as confusion, restlessness, dizziness, insomnia, heartburn, digestive problems, urinary tract infections – call your doctor

If you stay within the recommended dosage, you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

Who Should Use NooCube?

NooCube can and should be used by people who are looking to enhance their brain function.

Are you not able to focus at work – may be your memory has fallen by the wayside and you can’t seem to concentrate on one thing, let alone multitask?

Well then, it seems like you really could do with NooCube.

Even if you just want to keep your brain healthy and alert, you can also take NooCube, after all, it’s designed to enhance brain function.

Who doesn’t want to improve their memory and increase mental energy?

Not all should take Noocube

  • No children under the age of 18.
  • Pregnant and nursing women.
  • If you are someone with a long history of allergies, or you have other medical conditions and are on medications, you shouldn’t take NooCube.

Where can I find NooCube

Don’t take only our word for it, go look on NooCube.com and find out all you can about what it can do for you and where you can find some amazing deals.

In fact, right now, they are having a flash sale of this product...

...it is advised that you buy it on the official website so you know you are getting the real deal and that you can start noticing a difference.

More or less, the prices look like this:

  • 1 bottle - $39.99
  • Buy 2 bottles, get 1 free for $79.99
  • Buy 3 bottles, get 3 free for $119.99
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee. Contact the customer support team at cs@noocube.com.

Testimonials About NooCube

Chris E writes:

“Taking NooCube has given me the edge; it helps me stay focused throughout my races.”

There are more reviews here where you can also read up more about NooCube...

...but it is advised for you to try it yourself because “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” like they say – try it yourself.


NooCube is certainly a worthwhile product to try if you want to start focusing and feeling alert and on top of your game - it’s a brain enhancer.

According to the official NooCube website, as well as the manufacturer, this amazing product has been researched by top neuroscientists, and they have tested it to see that it delivers what they say it will...

...cognitive improvements and improvements in concentration and memory.

Of course, you have to do your part, and earn the rewards of enhancing your brain with these four tips:

  • E = Exercise
  • A = Attitude
  • R = Recovery
  • N = Nutrition

Food should always be your philosophy when you are treating yourself – always consider what you eat before you start taking a supplement, otherwise you will need to fight inflammation as well.

Exercises release feel-good endorphins and that lowers anxiety.

Plenty of vitamin D by getting outside...

...maybe starting a new hobby; all these things keep attitude and mind in harmony, particularly as you get older. 

With plenty of good quality sleep as part of your recovery, plus the above tips, then NooCube can help you complete your picture so that you might still end up looking through rose-colored glasses again.

Noocube review

Frequently Asked Questions about NooCube (FAQs)

Have there been any clinical studies done on NooCube?

Yes. Each of the ingredients in NooCube has undergone detailed studies to ensure that what you put in your mouth is the best.

Each ingredient has undergone numerous and detailed studies to ensure that you get the full package.

Read about each ingredient in NooCube plus all the research done on each one here.

How long does it take for you to notice NooCube is starting to work?

After around 30-45 minutes already.

Is NooCube safe?

Yes, it is safe because all the ingredients have been clinically researched.

Has NooCube got any side effects?

If you experience dizziness, rashes, itchiness, stop the product. Don’t forget to discuss any new supplement that you start with your doctor.

Should I be on any particular diet while taking NooCube?

To ensure proper cognitive function, it is important that you have a healthy brain. That means your diet should consistently supply you with the necessary nutrients as well.

Amino acids, minerals, vitamins like zinc, calcium, and magnesium are vital. These foods are the top ten foods to nourish the brain:

  • Green leafy veggies
  • Salmon
  • Dark chocolate
  • Broccoli
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Almonds
  • Avocados
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Nuts
Noocube review

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